"You Tricked Me" - Trump Reportedly Rages At Palestine's Abbas For 'Lying To Him'

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Israel's Channel 2 TV reports, citing unidentified American with knowledge of encounter, President Trump shouted at Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas during meeting in Bethlehem, questioning his commitment to peace.

Trump met with Abbas in Bethlehem last week during his two-day visit to Israel. The two held a joint press conference, at which time the president praised Abbas' commitment to restarting negotiations with Israel for a final status agreement. But according to a report by Israel's Channel 2 TV on Sunday evening, the closed-door meeting between the president and the PA chairman was anything but cordial.

As IsraelNationalNews.com reports, a US official present during the meeting claims the president expressed outrage with Abbas, yelling at him regarding Abbas’ claims that his Fatah faction was not involved in anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement.

“You tricked me in Washington,” the president is said to have yelled at Abbas, referencing the PA leader’s March trip to the US capital.

During his March get-together with the president, Abbas claimed he was dedicated to advancing peaceful relations with Israel, and that the PA was not engaged in incitement against the Jewish state.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu publicly called out Abbas’ claim, noting the PA’s continued material support for jailed terrorists and promotion of hateful propaganda encouraging young Arabs to take up arms against Israel.

"I heard President Abbas yesterday say that the Palestinians teach their children peace,” said Netanyahu. “Unfortunately, that's not true. They name their schools after mass murderers of Israelis and they pay terrorists,” he said at the opening of a meeting with the Romanian prime minister in Jerusalem.

According to the American official who spoke with Channel 2, beyond the PM’s statement, Israel also provided the White House with proof of the PA’s support for and promotion of terrorism.

“You talked to me about peace, but the Israelis showed me that you are personally supporting incitement,” Trump reportedly told Abbas last week.

During their joint presser last Tuesday, President Trump alluded to the PA’s funding for jailed terrorists, calling it an obstacle to peace.

"Peace can never take root in a place where violence is tolerated, funded and even rewarded,” said President Trump.


“We must be resolute in condemning such acts in a single, unified voice. Peace is a choice we must make each day, and the United States is here to help make that dream possible for young Jewish, Christian, and Muslim children all across the region."

Bloomberg reports that Palestinians close to Abbas have disputed the report, saying that the meeting was good. Abbas' office did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment. A spokesman for the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem declined to comment.

Of course, once again we have unnamed US sources leaking this conversation but it leaves The White House in an awkward spot: 1) Deny the angry exchange (and risk Trump's strong friendship with Bibi), or 2) Not Deny it (thus throwing considerable cold water on any hopes of a peace accord)... thus ruining any hopeful narrative from Trump's trip as being positive.

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Oxbo Rene's picture

Well, I just spoke to Abbas the other day,

and he never mentioned anything about it to me ......

Croesus's picture

Trump, letting us know who his bosses are...he's working for Isra-hell now, bitches.

Business as usual in DC.

Washington DC, home of the world famous "Shabbos Goy Puppet Theater".

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Trump thinks that the Palestinians should pay the Israelis to attack them just like the USA does.



Betrayal behind Israeli attack on U.S. ship

The men of the USS Liberty represented the United States. They were attacked for two hours, causing 70 percent of American casualties, and the eventual loss of our best intelligence ship.

These sailors and Marines were entitled to our best defense. We gave them no defense.

Did our government put Israel's interests ahead of our own? If so, why? Does our government continue to subordinate American interests to Israeli interests? These are important questions that should be investigated by an independent, fully empowered commission of the American government.


Moorer was chairman of the joint chiefs of staff from 1970 to 1974.



Croesus's picture

It's "All Israel, All The Time"...that's why the Goyim usually get fed-up with the Jews after a while...

To the downvoters:

"Always take", right?

Billy the Poet's picture

The down voters are enjoying the Memorial Day weekend by shitting on US sailors killed in action.




Croesus's picture

@ Billy & Lao Che:

If you haven't ever read it, you have to pick up a copy of "The World Conquerors" (Marschalko). It's worth the $10-15, I promise.

I found the missing chapters of "200 Years Together" (Solzhenitsyn), and that's another must-read book on "who does what to whom, and why".


NidStyles's picture

The kikes saying anyone is inciting anything is laughable.

That's all the Jews do is incite everyone to fight each other and cry "anti-Semite" when someone points it out.

Fuck the Jews. Pack them up and send them to Israel already...

Yog Soggoth's picture

They don't want to leave the USA. They know that they would be living on stolen land then. Heck they might even get attacked by the rightful owners. Ever so unpleasant. Nope they got it good here.

DocMims's picture

When two kids are fighting and you just talk nicely to them they keep fighting .  you usually have to slap one or both to get their attention.


HowdyDoody's picture

"When two kids are fighting and you just talk nicely to them they keep fighting . you usually have to slap one or both to get their attention.

'Cept one kid is armed with nukes, chemical and biological weapons and the other has bottle rockets.

It is distraction from this story in Israel:

Man who beheaded ex-wife acquitted of murder. For the first time in Israeli history a man was acquitted of murder, pleading insanity, but will spend 25 years in mental facility.


"Meir Goldstein was found by police covered in blood and carrying his ex-wife's severed head through the streets of Tiberius last March. Witnesses said that he yelled that he had “killed Amalek”, before throwing the head away in a garbage can. His ex-wife's body was found in her apartment, which had been set on fire.

Goldstein continued to tell investigators that he had "killed Amalek" and claimed to be the messiah after he was arrested. “God called to me and said to me, ‘This is the seed of Amalek and the Prophet Hezekiah did not cut off Amalek’s head and therefore did not earn the right to be the king messiah. Because I have chopped off the head of the seed of Amalek, I am acknowledged as the king messiah,” he said.

The couple had divorced a month before the murder.

Neighbors stated that Goldstein had a history of psychiatric problems. Doctors who examined Goldstein testified that he "could not tell the difference between right and wrong."

J S Bach's picture

 “You talked to me about peace, but the Israelis showed me that you are personally supporting incitement,”

Wow.  Just when I thought my opinion of Agent Orange couldn’t drop any lower, he delivers this bombastic bomb.  There may never have been nor ever be such a jew-ass-licking cuck as Donald Trump.

Incitement… INCITEMENT!!!!

You stupid son of a bitch.

All the Palestinians want is to have REAL representation in a country which is rightfully THEIRS.

No, sir… there can never be anything resembling “peace” so long as an interloping, aggressive and conscienceless invader lords over that unholy land and its indigenous people.

ThirteenthFloor's picture

+1. Well Trump did make his business in the secondary Jewish capital NYC, and had to kiss a lot of ass along the way. Not surprising actually.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

So genuinely Islamic, example of Taqiyya & Kitman master work by scholar Abbas.http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/taqiyya.aspx

roddcarlson's picture

Now that the Jews all have their Israel homeland can they all just leave us Christian nations and go over there to fight for their homeland on their own?  Anyone want a free one way ticket to the Zion homeland?  Anyone?  Please your country needs you please leave so you can fight for it.  Please go squabble with Palestine over there and leave us and our money alone.  We rather not care about your theatrics, and quite franky it appears it won't be the last time a Saladin pushed you back into the sea.  How many times do we have to go through this? Hello, God doesn't want your crooked murderous lying theives to spill ritual blood on a temple, but if you insist please move all over there before doing it.  He already has his last sacrifice and messiah.  Thanks, now please leave us real Christians alone so we can enjoy following the messiah.

BTW when the true people of Israel come back home as foretold in the bible it will be after your kind are all gone.  It most likely will be the semitic people that were Christians before they got kicked out by Askenazis, but I imagine all Christians will have a claim on it.  Until then how about you fake Judahites called Jews and your Ham followers called MoHAMmad go ahead and fight it out over  it?  The true Christian semitic has been dispersed out of their homeland into ours because of your crookedness and one day they'll get to return when your bodies are all lying dead from the war of Armegedon that you'll start like the destruction of your Babylon.  Until that day how about leaving the rest of us Japath alone so we can not have anymore of your filthy murder blood on our hands.  Thanks.

J S Bach's picture

We appreciate your sentiments, roddcarlson, but, PLEASE... spare us the "... as foretold in the bible" bullshit.

The "bible" is nothing more than a compilation of jewish myths.  Were I to claim the legitimacy of the Nordic legends of Odin throwing thunderbolts down from Valhalla - or the Greek Gods imparting their "justice" from atop Mount Olympus... would you not think me mad for believing in such paganistic tripe?

Well, sir,  it is no different with the jewish bible.  Why this world's population continues to carry this semitic false doctrine as "the word of God"... is beyond my comprehension... ESPECIALLY when the deeds of its authors/protagonists are nothing more than evil incarnate.

JLee2027's picture

How sad for you to believe that!!!!  OMG.  All those Nordic myths (Greek, Roman, etc) are all derived from the original Bible. 


You haven't done your homework there sir.

J S Bach's picture

I didn't say I believed any of that.  My point (which I assumed intelligent readers would surmise) was the ludicrousness of it all.  The jewish myths are no less fantastic and believeable than any other hominid's deity belief-system.  Personally, I find ALL of the established religions vague and wanting... and use my inner conscience as a "voice of God" to guide me.  So, to belittle me based on a non-provable mythos which you adhere to is utterly vapid.

And please, divulge your data claiming that Greek mythology was based on the bible when it pre-dated much of its inception!  What are the correlations?  The whole debate/argument/discussion is such a time-wasting excersize.  Just live your life according to the laws of nature - and listen to your conscience when you feel it.  You need no other compass than that to find the shores of truth.

roddcarlson's picture

Well you are entitled to your opinions about the myth of it.  But if you comprehend the true prophecy of Jesus predicting the end of his times as the destruction of the Judahite and the temple.  Things like I don't know "No stone unturned on the temple" and how that all came to pass.  Well if it is your desire to ignore the way the old testament predicted every leader from Alexander the Great to Antiochus and who would kill who in the Book of Dan as well as how Alexander's Macedonian empire would break up between his four generals.  Or let's see the prophecy of Noah predicting Japath (white man) would become enlarged (territory) and take Shem's Lord (Jesus) as his own.  Or that we'd be sitting in the tent of Shem, instead of Shem who the Lord came originally.  If you want to ignore the way it mentions Tyre and it's destruction to become a fisherman's place to throw nets and how that happened with Alexander the Great.  Or suppose you look at the more mythical fables like Samson and Delilah and you see a story told of the strongest man in the world having Long hair (like a Nazarene) dying while destroying the evil of the  Philistines, you see this is an allegory to this man Jesus who died to conquer sin and evil.  Of course you can be sure to ignore all that history and the way it weaves with bible, but it's not my job to convince you.  It's my job to convince those who will listen to wake up.  You of course are probably not one that is to see the whole thing and that is ok with me.  As with anything it's up to the listener to block out what they don't want to hear, not for the speaker to have to amend his freedom of speech.  So overall I think you a smart man enough to filter what you don't like.  I wish you the best of luck finding the peace in this world you are looking for in a secular way, and I do mean that but keep in mind that the bible was never meant for all people to understand.



J S Bach's picture

I'm sorry, Rod... let's just agree to disagree.  When you mention the myth of Noah (like this planet earth really flooded entirely and then all that water receded in a human lifetime), I just roll my eyes in disbelief.  I'm truly sorry.  I do not mean to demean your beliefs.  I simply cannot grasp this kind of mindset.

roddcarlson's picture

To be honest I'm not sure what of Noah is figurative speech and what is literal when it talks of flooding. It was hard for me to visualize a floating zoo at one time so I'm not going to get into a war of words of what to believe.  When I was like you I thought where is all the missing water?  Recently they have found that there is 3x the water of the surface of the ocean in hydrated rock near the outer mantle.  I guess if this water to were to fill the oceans it would cover everything but the highest peaks.  Now to say that is what had happened say the geothermal engine heated up releasing this high volume of water isn't my right to guess.  Again I don't personally believe things in the bible are always to be read literal, Adam and Eve for example is most likely an allegory as Samson and Delilah was of Jesus.  And if you understand for example Delilah was the bride of Samson and she was betraying him, as the church was to be Jesus bride and betrayed him then you might understand that many bible interpretations are way too simplified. 

You may not realize this but as an electrical and mechanical engineer ( I am) that the earths oceans is not spherical at all, but bulge along with the gradient of gravity being higher at the equator.  So what we call atmospheric pressure near the oceans surface isn't always the same distance from the earth's center.  Now if I know this as well as many electrical theories like say entropy being caused by speed of light. Do you not think that I'm a bit more advanced than your type would like to give me credit for?  But of course you know that, your point is try to sound sophisticated by snarfing at things you don't understand.  I'll be honest not a soul totally understands relativity, and there was a time because of that most scientist considered it baloney.  To each his own.  Again it's not my job to convince you of anything, people's eyes are either open or closed.  That's ok with me.

Infinite QE's picture

It refers to a flood consciousness of the 'I' coming to man. In ancient times, people believed that the voice in their head was that of God himself and the idea of being a separate entity, an `I' was foreign. The `flood' referst to a development wherein the `I' came into being within mankind. The `two by two' stuff refers to the various natures of the duality.

Most of the bible is stuff that flowed out of much more ancient periods, Egypt, Greece, etc.

The story of who created the most common version of the Bible, the Scofield, is well known as it was funded by a zionist banker who wanted the references to the demonic nature of the jew removed. The idea that the bible has a predictive ability is nonsense and is nothing more than watching clouds and projecting onto them patterns of one's own beliefs.

roddcarlson's picture

If it helps you any both Newton and Maxwell, both the giants of both physics/calculus and Electromagnetics fully believed in Christianity.  Are you smarter than them too?  Do you consider them silly for understanding things you probably have never understood in your life?  I'm actually arguing not with you or to convince you,  I actually know there is very little hope of convincing you I'm arguing for the soul that needs to see the light and hears nothing but rhetoric against the bible that your kind will dismiss with very little research or homework.

J S Bach's picture

Answer one question honestly...

Why the bible?  Why the bible?  Why is this particular creation of a sect of mankind sacrosanct in your mind?  Really... THINK about that for a minute.  I don't care whether Newton, Einstein, or Bach himself believed in these precepts.  I'm writing as a deep thinking human being who has pondered this topic to its depths. I am not claiming Godhood, nor do I claim to have all the answers.  But, at the same time, I do not put my total faith into the beliefs and writings of other men.  For me, God is within.  I do not need a book of "commandments" to KNOW what is right and wrong.  And ANY person who declares HIS ideology "the word of God" is highly suspect.  I'll listen to anyone's opinion, but I will not adhere to anyone's dictates when it comes to God.  To me, THAT is blasphemy.

roddcarlson's picture

The bible is a compilation of various authors and books.  I personally don't believe the bible is to be idolized, like anything in this world it's meant to be judged for its merits and truth.  For example, I personally reject Apostle Paul's works as I believe Jesus when he said to have no other teacher but him. The fact that Apostle Paul reverses many of Jesus words is enough for me to refute his teachings, nobody predicted his appearance not even Jesus saying hey this guy is going to come along and you're going to accept him.  Instead he said the Anticrhists were already there to steal the message.  You ask why the bible but I think rather you should ask why Jesus?  The answer to that is his answer was that these books whether it be Noah or Book of Daniel  or all the other prophets were written by prophets many many years prior to his coming. The fact that they were able for example to predict when he'd arrive say after when the temple was rebuilt within 20 year life time period.  Or the other above instances I already presented are things that should make a man ponder in the search for the truth.  I'm going to admit that many people in their quest for truth make it an all or nothing search.  They either say everything in this book is truth, or nothing in this book is truth.  Or they say eveything is literal or everything is figurative.   I'm not one of those people.  I believe that every tree even in the bible has to be tested by its merit and truth.  We were meant to test the spirits of this world as well as the sacred texts. BTW I've already tested yours.  I've tested many religions so you can't accuse me of being initially biased toward the bible Mr Bach. I've been a scientist in application probably more than you have in your whole by a full order of magnitude. But when you have Noah prophecy about a white man accepting the West Asian's Lord as his own and sitting in the tent of the West Asians and the West Asians protected this knowledge for many years even before the full value of it exposed their own inadequacies that is pretty inspiring.

  If some prophet guessed 500 years prior what was going to happen and then it happened well I find that hard to roll off as random coincidence.  I'm not sure what your fascination with Bach is to be honest I think his music sucks, but for some reason you have an infinity for the guy so much so you group him with Newton (laughs). Einstein was a fraud by the way, and you grouping him with Newton shows that you haven't done your homework with science at least in terms of physics. Yes many scientist would disagree with me on this, but Eistein never derived E=mc^2 any of his works.  Anway maybe this Bach guy resonates with your inner soul I don't know.  That's the way Jesus is to his believers.  But it's more than that for me, I'm a skeptic more than you Mr. Bach.  I've done my homework on the bible, ripped it apart and stitched it back together multiple times and studied how history confirms much of the prophets like a vine and trellis.  You on the other hand see it as another mystical belief becaue and I'm going to be honest your boneheaded ways that if it doesn't outwardly resonate with your sensibilities as you see the world than it can't be truth. Maybe you're not allowing your hollow vessel to vary in length to get another resonance point?  I'm actually quite suprised Mr. Bach because usually people that are musically inspired also are mathematical.  That disposition where numbers really reside whether it be in my head, your head, or something greaters mind should make you ponder where do the non material truths really reside and what exactly enforces these truths on this world.  Sir if that infinite mind had a personality or spirit, and if that spirit could occupy a body like water does a vessel.  What then?  What if that person through this spirit did all these amazing feats, they were recorded by the skeptics and believer alike?  What if prophets predicted these things that lead up to this man who could act a speaker or voice of this spirit and when he would arrive and who he would be?   And what if that very same man said that we could have this same spirit inside us?  What if JS Bach that you personally had a fight of evil versus good personality in your own vessel and you sucessfully defeated that evil personality that wants to bipolar fill this world as much with darkness? Just because your blinded because you won't allow your vessel to resonate at different lengths doesn't mean there aren't higher notes of truth your ear won't hear.

I believe you know the truth, your smart enough to get it.  Your just willfully reprobate and you want to be admired by all your fellow skeptics of sounding smart saying repetitve and yes very boring stupid rhetoric that sounds wise to apes.  You know what it's your soul my friend.  But let me say this that those in here who would give you up arrows aren't going to save you on your death bed.  I hope you enjoy the vain exploration of your secular search.  But like Hitler who hated Jews, without the lightness of God in you your apt to get the wrong answer as wrestle with them.  You can't fight evil with the same evil personality inside you and expect to get good results.  Again I never came here to convince you.  I could repeat myself to oblivion about the prophets and the correlation to history and you'd still repeat the same question, but why the bibe?  As I said it's yoru soul, good luck on your quest but don't blame me for your vain pursuit of reasonable likes from men and ignoring the truth sitting right there that I presented when your near death.  I trust my spirit is as mathematically counted as the hairs on my head.  That like the state machine mathematics that define a calculators logic can be written and recorded and then reinstituted that my Father (God) who was the same Father as Jesus has that math in his head.  He is the one that can reconstruct my body and soul just like I can reconstruct the functioning of a calculator when it has been broken.  I trust that he sent a man as a delegate with his voice and could use his body as a vessel because of the kindness of that message but also the truth and structure of that message.  And I trust this because he was a fair, kind, and honest man that had a depth of knowledge that far exceeded goat herders of his time and still out rivals the greats of modern era.  So much so that everyone still references his word, and our calendar revolves around the time he died. And that his prophecies just like those that preceded him many cases 1000 years advance came true.  But no I don't believe the compilation of the bible is perfect and I never said to idolize the bible.  Bible is a compilation of works meant to be tested for the truths like anything else in this world.

consider me gone's picture

Maybe you're not allowing your hollow vessel to vary in length to get another resonance point?  

I like that. There's a lot of that going around.

IronForge's picture

Hear him, hear him, my esteemed ZH readers!


BTW, the Xian (Xi-Rho) Jesus did not show up in Text until their Bible was published by Constantine in the 4th CE.

No Known Historian, Noted Figure, or Written Record of 1BCE-2CE mention Christ, Christians, or Gospel events.

Simply put, at Nicea in the 4thCE, Constantine & Friends mixed Mythras, Dionysus, Zeus, Dagon, Judaism(for history, Messiah position, and World Dominance Claims), the notorious CHRESTUS Cult (Chrest eventually transmogrified into Christ) together to consolidate control over what/who/wherever they can lay their hands onto.

AD 01?  Made up by a Monk in the 6th CE.  

XMass? On the December Solstice 12/25 of the Julian Calendar; and observed as such until 1598 when the Gregorian Calendar started taking over.


A sham and a snare for Bona Fide Ethical Theists/Deists/Spiritualist/Agnostics.



roddcarlson's picture

You are as ridiculous as preposterous.  Historians never disputed the existence of Jesus, it's recorded by Roman historians (many that despised him) and undisputed.  Considering your bat wings (icon) we know that you are of the occult of diseased in mind.  I don't know if it is syphillis or sponge gaps in your head but your nonsense only affirmed to those that are forever boneheaded.  I'm not here for the boneheads I'm here for the capable and those that can hear the voice of the master.  So save your breath of lies and fantasy for someone that is unlearned and also incapapble of studying history for themselves.


Please see my message for Economiffed as it applies equally to you.

IronForge's picture

You're an imbecile.  

There are no documents.  The claim that the Dead Sea Scrolls contained the Gospels was a Hoax. 

Obviously,  you're dealing with Men and Women of higher orders of Intellect, Knowledge of Subject Matter, and Sophistication. 

Wishful thinking never passed for Proof.

Think I'm wrong?  SHOW US THE EVIDENCE!

roddcarlson's picture

Oh boy you are even inverted magnitudes of stupid than I thought.  King James wasn't the first bible my friend the Geneva bible preceded the King James.  Both were translations of the Hebrew scriptures and the New Testament in Greek.  Denial of the obvious isn't a sign of intellect my dear sir, it's usually a sign of ingoramous.  Considering that you all have went from denying the historical existence of Jesus (which is rather historically documented by his enemies alike) to now denying the existence of the scriptures I'd say you're very confused or knowingly trying to be confusing in either circumstance I'm not amused or entertained as you can deny numbers and axioms too but when building and complex structures are erected on the truths and principles and you live in shambles what can I say?  Stupid breeds impoverishment.   At this point, I'll point it blatantely that you are lost souls and to be honest you are absolutely no better than the people you hate as Jews, you are Antichrists.  As such you are also probably lawless and my guess is that you live very poorly in dark conditions, I'd say in an impoverished environment that kind of fact denying breeds.  Life really doesn't have to be so hateful and dark.  You can hold liars into account without becoming a chronic liar oneself.  Do me a favor Grand wizard of B.S. make sure to not give me any up arrows as I don't want your kinds appraisal on here.  Thanks Antichrist BS artist.

IronForge's picture



The Author was Constantine...


roddcarlson's picture

I must say that what strikes me as insane is that one could in theory deny Pythagorean thereom as well since we never found the papyrus it was first written on.  I mean the fact that the stuff can be copied into libraries never dawned on you geniuses.  You're very very very deceived.   I'll say this that the converts to Hebrew as well as all their temples had the wirtten documents that we'd call their Hebrew scriptures, in the same way that a library has all the books of authors without it being handwritten by the original authors.  Wow.

IronForge's picture

Stay in school, Trollboy.

TheMachinist's picture

Thou art a brainwashed dumbshit.  Next you'll try to convince us the planet is 6000 years old.  What a scam.  The bible is a very late creation, a compilation of much earlier religions, experiences, and in many cases, pure imagination.  The later you go in time the further from the truth you are.  IronForge nailed it.  I find all modern religions (2000 years and newer) to be a tree mostly populated with nuts.  I will take truth over modern religion.  Religion is little more than a control mechanism used by the elite to rule the masses.  Preachers differ little from standup comedians in BSability.  

My nephew married into a family of Fundamentalist Baptist Ukrainians the other day who unshakeably think the planet is 6000 years old - Yes, that's right - 6000.  Apparently Christianity can make people fucking retarded just like Islam does.  Anyone who thinks this planet is 6000 years should not be allowed to use electricity or any other modern convenience devised by science.  That would be like an Amish painting an entire Cadillac flat black thus making it ok to drive it.  Nuts.

roddcarlson's picture

I know more about electricity and truth than you in your next eternity of existence.  And I also know more about machining as well.  As far as earth being 6000 years old, I'd say that it isn't 3.5 billion either.  But that comes from knowledge of how long the viscous force takes for the moon to lock to one side of the face of earth.  Something your type would never understand.  Bet you never knew that the moon is pulling away from earth as it locks to one face?  Sure you didn't but go ahead and convince yourself how superior you are because you believe in lawlessness.  While you are at it take a good look at the world around you and the knowledge of mathematics going on that you'll never understand.  Lifes just one simple comic strip for your type.  Eat, crap, and copulate.  Hope you enjoy your short life here it's the best it gets for your type.  And yes I do believe in textbooks of mathematics too...laughs

roddcarlson's picture

If you think you are convincing me serpents you are not convincing me or making me doubt anything.  If anything I'm laughing my butt off at you grand wizards.  Mirror images of the lying Jews you hate so much...laughs.

roddcarlson's picture

BTW I know where you are coming from in attempt to save the white man from attack of a falsity.  But again you can't win against deception by deception.  Let me put it to you this way the false spirit has a group of people that have assumed the Holy people's identity.  They've been systematically working on it for over a 1000 years, and have finally succeeded in convincing mankind that they are indeed the "master race" even though DNA suggests they are Turkish descendents.  You say so what? And the answer is that creating a 5th Reich of trying to make ourselves the "Masters" will not work either.  That is it will not work to persuade people that Bat Wings Masonry of 5th Reich entitles us to a position of higher power.  There is no  historical record for that and there is no prophetic value in it.  So the lie will be easily defused by the bigger more talented liar.  The devil (just a synonym for any and all False spirit in collusion against the truth ) will always go for the highest bidder when it comes to choosing false spirits.  You and your crowd offer him a 10 year old 5th Reich.  They offer him 1000 years of deception and the title they earned by lies of claiming over 5000 more years of being the special people.  They offer the false spirit a throne in the Holy Land, while you offer it a wooden desk in S. Carolina.  See what I mean, you might as well be spitting in the wind trying to use falsity to fight falsity.  And you'll end up like  HItler, you'll end up being used by the very same power that you are trying to defeat as being credentials to their superiority. But I mean yuck who wants to create a false belief to make whites more grandiose?  We're grandiose with Christianity, we're an enormous sucess with the truth.

Why in your right minds would you not just accept Japath as who you are?  Japath is a noble in the higher picture of the bible.  He shows integrity at not ridiculing his parent and covering his naked body.  He receives the highest blessing from his father to be both the enlarged most and also the one who inherits the fortunes even of his other sibling Shem in taking his crown jewel of a Lord as his own?  I mean the history agrees with such truth and these prophecies existed way before Jesus arrived as a historical figure.  So what if we aren't the royal bloodline, the fact is that we are the standard bearers of a immense blessing.  With such blessing we went out and conquered and made the civilized world in the our image of Chrstianity.  Do you think some Dragon club of order or even an atheism cause greater than the one of the Bolshevist Jews is going to outperform those truths?  Besides JS Bach, why would you as a man forego the blessings of being a Christian?  Why would you turn your back on the truth just like the Turkish Japath man, such that you become and enemy of the truth?  And then be led to the dungeon and then gallows?  Profit off the truth and you will never be sad at the end of the day of a hard work.  I think you know what I'm saying is right, I think you'll be hard headed as a mule to accept the truth too.  But I don't doubt that you have the capability to accept the truth. 

Christianity is quite frankly a beautiful thing both for Japath as well as all other men and creed of this world.  This teacher taught everyone to be respectful and law abiding, calling them to love even their enemy.  Who wouldn't want neighbors like that?  We don't need our own messiah of our bloodline, a six year old historical figure to be great.  Nor will being false as in being atheist or Bat wing grand masonic of our own would that solve the problem of iniquity of liars.  We need truth and to embrace our roots of Christianity if we have a chance of both this world and the next.


Economiffed's picture

I love dreamers! lol ... you said true prophecy of jesus. A fictional character created by king james. lol lmfao true prophecy!!! Same geniuses that taught us jumbo shrimp!

roddcarlson's picture

You're an exceptionally stupid serpent.  When they appointed IQ to serpents they decided to leave yours lower.  You're the lower echelon of your caste, and your arguments are about as stupid as a wilderbeast that you are.  Generally I can get great joy out of defeating bonehead serpents that are deceptively wise to deceive with false logic, but you're not one of them.  Go back to the hole you crawled up out of.  For your information the discovery of helical model of DNA occured in a dream.

Oh regional Indian's picture

They have woven the world into their web of lies. And it goes back a long time.

The lepers want to rule again...



Pandelis's picture

well a lot of predictions have come true ... just as a last example, lately, we all got the predicted personal numbers.


when you see the history throughout centuries and i mean the real history, you can see the presence of satan; therefore it has to be God as well.

MK13's picture

Right. Because anything reported by media must be true.

Because your opinion of Trump really mattered when you voted for Hitlery. Because option of those paying you to post stuff really matters.

jeff montanye's picture

it is a waste of time and effort to argue about the unseen world; the evidence is too controversial and insubtantial.  the seen world is hard enough.  as for mk13, that sounds like trollspeak as a first language to me.

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It is NOT rightfully theirs. Who do you think settled Israel and built Jerusalem etc etc? This narrative of how the 'palestinians' own that area continues to be pushed but is patently False. All it takes is a cursury look at the history of that area  to understand that. Even the name 'palestinian' really belongs to Jews, arabs, arab Christians and to some extent bedouins. People of various heritage can become citizens. Instead many arabs refuse citizenship. They sometimes remove signs and results of archaelogical digs that point out ancient Jewish history. I have been there when it happened. The media pretends that Israel's history there began in 1948.

Economiffed's picture

Fake news! You are 100% incorrect! Save that shit for you kids. You can filled their minds with your ignorance! Thanks for polluting the minds of people with your dumb shit

Chandos's picture

Neighbors stated that Goldstein had a history of psychiatric problems. Doctors who examined Goldstein testified that he "could not tell the difference between right and wrong."


Doctors who examined Goldstein testified that he ''was a Jew.''


xavi1951's picture

Stolen land?  Your history knowledge is a bit off.  You must be a Muslim.

Lower Tones's picture

Weren't all the true "Israelites" killed by the Romans in 70AD (or thereabouts). Not all the Jews (Khazar converted en-mass in the 8th century), all the "Israelites".

MEFOBILLS's picture

Fuck the Jews. Pack them up and send them to Israel already..


The Zionists originally had Uganda, Palestein, Patagonia, Madagascar, and Canary Islands on their roadmap.

Palestein was always preferred because the TEMPLE COULD BE REBUILT.

Rebuilding the Temple is necessary in Cabala, to then make way for their female messiah.  The messia cannot come out of Klippoth space until the world is made ready by Tikkun Olam.  The Jews are to be the fingers and hands of their Messiah, and hence must be placed around the world to serve.

The Temple must never be rebuilt.  Right now Islam stands in the way.

I personally prefer removing them to Madagascar, that way they can be isolated.  Their religion, which is basically Satanic, needs to come under censure.

Censure can be done by Trial.  The Talmud was put on trial in Disputation of Paris in 1240, and found guilty.

Another method is that done by Justinian of Byzantium.  Jews were not allowed near money operations, not allowed to teach impressionable children, nor were allowed in the law.

Justinian's methods worked for awhile, but then new generations of dupes are born, and they relax injunctions against  Jews.  It is best to isolate ((them) to an island like Madagascar.  Israel is an ongoing problem that the Muslims will never let go.  Not that Islam is a good religion either.