Amid Russia Crisis, Trump Prepares "War Room", "Big White House Changes", Loss Of Twitter

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In lieu of the Friday night "Trump bombshell" deliverable from the NYT-WaPo complex, today it was Reuters' and the Wall Street Journal's turn to lay out the suspenseful weekend reads, previewing major potential upcoming changes to the Trump administration.

First, according to Reuters, Trump's top advisors are preparing to establish a "war room" to combat negative reports and mounting questions about communication between Russia.  Steve Bannon and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, both senior advisors to the president, will be involved in the new messaging effort, which also aims to push Trump's policy agenda and schedule more rallies with supporters. This "most aggressive effort yet" to push back against allegations involving Russia and his presidential campaign, will launch once Trump returns from his overseas trip.

Upon Trump’s return, the administration will add experienced political professionals and possibly more lawyers to handle the Russia probe, which has gained new urgency since the Justice Department appointed a special counsel to head the investigation, the sources said.

On Thursday, NBC News reported that Kushner, who held several meetings with Russian officials following the election, is himself a focus of the probe, making him the first current White House official to be caught up in it, although Kushner, who is Trump's son-in-law, has not been accused of any wrongdoing. On Friday afternoon, the AP quoted Kushner's lawyer that if the FBI wants to talk to Jared Kushner about his Russian contacts, he stands ready to talk to federal investigators as well as Congress about his contacts and his role in Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.

FBI probe aside, Kushner and Bannon will work to step up the White House’s strategic messaging. Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski - who has been seen in the White House recently - is also expected to be part of the messaging operation according to Reuters. Bannon and White House chief of staff Reince Priebus have been laying the groundwork for the messaging operation this week, sources told the news outlet.

“Since the firing of Comey, that really exposed the fact that the White House in its current structure ... is not prepared for really a one-front war, let alone a two-front war,” a person who remains in regular communication with the White House told Reuters. “They need to have a structure in place that allows them to stay focused, [while] also truly fighting back on these attacks and these leaks.”

The "war room" is just one of the steps Trump and his advisers plan to take to respond to the probe into Russia's attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election. Trump reportedly hired Marc Kasowitz as his personal attorney earlier this week to represent him and guide him through the Russia investigations following the appointment of former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee the Russia investigation. The president and his team are putting together a legal team of prominent lawyers who can help him best proceed through the questions surrounding whether his campaign colluded with Moscow.

Quoted by Reuters, Christopher Ruddy, chief executive of Newsmax Media and a Trump friend, said he expects the president will travel more when he returns from overseas and encouraged the White House to focus on issues that pump up his base voters. “From my perspective, I think the president should be doing the stuff that he does best, which is talking about his agenda: jobs, trade and security,” Ruddy said.

Republicans in Congress are aching for Trump to leave the distraction of the Russia probe aside and focus on legislation and nominating officials to fill the hundreds of vacant slots across the administration. “What we really want to be able to do is tend to our business,” Mike Rounds, a Republican Senator from South Dakota, told Reuters. "We've got a healthcare bill we're working on. We've got tax reform that we think is important.”

Earlier on Friday, former House Speaker John Boehner said that Trump's time in office has been a "complete disaster" aside from foreign affairs. Boehner told an energy conference he supported efforts to "get to the bottom" of any potential interactions between Trump associates and the Russian government but described any calls to impeach Trump as the purview of "the crazy left-wing Democratic colleagues of mine."

* * *

Second, in a separate but similar report from the WSJ, the paper writes that Trump is "actively discussing major changes" in the White House, including a shakeup of his senior team, after spending much of his free time during his overseas trip weighing the Russia investigation and the political crisis it poses for him. A flurry of meetings devoted to White House operations are scheduled for next week, officials said, and sparks are expected to fly.

While this isn't the first time a major shake up around Trump was announced as imminent, recalls Axios reporting two weeks ago that an "angry" Trump was planning a huge reboot, and that Priebus, Bannon and Spicer could be fired, this time the urgency is far greater, and the WSJ reports that other revisions on the table include a new filter of the president’s social-media habit and fewer scheduled press briefings, officials and allies said. The anticipated moves are the latest sign of how the investigation into Russia’s interference in last year’s election, and the circumstances of the president’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, is defining the new administration. “Everything is in play,” one Trump adviser said.

The biggest change may be that Trump is about to lose his twitter privileges for good:

One major change under consideration would vet the president’s social media posts through a team of lawyers, who would decide if any needed to be adjusted or curtailed. The idea, said one of Mr. Trump’s advisers, is to create a system so that tweets “don’t go from the president’s mind out to the universe.”


Some of Mr. Trump’s tweets—from hinting that he may have taped conversations with Mr. Comey to suggesting without any evidence that former President Barack Obama wire-tapped Trump Tower—have opened him to criticism and at times confounded his communications team.


Trump aides have long attempted to rein in his tweeting, and some saw any type of legal vetting as difficult to implement. “I would be shocked if he would agree to that,” said Barry Bennett, a former Trump campaign aide.

It also appears that Sean Spicer is on his way out:

Other changes under discussion include removing communications director Mike Dubke and installing Sarah Sanders as the main spokesman instead of Mr. Spicer. Another consideration is scaling back on daily press briefings.


Mr. Spicer, one of the only practicing Catholics among Mr. Trump’s senior staff, was a last-minute scratch from the president’s meeting with Pope Francis this week, a move that shocked some senior administration officials.


Mr. Spicer and Ms. Sanders didn’t respond to further questions on any coming changes.

In a a contradiction from the Reuters report, the WSJ notes that neither Bannon nor Kushner themselves are safe.

Mr. Trump consulted Mr. Kushner on the firing of Mr. Comey, officials say. Mr. Bannon opposed the move and was absent from the inner circle who advised the president on the move. Mr. Bannon’s critics say they suspect him of leaking to the press and regard him as too much of a firebrand to massage the president’s agenda through Washington’s traditional processes. Mr. Kushner’s detractors in the West Wing refer to him as the “young princeling.”

But most interesting is the alleged emerging tension between Trump and his Goldman advisors: "Some Trump advisers have also questioned the judgment of communications officials, citing as an example the rollout of a tax-plan outline in April that featured Goldman Sachs alumnae Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, and Gary Cohn, the National Economic Council director.

“The left is automatically going to say the tax plan is tailored to the rich and to Wall Street. And we just gave them an image of the rich and of Wall Street,” one Trump former campaign official said.

In an amusing tangent, the WSJ also points out that Trump’s return to Washington will mark the end of a period which, White House staffers said, "brought some relief from the hectic pace of the news surrounding the administration and the Russia investigation. Some noted that it gave them a rare time to eat dinner at home."

* * *

While it could be just another red herring, it is likely that Trump's return may unleash the political chaos that dominated the news cycle for most of May. Alternatively, if Trump is serious about overhauling his communication strategy, his inner circle of advisors - especially those originating from Goldman, as well as cracking down on non-stop leaks, then there just is some hope that the relentless news bombardment may fade, if only for a few summer weeks. One can always hope, even if the odds are stacked very much against.

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jimmy12345's picture

Trump lost the popular vote so he obviously has no mandate.  He only won because Hillary was so disliked.   Pence will get crushed in the 2020 elections.

Gold Banit's picture

But Trump will be your President for the next 8 years...

Scuba Steve's picture

Jimmy's a fukkin idiot.

Jimmy knows it.

Jimmy getting upset.


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Hang the dual citizen Kushner for Treason. Make his wife pull the latch.

az_patriot's picture

A number of uncorroborated, anonymous sources in this article -- and newspapers quoting themselves as an authority.  REALLY getting sick of this shit coming from the self-serving MSM.

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Gonna take his twitter away. About f'n time.

Let surrogates say what needs to be said.

Shpedly's picture

Been saying the same thing since the campaign trail. Course all I got were down votes and flames.

Is-Be's picture

I never down vote anybody, but that remark was just irresistible.

Shpedly's picture

And you fell for it. Lol

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Didn't Trumpo say if elected presidente he would do everything he could to disband the biggest terrorist organization in the world aka North Atlantic Terrorist Organization?Instead Muricans have bribed half of Montenegro politicians to bring us in. There won't be referendum on the issue as it ought to, as it is supposed, since Muricans knew such referenda has as much as chance on yielding positive results for Muricans as to snow in a desert (not even with rigging the votes), so they will have their bribed politicians to vote in parliament instead. Instead of disbanding the biggest terrorist organization in the world, Trumpo now wants to expand the terrorist organization not even bothering to ask citizens of Montenegro about it. Imagine that from democratic westeners. Terrorist organizer, Murican presidente Trumpo the pedophile.

Is-Be's picture

Ha. Found you. You are a Montenegrin.

Kin. I am an ( I2a. P37.2) Our greatest concentration is centered on Montenegro. 

We spent 5000 years of the last ice age hold up in the Bulkans with H.Neanderthal. 

Do you know your loading? The higher the better.

Edit: Abe Lincoln was one of us. 

Khan Bodin's picture

Who said I was Montenegrin? Those are all mental contructs. For example before Montenegro there was Dioclea. It was a state in the same borders as present day Montenegro . People of Dioclea were Serbs. Ethnically they were Serbs just like the present day people of Montenegro. In order for nation to exist, it has to have its language, and that language has to be linguistically distinctive. It's no good just to call language your own (imagine if you called English language you are spaking with, your own Murican). You Muricans are no nation. Never were. Where is your language, your authentic culture? You think making pizza or sushi is culture? ehehehehe Making porno movies or homo-fagish shoveling ases with various objects are cultural production? ehehehehe Imbeciles. You imbeciles ought to understand that some people can have more states than one. You are confusing states with nationhoods, just like you are confusing citizenships with ethnicities. Only truly stupid people cannot understand that in some territories, states or countries can live more ethnicities or nationalitis than one. The world is not like Murica where you get your document proving you are Murican citizen and automatically you are Murican. In the world you can have your papers proving that you are citizen of some state, but you can never belong to different ethicity than that your birth was put you in. Murican imbeciles have enormous difficulty with understanding such simple truths. Perhaps if you stop with calling yourselves by the name of a continent could be helpful. You living in North American continent can never be true Americans, you exterminated those true Americans. It's identity theft if you ask me. A crime by your own western standards.

Is-Be's picture

Talking about confused. My dear friend I am talking about the last ice age and you ramble on about nationality?

You are confusing states with nationhoods

This is from wiki.

Haplogroup I2a may be the haplogroup of the first anatomically modern humans to inhabit Europe, Cro-Magnon. A 2015 study found haplogroup I2a in 13,000 year old remains from the Azilian culture (at modern Bichon, Switzerland).[6]

Here is a video.

BTW. I have only once been north of  the equator. To a Cold Fusion conference on Korea.

jimmy12345's picture

Trump wouldn't need a war room if he were innocent.  Have fun in jail Trump.  Lock Trump up!!!! Lock Trump up!!!

Gold Banit's picture

Thanks for the heads up there Einstein...

Gold Banit's picture

Suck it up there butter cup, Trump will be your President for the next 8 years..

jimmy12345's picture

Once he is impeached and convicted, he can't be President again.

Gold Banit's picture

Time you pulled your head out of Obama's ass, Trump will never get impeached you moron.

Stop watching CNN and start thinking for your self...

yogibear's picture

"start thinking for your self"

Not going to happen. The lesbtard Rachel Maddow, CNN and MSNBC has to think for them.

Catahoula's picture

Year in and no evidence. 

jeff montanye's picture

bit of a repeat but check this out:

pretty much blows up the dnc russian hacking meme and ties them closer to the seth rich murder

DjangoCat's picture

Jimmy looks like a shill.  

Where can I sign up, Jimmy?  Is the pay ok?

I have some free time.

Gladi8tor's picture

Pull your condom back over your head jimmy...and shut d's duck up when ur around adults

jeff montanye's picture

how about "glad he ate her"?

Scuba Steve's picture

Jimmys playing with his tallywacker.

Jimmy likes that

dirty fingernails's picture

Sounds like an attempt at rebranding. Slap some new paint on it and declare it new and improved.

Hilarious that CONgress is trying to blame Trump for their shitty healthcare bills. Yeah, the final signature is the holdup. /s

Clearly Trump was/is a fraud. He had a clear message and agenda on the campaign trail and now flounders around trying to do everything but what he promised. The dude may have been sharp at some point in time or endeavors, but today he has no clue or filter.

jeff montanye's picture

and yet he is still fucking invaluable!  how weird and wild is that?  he has the deep state out into the sunlight fighting the jedi.  he has fired comey.  he has a special counsel to check into the "russian hacking" horseshit (revealed as horseshit in and that special counsel is the widely viewed (truthers) as corrupt robert mueller who (didn't) investigate 9-11.  mueller might bust himself and 9-11 inadvertantly or even by implication as the russian hacking case solves itself.

and anthony weiner cooperating?  with his laptop and life insurance policies?  please oh please deep state, keep threatening him with impeachment and general destruction.  threaten his life and family too.

some great men have greatness thrust upon them.

Deep Snorkeler's picture

Trump, the Antiques Roadshow Presidency

A cabinet of dusty old mummies,

an administration built by a necrophiliac:

old geezers leading Goldman vampires,

backstabbers and pretenders.  Leaks,

conspiracies and creepy bungles.

Exxon Rasputin leads the Khlysty.



Khan Bodin's picture

Trumpo is just a con man. You would think that someone who would say this...

... would at least never have the gall to show himself in front of those republicano voters and ask them to vote for him, but not Trumpo the oligarch-merchant. No. Liberal animals are not bound by any form of honorable or moral behavior, in fact liberal animals deeply despise and detest such behavior.

Onehundredpercentofnuthin...'s picture

As much disdain as I have for Trump, did not vote for him and would never vote for him. But that quote from the link you posted is false, he never said it. There is plenty to criticize the man over. But lets make sure we get it right.

Khan Bodin's picture

That seems like something Trumpo would say. The language is his. Did his political enemies made it up about him you think? Do you think his political enemies have also made him to renegade on every promise he made to his voters before election? Wasn't Trumpo a democrat before he became republian? He seems like a man who changes his persuasions with the direction of the wind: has the morals of a whore. A true liberal. That is someone who would say that. It seems like you are trying to deceive me, Murican. 

Onehundredpercentofnuthin...'s picture

I honestly don't know what the motivation is for it. But it's not true, don't take my word for it. People magazine archives all their stories on their website. Go and see if you can find it and then post the link for it. I've looked and can't find anything that even vaguely resembles what that quote says. So, if you can find it and post it I'll stand corrected.

Onehundredpercentofnuthin...'s picture

Anyone who is still supporting and cheer leading for political parties is a fool.


“[The powerful Executive branch]…converts representation into vassalage to the leaders of parties, disciplined, not by the comparatively honourable infliction of the lash, but by the base and wicked sophism, that it is honourable to stick to a party, and treacherous to adhere to conscience.”  [What he’s talking about is voting for lesser of two evils because you have to choose one party over the other instead of choosing your conscience over betraying your conscience.]  The disciples of this infamous doctrine are forged into tools for ambition and tyranny by praises and rewards, whilst honesty is discouraged by base epithets, as a foil to the varnish with which the decoys are painted, designed to deceive and enslave the multitude.”

~John Taylor of Caroline from  “Inquiry Into The Principles of the Gov’t of the United States.”

Khan Bodin's picture

I was pointing out what kind of character Trumpo is: piece of shit. Oligarchic capitalistic scum. Liberal filth. A merchant who cares for increase in his wealth and has no problem with saying or doing anything in order to do so. Creature without honor. Liberal trash. See where I am going?

Onehundredpercentofnuthin...'s picture

Absolutely! But so was the one before him and the one before that, and the one before that, etc... 

Khan Bodin's picture

Indeed. Obviously you have to remove that loose, immoral, sinful liberal behavior. That's the source of the disease. But it's also the polical democratic system too which is corrupting behavior. I am observing it here. In cummunism custodians (people in charge of the system) have conducted themselves in pretty moral ways, especially compared to "standards" of this day and age. Moral degeneracy and corruption came with democracy and loose liberal behavior it's advocating, promoting and encouraging. And the more time a society spends in such a system, the worse it gets. The best would be to get rid of both. As a cure for moral degeneracy, you need to get back to religion and the moral standards of behavior confined there, but luckily political system's problem is much easier to solve as it's just a form of social organization, and a rough one, that can be changed overnight. 

mc888's picture

Moral degeneracy and corruption came with democracy and loose liberal behavior it's advocating, promoting and encouraging

Moral degeneracy and corruption were rampant in Europe and China well before the advent of democracy.

You're obviously way too dumb to be a professional troll. You praise jihadism, advocate fundamentalism, denounce democracy, and spew morality diarrhea. Yet you have a Horus hawk on your flag, which is a hypocritical contradiction of your positions. So what's your point? Or are you genuinely ignorant?

Khan Bodin's picture

They can exist anywhere where its existence is allowed, you western liberal imbecile! Even if it's not allowed, but that's like claiming that a person who steals a chew gum in a store is the same criminal as a thief who steals billions in some economic crime (like Madoff for example). Obviously it's not comparable. One is systemic and enormous in size, and the other one is sporadic and minor in size. Anyway, only liberal western democracy broadly and commonly advocates and encourages its existence. It does it systemically. It´s a systemic corruption. And moral degeneracy was not "rampant" either in Europe or in China ever! Europe had its moral woes, but never were they rampant, they were always isolated and local, and never long in existence: they were always short-lived just like this liberal one of yours will be. This rampant moral degeneracy only came in the last 30 years or so. Even before the last 30 years moral degeneracy was not rampant even in your degenerate west, you Murican moron. Possible because there was communism to balance it, possibly those older people who were still alive were more religious and thus balancing libtardism. Communism was wastly superior moral system compared to democracy. You cannnot even compare moral corruption in communism and democracy. Communism had its economic malady or ailment, since it couldn't compete with such parasitic exploitative system as capitalistic democracies are. Nobody would work 3 jobs like slaves in communism like they do in your parasitic democracy, Murican moron. Nobody would accept to be economically exploited either by labor or by price of its labor in communism like they freely do it in the manners of greatest imbeciles in democracies. Do you understand that you stupid liberal western slave? That's why capitalistic democracies "won" you stupid piece of shit: because you were such good slaves for your "elite" oligachy, you western imbecile!

mc888's picture

Wow, you just blew away the stupidity scale. Piece of shit Iranian. That explains everything.

Akzed's picture

Communism was wastly superior moral system compared to democracy.

G-u-l-a-g A-r-c-h-i-p-e-l-e-g-o.... U-k-r-a-i-n-i-a-n F-a-m-i-n-e...

I can't wait until Montenegro saves the world.


Is-Be's picture


A merchant who cares for increase in his wealth and has no problem with saying or doing anything in order to do so.

Study Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Who is going to be more desperate to get wealthy? A poor young man or one who is already extremely wealthy and nearing the sunset of his years?

Young men must seize life and old men must let it go.

It is in our interest to hoist upon our shoulders an old, rich,cunning man, and not a young ambitious and ultimately naïve sprig.

Trump is an ideal fit for the job.

Khan Bodin's picture

It's just some shit model, Murican. Maslow and his hierarcies. They were all in his head. But since western public schools system tought you about them, they are in your head now too. ehehehe You are fucked up Murican! ehehehehe In reality they... those hierarcies of needs don't exist. Sociology is not a science, it's a charade. It's as stupid as saying that tigres are peaceful and non-violent beucase you saw some tigres behaving so. Or at lest tamed, "good" ones. But the truth is Murican that some tamed "good" tigres will kill you in an instant if provoked. It all depends... from case to case. All tigres differentiate in their personalities, and personalities of some tamed "good" tigres can be such that will kill you and eat you, because that's the nature of tigres. That's what tigres do, that's what nature made them for. Still some libtardo moron would claim that tigres are this and that because he saw some unnatural behavior for them at some particular time. Best would be to kill libtardos since they are either unnatural or promote unnatural. They pollute and corrupt.

Is-Be's picture

Wow man. Please don't let the side down.

Maslow addresses some very common sense issues, like 3 minutes without oxygen and you die, one month without food etc. There's nothing esoteric about it.

Trump has all his needs met. He is secure. His only motivation now is self-expression. 

My point is that anyone further down the hierarchy would be more vulnerable to greed.

PS. Don't bother trying to play my ego. It doesn't work.

Is-Be's picture

He seems like a man who changes his persuasions with the direction of the wind.

"When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?"