White House Slams "False & Unverifiable" CNN Claims Of Intercepted Russian Trump Threats

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Seemingly dredging up old 'fake' news as new bombshells, CNN reports that Russian government officials reportedly talked about having possibly "derogatory" information about President Trump and some of his top aides during the 2016 presidential race.

As The Hill details, the officials' discussions were intercepted by U.S. intelligence, CNN reported, citing two former intelligence officials and a congressional source.

A source told CNN the information was related to finances.


Russians appeared to think "they had the ability to influence the administration through the derogatory information," the source said.

However, not only is The White House slamming the suggestions...

"This is yet another round of false and unverified claims made by anonymous sources to smear the President," a White House spokesman told CNN.


"The reality is, a review of the President's income from the last ten years showed he had virtually no financial ties at all. There appears to be no limit to which the President's political opponents will go to perpetuate this false narrative, including illegally leaking classified material."


The spokesman said the story plays "into the hands of our adversaries and put our country at risk."

But CNN itself admits this is all bluster...

...sources said the Russians claims "could have been exaggerated or even made up."


Sources declined to say specifically which aides were being discussed.


"The Russians could be overstating their belief to influence," said one of the sources.

Still, when has anonymous sourcing of unverifiable claims held the liberal media back from penning another Democrat narrative-confirming article to spoon-feed to the echo-chamber?

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my wealthy progressive (((friends))) LOVE it

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"citing two former intelligence officials and a congressional source."

The two IT brothers blackmailing Democrat congressmen with their own emails and Maxine Waters.


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Look!  Peeing prostitute squirrels!!!

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That made a very weird cartoon.

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Trump: Media coverage mostly ‘fake news and fake sources’



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Haha. Hillary lost  Haha.


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Who needs to verify? It's common knowledge that the Russians did it. Ask anyone in the DNC.

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Remain on good terms with them.

They could be a valuable source of nutrition for you during the big reset.

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The elderly, infirm and retarded.

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Ask your cable operator to take CNN off the list.

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When do the executions begin? Give me a reason to buy a new big screen TV

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White House Slams "False & Unverifiable" CNN Claims Of Intercepted Russian Trump Threats

My response: President TRUMP and the TRUMP administration are constantly battling the PRESS. Below is a quote from 'Napoleon Bonaparte' that is very relevant in the times in which we live. President TRUMP might want to work on permanently eliminating these thorns in his side. These news sources are NOT defenders of FREE SPEECH, but are liars and a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER to the republic and its freedoms.

Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.

-- Napoleon Bonaparte

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Dammit. Now you went and told everyone.

I guess the good news is that they're so stupid they'll just keep going on with their auto-erotic asphyxia until they are dead.

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CNN is mad that they and other news agencies are being iced out of anything the president wants and they can't stand it.  So they make up shit or try to insinuate in order to assassinate his character.  Don't get me wrong I don't like all of what Trump stands for, but I also don't like that they are doing sleavy propaganda news reporting and that has been done to not only him but black people in the US and anyone else that the powers that be want to destroy.


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Please... they have joined every other Corp arm of the corrupt, criminal (taken over by The Crook itself) DNC to take down a duly elect POTUS...

A tad more pressing issue than access... ratings are through the roof for all of them except FOX, and even they are shifting to stop the ratings bloodbath... the snowflakes do not want to hear the country has passed them by and the corp media is soothing them and assuring them they were right all along...

Oh, and CNN IS the CIA

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Unless Trump is stupid he has to know that anybody swayed by CNN fake news will never support him. Move on Trump, go to your "Town Hall" gatherings and LISTEN to deplorables that (supposedly) voted your ass in there.

Don't listen to the Swamp People. Fire the leakers and fire the other frauds you hired. Priebus, Sessions, Koskinen, Kushner for starters, then fire Comey again for good measure.

Push somebody around to investigate Seth Rich murder, Weiner laptop, Finicum murder, Wasserman, free the Hammonds, etc. Just do it don't whine about CNN/fake news. And stop selling weapons to the Saudis. What is wrong with you?

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The large turd floating around the toilet bowl = CNN source.

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It's like reliving the Iran hostage crisis but this time it's the WH being held hostage.

(Hoping there are at least a few here old enough to remember living through that one.)

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lmao!...this is Nightline. Day 129 of a presidency held hostage  ;-)

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CNN Has a Total Meltdown When Navy Seal Said He Thinks They Lie:


HRClinton's picture

'Lie', as in "180 horizontal "?


Q: What's keeps Donner, Blitzer and Shitser up at night?

A: Liagra.

Bill of Rights's picture

If these losers and I do mean losers had anything they would produce it....they don't.

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Seriously, the day I start watching CNN for news is the day I tell the family to pull the plug. Should add that to my end of life instructions, in case it's not possible for me to say "What the fuck kind of garbage is this? Where's that booty dancing stuff you had on??"

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Obama was a bankster lapdog sack of shit as well, but the contrast here is hilarious:

Trumpelthinskin, our simpleton president while visiting Yad Vashem writes:



"I am grateful to Yad Vashem and all those responsible for this remarkable institution. At a time of great peril and promise, war and strife, we are blessed to have such a powerful reminder of man's potential for great evil, but also our capacity to rise up from tragedy and remake our world.
"Let our children come here, and know this history, so that they can add their voices to proclaim 'never again'. And may we remember those who perished, not only as victims, but also as individuals who hoped and loved and dreamed like us, and who have become symbols of the human spirit."

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Leave your mother out of this and I'll leave this out of your mother.

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Zero giving any speech

words I don't understand

words I didn't write

words I don't mean

read read read read read read

Zero talking off the cuff

uh uh uh uh uh

uh uh uh uh uh




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It's a bad idea to underestimate those you oppose.  Ask Hillary Clinton how that worked out for her.

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CNN is a propaganda operation, not a news organization.


The only reason i know "CNN reported" is that i read about it here. I don't watch CNN propaganda.

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  John Mc Insane is beating his dead stuffed pony again.

   McCain says Russia is a bigger threat than ISIS | New York Post

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Perhaps to him personally... ;-)

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Well we all wish they'd finally get him.

The US seems incapable of getting rid of him.

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Merica loves a War Hero. So much that it doesn't matter whether you were actually a hero or a actually in a war. Such is the power of the MIC.

SMC's picture

The snowflake Cartoon News Network uses visual and audio stimulus to transmit and reinforce exactly what "Just Us" want us to believe, feel, need, etc... without question.

Bagdad 'Bob' had more credibility.

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There is a fine line between slander and sedition.

Trump has absolutely nothing to lose by having the US Justice Department charge and imprison some of these news organizations that are sabatoging the office of POTUS.

If he's guilty, show the evidence.

If the idea is to impugn his integrity in order to fire up the base, some people need to be put in a hole in Gitmo.

NumberNone's picture

The Left hates Trump so much they will tune into any sort of Russian porn that CNN wants to air.  No spin or lie is so outrageous that the left viewers won't eat it up.  They want to believe so badly that the impeachable offence is just right around the corner.

Global Hunter's picture

...sources said the Russians claims "could have been exaggerated or even made up."

The fact that this sentence appeared in a CNN article really made me laugh.

ebworthen's picture

"To hide a lie, a thousand lies are needed."

shovelhead's picture

I never read the fortune cookies.

Quinvarius's picture

CNN needs to be prosecuted.  They are working as an advertising agency for the Democrats and need to be punished for making false claims, just as any other advertising agency.  This is beyond ridiculous that CNN is allowed to lie nonstop.

KuriousKat's picture

CNN Wapo should cut the crap out....Demand the 650k + emails so they can vindicate their Hive Queen

KenShabby's picture

And the hits keep coming. There is no end to this absolute sophomoric bullshit.

Deep In Vocal Euphoria's picture

liars calling out liars

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Not even going to read the headline.  The mere timing and persistence of this supposed "news" about Russia and Trump, clearly shows how its all a Democrat orchestrated hoax.  There is obviously a team, likely made up of Clinton supporting Democrats, that is lining up reports, for daily dissemination, meant to keep the issue on the front page of every major media outlet.  The purpose is to inject crisis, and weaken the President's hand in all matters.  

Their goal isn't impeachment.  Pence would offer a more difficult target, and with a Republican House and Senate, a real problem.  The goal is to keep the Republicans twisted in knots, take back the Senate and House in the midterms, and replace Trump in four years.   

This takes real organization and coordination.  Not to mention real collusion and cooperation from the media.  

No real scandal, has a new tidbit "leak" every day.  The information comes in a flood, then silence for a few weeks or months, then a new revelation.  This supposed scandal is year old information, leaking at a clockwork pace every single day.  Real journalists would recognize this as a concocted "leak" and ask themselves, who is behind it and why.  But when you are in bed with the "leak team" creating a propaganda operation, you are not prone to ask questions.  

The real news story would be to expose this Democrat team, and those in the media colluding with it.

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CNN has turned into a real piece of trash. Everything on there is just complete lunacy.