Who Accepts Bitcoins As Payment? List Of Companies, Stores, Shops...

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Submitted by Jonas Chokun via 99Bitcoins.com,

Who accept bitcoins as payment? Bitcoins are taking over the crypto-currency marketplace. They’re the largest and most well-known digital currency. Many large companies are accepting bitcoins as a legitimate source of funds. They allow their online products to be bought with bitcoins. With the extreme facilitation of transfer and earning of bitcoins, it would be a mistake not to accept these new-found online coins as cash. With a fluctuating value, the funds can either help or hurt the company. This fluctuation of inflation can be a boon to business, unless the market is valuing the coins insanely high, sometimes reaching 1000$! So really who accepts bitcoins?

List of Companies Who Accepts Bitcoins as Payment!

Many companies are accepting bitcoins, many are not. Here is a list of the biggest (and smaller) names who accepts bitcoins as a currency.

  • WordPress.com – An online company that allows user to create free blogs
  • Overstock.com – A company that sells big ticket items at lower prices due to overstocking
  • Subway – Eat fresh
  • Microsoft – Users can buy content with Bitcoin on Xbox and Windows store
  • Reddit – You can buy premium features there with bitcoins
  • Virgin Galactic – Richard Branson company that includes Virgin Mobile and Virgin Airline
  • OkCupid – Online dating site
  • Tigerdirect – Major electronic online retailer
  • Namecheap – Domain name registrar
  • CheapAir.com – Travel booking site for airline tickets, car rentals, hotels
  • Expedia.com – Online travel booking agency
  • Gyft – Buy giftcards using Bitcoin
  • Newegg.com – Online electronics retailer now uses bitpay to accept bitcoin as payment
  • Dell – American privately owned multinational computer technology company
  •  Wikipedia –  The Free Encyclopedia with 4 570 000+ article
  • Steam – Desktop gaming platform
  • Alza – Largest Czech online retailer
  • The Internet Archive – web documatation company
  • Bitcoin.Travel – a travel site that provides accommodation, apartments, attractions, bars, and beauty salons around the world
  • Pembury Tavern – A pub in London, England
  •  Old Fitzroy – A pub in Sydney, Australia
  • The Pink Cow – A diner in Tokyo, Japan
  • The Pirate Bay – BitTorrent directories
  • Zynga – Mobile gaming
  • 4Chan.org – For premium services
  • EZTV – Torrents TV shows provider
  • Mega.co.nz – The new venture started by the former owner of MegaUpload Kim Dotcom
  • Lumfile – Free cloud base file server – pay for premium services
  • Etsy Vendors – 93 of them
  • PizzaForCoins.com – Domino’s Pizza signed up – pay for their pizza with bitcons
  • Whole Foods – Organic food store (by purchasing gift card from Gyft)
  • Bitcoincoffee.com – Buy your favorite coffee online
  • Grass Hill Alpacas – A local farm in Haydenville, MA
  • Jeffersons Store – A street wear clothing store in Bergenfield, N.J
  • Helen’s Pizza – Jersey City, N.J., you can get a slice  of pizza for 0.00339 bitcoin by pointing your phone at a sign next to the cash register
  • A Class Limousine – Pick you up and drop you off at Newark (N.J.) Airport
  • Seoclerks.com – Get SEO work done on your site cheap
  • Mint.com – Mint pulls all your financial accounts into one place. Set a budget, track your goals and do more
  • Fancy.com – Discover amazing stuff, collect the things you love, buy it all in one place (Source: Fancy)
  • Bloomberg.com – Online newspaper
  • Humblebundle.com – Indie game site
  • BigFishGames.com – Games for PC, Mac and Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows)
  • Suntimes.com – Chicago based online newspaper
  • San Jose Earthquakes – San Jose California Professional Soccer Team (MLS)
  • Square – Payment processor that help small businesses accept credit cards using iPhone, Android or iPad
  • Crowdtilt.com – The fastest and easiest way to pool funds with family and friends (Source: crowdtilt)
  • Lumfile – Server company that offers free cloud-based servers
  • Museum of the Coastal Bend – 2200 East Red River Street, Victoria, Texas 77901, USA
  • Gap, GameStop and JC Penney – have to use eGifter.com
  • Etsy Vendors – Original art and Jewelry creations
  • Fight for the Future – Leading organization finding for Internet freedom
  • i-Pmart (ipmart.com.my) – A Malaysian online mobile phone and electronic parts retailer
  • curryupnow.com – A total of 12 restaurants on the list of restaurants accept bitcoins in San Francisco Bay Area
  • Dish Network – An American direct-broadcast satellite service provider
  • The Libertarian Party – United States political party
  • Yacht-base.com – Croatian yacht charter company
  • Euro Pacific – A major precious metal dealer
  • CEX – The trade-in chain has a shop in Glasgow, Scotland that accepts bitcoin
  • Straub Auto Repairs – 477 Warburton Ave, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706 – (914) 478-1177
  • PSP Mollie – Dutch Payment Service
  • Intuit – an American software company that develops financial and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants and individuals.
  • ShopJoy – An Australian online retailer that sells novelty and unique gifts
  • Lv.net – Las Vegas high speed internet services
  • ExpressVPN.com – High speed, ultra secure VPN network
  • Grooveshark – Online music streaming service based in the United States
  • Braintree – Well known payments processor
  • MIT Coop Store – Massachusetts Institute of Technology student bookstore
  • SimplePay – Nigeria’s most popular web and mobile-based wallet service
  • SFU bookstore – Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada
  • State Republican Party – First State Republican Party to accept bitcoin donations (http://www.lagop.com/bitcoin-donate)
  • mspinc.com – Respiratory medical equipment supplies store
  • Shopify.com – An online store that allows anyone to sell their products
  • Famsa – Mexico’s biggest retailer
  • Naughty America – Adult entertainment provider
  • Mexico’s Universidad de las Américas Puebla – A major university in Mexico
  • LOT Polish Airlines – A worldwide airline based in Poland
  • MovieTickets.com – Online movie ticket exchange/retailer
  • Dream Lover – Online relationship service
  • Lionsgate Films – The production studio behind titles such as The Hunger Games and The Day After Tomorrow
  • Rakutan – A Japanese e-commerce giant
  • Badoo – Online dating network
  • RE/MAX London – UK-based franchisee of the global real estate network
  • T-Mobile Poland – T-Mobile’s Poland-based mobile phone top-up company
  • Stripe – San Francisco-based payments company
  • WebJet – Online travel agency
  • Green Man Gaming – Popular digital game reseller
  • Save the Children  – Global charity organization
  • NCR Silver – Point of sales systems
  • One Shot Hotels – Spanish hotel chain
  • Coupa Café in Palo Alto
  • PureVPN – VPN provider
  • That’s my face – create action figures
  • Foodler – North American restaurant delivery company
  • Amagi Metals – Precious metal furnisher

Note: More who accepts bitcoins companies, stores, merchants will be added as they’re announced!

With many companies accepting the change and others getting ready to, bitcoins are an extremely fast-spreading currency. Small businesses aren’t missing out on the action; many small shops have made the switch as well. QR codes are the biggest help in real-world bitcoin transfers. Using a smartphone and a Bitcoin wallet app, a user scans a label and presses a small buttoned aptly named “spend.” The list above is a current list of who accepts bitcoins. We’ll keep adding to this list as more companies get on board!

Transferring digital funds is becoming easier with the day by the use of growing technology. Smartphones and tablets make a cold, online transfer of money a more personal one. Many retail stores carry gift cards that can be bought with paper money. You plug a code into an online wallet, and the funds will be transferred to you.

Though not all companies have made the switch, most have taken notice of the quick trend. The New York Times, a newspaper company, is currently looking for third party affiliates to help host the bitcoin currency. This is just a small example, there is no doubt many more companies are making the switch.

Even newly legal pot shops in Washington are beginning to back the bitcoin as a viable currency. Some companies have lingering doubt, due to the infancy of the market. Only introduced 5 years ago, Bitcoin is still growing. Without a government backing the cash, the value fluctuates rapidly. Though some companies have taken the risk, some still doubt the currency.

Additional SMBs that accept Bitcoin can be found here.

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Fester's picture

Amazon does if you use Purse.com


Need some gold or silver?  Try APMEX

idontcare's picture

2d the Apmex rec.   Good deals on silver & platinum.  Gold, not so often, but still better than most other outfits.

ZeroGold's picture

Sure they take it, but also turn it into paper money in the same instant they get it.

NoWayJose's picture

Correct! It is little more than a 'debit card' to your BitCoin account - except it takes longer and the transaction fees are higher!

Exponere Mendaces's picture

Public Service Annoncement for all the (g)oldtards:

Gold $1,266

Bitcoin $2,122

Places that accept gold as payment:

(no, your gov't registered coin dealer doesn't count)



But keep telling us how you believe a totally ring-fenced and government captured market is going to go "way higher" some day. You guys are total loons.

GeezerGeek's picture

I thought that one state now accepts gold. Perhaps more do, and more will.

And while I don't have anything to sell, I do accept donations in gold and silver as well as BTC and ETH.

Croesus's picture

It's a stupid comparison.

I bought Gold/Silver at $250-400/4.00-8.00, as INSURANCE against central bank malfeasance. Most of the "retail PM investors" are, like most other "investors", just looking for a return, with no understanding of what they're buying and why.

Bitcoin has done very well, but its volatility make it wholly impractical for anything outside of speculation.

Japanese accepting Bitcoin is a no-brainer; they're tech addicts, but even the least well-educated among them, will have a hard time dealing with major intraday swings.

I'm happy for the BTC guys that did well with it, but stop with the apples:oranges comparison.

Not posting this for argument's sake, just for other perspectives:


Governments, worldwide, for decades, have sought to centralize control over the world, its resources, and its people, on behalf of their masters (corporations and banks). Do you honestly think they'll allow one of their key control systems to be completely undermined?

AE911Truth's picture

Ethereum and Ripple are the Big Bank response to the Bitcoin threat. 
Ethereum and Ripple advocates have not figured that out yet. They will....after it's too late.

Utopia Planitia's picture

Good luck to you when the power goes out!  I.e., NK EMP, Sun CME, etc. etc. etc.  No, I am not a goldtard.  I own none.  But the many risks of using (S)hitKoin are vastly understated.  It all works as long as everything is Perfect.

Bill of Rights's picture

Not sure why the thumbs down... it's the fucken truth...

Bay of Pigs's picture

He gets a thumbs down for many reasons. Mainly because he's a prick and a total fucking numbskull on gold.

Curiously_Crazy's picture

You've been here over 6 years.

I bet you were saying the same thing when they were $9. How's that been working out for you?

welostyourgold's picture

uh-uh-uh, not so fast...My Gun store takes gold... 

H H Henry P P P Paulson's picture

Backed by the full faith and credit of Compaq computers.

jfb's picture

I would be surprised if any of these display a static price in bitcoin. Too volatile to be money, they give a constant price in dollars and recalculate automatically in bitcoins every day. I haven't anything against btcs, it's one way to store your wealth, but it will never be the backbone of a universal money. Already DASH is superior and many others will follow, no doubt.

Ms No's picture

You get a free raping when you purchase your airline ticket with Bitcoin.

Collectivism Killz's picture

JM Bullion - that is all you need to know

Oh, and overstock is nice when you have a big rise and want to treat yourself to a Breitling or something fun

ogretown's picture

I knew you could *easily* use buttcoin to buy gold as many of the more colorful street denizens are doing just that - by the handful.  I did not know about Gyft - but that was just lazy thinking on my part as many of the black marketeers and their doxie's are running around with stacks of gift cards wrapped in elastic bands  Forin their glitzy purses and man bags.   I guess the system cannot be too bent out of shape as at least some of the VAT is trickling into the states coffers. Me, I intend to remain old-school as I find I can buy most things I want...and all things I need using junk silver and gold coins. 

zagzigga's picture

Bitcoin seems like a well co-ordinated psy op. Without TPTB covertly and overtly backing it, it wouldn't have come this far. It ain't going away anywhere ,that's for sure. Buying a coin or two and just holding onto it for 5 years+ seems like a good idea. I personally think it is silly to bid up something that  isn't tangible  and not backed by anything but it doesn't matter what I think. I myself don't own any but at some point I might dip in my toes. I own several gold miners, btw. By now it is safe to say gold has had its clock cleaned by BTC.

VWAndy's picture

 I dont take it. What else you got?

I_rikey_lice's picture

now show us a list of all the companies that accept credit cards. LOL

99.9% of all law abiding citizens will never have a want or need to buy or use any cryptos.

Cryptos are for speculators and criminals.

Sudden Debt's picture

That's a fucking small list!!!

And most are from websites that make your virusscanner go haywire :)


For something that gets so much publicity, the use is pretty weak. I still haven't found a story that accepted it. And by a store I mean a store that sells stuff people need.


It is pretty clear that bitcoin is and will alway be very alternative and as long as it can't break those chains it's destiny is doomed.

indygo55's picture

Overstock if fine. I've bought my new office chair, a humidor, tons of gifts for family, a phone for a friend, belts, etc. Works perfectly. The easiest way to buy I've ever seen. 

Concertedmaniac's picture

grass, cash or ass only

Cordeezy's picture

Bitcoin is growing but it isn't being used as a currency people are buying and holding it to get rich. It is a bubble


messystateofaffairs's picture

Good thing gold is being used as currency.

ClowardPiven2016's picture

I agree

1% over spot to buy
1% fee to transfer to your Goldmoney MasterCard
No fee to transfer to other Goldmoney account holders

0hedgehog's picture

Paying with bitcoin is a snap when prices are stable or moving upward but try to use them when price is in decline and see what happens.

RedBaron616's picture

I want to touch my currency. I don't want a virtual currency. Too easily stolen, hacked, you name it. At least if I am robbed, I can file a police report, describe the criminal, etc. If someone steals my bitcoins and I report it, they'll probably have a good laugh down at the station house when I'm gone.

Tom Green Swedish's picture

The main problem with bitcoins is the price insecurity (really ugly for a currency), transasction times.  I believe somebody has found a way to arbitrage bitcoin within various exchanges - or somebody is articially boosting demand, which is why the price skyrocketed. THere really isn't a reason why the price should be higher other than scarcity. So watch how expensive it gets to be a criminal. However if I ran a business I would take bitcoin. Easy opportunity to suck some of them up.  Also there are two places which allow you to short sell bitcoin - I forget the names. Just search for bitcoin arbitrage on investopedia. 

Xena fobe's picture

Poloniex is one.  Maybe Kraken also. 

Bunga Bunga's picture

And not to forget porn, porn, porn ...

Sex Art
Playboy Plus
satoshinet (live)

Making Merica Great Again's picture

1bitcoin = 500k$ in 5 years.


Buy now or cry later. The choice is yours. (i bought one)

Tom Green Swedish's picture

You should have mined one 6 years ago wouldn't have cost you one cent. Always go for the most spec plays cheap. FANGS aren't really worth 3 trillion just as gold and oil weren't worth that much. Mark my words. 

So you really believe that one bitcoin you bought will be worth twice as much as one share of Berkshire Hathaway in 10 years - if Berkshire Hathaway one share is really worth that much?  Only because of clever device of not splitting, not buying back shares and being in the right place at the right time.  Amazon and Google are playing the same game.

Maybe if you're lucky it will be worth that in 50 years when they are all mined, but the closest comparison to it is gold and it has never topped $2000 an ounce. Now imagine there are 30 different types of gold (manufactured in a lab) all the same, and can all be traded in the same exchange.

Ever hear of the dotcom bubble?

Making Merica Great Again's picture

Don't mix gold with bitcoins. Gold is dead because of Jew derivatives. I own gold too but they are not moving anywhere. But my 400$ cost bitcoin is now worth more than 2000$.

illuminatus's picture

It may be worth 500k FRN's in 5 years, but what will a dollar be worth? How much will a can of beans cost, or a gallon of gas?'

' It's difficult to make predictions, especially about the future."  Yogi Berra

Buddha 71's picture

IF you really want to buy one...bitcoin is only worth its current price to buyers of bitcoins, which are not many in number. bitcoin is an algo with extremely thinly traded volume. last friday, bitcoin surged to over $6000, total world wide volume was only 300 coins. wow. so if you accept bitcoin as payment, better cash em in quickly.

adr's picture

Subway doesn't take Bitcoin nationally. One franchise started taking it with Bitcoin linked debit cards. 

If you have to use a site like Gyft to buy a gift certificate, it isn't the same as taking Bitcoin. 

There was a hamburger joint near me that accepted Bitcoin. They don't anymore because only one person paid with Bitcoin in six months. The one guy probably was afraid to spend a Bitcoin fraction on a six dollar burger than may have been worth $10 a few days later. 

I saw somewhere that the number of registered Bitcoin wallets was somewhere around 20 million worldwide. That isn't a big market out of a few billion people. 

Fourth Horseman's picture

There is not ONE company on there I have dealt with or even buy anything from.

Baron von Bud's picture

Report: An Analysis of Bitcoin's Potential as a Digital Currency

It doesn't look good. Report says it can't do high transaction volumes and never will.

I was thinking of opening a bitcoin wallet last night. Glad I drank too much beer and fell asleep.





Tom Green Swedish's picture

Good decision. A fools game to make early adopters a ton of money. Gold never topped $2200 an ounce and you can actually do something with it. There are like 100 different cyrptocurriences out there now.  It's a dotcom bubble.  WOuld lvoe to figure out how to short bitcoin.

quesnay's picture

The "dirty little secret" of bitcoin is that practical transactions (i.e. buying a sub) are done on faith by the service provider, who then 'eventually' passes through the transaction an hour or more later (and much much longer if bitcoin becomes popular). Right now bitcoin is a novelty and there is not enough people or interest in scamming these places. If someone develops an easy scam and it catches on, then bitcoin becomes unusable for these small transactions on faith (not without 'backup', i.e. becoming a registered customer, showing ID, giving VISA card number as backup, etc).

Another 'flaw that shall not be named' is that transaction costs are insanely high (again because of the long waits and inability to handle high volumes). But since bitcoin is mostly a store of wealth and actually spending it on something trivial like a sub is purely for novelty value ("look at me, I'm part of the future!"), no one has really complained about that aspect ... yet. But it's another huge barrier to everyday usage.

illuminatus's picture

You ever try to buy a sub with a silver dollar?

AE911Truth's picture


Anyone who spends bitcoin before SegWit & Lightning are implemented, does not understand Gresham’s Law. Right now, bitcoin is for preserving wealth as global fiats hyper-inflate. After SegWit & Lightning are implemented, then transaction rates will increase, and transaction cost will decrease.


jfb's picture

Bitcoins were good to store your wealth but the competition with alternative crypto currencies is growing. DASH is much faster than bitcoin to make a payment, but etherium is my favorite one. I started to buy crypto cur. (rather than shiny metals) in January and only recently I realized that ethereum was THE future because it's not only a crypto-currency but also an environment for developers who want to code an Internet application, e-commerce, forum or whatever, using the blockchain technology. Banks & big corporations plan to use ethereum in the years to come because the technology behind it can solve many of their problems.
Ethereum is like the Internet in 1992.

AE911Truth's picture

So, you want to see the Banks & big corporations get stronger by using Ethereum? 

Ethereum implements Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) that subsist independently of any moral or legal entity. Who is actually in charge, responsible for, or accountable for their operations? And if their resources cannot be seized (because DAOs have full sovereignty over them), how can they be required to pay damages for their torts?


Really? Is this what you want?