Believing The Russian "Hacking" Claim

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Authored by David Swanson via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Government lies are common when seducing a population to support a war, but the Russian “hacking” claims are unusual in that U.S. officials supply no evidence while the “fact” is just assumed,

When the U.S. public was told that Spain had blown up the Maine, or Vietnam had returned fire, or Iraq had stockpiled weapons, or Libya was planning a massacre, the claims were straightforward and disprovable.

CIA Director John Brennan addresses officials at the Agency’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia. (Photo credit: CIA)

Before people began referring to the Gulf of Tonkin incident, somebody had to lie that it had happened, and there had to be an understanding of what had supposedly happened. No investigation into whether anything had happened could have taken as its starting point the certainty that a Vietnamese attack or attacks had happened. And no investigation into whether a Vietnamese attack had happened could have focused its efforts on unrelated matters, such as whether anyone in Vietnam had ever done business with any relatives or colleagues of Robert McNamara.

All of this is otherwise with the idea that the Russian government determined the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. U.S. corporate media reports often claim that Russia did decide the election or tried to do that or wanted to try to do that. But they also often admit to not knowing whether any such thing is the case.

There is no established account, with or without evidence to support it, of exactly what Russia supposedly did. And yet there are countless articles casually referring, as if to established fact to the...

“Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election” (Yahoo).


“Russian attempts to disrupt the election” (New York Times).


“Russian… interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election” (ABC).


“Russian influence over the 2016 presidential election” (The Intercept).


“a multi-pronged investigation to uncover the full extent of Russia’s election-meddling” (Time).


“Russian interference in the US election” (CNN).


“Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election” (American Constitution Society).


“Russian hacking in US Election” (Business Standard).”

“Obama Strikes Back at Russia for Election Hacking” we’re told by the New York Times, but what is “election hacking”? Its definition seems to vary widely. And what evidence is there of Russia having done it?

The “Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections” even exists as a factual event in Wikipedia, not as an allegation or a theory. But the factual nature of it is not so much asserted as brushed aside.

Former CIA Director John Brennan, in the same Congressional testimony in which he took the principled stand “I don’t do evidence,” testified that “the fact that the Russians tried to influence resources and authority and power, and the fact that the Russians tried to influence that election so that the will of the American people was not going to be realized by that election, I find outrageous and something that we need to, with every last ounce of devotion to this country, resist and try to act to prevent further instances of that.” He provided no evidence.

Activists have even planned “demonstrations to call for urgent investigations into Russian interference in the US election.” They declare that “every day we learn more about the role Russian state-led hacking and information warfare played in the 2016 election.” (March for Truth.)

Belief that Russia helped put Trump in the White House is steadily rising in the U.S. public. Anything commonly referred to as fact will gain credibility. People will assume that at some point someone actually established that it was a fact.

Keeping the story in the news without evidence are articles about polling, about the opinions of celebrities, and about all kinds of tangentially related scandals, their investigations, and obstruction thereof. Most of the substance of most of the articles that lead off with reference to the “Russian influence on the election” is about White House officials having some sort of connections to the Russian government, or Russian businesses, or just Russians. It’s as if an investigation of Iraqi WMD claims focused on Blackwater murders or whether Scooter Libby had taken lessons in Arabic, or whether the photo of Saddam Hussein and Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands was taken by an Iraqi.

A general trend away from empirical evidence has been extensively noted and discussed. There is no more public evidence that Seth Rich (a Democratic National Committee staffer who was murdered last year) leaked Democratic emails than there is that the Russian government stole them. Yet both claims have passionate believers.

Still, the claims about Russia are unique in their wide proliferation, broad acceptance, and status as something to be constantly referred to as though already established, constantly augmented by other Russia-related stories that add nothing to the central claim. This phenomenon, in my view, is as dangerous as any lies and fabrications coming out of the racist right.

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john316jr's picture

Oh shit.... that dude won? What are we going to do about this DNC thing?  Gotta get out ahead of it... ring the news, ring the press... push the issue because if you don't some one's going to find the truth and we are all going to go down for this!!!!!! 

noless's picture

Does anyone else remember the Clinton campaign just before the election putting out statements about how it couldn't be rigged? Internet conjecture on the left was immediately reversed, and now I've had to put up with listening to this Russia circlejerk for months, thanks guys!

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MoreFreedom's picture

Consider if the Russians, perhaps about 5 years ago, hacked Clinton's poorly secured email server, and used the emails on it to blackmail Clinton and Obama (who suspiciously sent emails to her using an alias)?

Doesn't that explain everything, including why Obama's Just Us Dept. and his FBI appointees did everything they could to cover it up including giving Clinton's staff immunity while allowing them to destroy evidence?

Why not blame the Russians for her loss? It helps keep that treason covered up.

shovelhead's picture

To: Cankles

From: Brown Clown

General Titus's picture

The excellent One American News channel has a $100,000 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of the contract murder of Wikileaks (patriot)leaker Seth Rich who really is the "Russian Hacker" as Obozo revealed in his last speech as DemocRat Bolshevik Dictator.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

Once upon a time, there was a Man named Boris, & a Woman named Natasha...

New_Meat's picture

and in their strongholds, they certainly influenced the election.  There are precincts in Detroit and Philly where more votes were cast than there are registered voters.  Places in CA with more voters than citizens.  Like Uncle Joe said: "it only matters who counts the votes".  So when Dr. Jill demanded, demanded I say, a recount in the Motor City, all of a sudden it was stopped before the embarrassing facts became widely known.

Those damned racist slave-owning Founding Fathers.  They conspired against Hill-babe and the Russians to steal this election.

Projection much?

Aussiekiwi's picture

A general trend away from empirical evidence has been extensively noted and discussed. There is no more public evidence that Seth Rich (a Democratic National Committee staffer who was murdered last year) leaked Democratic emails than there is that the Russian government stole them. Yet both claims have passionate believers.

Well actually there is evidence that Seth Richs was the DEM leak and not the Russians.

kellys_eye's picture

The article clearly tries to use 'no evidence' to cover 'real evidence' - trying to conflate one unsubstantiated position into a follow-on 'fact' in the hope that the lies told about Russian interference wash over to the Seth Rich subject and people equate one lie as being equal to another lie.

The public won't be fooled by EITHER lie.

There was NO Russian interference and Seth Rich WAS murdered by the Deep State.


jeff montanye's picture

actually that story contains some good stuff from mr. wheeler but his central claim, that he heard seth rich's computer was examined by some government agency and found to contain evidence of dnc emails being sent to wikileaks (hearsay at best) has been denied by both the fbi and the d.c. police.  but it is the way it was denied that blows this case wide open.

see the d.c. police say they examined the computer and the data wasn't there.  we can't do anything with this; we don't have the computer and never will. and as good as many of the minds at zh are, how many are really up to a forensic examination of a computer once it's had the bleachbit and been wiped clean, like with a cloth?

but the fbi, in stunning contrast, did not follow the d.c. police down the so well worn path of claiming they examined the evidence and the deep state wins again.  no, hell no.  they claim never to have even had the computer in their possession!!!!  further, that they have in no way done any kind of investigation of the seth rich murder at all!!!  none, nada.

that folks, is man bites dog news and stamps this whole pile of malarky as an inside job probably featuring the murder of seth rich by the dnc or its minions or minders.

that's why i nicknamed this case "little 9-11".

shovelhead's picture

Why would the FBI investigate a DC Police murder unless help was requested? Seth Rich didn't work for a Federal body. The DNC is basically a private firm.

I'd suggest a close look at the DC Police top management ties to the DNC.

VWAndy's picture


 Seth is the real story.

galant's picture

"A general trend away from empirical evidence has been extensively noted and discussed."

Who needs facts?

 If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. -  Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda, Nazi Germany 1933-45.

New_Meat's picture

Edward Bernays, propaganda minister to Woodrow Wilson. fify

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Notice how no one is apparently really investigating if Assad "gassed his own people." This allegation is a big deal. Did the NYT assign five of its best international reporters to investigating the facts? Is the UN investigating? Are "intelligence" officers who dissent from the official meme being contacted? 

That is, at some point, the truth doesn't matter. Nor does any "search for the truth" seem to take place or get any publicity.

chubbar's picture

In fact the US blocked a Russian demand that an investigation be conducted by a neutral 3rd party. Anyone that really follows this story knows it wasn't Assad. The lies aren't even disguised any longer. The only people they are trying to convince are the people who only watch CNN or MSNBC but those dolts are convinced that Hillary won the election but Russia changed the ballots so there is really no trying to reason with idiots like that.

Bumpo's picture

The big question is, does Trump know the Assad gassing meme is bullshit, or is he really not that well-informed. I hope and pray he is playing 5-D chess and is just pretending in order to buy himself enough time to drain the swamp in the long run.

shovelhead's picture

Hey, maybe Russia did hack the election results.

So where's the proof? We have video of Boris and Natasha stuffing ballot boxes? Chips in Diebold machines with Cyrillic lettering?


Well then...

44magnum's picture

They got most of the world believing the 911 fairy tale, sandy hook wet dream so their egos are pumped. Why bother setting up a false flag any more. Just pick your target and start up the lie machine engines.

jeff montanye's picture

you make a good point.  the handling of the story of the dnc emails hacking announced in july, 2016 has been so lazy and cocksure, they really knew hillary was going to win, that imo they have finally left themselves open to being seen through by even the very wooly eyed sheeple.

do not give up on the sheeple.  we must have at least a goodly number of them to really force mueller into truly investigating this atrocity.

this is our best chance in years to really fuck up the deep state.  let's make the most of it.  nil desperandum, mr. copperfield.

el buitre's picture

Mueller is a total POS.  He was appointed director of the FBI 2 months before 9/11 by Boy Bush with the primary task of covering up the Israeli/neocon inside job.  He eprobably eats babies for breakfast.

GestaltNine's picture

yeah the media in the USA is exposing itself to everyone even the most brain dead lib has got to be questioning what the heck is going on with this Russian garbage, the sheer vapid intensity is such it borders on supernatural 

land_of_the_few's picture

Apparently the Dems are getting survey results back saying *their own supporters* are not the least bit concerned by "Russian" hacking.

indio007's picture

Russia interferes in elections a and people in caves on dialysis organize complicated attacks.

New_Meat's picture

FedGov interferes in elections in IN and GA, and one of those countries, ... er ... two ... er ... lotsa' countries overseas

Grandad Grumps's picture

Russian Hacking = Man Made Global Warming = Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction = Syrian Chemical Weapons = Muslins with Box Cutters = Gulf of Tonkin = a Miracle Bullet ... the list is endless.

indio007's picture

80% is history is fake bullshit.


People have forgotten people could print only with the permission of the PTB.

Printing was punishable by death.

S Spade's picture

90% of REVISIONIST history is bulls!t...watching national geograhic WWII documentary earlier today, until i had to turn it off for all their "editorial" comment / spin.

S Spade's picture

90% of REVISIONIST history is bulls!t...watching national geograhic WWII documentary earlier today, until i had to turn it off for all their "editorial" comment / spin.

Dilluminati's picture

I have sat through about 5 hours of MSFT loading up a VM getting ready to run a SQL SERVER 2016 lab/VM.  I believe nothing except that all tech with the exception of Linux is pretty f0cked up.  

We're getting a soaking out east and I have setup a matricom Q box with Kodi 17.3, and that took a toothpick and allot of time and effort where I was actually considering throwing the thing out.  But as a tip, Comcast is moving to MPG4 from MPG2 which is a more efficient transmitting of data, so old hardware is now running allot smoother.

It's also less quality, so I'm cutting the cord.  Cocksuckers didn't send a letter and small towns meant my town.  Well anyway this means some chopping hacking and such on Matricom.  It also means working with the FireTV, etc.. anything to get Kodi in as I toss back the Comcast hardware.  

But bottom line as I go through the setups and such, different systems, corporate, personal, see whats at work etc.. most of it again with the exception of linux is garbage.

I'm just saying that so much of what I look at is garbage it's pretty safe to say it's all non-secure.  New grabage, old garbage, and still the best distro is Ubuntu.  apt-get update and what Microsoft pushes out is two different things,  Effing around with the tyranny of google play, again that isn't free or secure.  I can't even describe the rolling turd ball of crap Microsoft pushes out and their insane requests, the amount of time to setup a new lab.

So I guess I can conclude by saying it doesn't take a Russian, FSB, CIA, NSA or even someone with a degree or letters behind their name to hack this grabage in an age where people can make a living searching google for the next hello world feature from github.  That's just the truth.  Most software is such garbage, designed to leak information for corporate greed, you really have to blame Microsoft and Google.  

HRH Feant2's picture

Damn, dude, I feel your pain! I have done more than one wipe of my OS and a fresh install. It sucks.

I am looking to cut the cord, too. Found a nice handset that uses Bluetooth so I can have a decent convo using my cellphone without actually holding the damned thing up to my skull! Less than $50 on Amazon.

Comcast sucks and costs too much.

Dilluminati's picture

I guess reading over my comments and the responses is that new tech sucks, is insecure, old tech sucks and is insecure, and no matter how much you spend on MSFT it sucks and is insecure. (most people don't know better) Android is improving an a Linux derivative, but the google store tyrany has me thinking getting as bad as MSFT.  But the point is that no matter where you turn the stuff is plain ass insecure and the probable most secure is Linux, and of all the distros if you remove the services you don't need, printing, etc.. most secure, and if it isn't perfect well you paid nothing!  But most importantly you can control what is shared and communicated with very easy controls.  

What the NSA did in respect to recently disclosed leaks and congressional oversight in respect to their spying or collecting data upon Americans was wrong, but to be honest?  They didn't need to becuase they could buy better data from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and the cell companies.  And guess what? Because these systems collect information that is the basis for leaked information.

Using Linux and Firefox correctly with stadard addons for privacy protects you pretty damn well.  Just saying, and you can update a computer in less than one agonizing "Don't turn off your computer" screens from Microsoft with yet another Net Framework, Browser edge, Microsoft store, Bing.. all that shit we really just don't F0cking need!  It's just F0cking redonkulous, and I'm going to cert 2016 and I look at the courseware and I'm like wtf?  Redmond still shilling mobile data from SQL SERVER, as if nobody got the F0cking message at MSFT that their phones are DEAD!   Or R inside Sql Server, yeah daddy.. I'm going to run some R on SQL SERVER just to buy some more damn licenses... anybody smart enough for R not dumb enough to buy lottsa SQL SERVER.. just f0cking saying the dumb shit, additional shit, that adds really very little value except insecure stuff.

But yeah locked down Ubuntu loads up in about 1/10 the time and more secure.. and that is a fact.


Escapeclaws's picture

Do you know a good VPN that works with Ubuntu that an ordinary, nontech person can use?

Dilluminati's picture

The question again: is how secure is the VPN?  I read an article lately on building your own.


And then this short article describing tails and VPN

And finally an answer for non-techies

It depends on what you want to do.


If there is a specific integration shouldn't be that hard.

But to recap it is about Trust and Man in the middle and that is why some are using AWS because they trust themselves and if AWS get's exploited man-in-the-middle then the whole damn argument for their stock pricing is pooh

Here is an video on how to setup Ubuntu on Virtualbox

Or you can run from LiveCD

I recommend Virtual Machine if you have a modern computer, but the USB route is also viable just slower (not slow operating just slow booting).  and finally when ready to make the plunge dual boot.

Good luck

Finally here is a hardening list

Oh did I forget to mention Ubuntu was free and much more secure than Windows?

Here is gripe I have with Windows, it is all the BS stuff on their exams nobody focking uses, let me give you a prefect example Net Framework exam, there is section after section of material on phones, windows rt, silverlight, and all sorts of other fucking crud that is MARKETING and not technical.  As a MCSD from 2006 I look at the tech stack in Linux and the knowledge that went forward, and it conquered, I look at the Microsoft and they have an active directory going for them, or a directory services that corporations adopted.   So this is for me anyway end of the F0cking line with MSFT, last set of certs

There was a really brilliant guy at work, PHD, and the guy looked at me and said: I'm leaving I'm not going to do the comptia Security + and the any more BS, and the guy had a retirement and was ready to retire and do his hobbies, guy was freaking scary brilliant.. smarter than I.  

I'm looking forward to saying here soon no f0cking mo!  If I were to count there was literally hundreds of MSFT updates, TOTALLY FUCKING RIDICULOUS and after that long ordeal next week eqgrp will release more zero days

So yeah use AWS as your VPN and if you get broken'd it's their fault!  

Good luck

Giant Meteor's picture

Excellent excellent points ...

Not as plugged in tech wise as you seem to be, but understand the hightlights ..

Shit is shit, and it was made with the INTENTION of exploitation. Why I'd say that was it's HIGHER purpose, to exploit .. and now of course that sword cuts both ways.

The level of bullshit, is equal and proportionate to the level of actual shit.

And hell, honesty being at shall we say a premium. folks just can't come out and admit to such things. Why whatever would people think!? So, so many ways, the masses of people, the sea of humanity, has been sold out, and sold down the river.

Funny thing is, aside from those on the government dole payroll (which is an extensive list) lot's of folks will admit to the case, ie; "we been robbed!" and are starting to wake up to the fact ...

But the ramifications as you have laid out, so simople to see, and understand, and yet ...

Well, like I mentioned, they're fightin for THEIR way of life, and THEIR freedumbs ...

Well done ..

Sam.Spade's picture

So project the dots.  Insecurity cuts both ways:  For and against the surviellance state.  For anonymity for those who know how to use it, against for everyone else.

For those with the right tools, there is freedom in the dark spaces of that insecurity.  And a base for rebelion.

Think Everyman Hacker vs The Deep State.

You should really read Thieves Emporium.  It's a primer on where the dots are going delivered using technically-accurate fiction to keep you interested to the last page.  Not nearly as detailed as your post, nor as specific, but explains the broad-brush concepts on both sides of the new internet freedom struggle very well.

The Daily Bell thought it was so good they published it as a serial which you can read for free at

Or you can guy a copy on Amazon (rated 4.6 in 120 reviews), Nook (same rating, fewer reviews), Smashwords (ditto), or iBooks.

Please take a look, I think you will like the book.

HRH Feant2's picture

Excellent book! By they way, what about a follow up book by the author? Any news? I am a fan of series. Impatient, but a fan. Keep us posted!

Sam.Spade's picture

Thank you for your kind comment.

As for a second book, I have built as big a fire as I can under Max, but he seems to have given up on writing.  Sorry, I hope he changes his mind.

Number 9's picture

Russia and the US are brothers in lies. Seriously, we are running the space station together and colonizing mars.

Stud Duck's picture

Ya'all know that if Trump is impeached those FEMA camps are going to be put to use, there is a special section for ZH commenters, a quick little trial with all comments submited as evidence, then the bullet to the back of the head. They have all the old box cars line up with the shackles ready to go. I hear those deep mines are in need of hard labor, for the younger ones.

Number 9's picture

The American big game hunter numbers 15 million and dwarfs many nation's standing armies combined..

The round up could get really messy..


Giant Meteor's picture

At a certain point, like herding cats, once the word gets out ..

HRH Feant2's picture

Thank your for the genteel reminder! Grew up shooting and reloading. Fired Expert. I refuse to be a fucking victim. Ever.

decon's picture

Indeed, where I live people are armed to the teeth with high power rifles and good optics and know how to use them.

Aussiekiwi's picture

With so much hate, you mut be a liberal

sister tika's picture

"Retired fraud investigator/adjuster for insurance companies (32 years) Family farmer, degree in econ and political science 1974.

Lost my farm in the 1980's debacle, returned to the insurance field to raise my kids."

Your above comment makes about as much sense as your personal info does, duck. You're just another blowhard with a big mouth. Lost your farm, huh? I can see why. Maybe you should have paid attention in college, "family farmer".

shovelhead's picture

I already signed up to play in the orchestra for extra gruel.

lester1's picture

"Russia" = DNC email leaker Seth Rich !

The deep state is terrified that investigating Seth's Murder will open up a huge can of worms! The dishonest liberal media will  have lost credibility forever !