Elon Musk Says He Is Departing Trump's Presidential Councils

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Just as he threatened he would yesterday, moments ago Elon Musk confirmed that as a result of Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Treaty, he is departing the presidential councils, stating that "climate change is real" and "leaving Paris is not good for America or the world."

Musk forgot to mention that "leaving Paris" is especially not good for taxpayer-subsidized, "green" companies with a nasty massive cash burn habit, but let's ignore that. In any case, just like that, Ironman is officially the leader of the anti-Trump resistance.

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Mercury's picture

"I'm taking my subsidy and regulation based conglomerate and going home!"

Jim Sampson's picture

I wish Trump would pull the subsidy tit away from Elon Musk.

Crash Overide's picture

Right, does he realize he is funded by the American taxpayer?

Let Elon go for it on his own, let him go save the world without our welfare handouts.

Manthong's picture


Better start sharpening your pencil regarding rocket trips, solar power and tunnel digging, Elon.

HockeyFool's picture

Don't let the electric door hit you in the ass.

froze25's picture

See ya! Now get some more plastic surgery you FREAK!!

gmrpeabody's picture

And don't let the door hit you in the ass...

JRobby's picture

That's a fucking shame! One less huckster glomming on has to be a good thing.

remain calm's picture

Good luck without government support. You just fucked yourself, you likey

mdr attitude's picture

Good. The less liberals around Trump, the better.

They are fucked in the head. Musk maybe more than others since he's from South Africa.

Liberalism is a mental disease.

A List Of 100 Things That Liberals Hate About America

Handful of Dust's picture

Clean Coal Miners cheer Trumps pro-American actions again!

Gubmint-dependent Snowflakes, not so much.

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"climate change is real"


Fine, but what, exactly is the Paris accord going to do about it?  Jack and shit.  Even if you believe it, you shouldn't be bent out of shape over the withdrawal.  It's nothing but cronyism.  

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Is Musk going to move to Canada too?

Mush is a South African. So he thinks he's hot enough shit to go to someone else's country and pontificate?  That's a high measure of ego he has.

pods's picture

If there is one thing that all these hotshot silicon valley "geniuses" have in spades, it's ego.

I'm sure Musk is gonna explain how his companies are going to make $$ when they get cut off from the teet. Every baby eventually does.  Except him.  Prick is going to soil a genius of a name when he does too.


fx's picture

Ok, Mr Con-Artist, then go back to your cash-bleeding tesla ponzi company and since you have so much time besides running it into the ground and running space X and that neural link nonsense you had to found a "boring company", as you call it to make some holes and tunnels beneath L.A. for public transport. Guess what, mr wannabe genius, it's a concept more than a hundred years old and called "metro" or "underground train".

Thanks god, another leecher gone from Trump - but I am sure this scam artist will lobby even harder now in CA to get moar taxpayer money that he then shuffles into his own pockets and those of friends and family. Has worked marvellous so far.

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The malcontent Musqué muskrat, incensed at the odor of musk, retreats from the Château de Versailles to seek sanctuary in his mosque, over a Treaty that is his raison d'etre whilst masquerading in the Green movement all the while collection the tax-funded Greens.

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Only a world-saving cause can justify people losing everything they have and going to prison for not paying to subsidize Musk's sales of fancy gocarts to yuppies.  Really when you think about it, it's sick -- this guy going to sleep everynight not worrying about the lives the IRS destroys in order to scrape up currency to pay for all of the his dreams.  The only way ot get more money is to have a world government that eliminates inter-governmental competition, and you need a world-saving cause to implement that one too.  Trump should blow up every globalist program and pull every globalist subsidy.

Musk is a little younger than me, but I think I'll outlive him, and when I do there'll be a little old man getting a ticket for shitting on Musk's grave.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

I agree with you Mr Cayman.  We must both do our doody!

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... >>> "Elon Musk Says He Is Departing Trump's Presidential Councils"

... US TAXPAYERS: "Praise the Lord" ...


Mycroft Holmes IV's picture

Curious if he does pull the subsidy on some technicality.

He could destroy both Tesla and Solar City.

Given Tesla is a hedge fund darling, that would cause turmoil - I don't believe Trump will do it.

Situation where you owe the bank a little, the bank owns you. You owe the bank a lot, you own the bank (works for Wall St. every time w/ US taxpayer).


Lanka's picture

Good riddance to this fraud.

Chuck-Norris's picture

Who the hell invited him in the first place?



Creative_Destruct's picture

Bye-Bye "Rad Man" hype artist self promoter who co-opts and uses subsidized economically unfeasable tech to agrandized and enrich himself.

Paris climate accords are a delusional JOKE. Won't do SHIT to reduce climate change; only a liberal "touchy-feely" feel good optic, and a vehicle for the crony globalist elites to enrich themselves and control the idiot technically ignorant masses.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Since Man Made Global Warming is a complete hoax, grift and farce nothing we ever do will make a difference.

It's just agitprop to help calm the sheep for sheering.

ReasonForLife's picture

Musk must have a few bionic implants short circuiting in that head of his.  He can't even get a car with batteries to function correct, yet he knows how to save the world from a non existent problem.  I say good riddance!

robertsgt40's picture

Musk gonna be "departing" a lot of things when the Tesla Ponzi goes kerplop.

Payne's picture

We should buy a diesel generator to celebrate his departure

NumNutt's picture

Yep, here is a problem to solve Elon - How to turn a proffit without government assistance.....good luck...

ReasonForLife's picture

Or how to avoid losses depsite government assistance.

Pure Evil's picture

Actually, he should give Madoff a call to see if its possible to avoid being ass raped in prison when his ponzi implodes.

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Or move his entire operation to the State of South Australia.

Amicus Curiae's picture

aww  now thats NOT nice

theyre in enough shit as it is

and the nutter ditheralls looking to wind as well as musks drivel

besides  we aussies dont tend to like sth effs let alone sth effs crossed with yank silicon sorta shite


Go suck a unicorn fart, Muskie. 

Raffie's picture

Like this?



Looks like it might be pleasant sort of.

Lumberjack's picture

Fucking right. Send him back to Africa too.

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AMF, now gimmee back my money, you fucking thief. Obama's cock holster, what a con.

The_Juggernaut's picture

Later, bitch.  Sure gonna miss ya.




slimycorporatedickhead's picture

SHORT TESLA. Easiest trade in the history of mankind, especially after todays announcement

Great Deceivah's picture

Bye bye (((Elon Musk)))

Damn, what a wonderful day.. seeing two Juden (Blankfein and Musk) whine and cry about that silly Paris Climate deal, brings me intense happiness!!!

goober's picture

OK , no gov tit for you and see ya MOFO !

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City_Of_Champyinz's picture

This will surely devastate Trump to the core.  NOT, go fuck yourself Elon you are nothing but a con artist.

geo_w's picture

Good riddance and don't let the door hit you on the way out, you prick. Just an other guy with more money than he can spend assuming the American tax payer wants to pay for his point of view.

PS: Take obama with you. You can both go live in venezuela.

101 years and counting's picture

Tesla: a 25K honda accord that doesnt use gas so he charges 75K.  anyone dumb enough to spend an extra 50K to save $200/month in gas is a fucking moron.

sleigher's picture

At 200/month that is about 20 years to get that 50K back.  I made this argument way back when Prius first came out.  No one cared that the emmissions still came out of the coal fired power plant either.  Such a scam...

dogismycopilot's picture

Pissing off your number one funding source. Good move.

spastic_colon's picture

so long suckers! (taxpayers)!