Twitter Suspends WND For Seth Rich Story

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A couple of days ago, WND ran a story entitled "Bombshell: Donna Brazile Warned Off Private Eye On Seth Rich Murder."  The story was sourced back to on-the-record quotes provided by Detective Rod Wheeler who was hired by the Rich family shortly after their son's suspicious murder in July 2016.  Among other things, Wheeler said that it was former Democratic National Committee interim chairwoman Donna Brazile who allegedly called police and the Rich family and demanded to know why a private investigator was “snooping” into Rich’s death.

“The high-ranking DNC official that called the police after I inquired about Rich’s case was Donna Brazile,” veteran homicide detective Rod Wheeler told WND. “Why shouldn’t I reveal who it was?”

To promote the story, WND sent the following tweet:


Unfortunately, Twitter seemed to take issue with the story and sent a message to WND demanding that they "Delete Tweet."

When they refused, a follow-up message from Twitter informed WND that their account had been effectively frozen.

"We have determined that you have violated the Twitter Rules, so we've temporarily limited some of your account features.  While in this state, you can still browse Twitter, but you're limited to only sending Direct Messages to your followers - no Tweets, Retweets, or likes."


Of course, Twitter refused to highlight which of their rules (which can be found here) had been violated when asked by WND.  After a quick review, we must admit that we would have a hard time identifying which rule was 'violated' as well.  Here is a list of Twitter's "Abusive Behavior" rules...see if you can figure out which of them was violated.

  • Violent threats (direct or indirect): You may not make threats of violence or promote violence, including threatening or promoting terrorism.
  • Harassment: You may not incite or engage in the targeted abuse or harassment of others. Some of the factors that we may consider when evaluating abusive behavior include:
    • if a primary purpose of the reported account is to harass or send abusive messages to others;
    • if the reported behavior is one-sided or includes threats;
    • if the reported account is inciting others to harass another account; and
    • if the reported account is sending harassing messages to an account from multiple accounts.
  • Hateful conduct: You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease. We also do not allow accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis of these categories.
  • Multiple account abuse: Creating multiple accounts with overlapping uses or in order to evade the temporary or permanent suspension of a separate account is not allowed.
  • Private information: You may not publish or post other people's private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, street address, or Social Security/National Identity numbers, without their express authorization and permission. In addition, you may not post intimate photos or videos that were taken or distributed without the subject's consent. Read more about our private information policy here.
  • Impersonation: You may not impersonate others through the Twitter service in a manner that is intended to or does mislead, confuse, or deceive others. Read more about our impersonation policy here.
  • Self-harm: You may encounter someone considering suicide or self harm on Twitter. When we receive reports that a person is threatening suicide or self harm, we may take a number of steps to assist them, such as reaching out to that person expressing our concern and the concern of other users on Twitter or providing resources such as contact information for our mental health partners.

But that's not really the point now is it?  Perhaps the reason we can't find the 'rule' that was violated is because Twitter doesn't overtly publish their policy which demands the censoring all media which conflicts with their 'progressive' worldview.

Or maybe Twitter simply deemed the story to be 'fake news'?  If so, perhaps Twitter could share their evidence that negates the on-the-record quotes reported by WND.  Or, maybe Twitter just assumed that an upstanding citizen like Brazile, a woman who destroyed her own integrity by sharing debate questions with Hillary's campaign and subsequently lying about those actions on every media outlet in existence, would never do such a thing.

Moreover, if Twitter is now in the business of censoring 'fake news' then perhaps they can explain why our friends at CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post seem to be able to publish numerous 'fake news' stories, on a daily basis, without consequence?  Remember that whole 'Golden Showers' dossier that CNN pumped relentlessly over Twitter that was subsequently debunked with very minimal efforts...


Curiously, we don't remember CNN or Jim Acosta being temporarily suspended for pumping that story. 

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Small Government Is Better's picture

Moral of the story:  DON'T USE TWITTER!

If you want to force the leftists to accept the truth, stop using Twitter.

By boycotting use of Twitter, we can use the leftists' favorite strategy against them.

Denying them your usage changes their economics.

Yes, the leftists will continue to use Twitter.  But, we can take away half of Twitter's business.

It is long overdue that we all boycott Twitter.  I refuse to use Twitter, and encourage everyone to do the same.

Spaced Out's picture

And.... your alternative is??

Be a little more creative, this is too obvious.



fishwharf's picture

I'm living proof that Twitter is unnecessary.  I've never used it, yet my life is fulfilling and my family loves me.

Seychelles's picture

Shitter that cesspool of situational ethics.

highwaytoserfdom's picture


Eric Braverman Mosad  Seth Rich  is where greedy  Dynecorp Cerebus/Carlyle  Kissinger war criminals went wrong..


Now lets get on with cutting the 100b dollar Saudi arms deal and  POTUS get your butt back  and cut funding to IC and blow them and NATO to the wind.

Interpol put out warrants for RNC/DNC for Kissinger CFR for millions of millions of deaths on civilians.   I'm talking Cambodia, East Timor, Vietnam, China, Korea, 7 regime changes in middle east..    Whats the tribe cabal doing. For goodness sake the  Mosad is eastern Europe Jews relocated by west from Ukraine and Russia.  

MSM Mosad show here and in Europe has lost all credibility.   

Forget Russian stuff Flynn was outed by Pence just like Bush was to Reagan  dirty dirty..

Now  most important thing now  stop that arms sale and cut NATO and clawback the broken window war profiteers.  




SmittyinLA's picture

What is dis twitter?

Other than the Kardashians why does anybody twitter?

Wahooo's picture

Mindless milennials use twatter all the time. Every time I go to a business conference the twatterers are busily tapping away messages that have the half-life of a mayfly. Often the conference host will have a screen showing the twatterers their twats to give them instant orgasms that are over in the next instant. Why the twats twatter is beyond me. They could be surfing porn or something useful like that.

IronForge's picture

L don't have a Twit account; but it would be nice to see other venues pick up the slack.


Probably an over aggressive snowflake censor who may be overridden.

A rope leash's picture

Is this is deep state/corporate "iron hand" discipline or is is just some fucks in charge making decisions based on their own personal beliefs? Hannity, too...what the fuck? 


The Monster's tentacles appear to be is that even fucking possible?  Is everyone in government and management bound by the dictates of political mob bosses?  


It would take a relatively small group of uncorrupted persons to prosecute the people that need to be prosecuted. I guess they don't exist.

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

"The Monster's tentacles appear to be is that even fucking possible?"

They've all been through the same Frankfurt School sausage machines, and then vetted for globalist orthodoxy. 

Useful Idiots.  The idiocy is probably permanent, though some may awaken and amend themselves.  However, when they are no longer useful, they may have a car accident or heart attack, or die in a botched robbery.  Compliance is rewarded but mandatory. 

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

I always suspected that WND was in league with the Russians.  "World" "Net" "Daily" - just like "Socialist Workers Daily". 

I'm just grateful that Twits for Truth are courageous enough to expose this conspiracy. 

Stolypin's picture

Amazed my twitter hasn't been suspended.  Pretty much a bastion of Russian imperialism.

FoggyWorld's picture

Totally amazed that you are even permitted to use that surname!

Racer's picture

Yet they won't ban someone for threatening to kill someone see:

RightLineBacker's picture

Bad link, or it has been outed by the DNC.


thisguyoverhere's picture

Time to crank up the pressure. We need a massive statement of solidarity that this isn't about just Seth Rich.

Its about the sickness in DC.

FoggyWorld's picture

How about asking Trump to replace Sessions with Gowdy.

sosoome's picture

What has Gowdy actually accomplished other than making sure Ryan became Speaker?

any_mouse's picture

There were those Benghazi hearings that led to...


They ARE ALL politicians.

They are members of an exclusive, privileged club.

For all of that, they are not even part of the power that rules.

Front group for distraction and a target for rage. What has Congress done lately? Nothing is being passed except to rubber stamp the bloated federal budget. If they do pass something, it is something that is not remotely beneficial to the majority of citizens. Glass Steagall is three pages. Simple, did the job. The bankers hated it. Any bill today is thousands of pages. Nobody knows much about everything that's in a bill. Pelosi spoke truth. Better that she refuses to vote on such a bill.

Who is in power?

Take for example Russia in 1917 and 1991.

During the Revolution the Imperial Treasury was transferred by the Bolshevik Jews to Jew bankers in the West.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the value passed to Russian-Jew oligarchs.

No matter which happened, the same result.

el buitre's picture

Gowdy made a point of turning down the FBI directorship while he was still on the short list.  Beware of hero worship.

Ross123's picture

Maybe there is a plan for Gowdy to play a much better role (ie. able to use his skills better) once all this plays out a bit further. If the light shines in the right place the AG is going to need a lot of help.

FoggyWorld's picture

He hasn't has prosecurtorial power and as the AG he would.

shimmy's picture

Basically confirms the Seth Rich stuff is true.

lulu34's picture

Who's guilty ?  No doubt about it

RedDwarf's picture

They are becoming desperate.  We are in the 'then they fight you stage'.  Next step is to win.

Consuelo's picture



Comparisons to other events and/or the duplicity shown therein, is way long in the tooth now gents.    These people could care less about anything moral or ethical.   Just keep moving that stone forward. 

FoggyWorld's picture

Try writing to  to let Trump know that we out here are not total fools and we want an investigtion to find out just who and why -

SETH RICH was murdered on July 10, 2016


Trump needs a pile of mail when he returns because he is running out of time and so are we.



Plata con Carne's picture just posted a link to a whitehouse petition to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the murder of Seth Rich,


TwelveOhOne's picture

I signed it yesterday with around 5k signatures; it's up to 18k now.  If this rate keeps up it'll hit the threshhold (100k by June 18th).

RealityCheque's picture


I can smell you fear you dirtbag motherfuckers. That cold wind you feel at your back? That's the truth coming to get you.

FoggyWorld's picture

And he was murdered on July 10, 2016 and the DC Police and the FBI won't even give out a status report on their theoretical investigations.

Seth Rich is dead and he always will be.




scribe1's picture

I can assure you that the "progressives" i.e. the sanders supporters, are ready with pitchforks for whoever assassinated seth rich and are most eager to identify the killer. 

Mike Masr's picture

We no longer live in a free democratic society!

This is now a totalitaian state run not by a dictator, but by an all powerful unelected deep state. 

Cameras are everywhere, GPS in all our phones so the deep state can watch and surveil our every move.

The truth is painted as lies, while lies are promoted, over and over again as the truth.

Our MSM feeds us all total bullshit lies (fake news). The narrative of which is scripted by the deep state and follows the warmongering agenda of the deep state.

The intelligence community provides fake reports to the public and congress scripted by the narrative and the goals of the deep state.

The Democratic & Republican parties are nothing but a facade. Neocons control both parties and the deep state owns the neocons.

Our votes are meaningless as elected officials pusue the goals of the deep state and not the peoples will. 


RightLineBacker's picture

They are unknowingly planting the seeds of Revolution.


rejected's picture

"We no longer live in a free democratic society! "

Ya think!

Dg4884's picture

You know this is a YUGE cover up when the family of the victim is a crisis consultant with the DNC.

Madcow's picture

Anyone caught not obstructing murder investigations will be considered a terrorist and raped in prison

samsara's picture

They are REALLY afraid of this story.  

MrSteve's picture

Tell us, who ordered the hit on Seth Rich and what does the autopsy report?

agstacks's picture

What happened to this article yesterday? 


"The acting spokesperson for the Rich family, Brad Bauman, is connected to Democratic propaganda czar David Brock according online observers. The discovery is the latest in a long line of revelations showing deep Democratic National Committee (DNC) involvement in the Seth Rich case.

Earlier today, independent investigators discovered that Bauman runs a foundation in his name. The Bauman Foundation's Board of Directors includes David Brock, the one time Republican operative who went on to become the founder of multiple DNC-affiliated propaganda outlets including Media Matters, Correct the Record and Shareblue. Brock's ventures have been criticized by Democrats as causing more harm than good due to his heavy reliance upon online harassment and censorship. Disobedient Media has previously reported that Brock and his affiliated organizations have ties to the Chinese government, foreign special interests and organized crime. Brock's ties to foreign interests may mean that he is in violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act, 22 U.S.C. § 614. The Bauman Foundation's Board also includes Deepak Bhargava, who acts as the executive director of the Center for Community Change for George Soros' Open Society Foundation.

Brock's organizations have been active in harassing and attacking journalists looking into the Seth Rich story. Affiliates of Brock have taken to to attack companies advertising with Fox 5 DC. The boycott campaign is organized by Karl Frisch, a former senior fellow at propaganda group Media Matters for America who spent his time at the organization helping develop “long-term strategy to target Fox News as a political actor.” Media Matters has also targeted Fox News anchor Sean Hannity for discussing the case.

David Brock's personal involvement with Brad Bauman only serves to intensify speculation about political interference in attempts to uncover answers concerning the death of Seth Rich. Disobedient Media has previously noted an August 2016 tweet from Wikileaks which revealed that Bauman is a crisis public relations consultant working with the Pastorum Group. A media release from the Pastorum Group reveals that Bauman previously worked for the DNC and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The SEIU is the client of a group founded by Democratic operative Robert Creamer. In 2016, Creamer was implicated in footage obtained by journalist James O’Keefe which revealed that Creamer was engaging in voting fraud and violent disruption of political events, sometimes using his connections to unions who were as clients of his. Legal representatives sending cease and desist letters on behalf of the Rich family also have ties to the law firm at the center of the Whitewater controversy.

Brad Bauman has in the past week insisted that anyone who continued to push the story either had a “transparent political agenda,” or were a sociopath. But given the intense attacks which organizations tied to David Brock have engaged in against any journalists discussing the Rich case, Brock's connections to Bauman intensifies questions about whether or not the DNC has become involved in the Seth Rich case out ulterior motives."

Miss Expectations's picture

Here's the best summary about why Seth Rich and his story is so vitally important.  See pinned video at the top of this twitter feed:

shadow54's picture

Ho hum. Can't understand why anybody uses twitter. I tried it when it first came out and found it useless. And them and facebook made it extremely difficult to get my information off the site. They tried to take control of my personal files.

So how is it that if they could they would have the poliice force you to be on there. But once you're on they want to punish you for freely posting news. Isn't that a violation of your constitutional rights in the USA?

Why are people supporting twitter if it does that?

Alananda's picture

Wait a minute! I thought ZH removed a "Seth Rich" post and comments, too! Did it get restored? Was the removal explained?? I must have missed that. Pot calling kettle black?? Inquiring minds demand consistency!

We can complain but we cannot expose, explain, or explicate, right? I want to get this right. otherwise, if I ever want to learn and use Twitter, I might not be able to.

any_mouse's picture

You "thought" it happened?

hooligan2009's picture

i don't recall seeing a post that said "the DNC and by association Podesta, Clinton, Waters, the runway queen and associated others, murdered Seth Rich". neither do i recall seeing one that was withdrawn that said the same thing.

still everybody knows the truth hey? we just don't have any enforcement agencies willing to demonstrate that " all are equal under the law".

that help?


Anonymous IX's picture

I don't bother reading but a few sentences of any story like this one.  Because...they are all alike knowing that people in power, particularly today where, apparently, power has spread even to lower echelons, will connive and control the flow of news and those who provide same by any means at their disposal.  They are boring, and karma is a bitch.  

S Spade's picture

isn't the advertiser boycott of hannity associated with the same seth rich story?  seems our libturds/fascists are having another hissy.

JamesinNM's picture

Yep, got their panties in a wad.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Or else they're getting seriously worried.