"Something's Breaking" - Yuan Suddenly Spikes To 2-Month Highs

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Traders in Asia are bemused as offshore Yuan suddenly spikes by the most in 2 months (following dollar's post-Fed-Minutes breakdown) to 2-month highs...

It seems The Fed's potentially dovish realisation that data-dependence is going to hold them back from their plans to hike rates no matter what is rippling through the world's risk markets as Yuan spikes suddenly and dramatically in Asia trading...

Sending offshore Yuan to 2-month highs..


As we warned earlier it seems The National Team are active in stocks...


Rebounding once again even as Iron ore plumbs new depths.

As one Hong Kopng based trader said "something's breaking!"

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Yet Bitcoin prices are bouncing around in a very volatile way around $2500, a new record.  China is a major player in BTC.

Gold has been pretty steady around $1260.

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I love my phys but I have some of the three coins as well... LC has a buy order for over $309k at 30.3 and over $239k too. This is the Tulip on roids on roids. Just grab a few. Stupid money going into this. DO NOT SELL PHYS.

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You consider LC one of 'the' three coins?? Wow, that's a new one. Id stick stick to phys if I were you, else you may be selling it soon to cover that  $600k plus mess. It's been a joke for 8 years and hell it had a MC of 1bil 4 years ago and it's at what, 1.6 now..after the rally in every single crypto. LC will cease to exist in 5 years, it has little intrinsic value. At least ZCash just scored a deal w JPM..... Long ETH, XRP, GNO, BTC, NUGT, Au, and AG

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Bitcoin is decentralized money.  Ethereum is structured to benefit the Network of Global Corporate Control. 

DAOs are independently operated — neither owned nor controlled by any given entity — who is actually in charge, responsible for, or accountable for their operations? And if their resources cannot be seized (because DAOs have full sovereignty over them), how can they be required to pay damages for their torts?  

Learn more here: https://cyber.harvard.edu/events/luncheon/2014/04/difilippi


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S&P 500 is easily heading to $3,000. I am 3x Long.

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I'm 5x long with my new etf ticker symbol STUP

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I've got calls on the inverse ETF, POOR.

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gl....i never play leverage and if I did, it wouldn't be at this point in the markets run.  Insane manipulation like the market is currently exhibiting can turn on a dime and capture all the suckers---

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He loses a billion dollars before breakfast, but makes two billion by lunch.

He's never worked a day in his life, but he tells people to get a job.

When the Fed prints, he collects.

One passport isn't enough.

"I don't always play leveraged, but when I do, I play dos equities.   Print dangerously."

Overleveraged_and_Impatient's picture

Yes, I like this.


I would like to be this guy. Better than the guy who has a wife who doesn't respect him and kids that don't listen to him. I would never take shit from my wife I'd stab the bitch.

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print it and send it in to the advertisers---collect your royalties!

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ROFL, did you make that up?  

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Thanks, man.  I can only take credit for my take on the commercial, which take is mine but open source.  

Overleveraged_and_Impatient's picture

The Water is Warm brother. The time to get in is NOW.


Everybody is afraid of some big drop, but honestly, the President's Working Group on Financial Markets worries about that so YOU don't have to! Your Tax Dollars at work... use them!!


Just get long 3x Leveraged S&P 500. I am up over $36,000 on the year and going HIGHER. Everyone wants to think the market will drop, but it simply will not. The game has changed. There is too much liquidity in the system for the market to drop. Plus, the Fed and other Central Banks own all the stocks now. They are NOT going to be selling their shares. So therefore, prices will either stay the same OR INCREASE.

This is literally a RISK FREE opportunity to make money. I know ZeroHedge wants you think that reality will take over but IT WILL NOT.

Make money now brother. Go Long S&P 500. Donald Trump will take us to $3,000 plus. He is the True stock market President.

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i am with you on this one. from here, the only way is up.

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you should know physics law better my young padawan, ALL things going up, have to return going down.

the price of elevation in a system such financial one making infinite value results a devaluation of the money, ending by socials issues in proportion that the sum of ww1 & ww2 can barly discribe.

the world have no oil alternative.

i would not go long metals, never ever on grid stuff, but all on food, cloths and ammo. but yea, suckers cannot make food by ctrl + p they have to cook and can it themselves or buy it, just like cloths.  i can't wait the shtf with all the trading boy running with au & ag coins to trade with someone with a coatch gun at the barn  for a couple of eggs.

the situation will be epic fail.

keep dreaming in a full throttle in the wall, no problem...  sun will keep rising dayly after your collapsed society.

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he is young and he thinks the only way is up.  when to have a good time if not your 20s? but other than that he makes sense to me. i have no doubt this shitshow will end in bloodbath like you said. maybe were just  not there yet.



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i've been trading markets since the 80's and got caught holding the bag a few times when the markets turned.  In fact, I even talked like you are talking now at one time.  I learned my lessons---the time to get in was 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013---but certainly not now.  There may be another parabolic rise, but I'm not biting.  It's a total fool's market now.

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there is risk and you could be right but wont matter when SHTF, just buy the right swiss army knife blend of liquid goodies with your profit and ready for a hyperreal clusterfuck.

this comedy could go on for another couple of years.

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Profit taking in Bitcoin and baling on Vancouver shill house payments.

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Something's breaking. Something's breaking. Something's breaking.  Over and over.  Something's breaking.  We never find out what it is, by the next day or even a few hours later it's all back to normal. 

If something's breaking, please, please, please:  TELL ME WHAT IT IS???

Overleveraged_and_Impatient's picture

Nothing is "Breaking". And even if it was, the President's Working Group on Financial Markets only job is to literally prop up prices of US Stocks.


Even if China went bankrupt tomorrow, Oil Crashed to $9, Italy, Portugal and Spain all leave the Euro, the S&P 500 would still go up to $3,000 by year End.


ZeroHedge is a good site, and they are quite ambitious. However, this time is different. We have high liquidity and Central Banks own all the stocks and will not sell them.


Therefore, go Long 3x Leveraged S&P 500. I have done this and am up over $36,000 on the year. My life has changed and I will quit my job in sales soon. Finally I can be free and do what I want during the day.

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you've got a long ways to go.  36k will buy you 12 months of meager living.

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He started with maybe $125k to make $36k, no?  3X S&P, must be SPXL.  Not bad.  I hope he can time it and make $ on the way down too.

Snaffew's picture

the next story about the demise of the markets...that's what's breaking---

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Maybe Soros is taking a beating.

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Finally.  Someone takes an honest stab at it, anyway.

All this suspense is killing me!

Overleveraged_and_Impatient's picture

ZeroHedge is a useful site, but due to circumstances, the move is to just "Join Em" instead of "Beat Them"


People, just go long 3x Leverage S&P 500. Make money each day instead of losing. I am up over $36,000 and am living an easy stress free life. I eat what I want, when I want to.


I go out looking to spend money now.

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"I go out looking to spend money now."


A fool and his money are soon parted.

Overleveraged_and_Impatient's picture

Whatever man. I used to be stingy, but since I've been long 3x leveraged S&P 500 my life has changed. I have made over $36,000+ so far ON THE YEAR.


I buy whatever I want. Coffee, Sunglasses, Tequila, Window Tints, Cast Iron Cookwear, you name it. I can afford it all now.

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I would cash out my initial investment and play only with house money.  Trends do change. 

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Damn, and I wanted cast iron cookware. Guess I totally messed up.

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I've been waiting to see comments coming in just like yours...now I know the top is near---BTW...being up 36k and making 36k are two totally different scenarios.  One is a paper profit, the other is a real profit.

Xena fobe's picture

So up what about 25%?  As long as you can sleep at night!  

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I have been telling these youngsters the same thing. I have been making a killing in the SP500 since 09-10 + all the dividends collected on the way. Im in my mid 30's now and could very soon live stressfree on the dividends alone. People who do work should start investing in the stock market immediately and stop crying about the economy, which is doing very well by the way. Putting all your money in gold metal at the top and then crying when it drops 50% is something I cannot understand. I guess us smart guys will always outnumber the bottom of the bell curve.

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that "Hong Kong based trader" got it backwards

this isn't something breaking, this is something NOT breaking, this is everything back under control again

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 Headfake based in Shibor.

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The Yuan spike looks like the Bitcoin spike. I wonder if there is any relation.