Obama-Era Officials Subpoenaed By House Intel Committee In Trump "Unmasking" Probe

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While it was not surprising that as part of the ongoing probe into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 elections, the House Intel Committee issued a total of seven subpoenas on Wednesday as the WSJ reported, what was surprisng is that in addition to four subpoenas focusing purely on the Russia investigation, the Republican-led committee also issued three subpoenas focusing on "unmasking" questions, involving how and why the names of associates of President Donald Trump were unredacted and distributed within classified reports by Obama administration officials during the transition between administrations.

As part of the "unmasking" investigation, in addition to the NSA, the House committee also subpoeaned the FBI and the CIA for information on how and why Trump-linked names were exposed to the entire US intel community, and led to an avalanche of "unnamed sources" stories. Recall that typically information about Americans intercepted in foreign surveillance is redacted, even in classified reports distributed within the government, unless a compelling need exists to reveal them. Unmasking requests aren’t uncommon by top intelligence community officials but Republicans want to know whether any of the unmaskings of Trump campaign officials during the transition were politically motivated.

According to the WSJ, Republicans on the committee have been pushing for a thorough investigation of how the names of Trump campaign officials became exposed in classified intelligence reports based off intelligence community intercepts. Specifically, the three "unmaksing" subpoenas seek information on requests made by former national security adviser Susan Rice, former CIA Director John Brennan and former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power for names to be unmasked in classified material.

The name of Samantha Power hasn’t previously been reported as a potential witness in the probe, and her inclusion in the subpoenas means that Republicans are also broadening their areas of investigation, the WSJ reports.

The House Intelligence Committee is one of two bodies currently probing the question of whether Russian meddled in the 2016 election and whether anyone from Trump’s campaign played a role.

Concurrently, the Senate Intelligence Committee is conducting its own investigation and has already issued subpoenas to Flynn and his businesses. Trump has said there was no collusion with Russia and called the investigation a witch hunt.

* * *

In addition to the above three, former national security adviser Michael Flynn and one of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyers, Michael Cohen, were also subpoenaed Wednesday by the House Intelligence Committee. Subpoenas were also approved by the committee for documents in possession of the Flynn Intel Group LLC, and Michael D. Cohen & Associates PC, Bloomberg reported.

"We approved subpoenas for several individuals for testimony, personal documents and business records," Republican Mike Conaway of Texas, who is leading the probe, and Adam Schiff of Washington, the ranking Democrat on the House panel, said in a joint statement. "We hope and expect that anyone called to testify or provide documents will comply with that request, so that we may gain all the information within the scope of our investigation."

While Flynn has previously said he would invoke the Fifth to avoid testimony, Cohen dismissed any talk of collusion with Russia. “To date, there has not been a single witness, document or piece of evidence linking me to this fake Russian conspiracy," Cohen said in a statement Tuesday. "This is not surprising to me because there is none."

* * *

It would, of course, be quite ironic if as a result of all these various probe, investigations and "witch hunts", Trump is cleared of all "collusion" allegations, while members of the previous administration end up facing civil or criminal charges.

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When will this McCarthyism end?

McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper any regard for evidence.

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-Wasitng for Hitlary & Podesta to be exposed...once and for all.

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Time to wake up the guillotine, she's hungry.

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Susan Rice needs to lay off her testosterone supplements.

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For those of you wondering where George Webb is, courtesy of

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Yeah, I'm following it D_C_.


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When I watched the Brennan hearings last week, I knew that Gowdy was up to something when he asked Brennan specifically if a US ambassador had ever requested unmasking. And with today's subpoena for SAMANTHA POWER we now know why.

You will see that Brennan is made very uncomfortable by the question...




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If JAWS from Bond had a sister, she would look like Samantha Power

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I love the 'they want to know if the unmasking was politically motivated'

That's like asking if water is wet...

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By the time Trump finishes with the democRATs, there won't be any one left.

The Dems’ “Russian Connections” Claim Starts to Disintegrate

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Her coat looks like she's trying to bond with the Snowflakes.  I think she'll be looking for a safeplace soon!

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"former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power"

Well, you can be sure that former UN Official, John Ashe won't be called to testify, as he's already been added to the Clinton Body Count.


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They have to learn how to lie much better or pay more for the questions in advance.

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Fuck libtard socialist George Webb Sweigert, Zionist Mossad CIA agent.

When he was unmasked as a phony disinfo agent, he quickly switched to "periscope"


"i am a berniecrat, and jewish and always rooting for mossad"



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Yea, lesbians tend to do that (subpenis).

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Moustached Susan Rice has been caught lying so many times in front of TV audience and in the papers she should be indicted and thrown in jail.

She and Obama and muzzie Jarrett are traitors of the worst kind.

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Ms. Rice's eyes have the look of one that has crossed the STYX river one time too many

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She is Charon so this would lend credence to the frequency as such.

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Looks like Eric Holder (also a treasonous scum) without the cheesy mustache.

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And, since honesty is the best policy...the thought had crossed my mind. Provided there ain't a Michelle Obama dong hiding under there, it might take a bottle of 151, some 'ludes, two bags (one for her, one for me in case hers falls off), a Ron Jeremy personally certified condom, a Viagra cocktail, the mind erasing technology from that terrible Ben Affleck flick (paycheck?), all while actually "doing it" like Sly Stallone and Sandra Bullock in Demolition Man, so my dick doesn't ever make contact with it.

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plus they inflated the stock market up on false money. 

Now trump is planning something bigger I hear. they are planning something with the stock market, like rothchild....these newsletter writers from sent trader, hvae called the market very accurated, and say look at VIX chart.... its too low and big drawn down could be coming for S&P  -  See here -> http://www.bit.ly/1fMcakI

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More 'fifths' coming than a liquor store shipment.

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When Ouroborus grows weary of eating his own tail?

junction's picture

Supermax them all.  Especially Hillary and her doppelganger.

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Why make tax payers support them? I say off with their heads.

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When will people start to lose interest in the ”doings of the middle management team/the POTUS/the White House/Washington”? And start focusing on the “man/men behind the curtain”? Yes, it is an improvement that “the deep state” is now a common concept – it is, however, clear that very few understands the magnitude of the deep states influence/control over current affairs.

Trump is so obviously a deep state pawn for instance – and even if he is not his cabinet is. Plus, not one of his policy-decisions have threatened any deep state interests (MIC/perpetual war, surveillance/propaganda/manipulation/distraction, terror-scare-mongering/”Islam”-scare, continuation of Ponzi-scheme/debt-enslavements economics, expansion of the prison-industrial complex/modern slavery and so on). Trump is furthering the interests of the deep state (the 0,01% owning the system) on all fronts. And Clinton would have done the same – different “style”/backing-group but the same result.

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That is a false statement about a good man. McCarthy was proven right. Those Communist faggots have messed up our country for too long now! Jail time. Round em' up.

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Whittaker Chambers was right.  State Dep't did have communist spies (well known situation during FDR's regime).

KGB files were clear.

McCarthy was one of JFK's and RFK's budz.  Invitee to Kennedy weddings.

Koba the Dread's picture

I presume that is a rhetorical question.

serotonindumptruck's picture

End that statement with a question mark, and you're closer to the truth.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

McCarthy was correct...Marxist/Bolshevik Jew subversion in the USSA since the 1917 Russian Revolution.  What you are now witnessing is a result of that unchecked subversion and treason!

MK13's picture

Except you failed the truth meter - McCarthy was right - there were a bunch of communist and socialist sympathizer in government. Cant you see their offspring in halls of power now?

justin423's picture

This hearing will be a joke. Benghazi part 2.

Or it could be a coordinated effort to sabotage Muelle in the manner of Iran Contra so his prosecutions are tainted. 

Mueller made his first hire today. 

The head of the Justice Departments FCPA program.

So we know at least one thing is on the table, bribery of or by foreign officials. 


justin423's picture

This hearing will be a joke. Benghazi part 2.

Or it could be a coordinated effort to sabotage Muelle in the manner of Iran Contra so his prosecutions are tainted. 

Mueller made his first hire today. 

The head of the Justice Departments FCPA program.

So we know at least one thing is on the table, bribery of or by foreign officials. 


Salsa Verde's picture

I'd much rather they spend their time tormenting each other vs picking on citizens anyday.

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Wrong, McCarthy was right, the State Department was and still is infested with Fabians, Deep State one worlders and communists, come up with your own term. Try Bullshitism, that works.

trulz4lulz's picture

McCartyism was the final purge of Americans from VICHEY DC power circles. JFK was the cherry on top, served as both a warning and public execution, it declared that the Neo Liberal Facsists had taken America.we have benn Nazi scumbag cucks, ever since.

HalinCA's picture

I am confused ... are you saying 'unmasking' for political purposes is OK?


Are you saying finding out who did the unmasking is a waste of time?


No one expects 'subversionor treason' to be found here.  That may apply to HRC selling policy decisions on Syria and Libya, but not here. 


All Rice did was abuse her authority for political gain.


Cassandra.Hermes's picture

Just finished "Mein Kampf" so here Trump got it right according to Hitler "the most of the electorate is easily victimized by a large than by a small lie, since they sometimes tell petty lies themselves but will be ashamed to tell big ones" interesting cautionary tale!!

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Jail them all...heck 30% of blacks go to jail at some time or another

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So if she were to spend the next 30% of her life behind bars then it's be par for the course?
Or is my maff wrong?

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