Leaked "Secret" E-mails Signal Big Problems For South Africa Mining

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Authored by Dave Forest via OilPrice.com,

I’ve been writing a lot the last several months about the new South Africa mining charter. And this week, that issue is coming to a head - just as some potentially bigger problems emerge for the industry in this troubled nation.

Reports last week suggested that South Africa’s government has now finalized amendments to the mining charter - policies that have been promised by lawmakers since mid-2016.

The problem is, no one has seen the changes.

South Africa’s Chamber of Mines told Bloomberg this week it hasn’t had any communications from the government on the new charter. In fact, Chamber officials said they haven’t received any notices at all since March — suggesting the government has gone to “stealth mode” in moving controversial measures forward.

Early reports suggest the amended charter will indeed be more onerous for miners. Raising black ownership targets to 30 percent, from a current 26 percent.

Such changes however, are simply speculation at this point — until the charter amendments are officially published in government gazettes. Something officials haven’t given an exact timeline for, simply saying it should happen “within weeks”.

That represents a flash-button issue coming in this critical mining nation. And other news this week suggests the government — and the country — may have even bigger problems.

The issue is growing evidence of massive mining-related corruption in the government of president Jacob Zuma. With private emails surfacing that show Zuma’s mines ministry has been greatly influenced by outside interests.

Local press leaked emails from the powerful South African Gupta family. Showing that Gupta companies were consulted on the appointment of mining minister Mosebenzi Zwane — months before his nomination was made public.

The emails show the Gupta’s questioned Zwane prior to his appointment - suggesting they were “vetting” him for suitability in office. Charges that are all the more worrisome given the group employs President Zuma’s son.

If substantiated, these messages provide strong evidence that South African mining officials have been compromised — and could lead to a complete backlash against the ministry, and its policies. Watch for more developments on potential action against these politicians, for the release of new details on the mining charter, and the ensuing reaction from miners.

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Breaking News: Chaos in Africa

In other News: Warm weather is expected to reduce snowfall

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You just gotta love the fact that charges of "Racism" can force companies to take-on underqualified, inexperienced employees, even though they know it won't work out.

BUT, on the flipside:

The fact that most of Africa is still the backwards primitive place it was 500 years ago, tells you all you need to know about "equality".

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"South African mining officials have been compromised "

lol....where have you been?  All of SA  has been compromised.   Sad story.

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Very sad to see that beautiful country self-destruct. 

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That pair look like villains from a Bond movie.

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Gold mining and corruption have a long history together.

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If you are looking for corruption in the mining industry, Canada's the place to look.

It would appear that 75% of the world's mining companies are headquartered in Canada.

Over 1000 companies operating in 100 countries (South Africa being just one of them).

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A lawless control fraud that makes casinos look honest.

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'That pair look like villains from a Bond movie.'

Would the modern PC Bond producers cast a black as a villian?

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Jeez ... King Solomon was a Zulu...

Who would'ave known dat ! 

A zulu king that out-scams the Apartheid state...

When the colour of skin does not hide the colour of your heart... you are on the dark side of of the Moon.

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Voters know no better as they think tribal. Their leaders must show richness & oppulence, have many many children and be extremely cruel as only then they can gain respect from other leaders.

It is so sad. 


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You just described the US too. 

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Awww sheeiiit, (((outside interests))) influencing racist nigger Jacob Zuma!! What boi?   lol Every. Single. Time

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Nelson Mandela spent 20+ years in prison for this?  Shame...

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Take a look at:

The Fall of South Africa | Simon Roche and Stefan Molyneux



South Africa Blacks sing about killing Whites hires



Things getting very bad in South Africa.  The track record of white farms taken over by blacks in all of Africa isn't so hot.  Just search YouTube for "black on white murder south africa 



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Niggertown has not advanced much in the last 3000 years.

Maff is all rayciss an shit

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You should read a bit more.

Between 11th & 15th Centuries, Great Zimbabwe had an area of about 1800 acres. Some of the stone walls were 36ft high.


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Yeah. We wuz kangs.

And the Zimbabwean "walls" were just lots of rocks heaped on top of one another. No binding, no design, no foundations. Beavers make more complex edifices.

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so you have never heard of nor seen a drystone wall?  fkn stupid

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it all boils down to guns n ho's over there. 

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Sure like elemetal and NTR american companies buying and selling illegal gold..... sounds like guns and ho's in the usa.

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THis is the same corruption that occurs in every nation... this is why the Western 'axis of evil' works so well... our 'Economic Hitmen' of banksters that spread out and look for local corrupt oligarchs in a nation that is more than willing to work with us... birds of a feather recognize each other... same everywhere... this is why Greece is so full of BS... their govt was and still is, full of corrupted politicians, some for generations, that are on the take... the German banksters funded them, used them for various nefarious aspects of global finance and then when it went belly up, the Germans, French, Brits all blamed the nation of Greece for these banking loans that never went to the public... it's all a scam.. why shouldn't it be the same in South Africa? It's the same everywhere... if nothing else, this shows that these corrupt 'birds' are everywhere,... they operate everywhere... same 'chosen people', same psychopaths/sociopaths, same pedophiles, same fake BS everywhere... thus why we live in Purgatory... love it or leave it.... if you can learn how.... getting into trouble is always easier than getting out.... to use that analogy from The Replacements... we find ourselves in quicksand... the people of South Africa are getting a taste of how little it matters if those govt 'leaders' oppressing you are white or black, brown or 'yellow'... they all operate the same.. they all exploit you the same, only it's easier for those that look like you, that share your religion, ideology, beliefs etc.

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lol.  The same old nonsense blurted out is pure fucking jealousy. This is not an issue about IQ, for the facts speak for themselves. This is an issue about corruption and corruption is not exclusive to Africa, South Africa, or black governments. Look at Killary and the entire DNC, as well as the GOP. I also don't hear no screaming when companies like Anglo-American mining et al, are raping and robbing the niggers in Africa blind of Coltan, Hafnium and Uranium. But god help if the niggers get in on the action.

Oh, but they promised peace on earth in South Africa and the whites no longer live like kings. Do me a fucking favour. The entire west is living on free shit mined from Africa. In fact we couldn't survive in our current decadence without sucking the Africans dry. So on that front, it would be courteous to pay them a little respect sometimes and to engage in some perspective. We love to accuse them of living on free shit, but suffer from selective amnesia when we do the same. Fucking hypocrites. From a British perspective we took pride in our South African mining interests. Interests and profits for us, exploitation for them. Niggers take a slice of their own pie, and they get judged by a different standard. Only on Zerohedge.

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