"Emotionally Disturbed Individual" Blamed For Manila Resort "Robbery" That Killed 36

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As an ISIS-inspired insurgency rages in the country’s south, Philippines’ authorities are assuring the public that an attack on a luxury resort in Manila that left more than three dozen dead wasn’t an act of terrorism, but was, in fact, a robbery.

A gunman armed with a "baby armalite" rifle burst into the Resorts World Manila casino on Friday and started firing off shots and setting gaming tables alight on Friday, authorities said, before making his way to the back of the casino where he stole several million dollars' worth of gambling chips. Most of the dead suffocated on the thick smoke, according to Reuters. However, despite authorities assurances, the high death toll and brazen nature of the attack suggest that terrorism may have been the underlying motivation. US terrorism monitor the Site Intelligence Group said an Islamic State-linked Filipino operative claimed “lone wolf soldiers” of ISIS were responsible for the attack, according to the Guardian.

"All indications point to a criminal act by an apparently emotionally disturbed individual," Ernesto Abella, a spokesman for Duterte, told a news conference. "Although the perpetrator gave warning shots, there apparently was no indication that he wanted to do harm or shoot anyone."

The gunman killed himself in his hotel room after being shot and wounded by resort security, police and Resorts World management said. A second "person of interest" who was in the casino at the time was cooperating with the investigation, Reuters reported.

The national police chief, Ronald dela Rosa, said security footage showed the gunman going straight to the casino after ignoring a guard who tried to question him at the complex’s entrance. He stuffed a backpack with gambling chips, fired an assault rifle at TV screens and set gambling tables on fire by pouring gasoline on to them from a two-liter bottle, Dela Rosa said, according to The Guardian.

It was not clear how he smuggled the gasoline and rifle into the crowded casino. The bag of high-value gambling chips was found in a toilet. Dela Rosa described the gunman as white, about 6 ft. tall and English-speaking.

However, there’s no evidence linking the attack to fighting a fierce 10-day battle that has been raging in the city of Marawi, about 500 miles south of Manila. Last week, the Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte imposed martial law across the southern region of Mindanao, arguing it was necessary to root out the insurgents, Reuters reported.

In Marawi, the army has deployed helicopter gunships and artillery fire to try to dislodge the gunmen, but they have held a large section of the city, according to the Guardian. Security forces have been deployed to other cities in Mindanao province, concerned that the militants may attempt to launch attacks outside Marawi.

The clashes started after security forces tried to capture Isnilon Hapilon, an ISIS-endorsed Islamist militant leader who is the subject of a $5 million reward offered by the FBI.

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new game's picture

ya sure, whatever you say. must be the truth. just some derranged fuk...

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

curiosly like in Germany: they are ALLWAYS going through some psicological disorder, depresion or smthing...

being muslim + rapefugees has nothing to do with it...

PT's picture

He was just upset that no-one else agreed with his particular interpretation of the Koran.

lil dirtball's picture

Ordo ab chao. Who believes any of this shit?


... continual crisis ...

"You live in a theme park." - Joe Walsh

VinceFostersGhost's picture



"Emotionally Disturbed Individual"


aka muslim.

mdr attitude's picture

Didn't know Obama just visited the Philippines.

Dubaibanker's picture

If you really want to know who is supplying, funding and executing this terror worldwide......it is the FIRST COUNTRY that Trump visited just last week.....

Here is proof with pictures. And all of them get trained in the USA!

And why, oh why, does USA have to supply USD 100 billion or USD 300 billion worth of weapons to Saudi? To hand over bulk of it to the terrorists.

They are fooling us guys! Trump has been over powered by the Deep State.

From American College Campuses to ISIS Camps 

null's picture

Arguing for accountability and much better conduct in general, from the "intelligence" community is good.
But it does not support the inference that anyone has been overpowered, not yet.

goober's picture

Crappy psyop. There is a cabal and it has many tentacles. It all reaches far deeper than you seem to think and yes the main players originate right here in USA, but they are world wide in various capacities ! Europe is a big player as well. All bought and paid for by the cabal just as deals are made with Saudi

ipso_facto's picture

Maybe he was concerned that Trump would dump the Paris accord.

gladih8r's picture

This headline was written by Merkel or someone dabbling in parody.  Hah, hah, very funny.

Canary Paint's picture

Duterte is not exactly politically correct. 

This may be a true rendition. If anything, framing it as a purposeful ISIS attack could help unite the citizens around his operations in Mindanao.

Privyet_Jet's picture

This is a distraction to take attention away from the drugs

HowdyDoody's picture

Over in Marawi:

Masked gunmen in black - check
ISIS flag flying - check
Gunmen in pickups converted to technicals - check
Mass execution of Christians - check
Explosions and fires in city - check
Snipers shoot civilians and military - check

Looks like your everyday CIA-run regime change operation. The only unusual thing is that these ISIS members are using US weapons. (Now there's a surprise, given they were trained by US SF, before Duterte kicked the SF out).


techpriest's picture

Apparently Chelsea got mad for Duterte insulting Daddy.

BuckWild's picture

So you trust the government when it comes to Propaganda about others, but you don't trust the government when it comes to information about Democrats? LOL people this is CIA total control crap. This is so Rodrigo can start martial law nationwide. You frigging brain dead idiots the terrorist are the Banksters that propagate these "Lone Gunman/Mass Shooting Incidents" so the governments will take your right to protect your self away! WAKE UP YOU IDIOTS!

Obviously you have never been to Resorts World Manila! If you had been you would know it is impossible for a guy like that to even get inside the building. They have more armed security with dogs at the entrance of this place. I have been there. I know the entire " Official Story" IS BULLSHIT!

Ex-Oligarch's picture

Shockingly, many people have not been to Resorts World Manila. 
It's so nice to have someone offer a patient, factual explanation of the security arrangements there for those poor, benighted individuals who have failed to make the pilgrimage to that cultural and architectural showplace.

Buck Johnson's picture

I agree, this was a terrorists attack and the Philippine govt. is wanting to downplay this and make it not one in order to not give the insurgents a boost in moral.  Pure and simple.




lil dirtball's picture

> Pure and simple.

Reeaally? And you know this ... how? You have boots on the ground in the 'resort' in Manila or moles in the Philippine .gov?

antidisestablishmentarianismishness's picture

Everything is "pure & simple" to the 99% of people here who are mindless ZHombies.

Bill of Rights's picture

Any one check to make sure Kathy Griffin was at home...

HardAssets's picture

Its far too early to tell what this is, but the muzzies have been at it a very long time in the Philippines- centuries actually. Only the Spanish conquest 500 years ago stopped them from taking over in the same way they did in other places in the region such as Indonesia.
Its called 'jihad'.

Malkavian's picture

'Everyone be cool this is a robbery!'

NoWayJose's picture

Doesn't look very 'white' to me!

TAALR Swift's picture

Haven't you noticed?

You have to be White, to be considered a Terrorist - either a Lone Wolf, or part of a 'Supremacist' group.

When are you going to lean out the window and shout: "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it any more!" [1]

[1] Quote from movie Network.

shovelhead's picture


"Hi, I'd like to cash these chips in."


Ignatius's picture

"Had a good day, did ya?"

"$3.6 million, so yeah, fair.  Could you make it quick, I'm kinda in a hurry."

ToSoft4Truth's picture

This was done by one person.  500 ISIS militia members with 10, 30 round mags could wipe out a downtown area in about 35 minutes. 


Even more if they strategically park a few ammo reloading stations (white vans) along their route of mayhem.

PT's picture

Certainly takes a weight off my shoulders.  For a while there I thought it was a terrible tragedy and horrifying loss of innocent lives.

Just a normal thing that happens in a big city.  I think I'm getting used to it already.*





(* Easy to say when I live thousands of miles away.)

Phew!  For a minute there I thought it might be a message to Dutuerte to stay on-script.  I'm so glad he'll be able to keep on keeping on with no external negative blowback what-so-ever.






Squid Viscous's picture

"He hates these cans!"

syzygysus's picture

Nothing to see here, just an ordinary robbery.  Move along.

Dubaibanker's picture

Guess what countries the fighters in Marawi city (southern island in Philippines in Mindanao) are from?

It is like an invasion of a sovereign nation. No wonder martial law was placed and almost all 500 odd are dead by now.

Imagine, very few Filipinos involved and most are foreigners. That is like a Foreign Invasion.

Question is: Who supported them? Who gave them guns? Ammo? Food? Money? Logistics? Who gave them RPG's, whetever else? Someone has a motive here. And that someone is based abroad....

More foreign terrorists killed in Marawi – Lorenzana

Lorenzana said the military has so far identified 2 Malaysians, 2 Saudis, 2 Indonesians, a Yemeni, and a Chechen as among those killed in the siege, which started Tuesday last week.

However, an Indonesian law-enforcement source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the actual number of Indonesians involved in the battle could be more than 40.

Laughing.Man's picture

It's been claimed that a local jail and police armory was attacked.  It would explain the availibility of weapons and fighters.  I'm guessing that the freed prisoners were associated with local terror groups.  Although the insurgency have been raging for years, the timing is just too good, especially after Duterte started leaning towards the Chinese-Russian camp.

Crush the cube's picture

Having the Muslims armed with private standing armies with government supplied arms was standard fare on the island, part of the old peace agreements.  If they didn't, the catholic militias would eat them alive, well, cooked, literally.  Not every Muslim is anti- government, in most cases its hard to distinguish who is who, the majority don't care either way.

Note, they didn't enter a Catholic city and shred it, rarely happens, it's almost always muslim on muslim violence.  It's hard to launch operations off their own turf without inside help.

Great Deceivah's picture

What? no EEEVIL Iranians, Syrians and Hezbollah members?? 

but but Obumma and Trump keep saying the Iranians and Syrians are the source of Terrorism!!

pc_babe's picture

Did he find the snackbar? Aloha

Dubaibanker's picture

CIA has already released videos and pics!

It is a surprise. ISIS always sends videos online and only US media has access to it. British, Germans, Nigerians, Philippines, Japan etc, are their security agencies sleeping for 15 years? Why only US media releases it unless they themselves finance it and film it?

Islamic State releases video from the fighting in Marawi
Uncle Tupelo's picture

Disturbed Macedonian Content Farmer?????

Lemmings For All's picture

Yep. Definitely not terrorism. I just read it on the interweb so it must be true.

Von Berger's picture

Do you actually believe any of this old tosh ? ....... yeah yeah.... just piss down my back and tell me it's raining.

miketv's picture

How odd that ISIS only attacks the west's enemies.


Dilluminati's picture

Every Islamic terrorist believes that a little man in the sky nobody can see but he hears voices urging him to kill the infidel.  Islam is a prescription to psychosis where the very devout, the very very devout advocate slaughter.   

Pa. Mom Who ‘Gifted’ Daughters to Their Alleged Rapist Says She Thought They ‘Loved’ Him


I'd call it mental illness if it weren't just damn evil.

The irony? We look at the excuses of the women in the news link above and say UNACCEPTABLE but the media bends to great distortions calling Islam what it is.  And the public is catching on.  Teddy Bears, flowers, candles.. that's all fine for the grieving but not addressing the problem.  The root of the problem is.....................

silverer's picture

Don't you love how the main effort here was to categorize the individual properly and in great detail? Every incident like this now has to suit the government narrative so it is palatable to the public.

man of Wool's picture

No muzzie beard. Looks like a drunk to me. More a sore loser than a terrorist. 

PodUK's picture

Muslims would not be caught dead in a casino.

PodUK's picture

Muslims would not be caught dead in a casino.