Is Bannon Back? Senior Trump Advisers Push Kushner To "Take A Step Back"

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Despite Kelly and McMaster both brushing off Kushner's 'Russian back-channel' story as standard practice for new administrations, increasing controversy surrounding the president's son-in-law have reportedly prompted senior advisers to suggest it's time for Kushner to "take a step back."

After McMaster's comments brushing off the WaPo story as a non-story, DHS' Kelly did the reounds of Sunday political shows this morning confirming Kushner's back-channeling is "both normal and acceptable"...

However, this is just the latest in a series of stories - fake or not - that have surrounded the president's son-in-law and for some senior Trump advisers, enough seems to be enough.

As Axios reports, Jonathan Karl reports on ABC's "This Week" that people "very close to the president" think the Russia investigation's current focus on Jared Kushner means it's time for the president's son-in-law to "take a step back":

"Even if he is ultimately completed cleared, he is at the center of this investigation right now, and you hear people close to the president, quietly saying, is it too much and is it time for Jared to take a step back, maybe even take a leave of absence from the White House."

Why it matters: Some in the White House have long resented Kushner's influence, and now see an opportunity to sideline him. And Kushner allies have been noting that he and Ivanka have made no long-term commitments to the administration. But it's still far from clear that his spot in Trump's inner circle is at risk.

It is no secret that there has been (and continues to be, despite Trump's demands that it stops), a rift between Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon and Trimp son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Trump Bannon

One wonders if the pendulum is swinging back to a more nationalist White House once again as the Kushner-ou narrative contoinues to build.

Additionally, ABC News reports that Family members of President Trump, including his two sons, met for hours Thursday with Republican Party officials to discuss political strategy, ABC News has learned from sources with direct knowledge of the meeting. The president's sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric, in addition to Eric's wife, Lara, attended the meeting at Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C., sources told ABC News.

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zebrasquid's picture

Time for Newt to come on board.

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Croesus's picture

@ Donald Trump:

Get rid of Kushner. I didn't vote for him, and I can't stand that smarmy arrogant face he's got. It's the kind of face that baseball bats love.

Get Bannon back where he belongs, he was way more useful than your dopey son in law.

Nice Try Lao Che's picture

What the fuck was that jew doing in there anyway except for the fact that he wrote the AIPAC speeches so Trump could grab the bits & pieces of kike support that Hillary didn't already have?


I fucking guarantee you that in the middle of all this shitstorm, "sugartits" (Trumps pimped out daughter), just can't take it anymore...


Sugartits, (the newly minted jew princess), thought it was gonna all be a bed of roses... Instead ~ It's been a been of 'cry your eyes out' episodes of Hollywood sound stage Syrian baby massacres, and Trumps electoral base seriously questioning the KIKEness of his regime of Goldmanites & hubbypie, (which all washes up on "sugartits" doorstep)


Suck it up princess ~ This is what you get for marrying a low life kike, lying on your back spread eagle, and popping out kikelet puppies...


Nodody likes you anymore ~ For awhile, you had the Trump base in your corner... Instead, now, bother the left & the base think you're the latest 'trick' to hit Wall St. & "Kike" St... Might as well just move to Tel Aviv which is the only place anybody is gonna buy your products when all is said & done.


Obadiah's picture

Theres my cue


Lets differentiate "Jews"  and those that SAY they are "Jews" but DO LIE


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Here try this video for more info

Nice Try Lao Che's picture

"Lets differentiate "Jews"  and those that SAY they are "Jews" but DO LIE"


No ~ Let's not bother... Why? Because it's all a fucking smokescreen... (a masterful smokescreen, but a smokescreen notwithstanding)... It's been going on for thousands of years... The fucking Talmud itself was written using this smokescreen... So ~ I don't need to know, from you, anything about the separation of Ashkenazis from Ancient Hebrews...


Don't try and waste your time lecturing me on the in's & outs of Ashkenazis... There are about 100 people on this site that know I'll run your ass into the ground (until the next time I get kicked off)...


If I get kicked off again for making this comment, then all you or anyone needs to do is SCREENSHOT this comment (from the other day)... Screenshot it not only for the VALIDITY, but to understand EXACTLY the forum that you think you're expressing your FREE SPEECH on, which, at times, resembles Twitter or Facebook...

Alt Right Girl's picture

That's good news.

Noose is getting tighter around crooks.

Likewise for some Democrat crooks.

Leaked Classified FBI Memo Shows #SethRich had DNC Emails on His Laptop

Chuck-Norris's picture

Kushner needs to take a lot of steps back, maybe Christie can help him as he helped his old man.


Obadiah's picture

Who the fck said anything about the Ashkenazis you arrogant twit.

Straight up they are the OFFSPRING of SATAN, concieved with Eve when she and her hubby were WHOLY SUDDUCED by the "Serpent".  Which btw is just one of his many names

Is that you francis_sawyer?

Seek_Truth's picture

Everyone NEEDS to watch "Marching to Zion" to truly comprehend the "Synagogue of Satan:"

You will NOT be disappointed!

Obadiah's picture

Hey great video history right there, especially the dates I needed that THANKS.  Another puzzle piece locked in.

natashav's picture

I used to like Ivanka.

Now? I can't stand the skanky disgusting lying piece of human garbage and her equally horrible husband.

Watching Jared and Ivanka be burned alive is something I'm enjoying very much.

I pray Jared follows in his father's footsteps and lands himself in a federal prison.

He's such an arrogant piece of shit, he deserves a life of shit.

Nobody elected these two criminals working for Israel.


Popcorn is popping for the show.

Great Deceivah's picture

you're in the wrong comments section buddy..this is not the Huff Post.. 

weburke's picture

Kissinger directs Kushner, and Kushner happily cooperates. 

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Sent them $50.00, Memorial Day is for all animals. 

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Dana asked me to thank you. She has received $100 from ZHers and is very happy! That will allow her to save the lives of 4 more pets.

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I rescued a homeless dog from a shelter. It was the best thing I ever did. His name was Mac. He'd been in that shelter for 5 years. No one wanted him. He turned out to be the best dog. I used to tell him, "mackie, you didn't deserve to go to that shelter". I still miss that good old dog.

Gen. Ripper's picture

Pets. On Memorial Day. Instead of spending time on your knees memorializing the men who gave their life keeping us safe from Germans and Japs.

Here's another great idea - shove a jagged glass shard up your ass.

alphamentalist's picture

Memorial Day has nothing to do with homeless pets... And, to be fair, neither does ZH.

Krungle's picture

Aren't we recognizing the brave soldiers who died defending our right to have pets? Therefore, putting pets on the streets disrespects the soldiers who died to give pets homes. I mean if we're going to take fairy tale holidays, why not continue to embelish the holiday?

IntercoursetheEU's picture

Yes, it's all about homeless pets getting a home, and it IS relevant.

- Steve Bannon

jeff montanye's picture

this memorial day those in d.c. might go by the seth rich memorial bike rack at the dnc and pay their respects.  maybe wear a shirt, bring a stuffed panda.

he is a real american hero and he did die trying to make us free.

Croesus's picture

You 3 (alpha, krungle, & intercourse) are dipshits. Yeah, it was an off-topic post - so what, happens all the time, and everybody here does it.

The guy's trying to help out a friend, who's trying to help animals who don't have entitlement programs or any other 'social safety-net', other than the compassion of humans.

Have a heart.

Soldiers, just like the animals, probably did not have any say in their circumstances.

I sincerely hope that none of you are ever in that situation, but karma's funny like that.

alphamentalist's picture

I am just tired of Memorial Day being hijacked. I was out at the cemetery with the scouts yesterday, ostensibly to place flags on the graves of vets. However, the cemetery owner is a dumbass who just wants to hijack the day to get a field of flags as a marketing ploy. I have no power in this miscarriage, and didn't want to distract from the moment. I did walk the rows looking for omissions. What did I find? Three graves sans flags: a young man killed in Vietnam, a decorated WWII vet, and his spouse, a WWII Army nurse. Meanwhile, all of the surrounding graves were dutifully flagged for the owner's publicity stunt. This pet post is almost the same level of horseshit. Memorial Day is not an opportunity for free advertising for any cause--even a worthy one. And this is ZH. We used to be a thoughtful crowd worried about the big problems. Now our ranks have been infested by the kitten-loving oxygen thieves of HuffPo.

business as stusual's picture

Perhaps if you focused on putting out good postive energy to honor those who have fallen, rather than being manipulated into putting out negative energy, you may find that all those things that are upsetting you are nothing but noise and bullshit. You control how you feel, why feel mad, angry, or whatever, about shit you can't control, and shit that is totally irrelevant

Whoa Dammit's picture

@ Alpha

First off, Memorial Day was hijacked from the Daughters of the Confederacy. It was orginally a day to honor the Confederate dead. Learn some history about the hijacking of this holiday.

Secondly, I sincerely hope you do not drive anywhere near a Brandsmart, Rooms to Go, or other major retailer having a Memorial Day Sale tomorrow, as you might have an apopoleptic fit and never recover.

Thirdly, I have been here a lot longer than you, making much better comments than you, so I'll thank you not to say that I need to be over at HuffPo just for trying to help some animals on a slow news hoilday weekend.

And in closing, I am glad that I do not go through life being as sour and miserable as you.

Mountainview's picture

Let Bannon develop the anti-swamp strategy! and stop infighting!

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Fuck you who don't like pets. I've never met a pet who lied to me or acted like a shit headed liberal. Pass up one double venti iced mocha skim latte with whipped and give a few bucks to save the life of an innocent creature that isn't looking to take what's yours and give it to someone else who doesn't deserve it.

I'm in and so should you.

Croesus's picture

@ ManvsMachine:


I have never met an animal I didn't like (or that didn't like me). Most of the people you meet in life are self-serving con-artists, who are out for themselves, and looking to do you in at the same time.

Before my dogs died, I used to exclusively judge the people I met based on their impressions...and they were never wrong.

Suggested read: "A Big Little Life", by Dean Koontz (the horror writer, but this is nonfiction about his dog - very good story ).

Pork Rind's picture

My pet lied to me. My dog told me he wanted to go outside for a walk, but what he really wanted was to eat my BBQ sandwich. I took him for a walk and gave him some of my sandwich.

greenskeeper carl's picture

No it's not time for newt. I don't care who any adult fucks as long as it's another adult, but I don't trust anyone that claims to be mr Christian family values and keeps getting divorced because he can't keep his dick in his pants.

zebrasquid's picture

What does that have to do with anything? He's not running for Pope.
He would be there to show Trump how to navigate the swamp.

hxc's picture

I used to like him... the guy is a snake in the grass, as others on here have mentioned. Don't trust Newt

j0nx's picture

Trump really needs to learn most Ricky tick that he should dance with the one he brought instead of cozying up to the swamp critters Paul RINO and his pals. He won on nationalism, not RINOism. He also needs to start coming down like a hammer on the moderates instead of the freedom caucus folks. Too many republicans are dancing to their own tune right now instead of the president's. He has got to figure out a way to weed out the rebels from the Republican Party. We have dems already. We don't need RINOs.

Great Deceivah's picture

Newt is a fat piece of human garbage.

zebrasquid's picture

They all are, but he knows how to maneuver around all these pieces of garbage to score a few goals.

gespiri's picture

Not Newt.  Put Ron Paul and Steve Pieczenik in.

zebrasquid's picture

Let's deal in reality...Ron Paul is hawking gold coins or doomsday newsletters these days..hardly battle-ready to take on the Trump enemies. Newt has been here in the swamp trenches and knows how to bust a few winning moves.

gold rubeberg's picture

"One wonders if the pendulum is swinging back to a more nationalist White House once again as the Kushner-ou narrative contoinues to build."

One hopes so. The past few weeks have been disappointing for Trump supporters, watching as the Wall Streeters and globalists that have dominated the last few administrations seem to have been doing the same with this one.

Paul Kersey's picture

Senior Trump Advisers Push Kushner To "Take A Step Back" (off a very high cliff).

wildbad's picture

trump: start kicking ass please

jeff montanye's picture

i have a question.  why is "the Russia investigation's current focus on Jared Kushner" instead of seth rich?  not to be a broken record about this but that is where this horse shit started: 

June 14, 2016 The DNC releases a statement stating they have been hacked. (Washington Post)

June 15, 2016 Crowdstrike (cybersecurity firm) releases reports suggesting the DNC was hacked by Russians (Crowdstrike)

June 15, 2016 Guccifer 2.0 publishes first DNC email documents and claims he has sent them to Wikileaks. Guccifer insists he is not Russian. (Guccifer 2.0 blog)

June 16, 2016 Vice publishes article titled "'Guccifer 2.0' Is Likely a Russian Government Attempt to Cover Up Its Own Hack." Other media outlets follow suit calling Guccifer a Russian government job (Vice)

July 10, 2016   Seth Rich is murdered    (seth rich memorial bike rack at dnc)

July 22, 2016 Wikileaks releases the DNC email documents (Wikileaks)

July 27, 2016 Trump makes infamous "Russia: If you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing" joke that starts allegations of Russian collusion

see?  starts allegations.  that's where it started.  

check this out for a very cogent analysis of the guccifer 2.0 header data that shows it to be far more likely a dnc false flag than a russian intelligence job:


FoggyWorld's picture

The FBI seems to be unaware that Seth Rich was murdered on July 10th, 2016 - and not for his belongings which were all found on his body.

The FBI has an agenda that isn't interested in what the American people are.    Much more housecleaning needed there.


ps - One America News has again this afternoon shown it's most recent installment on the Mystery of the Death of Seth Rich.  They are not giving up!

mc888's picture

seems to indicate Guccifer 2.0 was a PLANT.

also note:

July 26, 2016 Obama issues Presidential Policy Directive 41 — United States Cyber Incident Coordination.” Presidential Memoranda. The United States Government, 26 July 2016. <

from the Yale Journal -

Government Organization to a Cyber Attack

In 2016, under the mandate of Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) 41 – United States Cyber Incident Coordination, the White House released the definition of a significant cyber attack as something “likely to result in demonstrable harm to national security interests, foreign relations, the domestic and global economy, public confidence, civil liberties, or public health and the safety of the American people”.


U.S. Strategic Responses


In acknowledgement of NATO’s classification of cyberspace as the fifth operational domain, it is likely that if the United States attributed a significant cyber incident on its soil to Russia, it would respond in an aggressive cyber manner. Although it is also possible that the United States would respond with purely conventional military operations