Sean Hannity Takes "Abrupt Vacation" Amid Advertiser Boycott

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Is Fox News about to lose its last remaining "old school" anchor holdout? 

According to, Hannity is taking "a couple days off amid a growing advertiser boycott" over Hannity's pursuit of the Seth Rich story - an parallel to Bill O'Reilly's final days - and so far, seven advertisers are said to have pulled out of Hannity’s show. was the first advertiser to announce it was pulling ads, telling Buzzfeed News on Wednesday afternoon that “we’ve been watching closely and have recently made the decision to pull our advertising from Hannity.” It was followed by exercise bike company Peloton (which just closed a $325M Series E round financing), Leesa Sleep; mattress retailer Casper, insurance company USAA; home security equipment maker Ring and Crowne Plaza Hotels, all of which announced they would be redirecting their ad buys from Hannity’s shows.

Meanwhile, the Five host Kimberly Guilfoyle, who has confirmed speaking to the White House about potentially replacing press secretary Sean Spicer, will be filling in on Hannity on Thursday and Friday.

Kimberly Guilfoyle

Preempting speculation about a possible permanent departure, Hannity announced on Twitter the vacation was his annual Memorial Day getaway, and said "Uh oh My ANNUAL Memorial Day long weekend starts NOW. Destroy Trump/Conservative media breathless coverage starts! Did Hannity do last show?"

According to, it is unclear if Hannity will still host his syndicated radio show on Thursday and Friday, which airs at 6 p.m. in Philadelphia on 1210 WPHT.

In any case, as noted above, so far the timeline of events surrounding Hannity is strikingly similar to how events unfolded for former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who following a New York Times report that revealed O’Reilly paid five former Fox News personalities $13 million to settle claims of sexual and verbal harassment, took an abrupt vacation amid a growing exodus of advertisers from his show. Despite assurances from the network that the vacation was pre planed, Fox News fired O’Reilly eight days later.

In interviews with, Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky slammed the network, calling it “really egregious” to allow Hannity, Gingrich and others to discuss the death of Seth Rich.  “We know the facts. Wikileaks was in collaboration with the Russians,” Roginsky said.“How do we know this? Because the entire intelligence community said that the Russians were the ones who hacked into these emails. This is not in dispute.”

Well, actualy it is because 5 months later the so called entire intelligence community hasn't presented one schred of evidence yet as Ron Paul has repeatedly, patiently, and lofically pointed out.

What is not in dispute, however, is that if Hannity were to also leave Fox - the last of the original anchor line-up that boosted Fox News to the top of the ratings charts - the Nielsen chart of Rupert Murdoch's organization, already in tailspin, will move from the upper left to the bottom right, to quote Gartman, as traditional viewers continue to bail for alternative outlets.

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spastic_colon's picture

at least the basement dwellers can wack off to his replacement while they bash everyone.............

cossack55's picture

Maybe he is moving to Israel

remain calm's picture

Fox is MSM. Fox is the devil too. Murdoch is just a sheep in wolves close for conservatives

Pure Evil's picture

If they could just get a chair that would bounce up and down at various speeds and frequency while she hosts the show bra less, we know she's brain less, I might consider watching Faux News again.

Manthong's picture


I have not had cable or satellite for over 6 years (don’t need it with the real news/opinion sources on the Internet), but it seems to me that Murdoch’s brat is desperate to be 2nd place to MSNBC.

Let the collectivist liberals have the Tokyo Rose fake and mind-numbed broadcast media… and let the advertisers sink with their sheep and leftist target customers.


localsavage's picture

This advertiser boycott should make one wonder just how deep the scandal really goes.  With just about zero outrage towards Hannity, one would have to assume that there is a coordinated attack to silence all investigation into Rich's death.  Personally, I would love to see this actually drain the swamp on both sides of the aisle.

NoDebt's picture

They should give Bob Beckel Hannity's old slot.  I never get tired of watching that idiotic, drug-addled tub of lard stutter and stammer through a sentence while simultaneously being factually wrong to begin with.


ThaBigPerm's picture

Yeah, kinda puts the lie to the whole "muh, we just care about sexual harassment!" narrative.  Hannity's almost annoyingly clean as far as anyone can tell.  This is just about peeking behind the curtain you ain't-a-'posed-to look behind...

Arnold's picture

Sean would be a good speaker at Marfa.
On the QT of coarse/course.

Uchtdorf's picture

Didn't Glenn Beck used to work at Fox or was that CNN? Or both?

ThaBigPerm's picture

Both.  The most amusing aspect to all of this is lefties/progs/libs cheering that they by all rights appear to finally have cornered an increasingly irrelevent platform.  Sure they're destroying FN, but that just means they're destorying something that was ostensibly an alternative to MSM, while still being quite MSMy itself.  It's like fighting the good fight all through the 80s, then finally cornering the skinny tie market in the early 90s.

SafelyGraze's picture

we all need to work together to protect seth's killer(s)

more boykotz

Pinto Currency's picture

The fraudulent story as to how Hillary's 42,000 e-mails leaking vs the truth of Seth Rich's data dump:

George Webb: Day 212 Super Secret Supplement

DNC and FOX are desperately trying to keep the story away from Seth Rich.

jeff montanye's picture

the brilliant, shining sun blasting through those hebrew speaking, skull and bones remembering clouds is the real, true upside of our immediate times.

how can this increasingly obviously false deepstate narrative not be educating our sheeple? many times when i take her to middle school i explain to my granddaughter how the government lies.  recently she got in after school and asked "anything new on seth rich?"  i felt better about the future.

fleur de lis's picture

Roginsky is a dumb Bolshevik who overestimates her own smarts.

Not someone to be taken seriously.

She claims to know how Russia works because she was born there, but she does not know the history of Crimea.

So did she go to a crummy Russian school?

Was Russian history never discussed at the table when she was growning up?

Or didi she simply absorb the Western version?

Now she is turning on her co workers instead of also looking into the death of this young Democrat.

She probably wants her own show so we can listen to her Bolshie babbling.




PrayingMantis's picture


   ... I'd bet half-a-shekel that those advertisers are all chartered corporate members of DSAC ( ... and they have to protect their own DEEP SWAMPers ... MSM/CFR/BRT/MIC/Bilderberg/Trilateral/BohemianGrove/ManhattanInstitute/PNAC/KlintonKrimeKartel/ ...


espirit's picture


Prolly over the Event Horizon and no longer require the services of controlled opposition.


That’s what I’m seeing. It’s full on now.                         


JSBach1's picture

The concerted effort, nation-wide, which aims at silencing any dissenting voice -- no matter how valid the argument -- is a good indicator where this country is headed. It is up to its citizens to resist these repressive tactics before it overwhelms those who stand up to its arrogant and oppressive endeavors.

booboo's picture

The Nazi's usually placed their flak guns around their most valued assets. Must be over one of them with the Seth Rich story

IndyPat's picture

Her name is (((Julie Roginsky)))

Russian fucking Jew.

Go figure.

Ghost of Porky's picture

This idea of letting the Murdoch wives run the network is working out great.

Mr. Universe's picture

Did you see how fast they were forced off the Seth Rich story? They must be getting too close. They need a bit more time to cover things up and secure all potential damaging evidence. Both sides are in it, if not by choice then by Pizza-mail. What is more disturbing is that where did all the outrage come from? Why it came from the Deep-State's own farm of Internetscapers. They can shape public opinion or have 10,000 or 100,000 emails sent quicker than you can say

"I didn't even know you could have one of those in your house. I am so far behind. Did you know that? I would have gotten one."

jeff montanye's picture

don't think about a giraffe waterskiing!

don't think about the seth rich case.

easier said than done.

JRobby's picture is a POS. Don't use it.

FrozenGoodz's picture

Hahah all of Pedophiles & Friends getting the axe ... soo much for fair n balanced

Handful of Dust's picture

Odd no one boycotts Fake News CNN, NPR, NYT or WaPo.

The good news is PC companies like Target are way down. Hopefully, Starcucks will drop also.

The Community Organizer really expanded the swamp during his 8 years.


FrozenGoodz's picture

Lol they don't spread conspiracy theories nightly

Not My Real Name's picture

"Lol they don't spread conspiracy theories nightly"

They spread propaganda. And you eat up.

jeff montanye's picture


every time we hear the phrase "i have a dream" we think mlk.

every time we hear the phrase "conspiracy theory" we think cia.

mkhs's picture

We?  Again with the grandiose delusions.  Speak for yourself.

wildbad's picture

media matters for america, david brock, obummer, podesta and the clinton crime syndicate.

attack them back. its self defense.

why is noone calling a spade a spade?

oh... soros too of course

jeff montanye's picture

it is time for you to call a spade a spade.

every chance you get.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Frozengoodz is so much of an asshole that he is an embarrassment to other Lib trolls. 

remain calm's picture

Hey Murdoch, if Seth was your son, Sean would have the 6:00 and the 7:00 time slots. Fuck off Murdick

jeff montanye's picture

you can't be sure.  sacrifices have to be made among true believers.  if not murdoch, those that control him.

sleigher's picture

Bob Beckel was fired for a racist comment to a co-worker.

DieselChadron's picture

lol.. but that's the secret.  they tell both sides different "facts".  that way the fight between left and right can be colossal.

for the old zh libertarian audience who still hangs around because I don't know why, this Oreilly, Greta, Kelly and soon to be Hannity event is hilarious.  we can hear a giant sucking sound - the vacuum where the neocon collective mind used to be.  poor neocons.. without the alpha hosts at fox, they'll never know what to believe.

jeff montanye's picture

neocons, if anyone, know what to believe.  as g.h.w. bush explained to w. when the latter asked what's neoconservatism?: "israel"

Yen Cross's picture

lol That guy[Beckel] is comedy relief.  Drunktard liberals are always entertaining.  I wonder how much the DNC paid the Murdoch kids to destroy Fox News?

jeff montanye's picture

it was an outlier.  

it is amazing to me that with all the public relations, whatever training these devils with human skin have had, they don't think they are playing their cards awfully far from their chests?

were i they, i would tit my mitt

Lucretius's picture

ND, do you also enjoy watching retards drool? Haha, Beckel is most definetly a steaming sack, presumably brought in to provide a diverse opinion?

CNN- commie newz nutwerkz

FNN- Fascist Newz nutwerkz

I too fired my TeeVee years ago, don't miss a thing.

I find ZH and RT to be my main sources of "intel".

Peace L.

sleigher's picture

Makes one wonder why they haven't dragged a patsy out of the bushes and tried to put it all to bed.  It is strange how they are attacking Hannity and anyone who dare speak his name.

His name is Seth Rich 

jeff montanye's picture

yes, yes you are right.  it is as if they have grown too lazy and too cocksure (even after losing an election they had a better than 99% chance of winning) to even bother making up a story for the sheeple.  since in their circles people are only too ready to deepsix seth rich and his implications, they think they are winning.

in fact they are losing and more and more people see that they are crooked.


MalteseFalcon's picture

The Seth Rich case will be concluded the same way the Chandra Levy case was.

Planted evidence uncovered, low level patsy with solution a year or more after the case leaves the headlines.  A brief mention.

Of course, Seth didn't get the coverage that Chandra got during the "outrage phase".

sleigher's picture

New evidence coming out.  A guy has uncovered meta-data in the original Guccifer 2.0 docs that differs from all the rest of the data dumps.  This meta-data seems to point to a DNC operative in DC.  He suggests Guccifer 2.0 was a psy-op by the DNC to bring the Russia narrative forward and Seth Rich could have brought all this to light.  This is why he was killed.  

Maybe it is reaching I don't know.  But the meta data is there as he states and is what he states.  Seth Rich was an IT analyst for the DNC so he was in a position to know plus all the stuff Assange has said.  

Interesting anyways...


Edit:  Jerome Cosi says he knows who killed Seth Rich.  Has the evidence.  Alex Jones says they will announce Tuesday.  Corsi even said to Alex he was worried for his safety.

Von Berger's picture

Wonder if Hannity was "got at". ?