Meotti: Europe Fights Back With Candles And Teddy Bears

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Authored by Giulio Meotti via The Gatestone Institute,

  • Europe still has not realized that the terror which struck its metropolis was a war, and not the mistake of a few disturbed people who misunderstood the Islamic religion.
  • We are apparently not ready to abandon our masochistic rules of engagement, which privilege the enemy's people over our own.
  • It appears that for Europe, Islamic terrorism is not real, but only a momentary disruption of its routine. We fight against global warming, malaria and hunger in Africa. But are we not ready to fight for our civilization? Have we already given up?

This long and sad list is the human harvest of Islamic terrorism on Europe's soil:

Madrid: 191. London: 58. Amsterdam: 1. Paris: 148. Brussels: 36. Copenhagen: 2. Nice: 86. Stockholm: 5. Berlin: 12. Manchester: 22.


And it does not take into account the hundreds of Europeans butchered abroad, in Bali, in Sousse, in Dakka, in Jerusalem, in Sharm el Sheikh, in Istanbul.

But after 567 victims of terror, Europe still does not understand. Just the first half of 2017 has seen terror attacks attempted in Europe every nine days on average. Yet, despite this Islamist offensive, Europe is fighting back with teddy bears, candles, flowers, vigils, Twitter hashtags and cartoons.

Candles and flowers left behind following an evening vigil on May 23, 2017 in Manchester, England, held after a suicide bombing by an Islamic terrorist who murdered 22 concert-goers the night before. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

After 9/11 and 2,996 victims, the U.S. under George W. Bush rose to the fight. The United States and a few brave European allies, such as the UK, Italy and Spain, proved themselves "the stronger horse". Islamic warriors were thrown on the defensive; Jihadist recruits dropped off and dozens of terror plots were disrupted. But that response did not last. Europe quickly retreated into its own homefront, while the Islamists carried the war onto Europe's soil: Madrid, London, Theo van Gogh...

Since then, the situation has only become worse: a simple calculation shows that we went from one attack every two years to one attack every nine days. Take just the last six months: Berlin, London, Stockholm, Paris and now Manchester.

Europe has still not realized that the terror which struck its metropolis was a war, and not the mistake of a few disturbed people who misunderstood the Islamic religion. Today there are more British Muslims in the ranks of ISIS than in the British Armed Forces. According with Alexandre Mendel, author of the book Jihadist France, there are more violent Salafists in France than regular soldiers in the Swedish army.

Thirteen years after the attack on Madrid's trains, Europe's leaders read from the same script: hiding the images of pain, so as not to scare anyone; concealing that the Islamist attackers are "made in Europe" insiders; repeating that "Islam is a religion of peace"; being prisoners inside our liberties; watching them removed one-by-one while we proclaiming that "we will not change our lifestyle"; and eradicating the fundamentals of our civilization -- freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of movement, freedom of religion -- the entire basis, in fact, of the Judeo-Christian West.

Radical Islam is the greatest threat to Europe since Nazism and Soviet Communism. But we still have not been inclined to question any of the political or ideological pillars that have led to the current disaster, such as multiculturalism and mass immigration. Hard counter-terrorism measures, the only ones that could break the terrorists' plans and morale, have never been taken. These would include shutting down mosques, deporting radical imams, banning foreign funding of mosques, closing toxic non-governmental organizations, draining the welfare financing of Europe's jihadists, refraining from flirting with jihadists, and stopping foreign fighters from returning home from the battlefront.

We treat war and genocide as if they are simply mistakes made by our intelligence agencies.

We dismiss radical Islam as the "mental illness" of a few disturbed people. Meanwhile, every week, two new Salafist mosques are opened in France, while radical Islam is preached in more than 2,300 French mosques. Thousands of European Muslims have gone off to wage jihad in Syria and Iraq, and fundamentalists are taking control of mosques and Islamic centers. In Brussels, all the mosques are controlled by the Salafists, who are disseminating radical Islam to the Muslim masses.

The sad truth is that Europe has never had the political will to wage a total war against ISIS and the other jihadist groups. Otherwise, Raqaa and Mosul would already have been neutralized. Instead, Islamists have been taking over Molenbeek in Belgium, the French suburbs and large swaths of Britain. We now should be celebrating the liberation of Mosul and the return of Christians to their homes; instead we are mourning 22 people murdered and 64 wounded by an Islamic suicide-bomber in Manchester, and 29 Christians killed in Egypt this week alone.

Serious fighting would require massive bombing to eliminate as many Islamists as possible. But we are apparently not ready to abandon our masochistic rules of engagement, which privilege the enemy's people over our own. Europe also never demanded that its Muslim communities disavow jihadism and Islamic law, sharia. This silence is what helps Islamists shut the mouths of brave Muslim dissidents. Meanwhile, Europe's armies are getting smaller by the day, as if we already consider this game done.

After every attack, Europe's leaders recycle the same empty slogans: "Carry on"; "We are stronger"; "Business as usual". The Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, tells us that we must get used to daily carnage! He says he believes that the threat of terror attacks is "part and parcel of living in a big city", and that major cities around the world "have got to be prepared for these sorts of things". Does he seriously mean that we are supposed to get used to the massacre of our own children in the Manchester Arena? Islamic terror has now become part of the landscape of so many major European cities: Paris, Copenhagen, Nice, Toulouse, Berlin....

Instead of concentrating on jihad and radical Islam, Europe's leaders continue to talk about the "Russian threat". It would indeed be a mistake to neglect Russian expansionism. But did Vladimir Putin's troops attack Westminster? Did Russian agents blow themselves up, taking the lives of children at a Manchester concert? Did a former Soviet spy massacre Swedes walking in Stockholm? For Europe's leaders, talking about Putin appears a welcome distraction from the real enemies.

The French writer Philippe Muray wrote in his book, Dear Jihadists:

"Dear Jihadists! Quake before the wrath of the man in Bermuda shorts! Fear the rage of consumers, of travellers, of tourists, of holiday-makers, who rise from their caravans! Imagine yourselves like us, as we wallow in the joy and luxury that have weakened us".

It seems that for Europe, Islamic terrorism is not real, but only a momentary disruption of its routine. We fight against global warming, malaria and hunger in Africa, and for a global world of equality. But are we not ready to fight for our civilization? Or have we already given up?

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css1971's picture

I'm pretty sure we're in the millions by now.

Mr. Kwikky's picture

Gatestone Institute..enough said..ZIO scum

Memedada's picture

Yes, paid propagandists. The Gatestone-drivel is nauseating but gets a lot of resonance among the controlled opposition on this site (the majority).

Mr. Kwikky's picture

you mean the paid trolls and manipulators to keep you away from the tribe aka the chosen ones.

AVmaster's picture

Feminism/Socialism/Marxism/Communism has totally fucked an entire continent...


This is gonna be good, lots of popcorn to be had... And the best part is that it will get much much much worse before it will even collapse and THEN the good stuff will start.


We aren't even seeing the warm ups yet.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

9-11 was an inside job. 



HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

ALL acording to plan...nothing to see here, it is just a plan to turn europe into a future race of mongrel Jew-worshippers...

check also:
-Kalergi plan (miscegenation into low IQ brown mongrels) / also Hooton plan
-George Soros leaks on the Merkel plan
-Charlemagne Prize BEARERS list
-Soros professional rapefugee smugglers

-Barbara divörsity Lerner Spectre
"I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive." ~ Barbara Lerner Spectre

Alt Right Girl's picture

Next they will fight back with dildos.

By passing them along in a circle.

We need back the old school values.

Why Should Women Save Their Virginity for Marriage

Chuck-Norris's picture

Who the hell buys flowers/teddies for unknown people?


SoDamnMad's picture

Yeah  The jihadits will come back at night and cut all the teddy bear throats and then the Pappy Bares will come back at night and leave honey combs for the unknown teddys.

HowdyDoody's picture

The Brits Dunkirk Spirit - they didn't let the Nazis bomb them into submission.

Same when the US-sponsored IRA was letting off bombs. Same when the Zionists are running their false flag bombing attacks.

US - The Russians are coming!!!! OMG, we are gonna die!


Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

the dividend of comfort is cowardice

cayman's picture

Muslims think they push hard on the pendulum, but when it swings back they will re-learn how hard the white man pushes, and then it will be "poor us, we're so oppressed."  It looks weak and hopeless until the white man snaps, and then the right leaders arise and it's a Muslim mass extinction.

pilager's picture

Pussy hats and dildos. Lol.

Mr. Kwikky's picture

Rather an outside job in cahoots with the zionist scum that has infiltrated the Israeli 'art' students

SubjectivObject's picture


"After 9/11 and 2,996 victims, the U.S. under George W. Bush rose to the fight."

(((GateStone))) outs itself as a hasbara troll group, and any chance for credibility dies.

Mementoil's picture

Isn't it funny how the first comments to any article of ZH that deals with Islamic terrorism are always pro-Muslim, trying to shift the blame to others?
I used to wonder - how come these guys are so quick on the "send" button? Do they spend all their time here?
And then it hit me - these accounts probably belong to PR companies, who are payed to whitewash Islamic terrorism and confuse the western public.

Saudi petro dollars put to work! 

DEMIZEN's picture

wage war against whom? russians share intel with europeans, zhe germans know very well where these attacks come from.To fight the real source of terrorism according to ZH would more or less mean WW3 or not?


you people confuse me sometimes...

Ghordius's picture

the confusion is... the very purpose of the article, and stems from a completely different set of affairs

yes, Russia shares this load with us on the Continent. Russia has it's own Muslim population, with even a majority-Muslim Republic smack in the middle of the Russian Federation, Tatarstan

Russia has it's own number of idiots, aka young, impressionable men going to Syria in order to fight under the banner of ISIS

Mr. Putin has done an impressive amount of speeches and interviews on all that, all available on YouTube

the real problem is not even that black IS banner. the problem is that Banner of the "Judeo-Christian White" Reaction

specifically, the problem is... our problem, on the european Continent. because that reaction does not fit our realities, neither in Russia nor in Germany nor in Italy nor in France nor in many other continental european countries

in our continental reality, terrorism is something we are experts about, something that was always with us, something that we know how to tackle

in our continental reality, Islam is not monolithic, it is actually in strife between factions, and we have to take care to never forget who is who, and why, because it matters to them and to us

in our continental reality... those easy solutions and simplifications are not easy at all, and dangerous

on a lighter mood, I hope Mr. Putin enjoyed his recent visit of the Palace of Versailles

DEMIZEN's picture



The real danger of Islam in not in suicidal ventures of some very suspiciously unhinged characters. It is the Islamic secularism that erodes European laissez-faire. 

It is important to understand the causes of secularism because they indirectly drive the demographic contrasts between these groups. The reasons have nothing to do with religious doctrine; the two principal dogmas don't differ notably on the matter.


There is a very straightforward and obvious reason behind the factors driving birth rates.

When you exclude part of society from your national safety network, either be with legal means or latent systemic discrimination, the group will resort to a larger family planning as an alternative secular safety net; large families will compensate for a state-provided sense of security for old age.


there are just two solutions:

1. we reinstate a sort neo-feudal style flow of capital and human resources and let osmotic pressure control the border flow.

2. we appropriate social benefit to 18+  and longer-term residents without exceptions.

Jubal Early's picture

"the real problem is not even that black IS banner. the problem is that Banner of the "Judeo-Christian White" Reaction"

You got that right but you are clueless as to why.

It is the Chritians who believe in Judeo-Christianity who are the biggest problems.  The race traitors who believe that some how our destiny is dependent on theirs.  They are the ones allowing yid domination of our societies from banking to media to education and most of all to our arms industries.

And they are also the most difficult nut to crack, because they are so seeped in yid propaganda they actually believe that it was the jews who were persecuted for the last 2000 years.

Old Europe's picture

If you refuse to secure your borders, you get invaded, then colonized, finally expelled or killed. This is the law of nature.

It doesn´t matter if it´s done by bombing, shooting, gang raping or using iron pipes and baseball bats.

Merkel and the EU are promoting, supporting and obfuscating one of the biggest  land grabbings, one of the biggest genocides in history.

It´s useless to discuss methods of "fighting terrorism" when the peoples of Europe are being REPLACED as we speak. It´s pointless to look for hidden ISIS fighters, when the Brussels terrorregime under Merkel resettles all of Africa to Europe.

All this is distraction tactic while M E R K E L keeps the borders wide open.

south40_dreams's picture

Oh look, a gun free zone

Cruel Joke's picture

In Europe (except some countries) you are only allowed to fight radical Islam with #hashtags, candles and flowers.

Think Slovakia or Hungary will accept a whitey (me) as a new citizen?

Jubal Early's picture

Ever heard of FATCA?  Good luck migrating from the US white slave plantation.

Cruel Joke's picture

Don't know what FATCA is ... and I'm not in the US.

Jubal Early's picture

Financial Accounting Tax Compliancy Act.  Better known as Citizenship Based Taxation.  US persons have to file FBAR's 8838 and other special forms for foreign bank accounts.  Passed by the Democrats in 2010 with out a single republican vote, like ACA, it forced virtually all non-US financial institutions to refuse services to any person with "US indicia".

gmak's picture

live by the candle, die by the sword.


If only history were still taught, everyone might realize that the Crusades were not an aggressive Western attempt at invasion and colonization, but a response to the Islamic invasion of Europe. They would see that the Islamic invasion was only stopped iwth great sacrifice on 9/11 at the gates of Vienna. 


Our great grandchildren will be wearing vvels and throwing homosexuals off of roofs.

new game's picture

i see desparate humans killing each other over water, food and oil. it is called overpopulation. organized systems break down\ fragile systems...

simple shit maynard.

chiaroscuro's picture

You can thank the Polish-Lithuanian Winged Hussars for saving Europe at the Battle of Vienna in 1683.

Who will save it now?

Scanderbeg's picture

They all have to go back.

Simple enough but incomprehensible to the libtards of course.

Instead they will say " If we're not nice they"ll get mad and huwt us" and then proceed to wheel out the piano for some cuck to sing "imagine".

effendi's picture

Not far enough. If you leave a cancer like islam anywhere in the world they will use those safe bases to rebuild and to send fresh waves of infiltrators to wreck mayhem. They will also continue to terrorise their minorities (Christians, Buddists, Hindus etc) and their nominal/moderate muslim in name only will continue to be forced to veil and otherwise submit to the hardliners. Just like in WW2 it wasn't enough to remove the Nazi occupiers from France but necessary to remove it from its heartland through complete and unconditional surrender. Remove islam by any means necessary from places like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan 

Ghordius's picture

"Remove islam by any means necessary from places like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan"

in the case of Pakistan, there would be a "small" problem: it's new friend, China

in the case of Saudi Arabia, and even "smaller" problem: it's new best friend, the US

Beijing is pouring billions in Pakistan's new infrastructure, all built by Chinese workers and engineers and watched over by Pakistani armed forces, note

Washington has just made contracts in the hundreds of billions range with Saudi Arabia, guaranteeing it's protection and selling plenty of arms, from planes to tanks to missiles, the whole range

Cruel Joke's picture

UK is already lost:

MUSLIM Mayor Of Birmingham

MUSLIM Mayor Of Luton

MUSLIM Mayor Of Blackburn

MUSLIM Mayor Of Sheffield

MUSLIM Mayor Of Oxford

MUSLIM Mayor Of Oldham

MUSLIM Mayor Of Rochdale

MUSLIM Mayor Of London

Scotland Yard are there to protect muslim communities first. Sharia Law in a number of areas.

Do you see any problem?

Jubal Early's picture

It wasn't the Muslims who let the Muslims stick their foot in the door. 

As Patton said, Britain and the US fought the wrong enemy.

Von Berger's picture

Europe still thinks that this is a rehearsal.

Kaeako's picture

Not really. It's just too weak to do anything about it. History is rife with once-powerful civilizations that became too weak to protect themselves and new tribes just settled in their lands facing little to no resistance. Sometimes these migrations were encouraged by the natives. In some cases, over a period of decades or centuries, these more virile and aggressive newcomers then ended up taking over the government or balkanizing the lands. The process is quite clearly taking place in Europe, hopefully the endgame won't be quite that dramatic.

fliebinite's picture

The europeans who dominated the world two centuries ago are not the people who live in europe today.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

its the guilt of conquering the world over the last 2 centuries that has us cowed into a secular equivalent of original sin

FoggyWorld's picture

Honestly, I am not sure what Europeans think.   So much of their media is censored one way or another and I scratch my head at some of their election restults and wonder if that software company in Spain owned by Soros doesn't have a hand in these results.

It's just difficult to believe that these nations are made up of ignorant, self destructive people.   If it is true, I would love to know just how this has happened so rapidly and after WW2.

Cruel Joke's picture

In a democracy the people replace politicians

In EU politicians replace the people

silverer's picture

The EU had better get on board. Let's hope "we're reading Tommy wrong".

"I promised you dad,
Not to do the things you've done,
I walk away from trouble when I can.
Now please don't think I'm weak,
I didn't turn the other cheek,
But papa, I sure hope you understand,
Sometimes you gotta fight when you're a man."

Kenny Rogers
"Coward Of The County"

Batman11's picture

There are certain wars you can’t win, as the US found in Vietnam.

The Right started interfering and bombing Muslim countries and the Left had created multicultural societies.

It could only be a disaster.

Separate the Middle East into like minded regions and get it back on its feet and the problems will dissipate as long as we stop interfering.

Harry Lightning's picture

The US won the war on the battlefields of VietNam, it lost the war in the offices of politicians in Washington. The US military crushed both the NVA and the Viet Cong. The TET Offensive was one of the greatest military victories of all time, making the reknowned Israeli 6 Day War victory meek in comparison. US forces killed well over a million of its enemy while suffering less than 60,000 losses. There would be no Northern half of VietNam today had just one politician in Washington had the guts to end the totalitarianism of Hanoi by exploiting Hanoi's lethal weakness : the dams in the north of the country that if broken would have flooded the North and ended the war. 

The Middle East is a different story being fought for different reasons by a group of actors motivated by different ideologies. There is no comparison to VietNam other than the willingness of American politicians to prevent victory on the battlefield from translating into political victory in the capitals of these sewer countries. Not once has the mother of all terrorism been made to feel the pain of military decimation, even though the United States had it surrounded on three sides for several years after Iraq and Afghanistan were under complete control of the US military and its allies. Had someone in Washington had an appreciation of history and an understanding of the consequences of foolhardy attempts at diplomacy with people who would rather die than cooperate, perhaps the requisite stake would have been forged into the heart of evil and terrorists would have seen their cause as lost.

But no, obama stole defeat from the jaws of victory, because the fool never wanted the US in the region of his religious soulmates, and felt obligated to his Muslim masters to reverse the American victory that he inherited. There is no other reasonable explanation as to how or why obama lost Iraq and Afghanistan, and in so doing gave rise to a new brand of evil terrorist that we have come to know as ISIS. 

The only reason this war on terror continues is because American politicians on the right and left do not understand the law of the jungle, do not care to countenance the kill or be killed mentality required to win wars. The terrorist respects only one man, that who is deemed more insane and more ruthless than him. Bringing terror to terrorists is the way to victory against them, when they realize that you are more crazy than them, and you show it, then they respect you and retreat away from you. To defeat terror you must drop the concept of civilized war, of surgical air strikes, of winning hearts and minds. No, that strategy does not work among people whose minds remain trapped in a Middle Ages mentality, who think they can repel the invaders as their forefathers did the later Crusades. 

Hold communities responsible for their coddling of terrorists in their midst. Make the native residents of areas from where terrorists breed pay for the sins of their neighbors. A suicide bomber from a town in Syria kills 20-something at a British concert ? The next that town in Syria needs to be annihilated, wiped from the amp, and all of its residents exterminated. Send the message across the Islamic world that if your village sends a terrorist out into the world, you will pay the ultimate price for not stopping him, because by you not stopping him your entire community became complicit in his terror. 

Amyone in the West who disagrees must then be silenced, because the terrorist thrives on the discord of his enemy. There needs to be one policy of all against terror, lest the terorists have the opportunity to pick their targets and continue their war. Europe's response to terror, as delineated in the report above, has been as much responsible for the continued terror attacks in Europe as anything the terror organizations can lay claim to. Every European should  be required to read the story of the Trojan Horse in The Iliad, because that is what is being done to them through their incredibly stupid immigration policies that seek to maintain low wages and high profits for companies that eventually will be subjected to Sharia Law and rule by Muslim directorates. How many Jews in America will be buying $70,000 Mercedes Benz cars after the company is renamed Mohammad Benz ? 

When the western world rose to confront the Nazi terror, it stood as one force with one mission and one leadership that directed the fight. And everyone who was against the Nazis in Europe toed the line and followed that one strategy for victory It was a heartless and cruel strategy, it took all remnants of civilization out of the war effort, it recognized victory only by how many dead enemy soldiers could be seen as the warriors of justice rolled towards Berlin. The same in Asia, look at what Truman did to vanquish the Japanese, on three different occasions - the fire bombing of Tokyo and two atomic bomb strikes - killing a hundred thousand civilians to terrorize the country into submission. It was barbaric no doubt, but unfortunately that is how wars are decided between countries of highly-dedicated people who think they are right in their cause. 

To see what a people must enfure to win a war, look at the brave people of Leningrad and Stalingrad, who survived amidst one of the worst sieges in the history of humankind. But they knew that their suffering, and their will to stand up and fight their enemy, was the only way that they would someday get their retribution, and destroy those who imprisoned them in their homes without food or other essentials. 

Where is the will of politician and army alike in fighting terrorists today ? Why do we not learn from the lessons of history instead of making its mistakes ? Why is it not recognized that in the history of nation states, nothing of great substance ever has been decided but at the point of the gun ? What is to be gained with honey when the opponents only can taste vinegar ? 

You are correct, multi-culturalism and the desire to accept the lie that people from all over the world are equal all have been the gate openers that allowed the Trojan Horse to entire western society. The desire to do good for those of lesser circumstance is a nobel cause, yet one that still gets Westerners killed. People from all over the world are not equal, because they choose to believe different belief systems that either impoverish them or radicalize them as a proposed antidote to deal with the anger of being impoverished by their own governments. Muslim preachers of hate against the West are no better than barkers at the circus, they corrupt a religion to turn a nation's anger against dictators the imams pay tribute to into a reverse-engineered Crusade against those people who have what the impoverished want : political freedom and economic prosperity. The West is portrayed to be evil because its people live in better living standards, obviously the Westerners must have made Faustian deals with Satan to have such wealth. Playing on the human natire characteristic of jealousy, the Muslim preacher in the Middle East convinces an uneducated mass that their pains of life are the zero sum game result of the West stealing Muslim wealth through the manipulation of oil prices. 

The sheer lunacy of the proposition, and the fact that it is selected by the uneducated and lied-to masses over the truth that dictators steal the nation's wealth over and again for their own benefit and keep the nation's people uninformed so as to propagate this theft and degradation, stand as the most cogent and efiicacious reasons for not throwing any more good money after bad in these regions. Yes, it would be a winning strategy if these masses could become educated to the degree that they could see through the fog and recognize that its their own people who steal the share of the nation's wealth that is owned by the nation's people. It would be wonderfully stimulative if these people could be educated to the point that they understand that the West has no part in the impoverishment of their country, that if not for Western money these countries probably would long ago have succumbed to the poverty, starvation and disease that is the hall mark of long term dictatorship. 

Alas, its not to happen. Not until the West can remove the political, military and religious leadership that controls the belief systems that are used to keep poor people from revolution. This is why we must win this war on terror on the battlefield and in the mortuary rather than in a fictional classroom. Because we will not be given the opportunity to get near the classroom, the educated consumer is the dictator's worst customer. 

It certainly would have been better for the West if they never had the reason or need to become interfaced and intertwined with these Muslim people and their maniacal rulers. But a combination of religion and the industrial revolution, separated by hundreds of years, drew Western money and the armies that defend it to this region. It was not the formation of Israel that caused the present day troubles, Israel is the excuse not the reason. Even if Israe packed up and moved to the Gobi Desert or the suburds of Cornfield, Nebraska, the poverty in Islamic dictatorial cociety would continue, and the dictators who reign over the rape of their people continually will need a scapegoat to blame their nation's problem on. Israel just makes it easier for the apologists of Muslim totalitarianism to survive and even prosper to some degree. Israel is the pressure release valve that makes it easier for the Muslim dictator to hide his crimes against his own people, and for his lapdog Muslim preachers to create the story line of the alibi.  There's is not a system open to reform, it is a criminal enterprise that uses every form of violence to maintain its dedication to evil against humanity.

Against this backdrop you must consider terrorism from the Arab and Persian lands. With this perspective you must judge the actions of the aggressor and the responses of the aggrieved. Only by understanding the true dynamic that perpetuates Islamic terror, only by comprehending how Islam is being held hostage to the material designs of men driven by power rather than scripture - only be seeing the Muslim world with both eyes open can you see the true foundation of Islamic terror and the means that are needed to vanquish it. 

And in summary, only by recognizing the means by which totalitarianism is maintained can you design methods by which the dictator is overturned and the ability of people to dictate their own future returned to their lives. 

Jubal Early's picture

"The US won the war on the battlefields of VietNam"

I quit reading your Yankee drivel there.  You and Neocons like you are the problem.

silverer's picture

"The US won the war on the battlefields of Vietnam"

Well, that's pretty much true. But it's a war we shouldn't have been involved in anyway. It was Lyndon Johnson's gift to the neocons and military industrial complex "Ike" Eisenhower warned the US public about.

Sandmann's picture

The German Army was undefeated on the Westerm Front was the politicians that betrayed the Army. The "Dolchstoss Theory".

Harry Lightning recycles German interwar propaganda

Jubal Early's picture

I think after 1933 when Judea declared war on Germany that the Germans figured out that it wasn't the "politicians" that stabbed the German army in the back.  It was the (((communists))).