Amid Russia Crisis, Trump Prepares "War Room", "Big White House Changes", Loss Of Twitter

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In lieu of the Friday night "Trump bombshell" deliverable from the NYT-WaPo complex, today it was Reuters' and the Wall Street Journal's turn to lay out the suspenseful weekend reads, previewing major potential upcoming changes to the Trump administration.

First, according to Reuters, Trump's top advisors are preparing to establish a "war room" to combat negative reports and mounting questions about communication between Russia.  Steve Bannon and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, both senior advisors to the president, will be involved in the new messaging effort, which also aims to push Trump's policy agenda and schedule more rallies with supporters. This "most aggressive effort yet" to push back against allegations involving Russia and his presidential campaign, will launch once Trump returns from his overseas trip.

Upon Trump’s return, the administration will add experienced political professionals and possibly more lawyers to handle the Russia probe, which has gained new urgency since the Justice Department appointed a special counsel to head the investigation, the sources said.

On Thursday, NBC News reported that Kushner, who held several meetings with Russian officials following the election, is himself a focus of the probe, making him the first current White House official to be caught up in it, although Kushner, who is Trump's son-in-law, has not been accused of any wrongdoing. On Friday afternoon, the AP quoted Kushner's lawyer that if the FBI wants to talk to Jared Kushner about his Russian contacts, he stands ready to talk to federal investigators as well as Congress about his contacts and his role in Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.

FBI probe aside, Kushner and Bannon will work to step up the White House’s strategic messaging. Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski - who has been seen in the White House recently - is also expected to be part of the messaging operation according to Reuters. Bannon and White House chief of staff Reince Priebus have been laying the groundwork for the messaging operation this week, sources told the news outlet.

“Since the firing of Comey, that really exposed the fact that the White House in its current structure ... is not prepared for really a one-front war, let alone a two-front war,” a person who remains in regular communication with the White House told Reuters. “They need to have a structure in place that allows them to stay focused, [while] also truly fighting back on these attacks and these leaks.”

The "war room" is just one of the steps Trump and his advisers plan to take to respond to the probe into Russia's attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election. Trump reportedly hired Marc Kasowitz as his personal attorney earlier this week to represent him and guide him through the Russia investigations following the appointment of former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee the Russia investigation. The president and his team are putting together a legal team of prominent lawyers who can help him best proceed through the questions surrounding whether his campaign colluded with Moscow.

Quoted by Reuters, Christopher Ruddy, chief executive of Newsmax Media and a Trump friend, said he expects the president will travel more when he returns from overseas and encouraged the White House to focus on issues that pump up his base voters. “From my perspective, I think the president should be doing the stuff that he does best, which is talking about his agenda: jobs, trade and security,” Ruddy said.

Republicans in Congress are aching for Trump to leave the distraction of the Russia probe aside and focus on legislation and nominating officials to fill the hundreds of vacant slots across the administration. “What we really want to be able to do is tend to our business,” Mike Rounds, a Republican Senator from South Dakota, told Reuters. "We've got a healthcare bill we're working on. We've got tax reform that we think is important.”

Earlier on Friday, former House Speaker John Boehner said that Trump's time in office has been a "complete disaster" aside from foreign affairs. Boehner told an energy conference he supported efforts to "get to the bottom" of any potential interactions between Trump associates and the Russian government but described any calls to impeach Trump as the purview of "the crazy left-wing Democratic colleagues of mine."

* * *

Second, in a separate but similar report from the WSJ, the paper writes that Trump is "actively discussing major changes" in the White House, including a shakeup of his senior team, after spending much of his free time during his overseas trip weighing the Russia investigation and the political crisis it poses for him. A flurry of meetings devoted to White House operations are scheduled for next week, officials said, and sparks are expected to fly.

While this isn't the first time a major shake up around Trump was announced as imminent, recalls Axios reporting two weeks ago that an "angry" Trump was planning a huge reboot, and that Priebus, Bannon and Spicer could be fired, this time the urgency is far greater, and the WSJ reports that other revisions on the table include a new filter of the president’s social-media habit and fewer scheduled press briefings, officials and allies said. The anticipated moves are the latest sign of how the investigation into Russia’s interference in last year’s election, and the circumstances of the president’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, is defining the new administration. “Everything is in play,” one Trump adviser said.

The biggest change may be that Trump is about to lose his twitter privileges for good:

One major change under consideration would vet the president’s social media posts through a team of lawyers, who would decide if any needed to be adjusted or curtailed. The idea, said one of Mr. Trump’s advisers, is to create a system so that tweets “don’t go from the president’s mind out to the universe.”


Some of Mr. Trump’s tweets—from hinting that he may have taped conversations with Mr. Comey to suggesting without any evidence that former President Barack Obama wire-tapped Trump Tower—have opened him to criticism and at times confounded his communications team.


Trump aides have long attempted to rein in his tweeting, and some saw any type of legal vetting as difficult to implement. “I would be shocked if he would agree to that,” said Barry Bennett, a former Trump campaign aide.

It also appears that Sean Spicer is on his way out:

Other changes under discussion include removing communications director Mike Dubke and installing Sarah Sanders as the main spokesman instead of Mr. Spicer. Another consideration is scaling back on daily press briefings.


Mr. Spicer, one of the only practicing Catholics among Mr. Trump’s senior staff, was a last-minute scratch from the president’s meeting with Pope Francis this week, a move that shocked some senior administration officials.


Mr. Spicer and Ms. Sanders didn’t respond to further questions on any coming changes.

In a a contradiction from the Reuters report, the WSJ notes that neither Bannon nor Kushner themselves are safe.

Mr. Trump consulted Mr. Kushner on the firing of Mr. Comey, officials say. Mr. Bannon opposed the move and was absent from the inner circle who advised the president on the move. Mr. Bannon’s critics say they suspect him of leaking to the press and regard him as too much of a firebrand to massage the president’s agenda through Washington’s traditional processes. Mr. Kushner’s detractors in the West Wing refer to him as the “young princeling.”

But most interesting is the alleged emerging tension between Trump and his Goldman advisors: "Some Trump advisers have also questioned the judgment of communications officials, citing as an example the rollout of a tax-plan outline in April that featured Goldman Sachs alumnae Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, and Gary Cohn, the National Economic Council director.

“The left is automatically going to say the tax plan is tailored to the rich and to Wall Street. And we just gave them an image of the rich and of Wall Street,” one Trump former campaign official said.

In an amusing tangent, the WSJ also points out that Trump’s return to Washington will mark the end of a period which, White House staffers said, "brought some relief from the hectic pace of the news surrounding the administration and the Russia investigation. Some noted that it gave them a rare time to eat dinner at home."

* * *

While it could be just another red herring, it is likely that Trump's return may unleash the political chaos that dominated the news cycle for most of May. Alternatively, if Trump is serious about overhauling his communication strategy, his inner circle of advisors - especially those originating from Goldman, as well as cracking down on non-stop leaks, then there just is some hope that the relentless news bombardment may fade, if only for a few summer weeks. One can always hope, even if the odds are stacked very much against.

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ebear's picture

"Declare a pro Russia policy"

I've been unabashedly pro-Russian for some time now - even learning the language.  Irony is, I probably wouldn't be so if it hadn't been for all the bashing. (unintended consequences again)

I look at it this way.  People who buy into the narrative without doing their own homework are mostly unreachable anyway.  They aren't about to effect any serious change - not through the ballot, and certainly not directly.  Those who do look into things - that have a natural sense of curiosity and don't like being lied to - well, this is just grist for their mill.

I'm nobody special, so I have to assume there's a lot of people like me who today know far more about Russia than they ever thought possible, thanks again to the endless barrage of transparent nonsense arriving daily from every corner of the western media.  In that sort of environment, any thinking person will try and get at the truth of the matter, and it sure ain't what we're being told.

Here's some more irony.  Instead of making America great again, all this is doing is helping make Russia great... again.  Sanctions, while slowing things down in the short run, simply drive Russians to be more self-sufficient, and they have massive resources to draw on in that regard.

It's really kind of stupid, if your goal is world domination.  I mean, sure, it can work on a place like North Korea or maybe Iran, but Russia?  You gotta be out of your  Seriously, I've taken a hard look at the Russian character, and trust me, they are tough as nails.  You will not, nor will you ever, defeat Russia.  Why would you want to anyway?  In every regard they are like us: honest, decent, family loving people who care for their friends and community.  What's not to like about that? 

I could go on all night, but let me just share some of the fun stuff I've found on Youtube.  All of it's musical, as I am too.  The first thing I look at when investigating a foreign culture is their music.  People's songs tell you a great deal about who they are and what they believe in.  You don't need a translation for most of it - that's another great thing about music - it speaks from the heart, and can reach across boundaries such as language, culture, religion and politics.  If you do want to know what they're singing about, well, there's google translate.  Works like a charm (more or less).

OK, here we go.

First up, some girls who just wanna have fun - Russian style.

Nice, right?  Russians love to sing.

Now here's what happens when you take a folk song like that, and turn it into a pop hit:

Song's called Not Born Beautiful, but Happy. The self-parody is strong in this one. Russians know how to laugh at themselves.  I like that.

Here's a popular singer with a popular rapper in a remote part of Siberia.

Totally gangsta, right?  Any further North and you'd be headed South.

This one I really like.  No comment.  It speaks for itself.

On a darker note, this one's from Belarus.  Band's called Silver Wedding.  Very popular in Russia.

Darker still, this time with my favorite singer, Daria Stavrovich.

OK, enough of the dark side:  Girl group!

And a techno-pop singer who likes kids!

and another pop singer whose young public adores her:

and a flash mob!

(did I mention Russians like to sing?)

Last but not least.... (yeah, that's her)




darkstar7646's picture

I don't know which is scarier:  The fact we have a 4 year old as Piece of the Ultimate Shit, or that, given his supporters here on ZH, he may be the adult in the room at 4!

man of Wool's picture

A lot of his supporters forget he has turned his back on them. He's turned 180 on a lot of issues recently, contradicting his election campaign and yet they still support him. 

Is-Be's picture

I don't know which is scarier:  The fact we have a 4 year old as Piece of the Ultimate Shit, or that, given his supporters here on ZH, he may be the adult in the room at 4!

Cute. But content free

nevertheless's picture

They seem like they are going to keep playing this Russian thing for all the distraction is can bring. 


It's a great idea, I mean, the dems will play their role of "investigating Trump and the Russians, while the idiot dem voters learn to hate Russia, exactly what our Zionist masters desire. 


You know its a distraction because no one will ever be convicted of anything, nor shall anyone go to jail. Just some obligatory resignations and retirements...


Trump is just playing his role, just like the dems. 


apocalypticbrother's picture

What a load of shit this article is. Lefty nonsense masquerading as an insightful article. When does Trump start kicking ass. And when does this site lose these stupid pop ups? I am almost done with zero hedge. This site has gone way down hill. Commies are running ZH iron seems...

oldguyonBMXbike's picture

If Trump lets them censor his Tweets he's a big old flapping pussy.

Small Government Is Better's picture

The way to peace for the Trump Administration is to put some Demoncrats where they belong:  PRISON.

That sends the message loud and clear that illicit behavior, including mishandling of emails and classified docs, will be prosecuted.

I would love to see Hil-LIAR-y is an orange coverall looking out through the bars of a prison cell.  That is the "right office" for her.


jeff montanye's picture

you are totally right. those rino zionists in congress just don't want anyone scewing up the gravy train and the mutually assured protection racket they have going.

the country is not repeat not waiting for some republican version of obama care.

obama care is the republican version of health care.  and it will not stop "the resistance" either. nor will some big tax cuts for the rich and the corporations.

put the guilty in jail.  that is what the people want and what will cut the legs and guts out of "the resistance".

who killed seth rich?

whatamaroon's picture

I hope zeropoint, real_fly or the Tylers are watching the OANN special 'The mysterious death of Seth Rich' it's a dozy and ties alot together. Going all the way up to obama.

Old Pecksniff's picture

If there is a shake up of senior staff, it had better be Jared Kushner.

quax's picture

A simple commitment to Article 5 of the NATO treaty would have helped Trump to dispell the notion that he is in the Russians' pocket. This was a no-brainer commitment for every president since Truman, yet Trump can't bring himself to say it? WTF?

joeyman9's picture

Artilce 5 is one of those things that brings us into war to defend, say, Estonia.  You think that'd be a wise thing?

quax's picture

There was a time when Americans understood deterrence, defended the right of other free countries, and weren't Chamberlains at heart.



Sages wife's picture

Trojan horse? 4.5 mths in. Obama lasted longer.

GestaltNine's picture

More from the NothingBurger Grill 

dexter_morgan's picture

We get bullshit fake news shit like this article, while real news is buried.ZH is like Fox, accelerating down hill rapidly

ZH - losers

IndyPat's picture


Another Hedger pointed me at Circa.

Those cats are firing on all fuckin cylinders. Tyler needs to quit phoning it in.

dexter_morgan's picture

This guy is in charge of DNC youth outreach for fucks sake?

Not worth a mention? Maybe he's in the whole pedo ring and squeals like a pig. More likely is suicided.

IndyPat's picture

Exactly what I was thinking. Pizza! Pizza! That kid is gonna sing to get a deal.
He's gonna be ice cream in prison. He either goes for the plea bargain or he gets his bunger resized. Or he gets nailgunned.

Sick fucker is in a tight spot.

dexter_morgan's picture

Yeah, I'm guessing suicided. Can't let him squeal.

Is-Be's picture

I don't trust those paedo files. They are to easy to plant on someone's computer.

NSA has the tools. I read the name of the software some time ago. Find put who this guy has offended. 

debunker's picture

karma's a bitch...

Sigh.'s picture


The only thing's gonna fix DC is pitchforks. But we've known that for a long time, haven't we?

frontierland's picture


We need Industrial Fucking Gas Chambers!

Betrayed's picture

Now that there coming after precious Zionist piece of crap son in law. Flipper's gonna get off his ass. This SOB is quite the work after going against those who supported him on the stump. What happened to draining the swamp? And Mexico will pay for the wall and on and on. Only the Brawndo drinkers can still support this shit.

squid's picture

Just read on drudge....

Brashinski is dead...


Thank Christ for that, ITS ABOUT TIME.


Now if that jew cunt Soros could just take Zbigniew's example, the world would have a perfect weekend.



squid's picture

Just read on drudge....

Brashinski is dead...


Thank Christ for that, ITS ABOUT TIME.


Now if that jew cunt Soros could just take Zbigniew's example, the world would have a perfect weekend.



Genby's picture

Rot in Hell, crazy Zbig!

squid's picture

Yes, it was mentioned some weeks back in the forums.



IndyPat's picture

The FBI’s Miami office said it was aware of Whisenant’s death but not involved in the investigation

Great. One supposes they are too busy looking for russkis.
Trump just needs to shut the FBI down completely.

quasi_verbatim's picture

A Day in the Life of the swamp-shitting Cornpone Empire.

Go Trump.


Free Man's picture

Still waiting for proof of Trump / Russia collusion.

It's panic time for the Limousine Left.
The fact that all their claims about Trump are now being exposed as lies has them in desperation mode.

'Since they lied, they must continue to lie'.

Guests Remind NBC, CNN: Obama Gave Classified Intel to Russia

Feinstein: I Haven’t Seen Any Evidence of Collusion Between Trump Campaign and Russians

Harvard Study: Two Thirds Of Americans Believe Mainstream Media Is ‘Fake News’

Pollygotacracker's picture

Alan Dershowitz has also stated that the Russian story is phony.

Grandad Grumps's picture

I think that the honest tweets have been one of the best and most refreshing things about this presidency... although Grandma disagrees. Although, Grandma cannot really point to anything wrong, she does not like words that are not designed specifically for pleasant speech.

BigCumulusClouds's picture

Trump needs to take the bull by the horns and:

1. Investigate and arrest all those in the government now and before responsible for carrying out the 911 attacks, in particular the demolition of the WTC bldgs and the misille attack on the Pentagon.

2. Do the same for Fast and Furious and Sandy Hook and all the other fake shootings fashioned to take away our second amendment rights.

3. Do the same for Hillary and her server/email bullshit.

If he does these things, he will also take down the fake news media since they were complicit in the cover up of 1 and 2. He will then have no more Russia bullshit to put up with.

jomama's picture

This asshole is a spoiled bitch fucking moron. And the idol of many false patriots that have literally nothing to cling to anymore.

quasi_verbatim's picture

All is for the best in the best of all swamp-shitting, shining crap on the hill cornpone empires.

Go Trump.

Fake Trump's picture

Melanie is a sex machine to Trump. Google "UTube Trump abusing Melanie". Disgusting. 

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

Yes, Fake, you are disgusting. 

AND, you can't even spell her name right.  Whoever's paying you your $1 per post is gonna want their money back. 

Thom Paine's picture

Trump can burn the Democrats and MSM at the next election very easily - the Truth in public view will destroy them both.

And you just got to look at the extreme defensiveness of the MSM over the Seth Rich assasinatation.

And the attack on Fox news  out of blind fear by the DNC Swamp.

It shows that the Seth Rich assasination is creating massive fear for them.

Immediately DOJ Sessions needs to instigate...

  • Grand Jury into the assasination of Seth Rich. ASAP
  • The leak of documents by Seth Rich to Wikileaks
  • Examination of DNC servers.
  • Did somebody within the DNC order the killing of Seth Rich as an example
PrivetHedge's picture

Trump should start publicising Seth Rich and his murder after the DNC leaks.

He can't stand about getting beaten up forever, he has a weapon, he needs to use it, and the deep state won't even kill him for using it (unlike 9/11), as they can just hang the democrat criminals out to dry and make everyone happy.

shutterbug's picture

WHO will VET the people needed to be vetted, when the VETTERS are the people you can't trust,

because they act political first and only ... instead of working for the people, the government and the president....


Draining a swamp is kindergarten stuff compared to changing the current culture in USA government and it's agencies.

Maybe a few 20/30 or more years in jail sentences will give the base fundamentals... but these never happen...

So goodbye U.S. of A.