US Manufacturing PMI Drops To 8-Month Lows In May: "Sluggish Sales Prompted Firms To Scale Back Hiring"

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The last two months have seen a major divergence between PMI and ISM Manufacturing reports (as the former confirmed today at its lowest final print since September). May's final print of 52.7 was slightly above expectations and the preliminary print.

This is the lowest 'final' print for US Manufacturing PMI since September (while ISM rebounds)...


This follows China's Manufacturing PMI 'contraction' overnight...


US New order levels increased again in May, although the rate of expansion was the least marked recorded since September 2016. This was mainly linked to subdued client demand.

And in line with China weakness, some manufacturers also cited weak export sales, as highlighted by a slower upturn in new work from abroad than that seen in April.

Commenting on the final PMI data, Chris Williamson, Chief Business Economist at IHS Markit said:

“Manufacturing growth momentum continued to ebb in May, down to its weakest since just before the presidential election.


“Manufacturing output, order books and employment all grew at only modest rates as sluggish sales prompted firms to scale back hiring.


Exports sales remained especially lacklustre, hampered in part by the relatively strong dollar. The survey also brought signs of companies becoming more cautious about holding inventory.


“Factories’ raw material prices meanwhile rose at a sharply reduced rate, which should at least help take pressure off profit margins and also feed through to weaker pressure on consumer price inflation.”

Just another broken brick in the wall of 'soft' data post-trump hope.

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They can't scale back hiring, we have a labor shortage.

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LOL!!!  Right, that must be why the average wage has been flat for fucking years...


...not to mention what is going on with the purchasing power of the currency that wage is paid in...

Go back to work debt slave!

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US Manufacturing PMI Drops To 8-Month Lows In May: "Sluggish Sales Prompted Firms To Scale Back Hiring"

My response and question: WHAT IS KEEPING THE S&P500 UP? Every valuation metric known to mankind is SCREEMING CORRECTION COMING SOON!!!

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No really, the fed said so yesterday.  They wouldn't lie to us.


Latest survey of economy sees steady growth, labor shortages

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what time will this be revised up?

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What idiot thinks this has anything to do with a President in office four months. Cutting regulations helps, but if every pro-growth policy known to man was enacted Jan.21 it would take a solid year to see results...What fucking dream world to the hacks writing this live in...

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When your salary depends on you lying, you lie....

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I hope after one none solid year all is fucked!PERIOD!

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Just like Chinas Numbers

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Lest we forget, going back to 1950, on average there is less than 4 months between the cyclical peak in employment and a formal recession

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That doesn’t sound like a good sign for the economy or the market. This guy has been calling for a top lately, and he’s really accurate at this kind of thing. I’ve been following him for awhile and he has called drops before well in advance. He’s worth taking a look at.

Check this out

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Hmmm. I think this is what I just posted about it the previous employment thread. 

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Should be manufacturing gunboats and arms for upcomming WWISIS

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