France Confirms No Traces Of Russian Hackers In Macron Campaign Cyber-Attack

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In a blow to the anti-Russia narrative being spewed by any and everyone in the western establishment (most recently Hillary again), the head of the French National Agency of Information Systems Security (ANSSI) told AP that France has found no traces of Russian hackers in a cyberattack on President Emmanuel Macron's campaign (we wonder if the result would have been the same if he, like Hillary, had lost).

Right after the event, it was claimed (by officials and the media lapdogs) that Russian hacking group called APT28 was responsible for the cyberattack on Macron's presidential campaign.

However, according to ANSSI (the French cybersecurity agency has been investigating the attack) chief Guillaume Poupard,

the hacker attack on Macron's campaign "was so generic and simple that it could have been practically anyone."


He told AP that it "means that we can imagine that it was a person who did this alone. They could be in any country."

Of course, given Putin's meeting with Macron this week, we are sure the narrative remains alive and well and Putin must have strong-armed Macron to deny this.

As a reminder, the leak of Macron campaign data contained 9 gigabytes of emails, images and attachments dating back several months. At the time, the French authorities called on the national media not to report the contents of the leak, saying that doing so would violate election rules to stop campaigning a day ahead of an election. The candidate also barred RT and the Russian news agency Sputnik from his campaign HQ, accusing them of spreading false information about him. His team failed to provide any examples of such misreporting.

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Ignatius's picture

And anyway, who needs the Russians to steal elections they can better steal themselves.

This "Russia did it" meme is as psychotic as it is devious.

PrayingMantis's picture


... I wonder what Macron's "Good-looking mom"[?] thinks about these "Russian hacking" things ... >>>  "‘Good-looking mom’: Berlusconi ‘flatters’ Macron with thinly-veiled jab at first lady" >>>


Manthong's picture

They’re there somewhere.

The MSM is convinced.

Don't surrender yet.

It's too early, even for the French.


ACP's picture

Nah, notice how quickly they concluded the investigation?

Whether or not there's evidence (there isn't), they don't want to taint Macron's globalist agenda.

pods's picture

I'm sure the (((media)) will point out that the NSA tools recently learned about that could show a hack originated from anywhere would cast doubt as to the origin on ANY attacks anymore.

This is a full court press on the damn Russians.  A certain percentage of mouthbreathers will no doubt fall for it.  

What a joke the western media has become.  Nothing but a mouthpiece for the Deep State.


Pandelis's picture

probably these questions at Putin-Macron press conference and Macron's reaction backfired ... french must be saying, what the f... we voted this way or that way because of russians?  what are you talking?


so, they to retreat with this report ... reason being Macron has another election coming up and needs the votes

Ex-Oligarch's picture

... which raises the questions:

Now that the French election is so far behind us that the "investigation" is over, is anyone going to discuss the contents of all those Macron campaign emails?
Was there anything of real interest there?
And if not, why all the hysterical last minute political theater over them?

Ghordius's picture

Macron's "good looking mom"? he is still a French President. he might have her daughter as mistress, and a whole harem of concubines of doubtful sex, and perhaps even a duck or a pig with lipstick on, or just the usual two beautiful mistresses, and...

...the French would still not care what he does in his private life. he has an "office" to take care of

ZH: "Of course, given Putin's meeting with Macron this week, we are sure the narrative remains alive and well and Putin must have strong-armed Macron to deny this."

nope. to my lying Continental Eyes, this smacks of a "quid-pro-quo". a deal

Vatican_cameo's picture


It's painfully obvious that the French Government doesn't have enough "Intelligence Agencies" at their disposal.  They need to "Tie their Bureaucratic Underwear in a knot" with more people crying wolf and littering the media with false accusations.  How is a government supposed to function if it actually functions?

PrayingMantis's picture

... "the French would still not care what he does in his private life. "

.. oh shit, my bad ... I forgot that "you know absolutely everything" ...


Von Berger's picture

Vlad ...... hey ' Macron your wife... she quite hot for old lady, when you come Kremlin I show you hotel where hookers pee on Donald.

Macron......but zees is fake news story? No.....

Vlad...... No ... I have video , why not you think I let him win election.
It was Melania ........she hot.

Joebloinvestor's picture

As everyone knows, when the Russians "hack", they always leave a calling card. LOL

ATM's picture

There is no evidence of Russian hackers because the NSA decided not to leave that evidence because their guy won.

how_this_stuff_works's picture

I could swear Hilliary said the Russians were also actively hacking the French election.

knightowl77's picture

hmmmm they took all of a month to determine that there was no interference....


Here in the ole USA with our vaunted FBI we are going on 11 months and still nothing....

pods's picture

Almost like the object of the US investigation is to just keep it in the news for as long as it gains traction?

And Chuckie needs something to talk about.  

God forbid they talk about Seth Rich getting whacked.



ogretown's picture

The only evidence of political hacking exists only in the diseased mind of Corrupt Clinton.  As to the hackers being Russian this was just a mistake made long ago by Corrupt and she never likes to admit she was wrong. Stemming from the time she once took a drunken nap on Debbie Wasserman's bed. At one point she reached under the bed in the same way people like to peek into other people's medicine cabinets.  And lo and behold Corrupt found a box labelled "Russian Hacker" - a favorite toy for women who are into "European Handball".  Even then this whole beware of the Russian Hacker thing might not have taken root in the old drunk's diseased mind...but then she found another such device under Ms. Abedin's bed.  The dye was cast as Corrupt envisioned a Russian under every bed in America. 

Smedley's Butler's picture

This is an interesting play by France/Macron/Rothschild....

Are they doing this to fuck with the Trump narrative? Are they wanting to cooperate in some intervention to steal some people's land and prevent conflict? Or just turn Putin from Trump?

Probably not as confused on this one as the libtards trying to defend Hillary against Putin YET support globalist Macron... I bet heads are exploding.


Ghordius's picture

how about this one:

the French President: France First
the Russian President: Russia First

(handshake, small smile without baring teeths, looking in eyes)

do you note what is missing? US (R) and US (D). even UK (T) and UK (L)

just French and Russian National Interests. 8-0

with some trust. only some, but it's a rare thing, nowadays

Smedley's Butler's picture

going back to pre-WWI alliance

Non-Corporate Entity's picture

Oh these globalists and their reverse's sooooo high school.

All the evidence points to arrested development gone global. Supervised group homes for ALL of these people! They already had them built...they're called FEMA camps. The adults need to regain control of the conch. This is "Lord of the Flies", people, we're living it.

farflungstar's picture

Of course not. The establishment's cretin won.

The French couldn't have picked a bigger creep if they tried.


The glassy-eyed pedophile's leer

Paper tough guy routine w/ Trump & Putin doesn't intimidate anybody.

Consuelo's picture



Reduced to a schizophrenic - bordering on psychotic, laughing stock --- with nuclear weapons...

East Indian's picture

Russians should hack into Soros' pacemaker cells (if he has a heart)

Full Court Lugenpresse's picture

Daily reminder that it's nearly impossible to accurately identify the source of a cyber-attack, and very easy to make cyber-attacks look like they came from a fake source. Point being that there's zero hard evidence that the DNC was hacked by Russia either (FBI never even examined their servers) (also, it was Seth Rich)

aliens is here's picture

That is because he won the election had it been other way around people in France would suffer the same Russian meddling like us in the USSA.

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

Actually, it is more likely that the meddling was US CIA, and that the French couldn't find their butts with both hands. 

smacker's picture

"[...] the head of the French National Agency of Information Systems Security (ANSSI) told AP that France has found no traces of Russian hackers in a cyberattack on President Emmanuel Macron's campaign"

Well, obviously this French ANSSI person is a Russian agent and is covering up Russian hacking. One only has to ask The Klingonista, countless American legacy MSM outlets and the Deep State about it because "they know the truth".



PleasedToMeatYou's picture

They just aren't looking hard enough.  Maybe they hired Russians to look for clues.  Or, they should just call CNN who always seems to have insideout sources. 

samsara's picture

That's only because the 'Right' guy won.

Greed is King's picture

(we wonder if the result would have been the same if he, like Hillary, had lost).

It would have been very very different, Putin is a convenient bogey man to blame for anything and everything when the obnoxious peasants dare defy their masters in the Establishment by NOT voting the way they were instructed to.

What I find hard to swallow is how Macron managed to "win" the election, Marine LePenn was the only one in the race with any chance of winning, then from out of nowhere the totally unknown Macron, a man with no political party, and no political experience, but unlike LePenn he had the Establishments approval. So why did the rebellious by nature French public ditch their populous candidate and hand the Presidency of France to an employee of the Vampire Squid; or did they ?.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, something stinks, but not in in the state of Denmark, but in the state France !.