Turkey Refuses To Grant Germans Access To Incirlik Airbase

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While Angela Merkel is busy sowing the seeds of the next cold war between Germany and the Trump administration (and therefore the US, if only for the next three and a half years), a troubling flashpoint for Germany continues to grow in Turkey where on Tursday, Turkey's foreign minister said it is not possible to allow German lawmakers to visit troops stationed at Turkey's Incirlik air base now, although he said Ankara may reconsider if it sees "positive steps" from Berlin. It was not immediately clear just what Turkey's "demands" or expectations, monetary or otherwise, were from Merkel for it to change its view.

"We see that Germany supports everything that is against Turkey," Mevlut Cavusoglu told a news conference in Ankara. "Under these circumstances it is not possible for us to open Incirlik to German lawmakers right now ... If they take positive steps in the future we can reconsider."

Turkey has prevented German lawmakers from visiting the roughly 250 troops stationed at Incirlik as part of the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State, saying that Berlin needs to improve its attitude first.

According to Reuters, Cavusoglu also said the issue would be discussed with German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, who is due to visit Turkey on Monday. Ties between the NATO allies deteriorated sharply in the run-up to Turkey's April 16 referendum that handed President Tayyip Erdogan stronger presidential powers.

The recent deterioration in relations between Germany and Turkey developed when Germany, citing security concerns, banned some Turkish politicians from addressing rallies of expatriate Turks ahead of the referendum, infuriating Erdogan. Ankara responded by accusing Berlin of "Nazi-like" tactics. Germany has also expressed concern about the widespread security crackdown that followed last year's failed coup in Turkey. More than 100,000 people have been sacked or suspended from their jobs and more than 40,000 people jailed.

German officials said this month that 414 Turkish citizens with diplomatic passports and other government work permits had requested asylum since the attempted putsch. Berlin's interior ministry has confirmed that asylum requests had been approved for a number of the applicants, a move that angered Ankara.

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Global Hunter's picture

Obviously Merkel's strong words at the weekend have not been taken seriously by the Turks.  lol

Azannoth's picture

Her giving head to Erdogan isn't worth as much as it used to

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Why are the Germans over there anyhow? 

Yes, I know Berlin is the 6th largest Turkish city but that is more or less justification for the Turkish Air Force to be in Germany and not the other way around. 

schadenfreude's picture

Don't they fly reconnaissance missions in Syria from Incirlik? They share a base with US there.

Croesus's picture

Deutschland braucht ein Fuhrer!

Grossdeutschland Erwacht!

wildbad's picture

hay Angie, I have an idea...maybe if you suck him off some more he'll treat you like a big boy finally.

You moronic east german communist traitor

Koba the Dread's picture

They don't "share" a base there. Incirlik is a NATO base. Germany is a part of NATO. Therefore, there are German air force personnel at Incirlik. Duh!

hooligan2009's picture

blinks.. 6th largest? holy scheize!

Pandelis's picture

yeap no soup for Merkel and Shultzi.


Merkel now has to make the Axes of US<UK and Turkey



The Management's picture

Its quite fun to see how after all that E.U. convergence - nations just cant deny their own DNA.


Let them crossdress a bit more...


This will end in tears XD

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Babylon is spitting again. Blood is thicker than water

Caleb Abell's picture

Thank you for the visual.  I have to go and barf now.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

When I read the text below, I could not stop laughing when I got to the part "Berlin needs to improve its attitude first"!

"Turkey has prevented German lawmakers from visiting the roughly 250 troops stationed at Incirlik as part of the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State, saying that Berlin needs to improve its attitude first."


TheGardener's picture

So obviously the putsch centered on the American base Incirlik was orchestrated with German implicit help.  Hence the cooling off while all things turkey otherwsise fits the new multicultural turkish-german european union of sorts.  Turks aint no fools even if it came to long term German but still used to be the back-stabbing sultan ways. If I were Turkey , now I would tell them off . But the new and future might rest in Germany right know, just as the Ayatolla of a future Iran theocraticallyy spent his defining exile years just there.

BandGap's picture

I think Turkey has been emboldened by Trump's dissing of NATO, particularly Germany.

Shaping up to be a schoolyard brawl.

Yen Cross's picture

  Trump just needs to put his phone down and eat copious amounts of popcorn.  NATO will disband itself.

nmewn's picture

As the NWO types gasp in le horror!..lol...hell, they got the U.N. as a back up plan anyways...or was that Plan A?  ;-)

lolmao500's picture

1. Kick Turkey out of NATO

2. Put NATO troops on Turkey-NATO border.

3. Call Erdogan what he really is, a POS islamist dictator supporting ISIS.

Sanity Bear's picture

Before step 1, make sure we get the nukes out of Incircik.

The Management's picture

That was done a week after the "coup".

Sanity Bear's picture

I do not share your confidence that that is the case.

HowdyDoody's picture

"Call Erdogan what he really is, a POS islamist dictator supporting ISIS."

He supports the the Turkmen and to a lesser extent the FSA. The CIA-controlled Gulenists ran the ISIS part of the US-orchestrated attack against Syria. He got rid of the Gulenists after the coup, basically stopping the influx of ISIS into Syria. The US then went to Plan B whcih was to use the Kurds to do the ethnic cleansing in Syria that ISIS could no longer do. The Turks then entered northern Syria to stop the link up Kurds from east and west Syria, preventing the creation of a Kurdish enclave along Tuyrkey's southern border.

The Turks are stoopid i) the whole EU membership thing was a scam to get the Turks to do things against their interests (eg empowering the Kurds) ii) they didn't see that the destruction of Syria would empower the Kurds.

The EU and Uncle Scam have played them like a fiddle.

BandGap's picture

Or.....just stay out of it altogether and let them eat each other.

US out of NATO. When NATO became an offensive weapon, under the guise of "peacekeeping" missions it lost all credibility. The use of NATO during the Sb conflict in Yugoslavia was a disgrace.

If they won't pay their bills let's take our people and stuff and come home.

silverer's picture

Turkey maybe feeling threatened by the brown shirts? I can actually understand why at this point in time. Germany seems to have lost its roots and political footing. Imams and clerics will be running Germany from the ground up in three or four years. I can't even imagine what it will look like there.

Silver Bug's picture

The world is a powder keg atm and Erodogan is a complete and utter dictator that will not help the situation, unfortunately, Angela Merkel is a traitor to humanity and is no better.



Kaeako's picture

Germans have recently publicly talked about finding alternatives to Incirlik so it's not that surprising they choose this particular way to retaliate.

Ghordius's picture

correct, they were talking about. after Turkey started to restrict access, though
and the BundesWehr is, in the words of the German gov but also in constitutional terms, "the Parliament's Army", so it goes back to the same: Turkey is pushing those "German Eyes In The Sky" out of the picture

pesky eyes, eh?

TheGardener's picture

Incerlik the putsch pushing base is politically burned no matter what way. German eagles picking carcasses a non desired feature.

TheRealBilboBaggins's picture

I figure this is also agitation in favor of stronger Russian ties.  ErdoHitler sees an opening now that Trump refuses NATO a blank check. He is reading things wrong. Time to start moving out the nukes, then our troops, then arm the Kurds to the teeth and let them settle it.

SandiaMan's picture

Turkey is positioning itself to be the MONSTER

Omen IV's picture

when Germany adopts Sharia Law after Merkel's election in the fall - they can open the base

Rattling Bones's picture

You'd think that two Muslim members of NATO would get along.

Deep In Vocal Euphoria's picture

turkey and germany can blow themselves the beep up. i dont give a flying beep if they are erased from the planet.

shovelhead's picture

Turkeys leader is better looking in a bathing suit.

chosen's picture

Just fly them in anyway.  If the US base commander at Incerlik let's them in, so be it.  If Turkey wants a war with NATO, Turkey is going to lose.  NATO already has an airbase IN Turkey and a couple of more on Cyprus.  NATO has nukes, Turkey has none.  Turkey has a large army, but once its air force is taken out, it would be turkey shoot (yes I said it) for NATO drones and warplanes.   I wonder if Erdogan can think "Guantanamo".

any_mouse's picture

"Incirlik Air Base is one of the major strategically located US military bases. The base is in Turkey, which means that it is operated by both the US and the Turkish governments"

Incirlik US base commander is not the supreme being.

Guantanamo is not surrounded by Cuban territory. It can be accessed without overflying Cuban airspace and water access is probably guaranteed in the original agreement.

Not the same situation at all.

oncemore's picture

My guess is, that Turkey has some dave crockets. If not, then they have sure the nuke capacity, as they got all blueprints from us bombs.

Twee Surgeon's picture

Who is behind the Street light and tourist bus at the end of the runway on the front picture ?

Duc888's picture



Get with the times, please, it's the Russians.

coast1's picture

We are not in Kansas anymore toto

decentralisedscrutinizer's picture


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logicalman's picture

Government is working on getting rid of the inconvenient parts of the Constitution, not adding more.

Nothing wrong with the idea though.

saveUSsavers's picture

Pull the fking German troops out ! FK THEM! Do it, Merkel, grow a pair!

Herr Deux's picture

bla bla bla.


How about some George Webb truth bombs?