Two White Women Forced To Close Burrito Shop Because Of "Cultural Appropriation"

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Authored by Mac Slavo via,

There may not be a single notion among leftists that is more groan inducing than cultural appropriation. These people flip their lids every time someone borrows an idea from another culture. To them you’re a racist if you act, speak, or dress like anyone who isn’t from your tribe, or if you even celebrate their holidays. And of course, it generally only applies to white people, as if they’re going to ruin every culture they touch.

Now this petty belief is ruining reputations and livelihoods. It Portland, Oregon, it forced two successful business owners to close up shop. Kali Wilgus and Liz ‘LC’ Connelly, who are two white women, started a burrito business several months ago called Kooks Burritos. It was an instant hit. Last week they revealed in an interview with a local newspaper, that they had learned some of their recipes during a trip to Mexico.

Explaining their trip, Connelly told the newspaper: ‘I picked the brains of every tortilla lady there in the worst broken Spanish ever, and they showed me a little of what they did.


‘In Puerto Nuevo, you can eat $5 lobster on the beach, which they give you with this bucket of tortillas. They are handmade flour tortillas that are stretchy and a little buttery, and best of all, unlimited.


‘They wouldn’t tell us too much about technique, but we were peeking into the windows of every kitchen, totally fascinated by how easy they made it look. We learned quickly it isn’t quite that easy.’

After the article was published, social media lit up with accusations of cultural appropriation. The outrage snowballed after a writer for the Portland Mercury slammed the two women for cultural appropriation, and “colonizing” recipes from Mexican cuisine.

‘This week in white nonsense, two white women—Kali Wilgus and Liz ‘LC’ Connely—decided it would be cute to open a food truck after a fateful excursion to Mexico,’ the piece opened.


‘The owners of Kooks Burritos all but admitted in an interview with Willamette Week that they colonized this style of food.


‘So let’s recap the story thus far: These two white women went to Mexico, ate tacos, and then decided they would just take what the locals clearly didn’t want to give them.


‘If that wasn’t bad enough, they decided to pack up all their stolen intellectual property and repackage it.’

The business was also eviscerated on Yelp by hyperventilating social justice warriors.




Somehow, I find it quite funny that there’s some sad sack out there, cautiously protecting his precious tortilla recipe from white people, but I digress.

Amid this backlash, the two women have shut down their business, seemingly without comment. Their website, Facebook account, Instagram account, and Twitter profile have all disappeared. And all because they were white people who had the audacity to serve burritos to the public.

Cultural appropriation is a bizarre concept when you think about it. It demands that you treat every culture like an animal in a zoo. You can admire them from afar, but don’t you dare touch.

It’s also a sign of severe cognitive dissonance among leftists. They claim they want everyone in the world to mix and live in peace, but they snap at people who dare to share another culture.

Ironically, it sounds an awful lot like regular old racism. It used to be that liberals fought ideologies that segregated races and cultures. Now these people are fighting for the same thing that racists in the past fought for; which is to maintain the purity of certain races and cultures. And just as it was in the past, this deluded belief is ruining lives.

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4chan is awesome. So is ZH.

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Aww man- they're gonna be pissed when they find my "White Boy Chitlin's" chain of restaurants here in Florida.......

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Bet those chicks were liberals. NOT ANYMORE!


Dizzy Malscience's picture

Every white suburban kid who wears a ball cap on backwards, wears a hoodie or listens to tribal Rap Music  should be crucified on social media.

That goes for Eminem, too.  

Manthong's picture should the recording industry producers and executives who appropriated that "culture" in the first place.

Troll Magnet's picture

Is it appropriate to point out that most of those "execs" and "lawyers" are Juus? Just sayin'.

The "writer" who outed these ladies is aptly named JAGGER BLAEC. I kid you not. Can't make this shit up. LOL

So what I learned today:

Don't quit my job and go on welfare.
Don't do crack.
Don't go break into her house and steal her pair of Air Jordans.
Don't make babies and abandon them.
Don't go shooting up a liquor store to rob $200.

Because that would be cultural appropriation.

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Next they will make a liberal cooking class about it and teach you how to stop whiteness in the kitchen.

That should follow the leftard narrative:

New-York College Offers “Abolition of Whiteness” Course

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New Zero Hedge readers should be aware the comments are largely uncensored. An unfortunate side effect of that are SPAMMERS, many of whom engage in the deceptive practice of creating fake accounts for the purpose of fake dialogs among themselves along with fake upvotes.

The 2 accounts above are examples of this, the purpose is to fool the unsuspecting to click on the link to the dailywesterer site, known to contain malware.  

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Butthurt much snowflake boi ? 

No one puts a gun to your mouse, just browse past or go back to CNN where you belong.

Next you'll start saying "is the Russians", aye?

Lay off the cool aid, is not good for 2 digit IQs.


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I know who belongs at CNN and it ain't chunga.

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Art Van Delay..another alias being used by the same SPAMMER whose site contains malware and tracking tools.


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How about invoking "cultural appropriation" when anyone else than euro-caucasians try to reproduce or use elements of culture and science originating in the Western World/Europe & North America?! Pretty much the whole rest of the world would plunge back in its own, local form of cultural feudalism.

Mr. Universe's picture

Every fucking kitchen in the Bay Area is either staffed with Latinos or Asians. Even the freaking Indian restaurants have Mexican cooks. When I was an apprentice at a fine Continental dinner house in the 80's guess how many white guys in the kitchen? Me, the other apprentice and the Executive chef/owner, and he wasn't there 85% of the time. Everyone else was from Mexico from the dishwashers to the line cooks.


Recipes are not copyrightable and therefore some are protected by their creators. I know one place called me back for my clam chowder recipe after I left, it is that good. NO. This is one of the reasons chefs tend to move around a lot at first, you learn to 'steal with your eyes" as an old German chef once told me. I wonder if this is going to come down on Chipoltle? The PTB hate them for their successand non-GMO all natural stance and as such have been targeted multiple times. The latest being a credit card hack. Next up, load the SJW program and have 100K emails sent out in 10 minutes protesting "cultural appropriation".

Wait What's picture

you are ignorant of how the law works Mr. Universe. Recipes ARE 'patentable'

a 3 second google search outs you as intellectually lazy and disingenous.

Mr. Universe's picture

Gee fuckwad if I wanted to Patent a recipe I guess I could go throught the multi thousand dollar process. That is IF the recipe conveys a new process or is "novel". I don't know of a single chef who has ever patented a recipe. In fact those I've known to go into business with a unique product use Trade Secrets and therefore would not have to divulge information that can lead to copy cats. So go eat McDonalds and die you giant piece of pink slime.


Fuck off Art van. I hope the aLT rIGHT gIRL fists you up the hooptie with that firepower she is rocking out with. 

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cultural appropriation really peeves me, too.

that's why all my coffee is grown in israel.

zev (starbucks founder)


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Worst yet, ZH doesn't add rel="nofollow" to outgoing links (meaning search bots give the sites the links point to legitimacy.) 

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I am shocked by the cultural appropriation exhibited here. The people complaining about the burrito shop had culturally appropriated the email, software, and Internet technology of the white people who developed it. For shame.

mkkby's picture


White people invented electricity, indoor plumbing, computers, phones, automobiles, planes, trains and just about every other invention we call civilization.

Please do not steal my culture.  Live in a cave.  No candles or fire either.

Implied Violins's picture

Even worse, they appropriated the English language to spout their viewpoints.

Kokito's picture

You are an idiot. In the US, the government forces everybody to read & write one single language “English’ If you stop watching TV and look outside yr window, you’ll find out that there are more cultures, languages & ways of communication in this world

Beowulf55's picture

Watch who you are calling an idiot.  Maybe it is best for you to learn something before you write something that really shows you lack of a thought process.

Didn't govt indoctrination school ever teach you the trivium?

Try it sometime and analyze what you just wrote.


And stop calling everyone an idiot and expand your vocabulary.

Kokito's picture

You are a idiot. Most of the innovations in these fields have been developed by foreign institutions, researches and individuals in the US and overseas (Linux, CERN, in EU, in China, in Russia, etc)    

BarkingCat's picture

Yet none of that would exist without electricity. 

StychoKiller's picture

These two womyn should just rename their product "flatbread wraps" and then get back in business!

Bastiat's picture

It's cultural appropriation to eat that food too, I guess.  Almost cannibalism, really.  

zippedydoodah's picture

it's also this bad in the UK.

Chinese people born in Newcastle sell fish and chips. It's disgraceful. Only the Welsh and the Scots should be able to do that. The English never open Chinese restaurants and only the Welsh ever serve Welsh Rarebit.

I think we should bomb the Germans, because it worked last time.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

"Cultural appropriation" is the fabricated decoy term masking indeed one of the globalist's social engineering weapon from the toolkit continouslly designed, developed & used to hurt and destroy the euro-caucasian cultural background.  

Nice Try Lao Che's picture

"Have you evah went over

a friends house to eat

& the food just ain't no good


I mean the macaroni is soggy

the peas are mooshed

& the chicken tastes like wood!"



Creative_Destruct's picture

There's an easy Jiu-Jitsu solution to this that uses one of the SJW's own tools against them: the two women should imply "racially identify " as Hispanic. Problem solved!

...with a nice back-channel "fuck you" to the SJW lamebrains.

Croesus's picture

This is honestly the dumbest thing I've heard in a while -"Cultural appropriation".

Let's face it, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you want to eat the foods enjoyed by other cultures, how is that ANYTHING other than a sign of respect and admiration for that culture?

As an accomplished cook (practically a chef), I prepare food from all over the world. Not because "I'm stealing the culture of others", but because I frickin' like different food, different people, and different cultures.

sleigher's picture

Stop...   Stop making sense.  They will hang you.

Croesus's picture

@ sleigher:

Anyone who is well-travelled knows that food is a universal language. In my travels, I have made a lot of lifelong friends just by preparing foods that "they always wanted to try, but didn't know how to make".

As example, in many European countries, Westerns are a popular film/tv genre, so chili is something a lot of Europeans have never had, and don't know how to make (and chili powder isn't readily available, or at least it didn't use to be).

I wonder if the Libtards that protested these 2 women out of business have heard of Rick Bayless? He's a straight white guy, who's been cooking Mexican for years, so he's already got 3 strikes against him, not counting the "cultural appropriation".

CheapBastard's picture

Croesus, you just culturally appropriated my comment before me.... I was going to say that!


You nawty boy!!

Nice Try Lao Che's picture

For fucks sake! Let's just arrest PAPA JOHN Schnatter while we're at it for stealing pizza recipes.

Creative_Destruct's picture

Crazy logical end to this idiocy: No one can eat at ANY resturaunt, cook any food, or eat any food ANYWHERE that differs from their "cultural identity". ALL restauraunts go out of business, the "culture police" stop everyone from eating anything and the human race starves and dies off.

At this point, with this mass stupidity, for most of these pinheads, maybe that's the best solution...

espirit's picture

Do you like your monkey brains raw, or cooked over a cowshit fire?

Gimme back my fried chicken.

sleigher's picture

Absolutely.  And let's not forget the liberals who say we are supposed to celebrate diversity.  Wouldn't eating foods from different cultures be celebrating their culture and by extension also diversity?  Liberalism really is a mental disease.

Mr. Bones's picture

This is the truth.  I knowingly ordered tripe in rural Italy, when I engaged the cook labour her methods she was initially mortified that I wanted to know how it was made (I suspect because she didn't think I knew what I had eaten).  When I told her that I've had Mexican and Vietnamese tripe and vastly preferred hers we had a great conversation about her methods.

The key to this whole thing is that even knowing her recipe (which was given freely) my tripe wouldn't be Italian, it would be made in the Italian style. These women were making burritos. Any argument that their burritos were "stealing receipts" must come with the belief that having a burrito at this establishment in -fucking portland- would stop someone from traveling abroad and enjoying the definite article, the "real McCoy" in whiskey parlance. This line of thinking is so utterly bassackwards that I'm impressed that people will express it anonymously.


BarkingCat's picture

Doesn't really matter to me.

I don't eat Mexican.

I will reconsider when they do a bit of cultural appropriation and take up personal hygiene. 

greenskeeper carl's picture

Most of the people who run big entertainment companies are Jewish, I believe, so they get a pass.

Funny, the best place to get a burrito near me is a (white) family owned business. Of course I don't live anywhere near Portland, so no one brings shit like this up. The left has literally become a parody of itself.

NewHugh's picture

NTV propagated rap CRAP...

So Close's picture

On this holiday weekend I have been taking a bit of time to ruminate on all the quackery floating around our society in regards to "cultural appropriation", "white privilege", and our "patriarchal society." In response I offer a historical, tour-de-force run down just one thread of technology that impacts EVERYONE that is reading this.

***Benjamin Franklin - Helped establish the connection between lighting and electricity.
***Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and George Westinghouse - Harnessed electricity, promoted DC and AC systems, responsible for the first rollout of modern electrical systems from power stations, transformers, delivery, and in home service.
***John Ambrose Fleming - Invented the vacuum tube
***Charles Babbage - Invented the forerunner of the the computer in his Analytical Engine
***Alan Turing - Invented the first general purpose computer.
***John Bardeen, William Shockley and Walter Brattain - Invented the first working transistor
***Jack Kilby and Roberty Noyce -Invented the first integrated circuit
***Federico Faggin - Invented the first CPU
***Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf - Invented the first data transmission protocols (TCP and IP)
***Road Canion, Jim Harris, Benjamin Rosen, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs - Responsible for the mainstream adoption of PC's. (Compaq Computer, Dell Computers, Apple)
***Al Gore - Invented the internet. <--- Whatever but you get the point.
***Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson - Created the operating systems that make PC/Server operations possible. Window and Unix.
***Sergey Brin and Larry Page - Optimised search when they created Google
***Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes - Created Facebook

I applaud all the effort of folks that want to bitch about cultural appropriation, white privilege, and oppressive patriarchy. In the true spirit of all those folks wanting their cause to remain pure to their roots I just suggest they not appropriate electricity or any network connected computer system to further their cause as EVERY step of progress that allowed that to happen was invented, and or created by.... wait for it... white men. Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend.

Shlomo Scheckelstein's picture

Keep and white just like the checkerbord

Bes's picture

the free market at work.  why are all of you bitching?

they lied about their business got caught.  end of story.

funny how people get all up and arms about shit like this but not a fucking peep about terrorism at home: