"He Wanted Revenge": The Story Of The Manchester Suicide Bomber Emerges

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As the investigation into Salman Abedi's deadly suicide bombing expands, discrete details about his motives and state of mind emerge with the most expansive analysis to date just released by the WSJ, which shows the ISIS sympathizer, terrorist and mass killer as a confused young man, the byproduct of a destroyed nation, who - when all is said and done - wanted revenge according to his sister, who is quoted as saying that “he saw children—Muslim children—dying everywhere, and wanted revenge. He saw the explosives America drops on children in Syria, and he wanted revenge."

An undated photo of Salman Abedi made available on Wednesday: AP

As the WSJ chronicles, just days before Salman Abedi blew himself up and killed 22 people outside a Manchester concert on Monday, he told his parents he was leaving their home in Libya to go on a pilgrimage to the Muslim holy city of Mecca, despite having other plans. "Abedi grew up in a world that straddled middle-class Britain and the Libya of his parents, both before and after the chaotic collapse of strongman Moammar Gadhafi’s regime" is how WSJ authors describe his troubled formative years.

And while he may have had a troubled childhood, aside from some traumatic encounters it is difficult to see just what set him off over the edge, and what, if anything, was the moment that defined his fracture.

In 2011, when Abedi was still a teenager, he traveled to Libya and fought alongside his father in a militia known as the Tripoli Brigade to oust Gadhafi as the revolts of the Arab Spring swept North Africa and the Middle East, a family friend said. The militia battled in Libya’s western mountains and played an important role in the fall of Tripoli to rebel forces that year.


Abedi and his mother returned to Britain in 2014, the family friend said. The young man enrolled at Manchester’s University of Salford in 2015 to study business administration. He studied for a year before effectively dropping out, according to a university spokesman.

Few were as surprised by Abedi's transformation from a troubled youth to a deadly monster as Abedi’s sister, Jomana Abedi, who said her brother was kind and loving and that she was surprised by what he did this week. She said she thought he was driven by what he saw as injustices.

“I think he saw children—Muslim children—dying everywhere, and wanted revenge. He saw the explosives America drops on children in Syria, and he wanted revenge,” she said. “Whether he got that is between him and God.

Abedi suffered a personal tragey in May 2016 when an 18-year-old friend of Salman’s, Abdul Wahab Hafidah, also a Briton of Libyan descent, died after being run down by a car and then stabbed in Manchester.

"Abedi viewed the attack as a hate crime, the family friend said, and grew increasingly angry about what he considered ill-treatment of Muslims in Britain."

That may well have been the moment when Abedi fell into the abyss: “I remember Salman at his funeral vowing revenge,” the Abedi family friend said. After that the soon-to-be-killer became increasingly religious and interested in extremist groups. A cousin, who declined to be named, said Abedi’s parents worried he was headed toward violence.

“We knew he was going to cause trouble,” the family friend said. “You could see that something was going to happen, sooner or later.”

More details from the WSJ:

Born in Manchester on New Year’s Eve in 1994, Abedi grew up playing soccer with his brothers in the street and went to school at the local Burnage Academy for Boys.


In Manchester, neighbors remember a family that didn’t mix much with others. On Fridays, they could be seen walking out of their house in traditional Muslim dress to attend a mosque in a converted church nearby. People at the mosque remember Abedi’s father, Ramadan, sometimes performing the call to prayer, and his brother, Ismail, attending. They said Abedi wasn’t a regular.


His older brother, Ismail, worked as a computer engineer at the headquarters of the Park Cake Bakery, a big British baker with around 2,000 employees. He lived with his wife in an apartment near the Abedi family home in south Manchester. The building was searched by police on Tuesday and Ismail Abedi was arrested nearby.


Akram Ramadan, 49, who lives upstairs, said Ismail Abedi “was a talkative guy who would always say hello.” He described Ismail as “a regular Joe,” adding that he was “definitely a Manc”—a local colloquialism for people from Manchester.

As reported earlier, Abedi’s younger brother, Hashem, was arrested in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Wednesday, and confessed that the pair were members of Islamic State and involved in the attack. Investigators are also looking into the possibility that Abedi went to Syria before the attack, one Western security official said.

Abedi's radicalization was a shock to those close to him: in an interview before being detained, Abedi's father, Ramadan, told the Associated Press: “We don’t believe in killing innocents. This is not us.”

Ramadan also told the AP his son had never been to Syria. It was impossible to independently confirm the Libyan authorities’ assertion about Hashem Abedi’s confession, or to ascertain the conditions under which it was made. One thing appears certain: for whatever reason, Abedi did it. On Monday evening, Salman Abedi was captured on security cameras, carrying a bag and walking in the foyer of the Manchester Arena where American pop star Ariana Grande was wrapping up her concert.

Which brings up the eternal question, at least among libertarians: would Abedi have engaged in Monday's tragic mass if, as the WSJ notes, he had not witnessed the sequence of events that was started with the US overthrow of the Libyan regime, and culminated with the US proxy war in Syria meant to overthrow Assad just so a Qatari gas pipeline can cross the nation, and free Europe from Gazprome's quasi-monopolistic clutches. And if so, while one can debate who is fundamentally at fault for the terrorist incident, especially if it was indeed "revenge", the bigger question is how and when does the sequence of mindless deaths ever end. The answer, not just in this case but in countless generational vendettas in both the Middle East and across the world, remains elusive.

As for whether Abedi got his revenge by killing 22 innocent people, among them many children, his sister was laconic: "that is between him and God.”

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i just took a find tool and searched for the word: syria.  fuck, it was printed bold anyway...

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Could it really be this simple...:

US out of Muslim lands, Muslims out of America. *


* Especially any of them committing any felony

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You can't bomb the crap out of them, then give them entry, and then do a my bad, go back where you came from. At least not with all of them. The first course of action is to stop dropping bombs. Better yet, it is to stop giving the terrorists bombs leading to the death and destruction which creates even more terrorists, and then feign innocence in all of this.

You want to solve this problem, here are steps 1-3: Cut off all ties with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

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true that, you cant win wars without some spoils given to local quislings. even more true for omnicorrupted middle east.

step one is to stay at home and have your almost free lunch.

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His second name Ramadan jumps out at me.

Their holy month of Ramadan starts May 26th.

In two days.

Gotta be a coincidence, right?

Lots of reinforcement to drive that NLP home with microaggressions.

Ramadan (fear), Ramadan (anger), Ramadan (rage)

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Good. An eye for am eye and a tooth for a tooth, old school rabbinical Torah style.

I want to see exactly zero people whine about this, not even the family of the fucking victims. Just let it sink in and sear the soul, and then once that annihilating sadness descends upon their entire being, I want them to remember this:


Every decision, every action, every reaction that lead to this was caused by the very government you voted for and look to for leadership and protection.


I am Chumbawamba.

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What a fucking idiot. He wanted revenge so he decided to set off a bomb at an Ariana Grande show? LOL. What a fucking idiot.

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what a stupid asshole, may he burn in hell.

if he wanted revenge, he should have blown up washington or at least a us army post.

killing random people at a concert just continues the senseless slaughter that he claimed to be against.

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fuck the pig faced muslim terrorist. Can we dig this bastard up and kill him at least 20 more times. He deserves to get the punishment that God Almighty bestows on him.

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He hated us for our freedom. Bush told me so.

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This WSJ story reads like a Hollywood script.  Surely just a coincidence.  

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Loved our freedom. Walked in carrying a bag.

What's all the security for if you let muzzie looking 22-year olds past carrying a bag ???!!!

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i had no idea seth rich was a muzzie

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He should have used his powerful, very, very powerful aircraft carrier and fast , very,fast,very powerful fighter jets to bigly turn that overpopulated, denuded little mud- pit packed w/70million breed wogs into 70 million little pink puffs of superheated steam.

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Their leaders(and ours) deliberately &knowingly created the root causes precisely to annihilate their own race&civilization thinking their masters would let them have the bigger stinky

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I dont buy it.  Maybe he tought he had some tasty baklava in his male purse.  imagine someone told him: "hold this backpack for me brother, here is 100 ill give you another 100 quid when i return" from restrooms.  

and kaboom..   

we will never find out. he looks like someone who would fall for it.

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If every 'country' only cared about defence there would never be any wars.

Just think what could be done with $600 billion to improve the lives of the US population.

Same applies just about everywhere.


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Cannot apply logic when their true motivations defy traditional logic.

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"he traveled to Libya and fought alongside his father in a militia known as the Tripoli Brigade to oust Gadhafi"


Wait... so he was helping the CIA?  Fuck him!

peddling-fiction's picture

Probably was MK'd and a patsy.

I believe we saw a poorly executed false flag at the Manchester concert.

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He looks like an in-bred half wit. A muzzie banjo boy with an IQ of 50. Unless he is an idiot savant suicide bomber, someone else made the bomb & strapped it to him. 

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"Probably was MK'd and a patsy"


99.9% of Muslims are MK'ed. Their brainwashing machine is called "Quran".

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kinda.. but the offense people use a different ROI equation and cucks just go along..

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But that won't happen and we know why.

Dr. Duke linked the suicide bombing in Manchester, England, with the Zionist deep state. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Manchester bombing, and it certainly fits well with their methods and objectives. Yet ISIS is very much a creation of the Zionist deep state, and not simply unintended blowback from misguided U.S. foreign policy. As evidence, Dr. Duke cited video documentary produced by Jewish reporters at the British newspaper The Daily Mail, which followed Israeli military medics as they treated ISIS fighters and sent them back to fight in Syria. He cited the weapons shipments by Hillary, Obama, and Biden to Saudi Arabia, despite their knowledge that these would get into the hands of ISIS. And he cited the pronouncement former Israeli Defense Minister Yaalon that ISIS apologized to Israel for once having accidentally attacked Israeli forces. http://renseradioarchives.com/archives/dduke/052317.mp3

ndree's picture

Wish that were true, but the US insists in meddling in everybody's business, calling it their "national interest." And the US population is complicit...we shut up, remain silent, think ourselves superior, and are satiated with the spoils.

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Hillary and the Obama own this. Come on people.

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He probably saw some of the thousands Hillary and Barkey were blowing to bits in Libya even though that country was bothering no one. In fact, now Libya is a chaotic mess that provides transit to the black muslims invading Europe.

It's no excuse for what he did but it explains motive.

land_of_the_few's picture

It's worse, the West intentionally broke Libya to get access to aholes like this guy and Libyan weapons, so they could be used against Syrians.

One way or the other the West is this guy's employer, and the normal locals - peaceful native, non-snackbarring Libyans and Syrians, are not.

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tell that to king salmon and hold the orb

peddling-fiction's picture

No Orb for us, demizen.

Yeah, that scene was tragicomedic.

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Reminds me of the orb from the original Heavy Metal 

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All Action creates Reaction and then in turn another Action - the laws of Physics apply to human emotions and logic as well

The Muslims will do what is good for them...........................................and they should - Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld told them to go to war with the army and resources you have - so they agreed with him!

A: The British Politicians  created the problem by allowing the Muslims in permanently without limits as to IQ / Culture / Objectives for Immigration - I put forth the Proposition that ....Poltiicians created the problem or else the Muslims wouldn't be there - this is not about intelligence or the number of cops - this is about one Muslim being a problem in the UK - 1% of 1 milllion is 10,000 - cant keep track of 10,000 for their respective life time -  100 years  - so forget about it - 100% have to go away - then there is NO RISK

B: the Brits  - followed or led  - the Washington DC Criminal Democrat and Republican Politicians in the destruction of the Middle East - thats a fact - get out of the killing business - Assad is not the enemy - he merely doesnt want a Gas Pipeline thru his country - respect that FACT!


Politicians are SCUM and always part of Organized Crime


Trun the Muslims back to the ME and Africa - 100% and HANG ALL THE Politicians in the UK and the USA - Guilty or Innocent ( But Please Start with McCann)  - start over with new criteria for Polticians and Immigration  - end of story

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Got my vote. Win win. The turd world belongs to turd world people. 

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Yes, Dorothy, we're not in Kansas any more. 

"Blowback is a bitch"


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I concur. BUT......why why fucking why did the the NIA blab all the
Information on the bomber to the NYT?

Consequently everyone associated would have dropped off the planet
Another fucking conspiracy theory for the deep state dicky lickers to suck on.
This is not just terrorists, it's a holy fucking war. 22 dead .........
are you not entertained / Sarc.

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FUCK YOU! There is no such thing as muslim lands. Countries such as Libya, Egypt, Turkey, The Levant etc were all majority Christian countries until the barbarian peadophiles of islam invaded, you just think it is OK for the scum to continue to occupy those countries as long as you get to hide out in America.

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Do it for the Lebensraum.

Exterminate the brutes.

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No the Russians tortured poor ol' boy with waterboarding until he decided Team America was very bad./Sarc


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Torture probably means MK mind control as well.

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If there are any Brits reading this:  It's America that's getting you into all this mess. It was America that forced Britain to sell gold in 1999. I dare say the "Troubles" were agitated by Americans, going right back to the Fenians. Nazism was developed in America. I could go on for hours. Just think about it. 

(and it's not the convenient scapegoat Jews either)

totenkopf88's picture

Great Britain has been fucking around in other countries for hundreds of years- India, Ireland, S Africa, China, etc- I have no sympathy for them.

land_of_the_few's picture

NORAID, Boston, collecting in bars for Semtex to send to Ireland and UK via Libya and Balkans.


Mostly stopped after 9/11, something to do with "terrorism" and "hypocrisy" ?

But yes they do mess around a lot with other countries, agree totally.

garypaul's picture

Thank you for that excellent link. This had me belly-laughing:

   "...I just can’t comprehend the stupidity of these people…”  [USA]

garypaul's picture

They have, but they kept to certain standards. There is no comparing the British regime in say Africa, India, etc. to what the U.S.A. has done to Iraq, Libya, Syria, now Venezuela, on and on and on. There's so much anti-British propoganda in the media that is out of proportion to what they've done (even the Imperials in Star Wars have British accents)

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You are only half correct. The fucking British politician's gladly went against the will of the British people and brought the ME sand niggers in by the boat load. The USSA did not force the British to commit political suicide.