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By the SRSrocco Report,

Something changed in the silver market in May as U.S. Silver Eagle sales have surged compared to the previous month.  This is quite interesting as precious metals sales and sentiment have declined in the West, especially in the United States, ever since Donald Trump was elected President.

Many precious metals investors thought that if Trump was elected, it would have been very positive for the gold and silver market.  Unfortunately, it seems as if the opposite was (is) the case.  Not only has demand for precious metals declined considerably in 2017 versus last year, so has sales of guns, ammo and survival food-supplies.  I gather many of those who follow the alternative media believe Trump is actually going to make America Great Again.  So, why protect oneself from a collapse?

This is a very bad assumption... as nothing has changed with Trump in the White House.  Furthermore, many analysts are saying that what Trump is doing could actually speed up the collapse of the U.S. economy and financial system.

Regardless, the fundamentals in the U.S. economy continue to disintegrate.  We are seeing economic bubble indicators reach or surpass the what took place in 2007, before the bloodbath took place in the U.S. Housing and Financial Markets.  However, there is one additional negative factor that wasn't a problem in 2007 that is now a BLINKING RED LIGHT.

What is this new lousy fundamental?  It's the U.S. and Global Oil Industry.  Back in 2007, most of the oil and gas companies were making decent cash flow and profits.  Unfortunately, the situation in the Oil Sector is orders of magnitude much worse than what is was in 2007.  Not only are the majority of oil and gas companies losing money, they have been also cutting their oil reserves.

This is extremely bad news which very few Americans are aware.  Thus, we are now facing an extremely negative DOUBLE-EDGE SWORD of bubble economic indicators on top of a disintegrating oil industry.  Which means... the situation today is much worse than what took place back during the 2008 Global meltdown.

U.S. Silver Eagle Sales Surge In May Due To 3 Reasons

U.S. Silver Eagle sales surged 140% in May versus April... and we still have another week remaining in the month.  According to the recent update by the U.S. Mint, Silver Eagle sales reached 2,005,000 so far in May compared to 835,000 in April:

Silver Eagle Sales APR vs MAY

After seeing this spike in Silver Eagle demand, I called up a few of my contacts in the industry and asked if they could shed some light as to why sales jumped in May.  According to several sources, they stated that the huge increase in Silver Eagle sales was due to three reasons:

   1) There was an extremely large purchase by a single wholesaler in the Northeast.
   2) The small retail buyer came in a big way as premiums were lowered the most in seven years
   3) A group of respected technical analysts in the silver market gave a buy signal when silver was trading between $16-$16.25

These three reasons stated by my contacts, are what has likely driven demand for Silver Eagles to the highest level seen so far this year... if we exclude sales in January, which are always elevated as wholesalers are stocking up on the debut of the new coin release.

It seems as if a large buyer in the Northeast believes silver is a good deal at this price.  Furthermore, when the wholesalers lowered the premiums (lowest in seven years), there was an immediate surge in Silver Eagle buying via small retail investors which caused the premium to increase once again.  Also, the silver market underestimates the reaction when certain Technical Analysts put out a BUY SIGNAL.  Many of the folks who follow or subscribe to these analysts, are big investors.  So, when they see a buy signal... they do so in a BIG WAY.

That being said, I would like to remind those reading this article (that might be new to the precious metals industry) please make sure you understand the difference between "PREMIUM" and "COMMISSION" when you decide to purchase precious metals.  There are a group of very widely advertised precious metals dealers that may have lowered their premium along with the other dealers, but still charge very high commissions for their products or services.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The PREMIUM is what the dealer pays the wholesaler for the coin or bar.  The COMMISSION is what the dealer charges his client above the premium.  You need to ask what the commission you are being charged as many new investors are being taken advantage of... but don't realize it until later, when it is too late.

While two million Silver Eagle so far in May are less than they were last year (4,498,500), this surge in demand suggests that the hype surrounding a Trump Presidency may be fading... and quickly.  If we take a look at Silver Eagle sales from FEB to MAY, we can clearly see that something has changed recently:

Silver Eagle Sales FEB-MAY

If the strong demand trend continues for the remainder of May, we could see Silver Eagle Sales reach 2.5-2.8 million.  Again, this is lower than what it was last year, but it is a sign that market is starting to SMELL A RAT.  And that RAT is a totally inflated STOCK, BOND & REAL ESTATE MARKET.

In addition, Silver Eagle sales are now out-performing Gold Eagle sales.  For example, in March when U.S. Silver Eagle sales were 1,615,000, Gold Eagle sales were 56,000 oz.  However, Gold Eagle sales in May are only 42,000 oz, while Silver Eagle sales are over 2 million.  Thus, the market is purchasing 48 times more Silver Eagles than Gold currently.

Lastly, for those precious metals investors who are frustrated by the disappointing paper Gold and Silver price performance since 2012, the STOCK, BOND and REAL ESTATE markets have never been in such BUBBLE TERRITORY.   For some odd reason, some precious metals investors tend to overlook the $7 trillion in Central Bank assets purchases from 2011-2016, and the whopping $1 trillion in the first four months of 2017.

It seems as if many Americans are suffering from BRAIN DAMAGE as the MainStream Media continues to put out the most misinformation and propaganda in history.  This causes individuals to lose the ability to think CRITICALLY.  And with that will come a great deal of pain and misfortune when we finally see the collapse value of most STOCK, BOND and REAL ESTATE prices.

Lastly, if you haven't checked out our new PRECIOUS METALS INVESTING section or our new LOWEST COST PRECIOUS METALS STORAGE page, I highly recommend you do.

Check back for new articles and updates at the SRSrocco Report.

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s2man's picture

Just keep on Dollar Cost Averaging...

bombdog's picture

Is this another story about surging coin sales? I'm sure that this time the surging silver coin sales means something, but I can't bring myself to read the article. Is it different this time?  Keep the faith bugs, but don't look at porn it's bad for you.

Clock Crasher's picture

For the record may my sentiment mark the trough. I want to believe and I've been faithful but common meet us half way. Can we close above 20 before we raise the debt ceiling this winter. Fuck!

When I wake up -I won't remember a god dam thing. -Cypher.

For fucks sake some one plug my body back into my matrix pod.

GoldenDonuts's picture

Where are my fucking blue pills.  I want my fucking blue pills.  Here is my gold just give me a fucking blue pill.

hxc's picture

I got like that starting maybe seven or eight years ago for a good few years... quit reading the news, stopped reading anything political, didn't care about the markets (in the shitter anyway), didn't research all the nwo type of stuff, really just quit thinking about it. Had lots of fun and really enjoyed myself, best parties ever had, same goes for the vagina, even though i was a stoned poor kid at a UC during the worst parts of the recession.

Not fun coming back into reality after intentionally forgetting how fucked up the whole world is. Really makes you want to pull your hair out and slug a bottle of liquor. Sometimes I wish I'd stayed sleep, but then again I can't imagine what that would be like either. I just keep working hard, trying to make something of myself, surrounding myself with good people, and trying not to read too much of what the creep-fucks are up to. Works alright.

Clock Crasher's picture

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if stayed asleep as well. Not exactly sure what to make of that. Very subjective. My awakening was completely accidental. I was living alone in CT working at Sikorsky as a mechanic. I was watching whatever Hollywood movies were online at the time to relax before going to bed. I accidentally watched The Money Masters, which I think is to this day the best and most potent of red pills. Rest is history. We'll see. I do love ZH and wish I joined the comment section sooner. Trolls and spammers suck balls but the rest of you make up for it ten fold.

Clock Crasher's picture

Amen. I've been section hiking several hundred miles at a time once a year. During those times I obviously have no signal and even if i did I save the smart phone juice for navigation and 10minutes of music before bed at camp.

I put 500km of hiking in New Zealand this winter ( Jan - Feb )

Before I left Dow was busting through 20large. I thought "eh I'll unplug for a few months and maybe vix and silver will shine truth and justice on the world.

So hikes over now I'm in Dominican Republic on a side project aka possible relocation. Same process but here I have WiFi everywhere so were balls deep into 2017 and vix and silver are even lower now. And something ain't adding up and its frustrating.

My plan was to use my savings for H1 2017 then cash out some of my miners for H2. But miners are in the shitter. So sad.

Im leaning towards hobo section hike in the states to pass the remaining time of H2 2017. To return to my matrix pod so to speak and maybe when its too cold to hike turn what I would have imagined well deserved paper profits into a construction project here in DR.

Anyways don't matter just blowing off steam. Is what it is. Aside from watching my savings go up in smoke year over year I try to wait it out and ride it out in locations far removed from this insanity.

I learned I'd rather own land and a garden and skills etc than have fat stacks and paper positions in mining stocks. Learning curve. Consider my tuition to the school of hard knocks paid.

stacking12321's picture

you're insane for more reasons than one.

i hear DR is easy to get citizenship in, good climate, living is cheap, and lots of cheap easy women.

but on the downside, easy to get robbed or kidnapped there.
how do you plan to stay safe there?

The Earl of Crankcase's picture

I love reading comments more than the articles here at ZH.

I'm not an expert on anything that matters but, I'm an old geezer that survived Vietnam and learned to trust that little voice in my head that keeps repeating "the shit's all wrong". When the hair stands up on the back of your neck it's time to get serious. I never figured out what, exactly, it was that that set the alarm bells off but that little voice would start up and five to twenty minutes later all hell broke loose.

I hadn't experienced that since back in the day until last December. I can only speak for myself but I've been a frequent visitor to the local gun stores since December. For the first time in my life I bought reloading equipment and stocked up on supplies to carry us for at least five years of serious shooting. I added a couple of AK's to the hunting rifles and I'm currently building a sniper rifle. We got the food and medical supplies stocked up many moons ago and converted half our retirement money into metals at the same time. Back then I figured better safe than sorry.

We didn't invest in the metals to make money, we invested in metals to buy groceries during that period just before total anarchy sets in because after that point, and until civilization takes root again, the metals will be as worthless as rocks. Ya can't eat it.

This "Trump in Swampland" saga reminds me of an uncle that bought a farm when I was a kid. It had an old stock barn on it that was so full of rats that people actually drove over to see for themselves what nobody had ever seen before. The rats were so overpopulated in that barn they ran wild day and night. Shoot a gun and they'd be quiet for a minute or two then they went back to foraging. Hundreds of the bastards all over the place. The only place I've ever seen rats like that was at a landfill I used to go to and spend the day shooting the nasty varmints. One of the local old timers brought three large tom cats over and told my uncle to turn them loose in the barn which he did. The next day two were dead and the third had jumped ship. That's what Trump discovered in Washington, more rats than is humanly possible to deal with.

Folks, we've lost our government and the only way we'll ever get it back is at the end of a gun barrel. You may not like my assessment but there it is. I have a small advantage over most of you young folks in that I've fought these bastards before. I never thought I'd have to fight the communists here but that's who were dealing with and they don't intend to allow Trump to set their agenda back a hundred years.

To my mind any pundit in any arena of expertise that's not screaming for Americans to arm up and get prepared is such a self serving asshole that he doesn't deserve the air he breathes. The only way to avoid a civil war is to completely lay down and surrender to a life like the Russians lived for seventy years. I refuse. I've watched over the past fifty years as the commies quietly took over and did what I could to alert people. My great grandmother used to like to say "if you can't hear you can feel" right before the switch came out. It's the same here. Get ready to fight or be ready for natural selection to weed you out in the first round.

Fuck the pundits, fuck the fake news and, above all, fuck the communists. The only thing I know for certain about the future is that I won't be around to see a May Day parade in Washington DC.

ElTerco's picture

Yeah, but the commie story is two sided now.

Remember that in the old USSR, if someone was a member of "the party", it meant they were one of the thieves living high while the rest of the people in their country rotted? Well, we've got "the party" here, too.

Mulvaney had the following interesting comment about the White House budget, “This is a moral document and here’s the moral side: If I take money from you and have no intention of ever giving it back, that’s not debt -- that is theft.”

At the same time, CNBC ran a story on CEO compensation. The average CEO compensation was 373 times the compensation of a production worker in 2014, up from 331 times a production worker in 2013. I don't know what that figure is in 2017, but I tell you one thing -- it's not lower that 2014.

So I'm down there on the production floor, and the CEO and the level of management one below is taking half of my wages and putting it in their pocket, leaving me with just 50% that then gets taxed 50% by government, leaving me with 25% of what I earned through my hard labor while those other jerks sat around somewhere pushing paper or surfing the internet.

So, the main concern of your story is the government communists, who are stealing 25% of your wages, and they are your bad guys. That's fine, but if you think about it, the guys taking 50% of your wages are much worse. In 1965, the CEO got 20-1 vs a production workers salary, and I can live with that because it is fair. But now, the CEO gets at least 373-1, and the guys right below him get 20-1 or more, at my expense? Fuck that. It's another form of theft, maybe worse than communism, and I won't have any of it.

Nobody gives a shit about America as a country or society anymore. Everyone just gives a shit about themselves. It's like a banana republic now.

Food Loaf Junkie's picture

A few years back an old barn a mile west of us caught fire and burned down. It was dead calm but the grass in all directions was moving, hundreds of rats jumping ship.  Everyone within one mile of that barn had rat troubles the next two years.  If they do clean out the DC swamp the rest of us had better watch out for rats.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

"The only thing I know for certain about the future is that I won't be around to see a May Day parade in Washington DC."


  But you got to see the White House lit up in rainbow colors.

Hammer of Light's picture

Old Navy will flatly tell you, you're DEAD ON TARGET. Keep firing ~

I came along in the military 25 years after you, I can tell you with zero hesitation, the hairs on the back of my neck are at full attention. Shit's about to get real and these youngsters have not a damned clue what's about to go off. If you need a good fox hole Halo Maker, I'm still able to nail a silver eagle at 600 yards center mass.

Keep prepping and keep stacking, I think all this mad shit's about to go hot in the very near term. This is going to be the mother of all corrections to fair value no question and will be a decade before things settle back to reason I suspect. There is nothing left to bail anyone or anything out with.Interdependency of credit will be completely shot. Everything runs on credit lines that will simply be gone. It's going to take YEARS to sort all that out. People can't understand that food does not come from a grocery store, nor does gas come from a gas station. Yeesh, what a mess!

Silver, Gold and one hell of a lot of BRASS... may I die in a pile of knee high brass! You're right about one thing, FOOD. BEANS, BEANS and more damned BEANS! We got several thousand pounds of rice and beans dry stored under ground.

All this shit is for real and all these poor young people have no idea what being in some real pretty shit is. They're gonna get a taste for sure and huge numbers sadly will not make it. By the tens of millions I suspect.

Great story too btw. Keep your head down and stay frosty. Semper Fortis - Semper Fi ~ H.O.L.

northern vigor's picture

Thanks Hammer, you and Earl just restored my faith that there are still real ZHedgers here and not everyone has gone bitcoin crazy.

Clock Crasher's picture

Well said. I myself am confident that the masters of the universe are making a massive mistake bringing about economic ruin before attempting to instal a police state here in the US. And that is they are going to pit the local police against the people. If that happens it will get so bloody that active duty will have to get involved. And that's where the war is won or lost. If the active duty military refuses to go along we have a renaissance. Other wise the lights might go out forever.

DjangoCat's picture

The truth remains the truth.  It cannot be extinguished.

Clock Crasher's picture

Notice this year as well that when US equities have a -1% day gold  has a mirror +1% day. Now that the masters of the universes have identified this correlation they will not so much cap gold but cap any equities loses. Top priority. Especially that gold is hugging her 6 year trend line. Don't be surprised to see gold obliterated on the comex. They wouldn't? Too obvious? Think again.

Bitch go fix me a turkey pot pie -John Bender.

Silver Savior's picture

Just go look at the inventory on provident and jm bullion. Lots of stuff is either sold out or discontinued. I could not buy the kilo bar I wanted either. Sold out. Get whatever you can while you still can. I think lots of people are buying it with crypto. That's how I bought my last batch.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

Shortage? Just took a look at JMB and ASE and Maple instock from single BU up to a monster box.

Food Loaf Junkie's picture

The local coin dealer the other day had two 100 oz Englehard bars at spot.  I would love to have grabbed them but I am tapped out.  He said he has been getting quite a bit of stuff, gold and silver.  The last two months people have been liquidating just make ends meet.  If TPTB manage to hold down the prices another year they may get most of the PM's here in the US cheap, people gotta eat.

Dragon HAwk's picture

The trouble with silver is people hold it, instead of move it around between themselves.

start using it  like the money  it was intended and the banks will crack down in a second out of fear.

hxc's picture

Agreed. However, if that's true... what's the point of stacking silver? At least buying gold would be safer in that case i guess... idk long time stacker here but sometimes i wonder if silver is doomed to stay under $25 forever... too much of a rigged ass stranglehold on the markets... but then again, that's just the paper price. Oh well, i'll shut up and keep stacking.

Silver Savior's picture

Yeah but trading it at the current exchange rate is a sin. It has to be held for the new paradigm. Buying anything with it right now would be wasting it. I would want one ounce to be able to buy $1000 worth the stuff before I would even consider.

Clock Crasher's picture

I can only imagine having to explain to your wife why you need to defer important purchases because your trying to avoid cashing in your silver at 20,30,40% losses to fund such because you see I made the right decision its just those dam bankers! They manipulate the price lower.

Uhh thank God I only have to have that conservation with myself.

Its all a lie. I'm going back to sleep. Time to wash down the red pill with fifteen blue pills.

Silver Savior's picture

My significant other supports my silver buying and thinks it's a good idea.

Clock Crasher's picture

And by the way per Seb's and Steve's exchange.

Its more like 1929 Crash
2008 crash

...and that's it.
When you look at 2000 "crash" that episode was confined to the Nasdaq. Look at the Dow it took her years to whip saw lower where she printed -45% for a brief period of time before reviving completely.
So we had 90 years between collapsed, in my humble opinion.

So when this next "crash" occurs the treasury of-by-and for GS will get together with the WH. Rates go negative. Banks are bailed in and out. 1 quarter later marks the trough and stocks explode.

Where will the public get the money before during and after this "collapse" to drive metals higher... Exactly?

I really want to hang in there as a metals bull but eventually you have to wake up to reality. And the reality is that metals especially silver are dead markets.. To me anyways.

/end rant.

Clock Crasher's picture


Silver looking uber weak long term weekly chart.

The people are BROKE! deflation in the real world of savings. Hence metals demand in the shitter.

Massive inflation in the stock markets. And those are fake profits that are relevant to less than 10% of day traders that actually make money buying and selling equities. Algos don't buy metal with their profits. So none of that money is going into phyz demand.

On top of that Cryptos are siphoning BILLIONS.

Metals are capped where they stand.

Fuck it.

Shit can you're lottery tickets.

Vix and silver are dead markets. Yeah yeah manipulation. Guess what you don't think someone would have cornered market if they could make a shit ton of cash even it was a pump and dump.

Bitcoin and Amazon were the assets to buy this whole time.

Silver was 17 back before GFC.

As a matter of fact as people go more and more broke and the cost of property taxes rise where do you think metals investors are going to get the money to cover the cost of living.

Buy SELLING their metals.

"You lose" -capcom street fighter


Peterman333's picture

yeah something changed, the price of silver went down into the 16's. Five eagles with shipping on Ebay from a reputable seller for $95, not bad.

Dragon HAwk's picture

Last I checked they were still hauling precious metals around in Armored Cars.  Silly Bankers.

NoWayJose's picture

OMG! People bought more silver when the price dropped over $2 an ounce! Amazing! Incredible!

Consuelo's picture



Love the cynicism on the PM topics lately...   And who can blame anyone for being so...?


I look at the situation through a different lens.   Western markets (LBMA, COMEX, etc.) for all intents & purposes are essentially 'captured'.   Treasury, the Fed and the Exchange Stabilization Fund have these markets corralled.    What they don't have corralled are Russia, China and Iran.   In short, (stupid) foreign policy actions are the trigger mechanism by which Western PM markets are finally (?) set free.

And I would be remiss here without giving props to Rob Kirby, Eric De Carbonnel and Uncle Jim Willie for setting the record straight on this a long time ago about how the aforementioned 'capture' is accomplished.

daveO's picture

As the China bubble pops, silver will trade for less than $10/oz. It's still a 60% industrial metal.

Goldennutz's picture




DeeZ_nutZ's picture

jump off the fucking bridge.  this story is so old, i want to throw up.  bitcoin has better chances to score a good investment return than stupid silver.  

beep beep beep, motherfuckers!  drop it in the lake.  

Hammer of Light's picture

If you're going deep on Bitcoin... so is deep state lol! To all of you a hard warning... the only reason Bitcoin is alive is because they want it to be? Bitcoin is the apparatus where we are seeing a true flight of capital.... right into the corall... next up... the culling in a time of their choosing. All crypto's are in digital, the true domain of deep state, nothing will escape them, period.

Deep State is the Fed which is as federal as federal express. You think paper chicanery is bad now... wait till they pull another cyber attack and wipe out all the digital money. Do not think for one second this is a misnomer or can't happen. Crypto's are alive because they want them to be until they don't want them to be. What better way to capture those fleeing thinking they will escape the Fed hahahaha. 

I'm laughing my ass off at all this false sense of surety. Yeah you can make a few gains, but in the end, METAL is still and will always be a wonderful store of true - as in TRUE WEALTH. Can you hold the digits in your hands? WHEN they kill the power, all of this digital money will be swept up into their coffers hahahahahahaha.

There are exactly ZERO coincidences and the fact that the Fed and central planners aren't making a single peep squawk over the obvious major challenger to their fiat system... NOT A CHANCE IN HELL Bitcoin is not fully compromised as well as the powers that be back door bitch!

The ONLY safe haven is in metals and always will be when storing your hard earned fiat. Silver is a rocket on deck for take off. By Christmas, I can only hope we're still able to buy it. I add at least 2 to 5 monster boxes per month and have been for nearly 20 years. I have NEVER lost money in my stores of metal. Now that the law in Arizona has passed... thinking it time to relocate a hunk of it.

It's guys like you that make these comments that the more experienced folks view as amusing and sophomoric... ahh youth! WHEN your world crashes to the ground, old guys like me will be sitting pretty on a pile of metal and will be able to use it or cash it in for a tidy profit. BTW... have you dropped yours into a lake? I'd like to know where so I can go retrieve it and add it to my rather fat stacks in stores. At least I know for a material FACT, mine won't simply evaporate or get hacked gone at a time of deep states choosing! Best wishes mate. ~ H.O.L.

Jimbeau's picture

It IS time for another bitcoin 'correction', like the one it went through several years ago.
I wouldn't keep any big money in it... just transaction cash.

Karl Marxist's picture

Perhaps. When the too big to fail banks aren't bailed out ('cause there's nothing to bail them out with) all your Bitcoin and sites like Coinbase and such will go dark and if your shit ain't stored offline, tough titties. Yes, buy silver and load it up, motherfuckers, or be forever damned.

daveO's picture

They will bailed out with fraudulent fiat, as always. This drive all alternatives up.

BandGap's picture

News flash! Some of us are out of fiat currency! Seriously. Shoring up on the edges, no more metals, no more guns/ammo.

Garden is in, gathering chicken and duck eggs. Everyone's healthy.

Seb's picture

Whatever changed, it did not matter.

SRSrocco's picture


If an individual lived the lifespan of a GNAT, then you would be correct.  However, humans live long life-spans and will experience the MOTHER of all Global Market Crashes in history.

So, it seems the MainStream Media will continue to inflict more BRAIN DAMAGE upon Americans before the ECONOMIC COLLAPSE PHAT LADY SINGS.


JRev's picture

Silver sales "spike" from April to May and this is deemed as bullish news... Okay...

How 'bout you make up one of your fancy charts comparing month-to-month sales of the past three years to 2017? Or even take that chart of yours back twelve months instead of just four? Physical retail investment demand for the metals is on its ass and everyone knows it, Steve. Trying to indicate otherwise by graphing a deliberately limited timeframe to prove your "increasing demand" narrative is not only disingenuous, it's why people trust you metal pumping clowns about as much as they trust MSM these days.

Look, I like silver. It's pretty, has lots of industrial utility, and I think it's undervalued. I also know that demand is way down this year and trying to indicate otherwise simply to sell your silly reports is pretty fucking scummy. 

If anyone on the Hedge isn't following Louis over at SmaulGld yet, it's high time they did. The age of the "PM Guru" has served its usefulness - articles like this one should be all the proof you need that it's time for different voices to be heard in the metals community. 

stacking12321's picture

speaking of scummy, i think you're pretty scummy for impugning steve's character without just cause.

it's fine for you to have a differing view.

but to suggest that the only possible explanation that steve has a differing view than you is that he's mis-stating the truth to sell reports, is a scummy accusation without basis.

it does indeed feel like the economy is teetering on the verge like in 2008, and it's not unreasonable for steve to suggest that's the case.

for silver eagle sales to jump 2.5x what it was the previous month is a pretty drastic change, and it is worthy of note.

don't like what steve writes? move along, then.
but don't throw out accusations with no proof.

JRev's picture

Impugning without just cause, you say? 

March of 2017 was the LOWEST for Silver Eagle sales in A FUCKING DECADE and Steve knows this, yet he cherry-picks his data to fit his narrative. It's no different than East Anglia University misrepresenting graphs of global temperature increase to sell the anthropogenic global warming narrative - it's a fallacy of statistics, aka, a lie. 

So when you say patently ridiculous shit like, "For silver eagle sales to jump 2.5x what it was the previous month is a pretty drastic change, and it is worthy of note" without taking into account that the March to April change is off a decade low and sales had virtually nowhere to go but up, you're either a) An incredulous metals pumper with no intellectual honesty, b) Utterly ignorant of the actual statistics Steve has built his site on supposedly "reporting," or c) Dyslexic.

Numbers speak louder than words, pretty graphs, and $25 silver reports, mate.
stacking12321's picture

okay, okay already, you made your point:
you're a loudmouthed asshole who hasn't gotten laid in a long time and so he likes to lash out at people on the internet.

oh, no, steve has put together data on his site to support his working thesis? well, OBVIOUSLY that means he's dishonest, especially when YOU view things differently.

stop with the pointless pissing contest, you're just another asshole on the internet.

JRev's picture


Go give Steve $25 already. Hell, with as much as you bend over for him, he might slip you one for free. 

hxc's picture

Agreed 100%! Peter Schiff is a perfect example of our stagnant culture in PM analysis. Great economist but always reports the same thing... "more money = more $$$ for my metals," "the fed will never hike... i said never hike today!" etc.

Seb's picture

At this rate, I might be dead before something like that (the big crash) happens.