New Generation Of Bombs Undetectable By Airport Scanners: What's The Solution?

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In response to Homeland Security Ponders Laptop Ban On All International Flights: Surefire Way to Stop Bombs on Planes reader Brindu sent a pair of interesting links discussing new bombs that airport scanners cannot detect.

Please consider U.S. Believes ISIS’ Bomb-Making Research Includes New Generation of Explosives.

Amid the bombed-out ruins of Mosul University, U.S. officials say they have uncovered evidence that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was developing a new type of bomb that could pass through an airport scanner undetected.


CBS News joined Iraqi Special Forces in Mosul just days after the hard-fought battle to recapture the University in January. It’s long been believed that Mosul University was the center of the militants’ bomb-making projects, using the school’s equipment and labs.


Now, U.S. officials believe that research includes a new generation of more powerful explosives that could be concealed in a computer.


When ISIS overran Mosul in 2014, they also captured the city’s international airport. And with it, all the modern security scanner and screening equipment necessary to test their new bombs.

Professional Pilots Discussion

The Professional Pilots Rumor Network, PPRuNE Website, has a discussion on undetectable bombs.

Dubaian: What’s to stop ISIS putting this clever new ‘undetectable’ stuff in pretty well anything a PAX might take on board. And it’d be easier than replumbing a laptop.

Peekay4: A working explosive is composed of several elements. These elements can be disguised within a laptop, large tablet, etc. Put them into a box of chocolates or a can of Pringles, they would be very easy to detect.

EDLB: What can they detect in checked luggage but not in a carry-on?

Peekay4: Not going into specifics but part of the reason for requiring them in checked luggage is not only for detection but also isolation (containment).

Lomapaseo: Containment from what? If they go boom as baggage the damage is variable as hell based on location. If they go boom in the cabin the damage is predictable based on seat location and/or overhead storage which is specific by PNR (boarding pass). And then there is the fire hazard from a typical LI cheap battery in passenger luggage. In the overhead or cabin, it’s specific in location and ability to assess and contain.

Infrequentflyer789: If they go boom in the cabin the damage is predictable based on exactly where the attacker decides to set it off, which is nothing to do with a boarding pass. A small boom set by a clever attacker in the right place is going to be as big a threat as a large boom placed randomly, and that’s before we get onto stuff like shaped charges and really clever placement.

Edmundronald: This will make Chromebooks and other net-connected empty-shell computers the tool of choice for biz travelers. Rent one or buy a cheap one as soon as you touch down.

RTD1: Rather, this will result in a massive push towards video conferencing/telepresence in lieu of business travel. I’ve been a management/technology consultant flying weekly for 20 years now, and if this ban were extended to all domestic and international flights, I’d likely either find an alternative to in-person meetings or switch careers if it were not feasible. I haven’t checked a bag (save for gate checking carry-ons on puddle jumpers) in years. I keep my timelines from landing to meeting starts pretty tight, and I count on flying time for working. I’m not unique, such a rule would be devastating for business travel.

Pax Britanica: There is always an element of business travel that is not really necessary but its hard line to draw between beneficial and essential. There are also events like conferences where most of the attendees don’t’ actually attend but meet with peers from other companies and do business just because a lot of people from one industry are in the same place. Ie the conference itself isn’t really ‘necessary’ but it’s a good opportunity to meet clients and suppliers without doing separate trips. Video links are usually fine for inside the company work and some external stuff but many cultures like the physical presence bit.

Mickjoebill: What about camera crews and photographers who carry kilos of lumpy electronic gear onboard? It is trivial to provide enough power to activate a camera to make the battery appear unadulterated when the cells have been repacked with something deadly.Unless every item is sniffed, a laptop ban seems half arsed.

ISIS Knows What We Know About Them

The preceding comment by Mickjoebill gets to the heart of the matter. And that was the point of my satirical suggestion on a  Surefire Way to Stop Bombs on Planes.

ISIS knows, that we know, that they had been working on laptops. As a result, ISIS will likely shift to an electronic toy or camera equipment (as I suggested in my post).

FAA Traffic by the Numbers

In 2105, the FAA Traffic by Numbers website shows some interesting air traffic statistics.

  • There were 8,727,691 commercial flights in 2015.
  • There are 7,000 planes in the sky at any given time.
  • There are 23,911 flights a day

Convenience vs Safety

Does it make sense to ban all laptops on all flights as they are discussing now?

Banning laptops alone is insufficient. It is impossible to eliminate all airplane risk without banning all flights.

Reader Maxx offered this pertinent thought:

At some point to unravel a knot, you have to start pulling on the other end of the string. Technology chasing technology only goes so far.


For all the time spent harassing a new mom about baby formula, we could be using those hours to interview a 20-year-old “quiet” male with no real friends and an extensive Facebook trail to a Pakistani ISP.


When are people going to wake up and realize politically correct bull&h!t is FATAL. This is costing our economy enormously.

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dlweld's picture

Well, you can't get them through airport security - so a bit hard to deploy to other countrys.

nevertheless's picture

because terrorism is governemt sponsored, and they use it to train us, period. 


Everyone knows governments have been behind terrorism many times in the past, why should the present be any different? 

Catullus's picture

They should just ban passangers at this point.

Seriously. Ban my laptop and I'm done flying. And some business travel is superfluous... if you're not in sales. Or maybe my company can just hire a minion to do all my work while I'm out and surgically attached to my phone.

smacker's picture

"They should just ban passangers at this point."

Are you saying they should just take the luggage but not the pax? ;-)

Catullus's picture

I mean, somehow no one has blown up a FedEx or UPS plane yet.  You don't even hear about them crashing.

passerby's picture

Start a budget airline that does absolutely no screening. Call it Pair-a-dice Air.

random999's picture

For all the time spent harassing a new mom about baby formula, we could be using those hours to interview a 20-year-old “quiet” male with no real friends and an extensive Facebook trail to a Pakistani ISP.

LOL and there you go. The most suspected guy is the one who doesnt use BULLSHIT like facebook. No track record definitly is a terrorist.

smacker's picture

Given that John McInsane has close friendships with ISIS leaders, I'm sure he could be persuaded to have a word in their ear and ask them to stop all this nonsense and just go back to decapitating innocent people.

shimmy's picture

Just ban all commercial air travel. Then ban cars and ban going to stores and concerts. Ban everything, even banning apartments and subdivisions since residences are close enough to each other that anything could result in a high kill total. Just act like scared little bitches that something very uncommon may happen.

If humanity is really going to be like this then it doesn't deserve to keep living. 

Jack Oliver's picture

New Generation Of Bombs Undetectable By Airport Scanners:

That's FUCKING convenient !!

More complete BULLSHIT !!



flacorps's picture

Work in the cloud and rent a device at your destination.

Accept that planes will get attacked once in a while and learn from the attacks.

Create a database of what every make and model of unadulterated device looks like when xrayed and upgrade the scanners to use it to spot changes.

A few ideas ... if there are any grown-ups out there.

venturen's picture

remind me again which kills more liberal drivers in prius or terrorists with bombs on planes?

Umh's picture

The world wide computer with user customizable interfaces will provide all of your computing needs. Those pesky personal devices are dangerous.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Drunk driving illegal aliens are twice the threat.

nevertheless's picture

A fact you will never hear from ZioMedia, where there is no such thing as illegal immigrant crime, that would get in the way of Zionist open borders, and the destruction of America. 


The greatest threat to America, mas migration of Latinos, it IS turning American into a Spanish speaking Latino country, anti white and pro-big government.


This has been the plan by Zionist Jews for decades. And while their media and their pawn Trump focus on minuscule Muslim migration (migration caused by our terrorism of the Middle East), the flood of Latinos continues. 



Grandad Grumps's picture

I never believe anything that "US Officials" say unless they are specifically names along with their position and/or agency. Liars never want to be identified, but want people to believe their lies.

A waste of time writing the article.

People are not a threat to people. ISIS is a lie.

dogismycopilot's picture

Ban Muslims from flying US Carriers.

That's the answer, but no one will do it.

This message brought to you by Turkish Airlines, the airline of choice for Radical Islamic Assholes and the 'moderate' muslims in the rest of the world too shit scared to do or say anything against the violent 10% 'extremist' of their 'religion' who really control Islam.

nevertheless's picture

Ban Jews from government, ban them from "contributing" to campaigns, ban them from Hollywood, and Wall Street, MSM, and think tanks...And overnight America would go from warmongering, Fascist state, over run with illegals, to a nation that respects the constitution and it's people and loves its founders. 

Kat Daddy's picture

Rather Hitlerian, however, it's been done a 100 times before and it works like a charm.  How many frauds can we push; 1. Ashkenazi Jews are the Hebrew diaspora.  2. Shoah Business, the Holocaust;  3.  Global fiat money scam  4. Diversity for racist white countries (multiculturalism) , racial purity for Israel (Nationalism).  5) Gun control for the West, automatic weapons for IDF vets (everybody), on and on.

asierguti's picture

This is the most absurd thing I've ever heard. Why not just ask the passanger to turn on the laptop and see if it works? I've been asked to do this few times. You can't have a working bomb and working laptop at the same time.


According these security consultants, the problem is that the terrorist can set off the bomb anywhere in the cabin, but if the terrorist checks in the luggage, it can go off anywhere. Less than 1kg of explosives downed the russian Metrojet plane in 2015.


My guess is that this is just another way to make money off of people.

dlweld's picture

You can have a working laptop and a bomb too - half the battery can be replaced - I suspect this technique is of the "secrets" that Trump passed to Putin. And hey, if the "laptop" explodes in the security area - maybe that's enough.

Kat Daddy's picture

The Travel Suppression Agency (TSA) recommends all passengers fly naked to facilitate security at airports.

Squidward_Tentacles's picture

If everyone looked like Michael Moore then I'd be "all in" on this idea.  :-)

tuttisaluti's picture

We need Muslim only flights, pilots included

nevertheless's picture

this is not about Muslims you sheep, this is about taking away American's civil rights, as is terrorism in general.


like 9/11, terrorism is a government manufactured tool to take away the right we worked so hard to acquire. 



Land Snark's picture

Exactly right. the Terroist Industiral Complex (TIC) funds the MIC

quasi_verbatim's picture

A million people are in the sky at any particular time. Most of them make it to the depot and some of them make it to hell.

Land Snark's picture

As has been mentioned already, this is all theater.  FEDex. UPS ...ZERO incidents. Why? ZERO container ship incidents. Why? NO I- 95 (or other major highway) incidents. No power station / grid issues. The list could go on. If there really was a "terrorist" threat, it would have presented itself in massive ways by now.  No...just control measures - on us.  For our "protection". If there's no "threat", theres's no funding.

the6thBook's picture

You don't think UK murder the other week was massive?  FEDex or UPS don't guarantee a body count and we already had the printer cartridge bombs in 2010.  The terrorists are getting what they want, a massive invasion under the name "refugee"  Why screw it up with something massive like that?  After they take over they are going to need I-95 and the electrical grid, and aren't going to have the smarts to repair it.

GeezerGeek's picture

ReL "No power station / grid issues."

Feb. 2014: snipers take out power transformers in California.

InnVestuhrr's picture

Eradicate the pure evil islamic cult and the problem is also mostly eradicated.

GodSpeed_00's picture

Make every passenger eat some bacon and spit on the Koran before boarding.

GeezerGeek's picture

Free bacon? Yum. That might tempt me to fly for the first time since Jan. 2001.

Expat's picture

The solution might be to stop oppressing, torturing, and killing Arabs and Muslims.  There is no way to stop "terrorism".  There will also be attacks unless you make people walk around naked with their hands tied behind their backs.  Right-wing terrorists have cause six times  as many deaths in the US than Muslim terrorists since 9/11. 

Or let's just keep bombing the shit out of the rest of the world, arming dictators, and then wondering why people get pissed off at us.

frontierland's picture

You forgot to mention the critical phase of the Ethnic Conflic Model:

Flooding White Nations with Hostile, Incompatible 3rd World Non-Whites.

quesnay's picture

"Right-wing terrorists have cause six times as many deaths in the US than Muslim terrorists since 9/11."

I don't think you have your numbers right. The biggest 'right-wing' terrorist attack was in Oklahoma over 22 years ago and it killed 168 people. I'm not aware of any significant 'right-wing' terrorist attack since then or even any right-wing terrorist group that is active (are you?). I can't think of a single right-wing 'terrorist attack' since Oklahoma actually.

9/11 killed 2996 people.

Don't get me wrong, I believe the threat of terrorism is overblown. Statistically insignificant. But I don't see how you can say right-wing terrorists have killed six time more people in the US since 9/11. I can't even think of a single right-wing terrorist incidence since 9/11.

GeezerGeek's picture

Apparently you believe the official story on Oklahoma City.

Please accept my wishes for a complete recovery.

quesnay's picture

I've never heard an alternative theory and the main theory makes sense to me, so yes I accept the official story. I'd have to make up a story out of thin air to even have an alternative story.

Abaco's picture

The official story ob Oklahoma City is horseshit as are the official stories on Waco, Ruby Ridge, JFK, 9/11 etc.

This latest official terror ploy is just propaganda to get the people to surrender more civil liberties to the state machinery.  It is stupid to believe anything about the War On Terror (tm) when the borders remain porous.

The Federal government is our biggest threat.



Abaco's picture

Agreed that we should stop being constantly at war in the middle east and everywhere else. Also agreed that our efforts in the ME make more enemies than friends.  It is, however, idiotic to assert that Islamic terrorism is the RESULT of our military efforts. Islamic terrorism began in the 600's with Mohammed a thousand years before there was a US.



RougeUnderwriter's picture

Check out what happen at BWI this week end - can't make this shit up:

daveO's picture

"Kottke's current employment status is not being confirmed. In 2015, he served in the U.S. Marshal's Service and received honors as an officer of the month for crowd control."

Vin's picture

They could start by profiling.  That might cut down the threats 50%.

estebanDido's picture

Ban the US gov from planes, that will solve the problem.

besnook's picture

9/11 was 16 years ago. no one under 30 really has any idea what really happened. catch the 9/11 perps and all this shit ends. most people over 30 should know who did it. it wasn't muslims. it was zionazis.

RocketScience's picture

The laptop ban in the cabins is not about explosives. 

If we want to check a laptop for explosives we can weigh it, or sniff it. However, as the author points out, the terorists can place explosives in toys, cameras, etc.

iamrefreshed's picture

What's to stop a drone attack on a runway?

frontierland's picture

In other to maintain the inorganic abstraction that is a Multiracial Society, an Authoritarian Police State is inevitable. 

Diversity = End of Muh Freedoms

Koba the Dread's picture

Right! And Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and Assad gassed his own people and Russia invaded Ukraine and aluminum airplanes crashed three steel buildings and I'll respect you in the morning and I won't cum in your mouth.

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