San Francisco Launches Public Defender Office Dedicated To Illegal Immigrants

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To our complete 'shock', the liberal bastion of California's northern shores has just announced that it will create a brand new branch of the Public Defender's office to specifically defend illegal immigrants in deportation cases.  Adding insult to injury, taxpayers will have to pony up an additional $200,000 each year to cover the cost of 3 public defenders and a paralegal, all of whom will be dedicated to making sure that federal laws are ignored.

As an NBC affiliate in the Bay Area notes, the new office is expected to handle just 50 clients per year of the 1,500 detained immigrants that currently have scheduled court dates.  All of which just means that taxpayers should expect that $200,000 price tag to grow exponentially over the coming years.  

Unlike in criminal court, immigrants are not automatically entitled to legal representation in deportation proceedings. However, studies have shown that detained immigrants with attorneys are six times more likely to win their cases.


While San Francisco also provides funding to nonprofits specializing in legal aid to immigrants, the public defender's office is intended to serve those already in detention, a demographic the nonprofits generally don't serve.


The unit's attorneys are each expected to handle around 50 clients per year -- a small portion of the estimated 1,500 detained immigrants who currently have court dates in San Francisco, around 85 percent of whom do not have attorneys.

Meanwhile, thanks to a press release issued by the San Francisco Public Defender's office, we learn that the enforcement of federal laws is apparently "against our core values as Americans and San Franciscans"...who knew?

Adachi noted that in the 100 days since President Donald Trump signed his executive order expanding immigration enforcement priorities, immigration arrests have risen 38 percent nationwide.


“Mass deportation is against our core values as Americans and San Franciscans,” Adachi said. “Due process still means something in this country and we are not going to let the federal government ship off our friends and neighbors without a fight.”


Unlike in criminal court, non-citizens in immigration detention do not have the right to court appointed counsel, explained Francisco Ugarte, managing attorney of the Public Defender’s Immigration Unit. Approximately half of the 1,500 detained immigrants with court dates in San Francisco have been in the U.S. for more than a decade. More than 50 percent have one or more close family members who are citizens.


“These are longtime residents who work, attend school, and contribute to our city,” Ugarte said. “Without this program, most would be forced to defend themselves in court against trained government lawyers.”

Can we also declare that 'grand larceny' is "against our core values as Americans" because we think it's absolutely bogus that we can't have a couple of Lamborghini's just because we're "economically challenged."

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Jesus, I really don't want to live on this planet any more.

Overleveraged_and_Impatient's picture

Everything will be fine. As long as you do like I did and go 3x Leveraged Long S&P 500. I'm up tons of money this year and based on futures will be up even MORE money tomorrow.


Who care about what other people are doing in other states. The time to make $$$ is now!!

J S Bach's picture

Remember this, brothers, when it comes time to reclaim that which is ours...

The traitorus things that inhabit the beloved west coast of the north american continent in the form of semitic, homophilic, communistic, twistilogical deviants - will inevitably perish under the crushing fist of truth in some form or other.  THIS is their day.  They hold their metaphysical heads high in a posture of indignation and aplomb.

Let it be.

But, rest assured... it will not last.  When Nature reclaims herself... the sweeping winds of change will be not only swift, but blinding - as the world of moral, rational human beings reassembles itself according to Nature's dictates.

Art Van Delay's picture

Democrats are desperate to protect their voters.




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BingoBoggins's picture

So ... the end is near, right? I am in search of the Tao.

I reckon homo sapiens are a flawed species, if only for their self-destructive nature. Hate, envy, pride; these are things self destructive. They may even damage the innocent, or persons uninvolved in these desires.

You speak of Nature as a vengeful plague yet describe humans under its sway spared somehow. It would be facetious to compare to an earthquake. Ill suited and unknowledgeable in any religious dogma, I still compare its description as a philosophy that holds Gods, dieties and appropriate Icons at its core. It's obvious my perception is tenuous at best.

Yet I remain enthralled by your references to political, biological and somewhat inaccurate anthropological examples as metaphors for the ethically challenged, or, those pathological tendencies of believers and false prophets seeking advantage over their peers. Posturing is not out of the question. I would agree we are dealing with forces, in the flesh or ephemeral, that have fallen prey to their innate desires.


LouRukeyser's picture

Goddamn Bach. I lurk here for the most part and admire your comments but felt compelled to pipe up this time. That was some award-winning shit right there...slow hand clap for you sir.

DieselChadron's picture

whatever!  I'm fucking happy someone's finally decided to defend the citizens against federal law.  besides the 27 amendments of the US Constitution, I'd be delighted if all the rest of the federal government's laws were shoved right back up the federal "lawmakers" asses.

by the way - cracks me up how you pretend to be all patriotic and shit..lmao

Lordflin's picture

I know you are feeling very proud of yourself, but you are sounding like a complete fool to the rest of us.... intended as information, not insult.

PacOps's picture


With tax payer monies - absolutely DISGUSTING.

(4th generation SF Bay Area resident)

SoDamnMad's picture

First client that they "save" who then goes out and murders someone will result in 3 PD suicided.

BingoBoggins's picture

Wait until someone shakes their fist at you and see how you feel.

Fiscal.Enema's picture

You must be White and sane?

Anteater's picture

Just as I was getting exhausted by the zTylerian  H8 speech against Muslims, Mexicans and Mendicant Students, and starting to embrace the Luciferian Satanist cult of AHCA and New FAG cuts to health and human services, I bumped into a white guy in the train station, sitting in an old broke wheelchair, his hands-of-a-tradesworker held out for alms, above his two steel rod 'legs'.

And I imagined the silky smooth hands of Jared Kushner, who only touches money after it's been sanitized by an assistant, and rolls around in a limo.

Your money. Your life savings The Chosen have taxed away from your children and grandchildren, ...who will be beggars too in some broken down bus station outside some fleabag hotel owned by the Kushnerim.

OCnStiggs's picture

"Californica" deserves what is coming their way...

They have done this to themselves.

Frito's picture

If the assistance is only open to illegal imigrants, they will have lost their case simply by gaining access to that assistance. If they are in the country illegally, they should be deported.

PacOps's picture

Amen! Let's hope .gov crushes this shit immediately and does something correct for once. *sigh*

Twee Surgeon's picture

Brilliant! until the Judge or bent Jury set's a new 'Precedent'.

BingoBoggins's picture

Interesting. Go against the Civil Rights Act. Which said case was bogus in some regard. What else? School integration. Equal opportunity efforts. Memory fails me here ... all Constitutional precepts and prior rulings by the Supreme Court.

BingoBoggins's picture

You're referring to discrimination? Brilliant. Only Judicial Watch would take that on. For the exposure.

PacOps's picture


Not all of us - it's the costal nutcakes + Sacramento that's the problem.


CA needs to be split up.

pparalegal's picture

Last Sunday I drove Hwy 49 (Gold Country Highway - ) in the Sierras from Oakhurst up to Jackson East of Sacramento. Lots of "state of Jefferson" succession  state yard signs in Mariposa, Tuolumne, Calavaras and Amador counties.

No love to Sacramento or San Francisco from the natives up there either. They said you will see lots of them all the way to the Oregon border.

PacOps's picture


I use to get up to Butte (Gridley, Oroville & Chico) every month or so last year. "State of Jefferson" signs greeted all entering.

OCnStiggs's picture

And that would be America if not for the Electoral College. No wonder the Libs want it tossed.

A civil war is coming. I am watching "The Expanse" on Amazon and it portrays the world 200 years in the future after we have colonized Mars and part of the asteroid belt mining for minerals and water. The U.N. has achieved the Elite world aim of one world government. The Earth is depicted as a declining society where everyone is either eeking out a survival existence off-grid or mired in a 3rd World crap hole, living on some government assistance, because the Earth is so screwed up. -All except the Elites and those in power, who live the last of the "good life."

Its an honest picture of where we are headed.

Lanka's picture

Pray to Saint Andreas for the Big One.

Twee Surgeon's picture

It needs to be hacked. Wish I was young.


PacOps's picture

Yeah. I'll be 75 in a few weeks. No longer open to putting energy into uphill battles.

Take care of #1 and those near & dear.

And keep stacking.

chosen's picture

The limosine liberals don't want to pay full scale for their domestic help.

robertocarlos's picture

PDs make less than 60k? Still, not too bad for fresh out of law school.

pparalegal's picture

Not when you have to live, work, buy work clothes, commute and eat in that place. 60K is just above poverty when the rent in well north of 2k per month.

buzzardsluck's picture

Again with the small fucking article pictures tylers, FFS stop that shit.

Deep In Vocal Euphoria's picture

california is going to burn. get out while you still can.

JLee2027's picture

You cannot claim to be America and do this. They should be arrested for obstruction

yogibear's picture

California is hopeless, like Illinois. Libtard havens.

Trump should let these sanctuary states collapse.

Like he should have done nothing with Obamacare. Let these Libtard fantasies self-destruct.


HRH Feant2's picture

Oh goodie. The communist state of Califuckya and the communist city of Sanfornicate are going to screw over the local taxpayers to help illegals.

Here's a gumdrop, Califuckyans, go suck on it.

Zepper's picture

Perfect civil lawsuit here. Sue their fucking asses for using public money defending illegal aliens. Keep sueing them until all of their resources are going to cover the expense of being continuousely sued by the NORMAL in the fucking head citizens of San Fran. 

Ms No's picture

What about treason? The end result of this is the crushing the US public and Mexico controlling the country.

Md4's picture

As we've already seen, the courts are not going to uphold the law.

They are a big part of what's wrong here.

PacOps's picture

Who do you know that would take this on?

Crowd fund?

Someone take the point and I'm in.

LetThemEatRand's picture

San Fran is part of the bubble, so this actually makes some sense.  A bunch of people who don't sweat a $100K new car every couple of years who want to divert tax payer dollars to their pet cause of the day, in this case illegals.  Of course they will be speaking to their accountants about how to avoid paying for said expenses. 

navy62802's picture

Why bother with a public defender if we are going to ignore the standing laws?

Ms No's picture

The alleged musician Katy Perry just announced to her throng that we don't need borders anymore.  I saw her in a magazine while getting my hair cut (they don't have anything else but GQ and that one is really bad too) and she was talking about how she was raised by Christian parents and how terrible it was because they wouldn't even let them have a Dirt Devil vacuum in the house.  She is definitely part of the Marxist cultural takedown.


Silver Savior's picture

I think there should be no borders too. Come together instead of the divide.

Twee Surgeon's picture

It's funny how the Mexican government wants a border that works like a one way valve. I can not jump into Mexico and start a Business and buy a house.

And that is pretty much the mindset of most third worlders, a one way deal where Whitey can be stalked and the ticks will suck the life out of him at every opportunity.

The day of reckoning is nigh and it will be something unexpected and Out of this world. Enjoy the ride.

Riquin's picture

Let China take over CA. 1 billion china persons will take care of any problem.

Wrenching Away's picture

Yes, yes. She is naughty, and deserves a spanking. I volunteer to administer it right away.