Russia Expects China To Help Resolve Syrian Crisis, "Restore The Country"

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Last summer, when the Syrian conflict was near its peak under the Obama administration, China unexpectedly warned it was ready to enter the proxy war when in a stunning announcement, Xinhua reported that Beijing was prepared to side with Syria - and Russia - and against the US-led alliance, and that Xi and Assad had agreed that the Chinese military will have closer ties with Syria and provide humanitarian aid to the civil war torn nation.

A high-ranking People's Liberation Army officer also said that the training of Syrian personnel by Chinese instructors has also been discussed: the Director of the Office for International Military Cooperation of China's Central Military Commission, Guan Youfei, arrived in Damascus on Tuesday for talks with Syrian Defense Minister Fahad Jassim al-Freij, Xinhua added. Guan said China had consistently played a positive role in pushing for a political resolution in Syria. "China and Syria's militaries have a traditionally friendly relationship, and China's military is willing to keep strengthening exchanges and cooperation with Syria's military," Xinhua quoted Guan.

Rear Admiral Guan Youfei

As Reuters also added at the time, China tends to leave Middle Eastern diplomacy to the other permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, namely the United States, Britain, France and Russia, while relying on the region for oil supplies. But over the past two years, China has been trying to get more involved, including sending envoys to help push for a diplomatic resolution to the violence there and hosting Syrian government and opposition figures.

Fast forward to today when the Syria proxy war is once again at an impasse - especially after today's warning by Macron that France would get involved after another "chemical attack" -  and once again it may be up to China to be the decisive tiebreaker.

According to both Sputnik and the Daily Sabah, Moscow is once again hoping "for China's help in solving the Syrian crisis and restoring the country: Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said Monday.

"Our cooperation with China on Syria at various international venues is unprecedented. We blocked six attempts to pass anti-Syrian resolutions in the U.N. Security Council," Morgulov said at "Russia and China: Taking on a New Quality of Bilateral Relations" international conference.

The Russian deputy foreign minister added that Russia values Beijing's position on the Syrian crisis, and hopes that, "the Chinese partners will continue their efforts to promote a political settlement."

"Together we call for a peaceful and political-diplomatic solution to conflicts, without double standards, unilateral action or attempts at ousting regimes. Our approaches coincide, among other things, on the uncompromising fight against terrorism," Morgulov said.

To be sure, Russia and China are already largely alligned at the United Nations, where the two nations have repeatedly vetoed Security Council resolutions imposing sanctions against the Assad regime. Moscow has long-standing links to the Assad regime and is its key ally, while China has an established policy of non-intervention in other countries' affairs, although as noted above that appeared to change in 2016.

Needless to say, should China break from its policy of direct foreign non-intervention, and should it indeed side with Syria, and Russia, as it hinted it would do last year, the shape of middle eastern geopolitics would change overnight. And now we await the official, or unofficial, response from China to Russia's "indecent" diplomatic proposal for a joint effort in Syria against the US-led alliance.

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junction's picture

Syria is bad news for everyone.

Raffie's picture

Send Killery, Kerry, G Soros, OhBummer and friends back to Syria.

I'm thinking they will mess it up so bad that after the peek of chaos it will turn into order and repair itself.

Took Red Pill's picture

meanwhile Israel tests a new missile; Why is it okay for some countries but not others?

WTFRLY's picture

B/c Joo World Order rulez

Raffie's picture

I used to worry and think about such things, but it was giving me crows feet and keeping me up at nights so I stopped.

Koba the Dread's picture

Crow's feet? Just keep your shoes on pal and nobody'll notice.

besnook's picture

except the end time evangelicals.

runswithscissors's picture

Gog..Magog ...who the fuck really fucking gives a ratsass?

TheEndIsNear's picture

Before the Vietnam war era I didn't even know where Syria was, and American "Manifest Destiny" was just a slogan in my high school history book instead of actual military intervention into the affairs of sovereign nations half way around the world.

LetThemEatRand's picture

And this is why we're sending the third carrier group to North Korea, neighbor to China and Russia.  The neo-cons believe they can send a message to Russia and China to stop interfering with our international interference.

indygo55's picture

Meh, they gotta send 'em somewhere. Besides if the US attacks the Norks will annihliate Seoul in 48 hours no matter what. 

East Indian's picture

Meh, they gotta send 'em somewhere.


+10. Ha ha. 

How about sending them to the scrap yards? At least some money can be recovered.

Gen. Ripper's picture

Chinks in Syria? Bring it - come learn the true nature of islam

besnook's picture

china is saudi arabia and iran's biggest customer. your butt crack is showing. pull up your pants

Xena fobe's picture

Arabs do not tolerate colonizers very well.  Can't blame them.

just the tip's picture

too bad the europeans don't feel the same.

Pure Evil's picture

The chinese know Islam well from their muslims in Northwest china called the Uighurs and the Kazakhs

BlindMonkey's picture

China is full of their own Islamic militant problems.  They know full well what they and the rest of the civilized world is up against.  

Mazzy's picture

They are dealing with their own Uighur population far better than we are dealing with the "refugee" problem in the West.

Volkodav's picture

       exactly chine don't wanna stir that unless critical...

       here is chine guys singing Serbian War Song: 

Iwanttoknow's picture

Zoipper or what ever your f.. name is you f.. shill.

Read this:

There are many ways in which Saudi Arabia and Israel are truly unique: they are both prime sponsors of terrorism, they are both nations deeply steeped in ideologies which can only be described as uncivilized (Wahabism and Jewish supremacism) and they both are armed to the teeth. But they also have one other thing in common: in spite, or maybe because of, their immense military budgets, these two nations are also militarily very weak. Oh sure, they have lots of fancy military hardware and they like to throw their weight around and beat up some defenseless “enemy”, but once you set aside all the propaganda you realize that the Saudis can’t even deal with the Houtis in Yemen while the Israelis got comprehensively defeated by 2nd rank Hezbollah forces in 2006 (the top of the line Hezbollah forces were concentrated along the Litani river and never saw direct combat): the entire Golani Brigade could not even take Bint Jbeil under control even though that small town was only 1.5 miles away from the Israeli border. This is also the reason why the Saudis and the Israelis try to limit themselves to airstrikes: because on the ground they simply suck. Here again the similarity is striking: the Saudis have become “experts” at terrorizing defenseless Shia (in the KSA or in Bahrain) while the Israelis are the experts on how to terrorize Palestinian civilians. With Trump now officially joining this ugly alliance, the US will contribute the military “expertise” of a country which can’t even take Mosul, mostly because its forces are hiding, literally, behind the backs of Kurdish and Arab Iraqis. To think that these three want to take on Hezbollah, Iran and Russia would be almost comical if it wasn’t for the kind of appalling bloodshed that this will produce. Alas, just look at what the Saudis are doing to Yemen, what the Israelis did to Gaza or Lebanon or what the US did to Iraq and you will immediately get a sense of what the formation of this nefarious alliance will mean for the people of Syria and the rest of the region. The record shows that a military does not need to be skilled at real warfare to be skilled at murdering people: even though the US occupation of Iraq was, in military terms, a total disaster, it did result in almost one and a half million dead people. What is also clear is who the main target of this evil alliance will be: Iran, the only real democracy in the Middle-East. The pretext? Why – weapons of mass destruction, of course: the (non-existing) chemical weapons of the Syrians and the (non-existing) nuclear weapons of the Iranians. In Trump’s own words: “no civilized nation can tolerate the massacre of innocents with chemical weapons” and “The United States is firmly committed to keeping Iran from developing a nuclear weapon and halting their support of terrorists and militias that are causing so much suffering and chaos throughout the Middle East”. Nothing new here. As for how this evil alliance will fight when it does not have any boots worth putting on the ground? Here, again, the solution as simple as it is old: to use the ISIS/al-Qaeda takfiri crazies as cannon fodder for the US, Israel and the KSA. This is just a re-heated version of the “brilliant” Brzezinski plan on how to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Back to the future indeed. And should the “good terrorists” win, by some kind of miracle, in Syria, then turn them loose against against Hezbollah in Lebanon and against the Shias in Iraq and Iran. Who knows, with some (a lot) of luck, the Empire might even be able to re-kindle the “Caucasus Emirate” somewhere on the southern borders of Russia, right? Wrong. For one thing, the locals are not impressed. Here is what the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, had to say about this: “The Israelis, are betting on Isis and all this takfiri project in the region… but in any case they know, the Israelis, the Americans, and all those who use the takfiris, that this is a project without any future. I tell you, and I also reassure everyone through this interview. This project has no future.” He is right, of course. And the newly re-elected President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, openly says that the Americans are clueless: The problem is that the Americans do not know our region and those who advise US officials are misleading them It is pretty clear who these ‘advisors’ are: the Saudis and the Israelis. Their intentions are also clear: to get the Americans to do their dirty work for them while remaining as far back as possible. You could say that the Saudis and Israelis are trying to get the Americans to do for them what the Americans are trying to get the Kurds to do for them in Iraq: be their cannon fodder. The big difference is that the Kurds at least clearly understand what is going on whereas the Americans are, indeed, clueless. Not all Americans, of course. Many fully understand what is happening. A good example of this acute awareness is what b had to say on Moon of Alabama after reading the transcript of the press briefing of Secretary of Defense Mattis, General Dunford and Special Envoy McGurk on the Campaign to Defeat ISIS: My first thought after reading its was: “These people live in a different world. They have no idea how the real word works on the ground. What real people think, say, and are likely to do.” There was no strategic thought visible. Presented were only some misguided tactical ideas. A senior British reporter, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, the President of Iran and a US blogger all seem to agree on one thing: there is no real US “policy” at work here, what we are seeing is a dangerous exercise in pretend-strategy which cannot result in anything but chaos and defeat. So why is the Trump administration plowing ahead with this nonsense? The reasons are most likely a combination of internal US politics and a case of “if all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail”. The anti-Trump color revolution cum coup d’état which the Neocons and the US deep state started even before Trump actually got into the White House has never stopped and all the signs are that the anti-Trump forces will only rest once Trump is impeached and, possibly, removed from office. In response to this onslaught, all that Trump initially could come up with was to sacrifice his closest allies and friends (Flynn, Bannon) in the vain hope that this would appease the Neocons. Then he began to mindlessly endorse their “policies”. Predictably this has not worked either. Then Trump even tried floating the idea of having Joe Lieberman for FBI director before getting ‘cold feet’ and chaning his position yet again. And all the while while Trump is desperately trying to appease them, the Neocons are doubling-down, doubling-down again and then doubling-down some more. It is pretty clear by now that Trump does not have what it takes in terms of allies or even personal courage to tackle the swamp he promised to drain. As a result what we are seeing now looks like a repeat of the last couple of years of the Obama administration: a total lack of vision or even a general policy, chaos in the Executive Branch and a foreign policy characterized by a multiple personality disorder which see the Pentagon, Foggy Bottom, the CIA and the White House all pursuing completley different policies in pursuit of completely different goals. In turn, each of these actors engages in what (they think) they do best: the Pentagon bombs, the State Department pretends to negotiate, the CIA engages in more or less covert operation in support of more or less “good terrorists” while the White House focuses its efforts on trying to make the President look good or, at least, in control of something. Truth be told, Trump has nothing at all to show so far: Russia: according to rumors spread by the US, former corporate executive Rex Tillerson was supposed to go to Moscow to deliver some kind of ultimatum. Thank God that did not happen. Instead Tillerson spent several hours talking to Lavrov and then a couple more talking to Putin. More recently, Lavrov was received by Tillerson in the US and, following that meeting, he also met with Trump. Following all these meetings no tangible results were announced. What does that mean? Does that mean that nothing was achieved? Not at all, what was achieved is that the Russians clearly conveyed to the Americans two basic thing: first, that there were not impressed by their sabre-rattling and, second, that as long as the US was acting as a brain-dead elephant in a porcelain store there was no point for Russian to work with the US. To his credit, Trump apparently backed down and even tried to make a few conciliatory statements. Needless to say, the US Ziomedia crucified him for being “too friendly” with The Enemy. The outcome now is, of course, better than war with Russia, but neither is it some major breakthrough as Trump had promised (and, I believe, sincerely hoped for) during his campaign. DPRK/PRC: what had to happen did, of course happen: all the sabre-rattling with three aircraft carriers strike groups ended up being a gigantic flop as neither the North Koreans nor the Chinese were very impressed. If anything, this big display of Cold War era hardware was correctly interpreted not as a sign of strength, but a sign of weakness. Trump wasted a lot of money and a lot of time, but he has absolutely nothing to show for it. The DPRK tested yet another intermediate range missile yesterday. Successfully, they say. The Ukraine: apparently Trump simply does not care about the Ukraine and, frankly, I can’t blame him. Right now the situation there is so bad that no outside power can meaningfully influence the events there any more. I would argue that in this case, considering the objective circumstances, Trump did the right thing when he essentially “passed the baby” to Merkel and the EU: let them try to sort out this bloody mess as it is primarily their problem. Karma, you know. So, all in all, Trump has nothing to show in the foreign policy realm. He made a lot of loud statements, followed by many threats, but at the end of the day somebody apparently told him “we can’t do that, Mr President” (and thank God for that anonymous hero!). Once this reality began to sink in all which was left is to create an illusion of foreign policy, a make-believe reality in which the US is still a superpower which can determine the outcome of any conflict. Considering that the AngloZionist Empire is, first and foremost, what Chris Hedges calls an “Empire of Illusions” it only makes sense for its President to focus on creating spectacles and photo opportunities. Alas, the White House is so clueless that it manages to commit major blunders even when trying to ingratiate itself with a close ally. We saw that during the recent Trump trip to Saudi Arabia when both Melania and Ivanka Trump refused to cover their heads while in Riyadh but did so when they visited the Pope in the Vatican. As the French say, this was “worse than a crime, it was a blunder” which speaks a million words about the contempt in which the American elites hold the Muslim world. There is another sign that the US is really scraping the bottom of the barrel: Rex Tillerson has now declared that “NATO should formally join the anti-Daesh coalition”. In military terms, NATO is worse than useless for the US: the Americans are much better off fighting by themselves than involving a large number of “pretend armies” who could barely protect themselves in a real battlefield. Oh sure, you can probably scrape a halfway decent battalion here, maybe even a regiment there, but all in all NATO forces are useless, especially for ground operations. They, just like the Saudis and Israelis, prefer to strike from the air, preferably protected by USAF AWACs, and never to get involved in the kind of ugly infantry fighting which is taking place in Syria. For all their very real faults and problems, at least the Americans do have a number of truly combat capable units, such as the Marines and some Army units, which are experienced and capable of giving the Takfiris a run for their money. But the Europeans? Forget it! It is really pathetic to observe the desperate efforts of the Trump Administration to create some kind of halfway credible anti-Daesh coalition while strenuously avoiding to look at the simple fact that the only parties which can field a large number of combat capable units to fight Daesh are the Iranians, Hezbollah and, potentially, the Russians. This is why Iranian President Rouhani recently declared that “Who fought against the terrorists? It was Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Russia. But who funded the terrorists? Those who fund terrorists cannot claim they are fighting against them” and “Who can say regional stability can be restored without Iran? Who can say the region will experience total stability without Iran?” In truth, even the Turks and the Kurds don’t really have what it would take to defeat Daesh in Syria. But the worst mistake of the US generals is that they are still pretending as if a large and experienced infantry force like Daesh/ISIS/al-Qaeda/etc could be defeated without a major ground offensive. That won’t happen. So Trump can dance with the Wahabis and stand in prayer at the wailing wall, but all his efforts to determine the outcome of the war in Syria are bound to fail: far from being a superpower, the US has basically become irrelevant, especially in the Middle East. This is why Russia, Iran and Turkey are now attempting to create a trilateral “US free” framework to try to change the conditions on the ground. The very best the US are still capable of is to sabotage those efforts and needlessly prolong the carnage in Syria and Iraq. That is both pathetic and deeply immoral. * * * When I saw Trump dancing with his Saudi pals I immediately thought of the movies “Dances with Wolves” and “Titanic”. Empires often end in violence and chaos, but Trump has apparently decided to add a good measure of ridicule to the mix. The tragedy is that neither the United States nor the rest of the planet can afford that kind of ridicule right now, especially not the kind of ridicule which can very rapidly escalate in an orgy of violence. With the European politicians paralyzed in a state subservient stupor to the Rothschild gang, Latin America ravaged by (mostly US-instigated) crises and the rest of the planet trying to stay clear from the stumbling ex-superpower, the burden to try to contain this slow-motion train wreck falls upon Russia and China. As for Trump, he made a short speech before NATO leaders today. He spoke about the “threats from Russia and on NATO’s eastern and southern borders”. QED.


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meditate_vigorously's picture

That was interesting, but I stopped reading because FUCKING PARAGRAPHS YOU TROGLODYTE!

World Cash Day's picture

Good post, but I agree with Meditate.

You must still retain hope in Trump. There is no other game in town at the moment.

Hopefully he is listening to Bannon again who no doubt told him appeasement wouldn't work and has been proven correct. Even Kushner must now be coming around to this point of view after the rubbish of the last week!

The fact is. Trump's choice for FBI Director will be telling.

Choose a swamp creature for the FBI and watch his Presidency sink into the swamp as a failure.

Choose a rigid lawman with the mandate to do a proper investigation of Seth Rich, John Podesta, the DNC, Comey, McCabe, the Corrupt Clinton Crimes Cabal and all of them and FIGHT BACK MAN!!!

Fighting with one arm tied behind his back and his eyes closed while whistling Dixie - which he is doing presently is beyond pointless.

Why he didn't Fire Andy McCabe when her fired Comey suggests he doesn't really grasp what he really needs to do. TO WIN BIGLY!!

By the way - Moon of Alabama is no US blogger - B is a German.

samsara's picture

Really really good post.
But please press enter a few times for a new paragraph now and then. Use preview,

Blankone's picture

China never threatened to enter the Syrian war as the article says:
" China unexpectedly warned it was ready to enter the proxy war when in a stunning announcement, Xinhua reported that Beijing was prepared to side with Syria - and Russia "

I would like the author to reference where China said they were going to enter Syria and fight. This appears to be an outright lie. China said they would provide training and some supplies. Big deal. China also said they supported Assad and Russia - as in moral support. They never mentioned direct military involvement of any kind that I can remember.

A year ago there was another BS article or several - one in which it was claimed that China's naval fleet has secretly sailed to Syria and were about to dock at Syrian port and supposedly off load men and equipment and also form a barrier. (Ah, remember the "barrier" that the US could not fly over or shoot missiles across - until they did.)

Now that the meme of "Don't Poke the Bear" has fallen on it's face and Russia has failed to act as the US has invaded with ground troops and has directly bombed the Syrian's (all things we were told would cross Putin's final and last "red line")it's now time for "China is Coming and They Will DO IT" meme.

Sure. China is going into Syria and do what Putin does not have the balls to do. sarc Nope. Better chance of getting Putin to find his balls.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Need to be louder otherwise no one will believe you.

Jump now like a scalded ass monkey...

besnook's picture

it's all about timing. sacrifice a few pawns and maybe a bishop or rook before checkmate. 

BlindMonkey's picture

Good use of the chess analogy.  China moving to protect Assad makes the threats from the other side totally impotent.  In otherwords, if you could have a deus ex machina in chess, this would be the equivalent.  

Laughing.Man's picture

IIRC, the news of China's aircraft carrier sailing to Syria was from Debkafile, which shouldn't be taken seriously.

messystateofaffairs's picture

I think the Russians want the Americans to get bogged down in Syria. There is no right way to do the wrong thing.

WTFUD's picture

Fortunately, thinking's not your strong suit, bud!

silvermail's picture

The United States does not have any opportunity to win a war against Russia or China. This is a well-known fact that has just been officially recognized in the Pentagon.
All the rest is only your personal personal emotions, and your personal illusions.

McCain experienced exactly the same emotions and illusions, until the final defeat of the US in the Vietnam War.
And such precisely emotions and illusions, recently was experienced the best friend of Washington, - Saakashvili. Until the moment when he was in a fit of fear and began to chew his fashionable necktie with the symbols of NATO.

AlbertthePudding's picture

If China and Russia can work together on this then it would set a new standard in diplomacy and a challenge to the central banking warfare economic model currently in play!!

BlussMann's picture

The so called “Syrian Crises” will be over when the USAN’s and their punk ISIS puppets are run out of town.

WTFUD's picture

What about splitting the difference and exterminating them all?

Xena fobe's picture

And here I was thinking things could not get worse for the Syrians. 

Winston Churchill's picture

Only evacuation to Libya could make it worse.

DeadLikeMe's picture

China is planning a new silk road using railways to supply Russian and Europe and the route goes through the region.

WorkingClassMan's picture

Can't imagine I'd ever see the day where I'd hope for Communists and the PLA to be victorious in any conflict...but I am.  Anything to stop the Isn'treali-Saudi-US Terror Juggernaut.  The whole world has been under the bootheel for too long, anything to stop it.

WTFUD's picture

That we're sitting here discussing the merits of Macron's and the Global Elites Plans for Syria's destruction, kindly detailed in advance by the Powers that be, proves we're all Fucked-Up.

If only those pesky, cowardly DAESH folks would turn their angst on the Elite who sponsor them and not joe smith then we could crowdfund them ourselves. Mind you Uncle Shams indiscriminate WMD's in SYRAQ isn't helping.

alphasammae's picture

there is also a balance issue with China and Russia in the east, the Chinese islands, and North Korea . . .

samsara's picture

"... Rothschild's shill Macron that France would get involved after another "chemical attack"

Fixed it for you. Macron , chemical attack... Keeping the lie alive

deoldefarte's picture

So Macron insisted that France will be involved after another chemical attack.

I am certain, that the bad guys, together with the white helmets, upon hearing this, are already

rehersing the next "Syrian chemical attack."

And IMHO, it will be much bigger than the last.

Can't waste a golden opportunity like that.

onmail1's picture

Yes thumbs up
send half a million Chinese to mid east
all problems will be solved

chairman mao's picture

China didn't veto the latest anti-assad vote in UN, after Xi met Trump.

dunce's picture

Nobody ever describes who shall replace the Assad regime. Most likely it is because we are backing the Saudi Sunni side which is Al queda, the same group behind the twin rower destruction. I despise the Iranian Shi-ites but this is not our fight. They are both absolute evil.

SmittyinLA's picture

China's gonna help the Syrians train? Lol

Those people don't need any help in warfare training, I'm 53 there's been war in Syria my whole life and not by any particular group but everybody in Syria. Syria is a multi thousand year old warfare gamefield.

China will "help" by selling weapons to all parties like they always do.