CNN Caught Staging Fake News? Network Trots Out Anti-ISIS Muslims To Express Outrage After London Attacks

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Update: CNN Responds Below

Update 2: Same protestors, multiple locations?

Being one of the more inept tentacles of the deep state, CNN was apparently caught staging Fake News in the aftermath of the ISIS claimed London attacks which claimed 7 lives and injured 48.

While ISIS supporters are celebrating the attacks, MSM propagandists have been hard at work pushing the "religion of peace" narrative - trotting out hijabbed women and a child to hold signs expressing Muslim outrage at the terrorist attacks.

This doesn't appear to have been an 'organic' protest against terrorism... Instead, it looks very much like CNN staged their outrage.

Check it out...


AP used the #FakeNews pictures:



UPDATE 2: Multiple Locations?


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JailBanksters's picture

I think CNN must have a Mini Bus full of people dressed up as the West expects Muslims to look like,

just cruzin around the city waiting for an event to happen so they can get paid.

This was totally staged, to help sell the Newz.




Buster Cherry's picture

The Brits had a lot less freedom than us, but now they're gonna be really fucked.

The government never seems to see the sharks in the water, only playful muzloid dolphins.

Every Brit should carry a never know when you may need to open up a package.

DuneCreature's picture

OT - Sort of (If there is such a thing anymore)

Not Fake, (with videos) , Not CNN News =

~~~~)))) Possible Mole In The Rose Garden Flower Beds ((((~~~~

Greatest Soviet Era 2.0 Penetration Of High Tech Sector Exposed

A Open Source Intelligence Report - OSIR (tm) from Aussie Land

Live Hard, Open Source Everything Is The Way To Go, Gents, Die Free

~ DC v6.0

Lucretius's picture

People watch TEEVEE??? Seroiusly! What's the BFD? Don't folks realize that the newz is just another show?  How do people watch TEEVEE with their eyes glued to their phonez??? Moronz!

Everybodys All American's picture

CNN = CIA. Can it be any clearer? Doubt it could be and yet there are still dumbasses out there that havent figured this out. Its crazytown.

Grandad Grumps's picture

Seems convincing that the UK bridge attack was another fake.

Just like all the rest.

Where the heck are we?

LyLo's picture

Okay, so Mike and everybody here is arguing they staged the photo.  CNN says this is clearly nonsense.

Problem is, they set up a literal stage.  They put up a platform on the other side of the cordon (I guess CNN believes the police did this, which I find troubling: any thoughts, Londoners?) and set up lighting.  They had a guy even  hold the position while they calibrated everything.  Then the police ferried people in the spot.  Then the photographers directed the models (at this point, that's what they are, sorry) to take different positions to improve their shots.

I am really really curious what CNN defines as "staged."

DuneCreature's picture

CNN / CIA would like to be your ONLY Go-To Source For News And Dis-Information (tm)


~~~~ ))*((~~ Comms Channel Jamming & Funky Falcon Attacks ~~))*(( ~~~~

Report from Relay Station Alpha Beta Zebra:

My ability to stay on top of the George Webb Seth Rich / Congressional hackers story has been severely degraded as of yesterday 06/04/2017.

We are experiencing comms jamming here at ABZ.

The last video I have been able to view is this one:

Crowdsource vs CrowdStrike - Reset:
` (A good Q & A about the info gathered on the case to date, IMHO.)

Here are the two channels I am trying to monitor without much success:

George Webb's YouTube raw video list:

Crowdsource The Truth raw video list:

Presented with no commentary because I can't stream the videos OR successfully down load them.

Passed on to keep the crowd sourced Seth Rich murder investigation in the news cycle. ...

FYI - Newcomers to the party.

Live Hard, Sometimes You Just Have To Pass On What Limited Intel You Have Available, Die Free

~ DC v6.0

WillyGroper's picture

"Presented with no commentary because I can't stream the videos OR successfully down load them."

i tried to help you with that.

can't doit w/o u answering ?'s

"So they have fucked up the video streaming code to my computer network so that they can control how much information I can successfully see. ... The steaming is only fucked up on specific videos."

why don't you reload or boot from a thumb drive different o/s?

DuneCreature's picture

I know the deal here, WG.

But thanks, good ideas, thoughts and suggestions just the same.

Once the stream is corrupted it will do its 'dance' on any device you use.

In A nutshell =

The video stream stalls. .. The get routine will pull a few packets in and buffer them and they will start to play and stall. Drop packets.

If I constantly back up the counter and start play I can see and hear a few seconds and it stalls. ... You end up hearing the same two or three words over and over again. ... There is nothing I can do about it on my end.

I can pull the counter past the lost packet error (video streaming code will ignore a few errors and restart) but they are slicing up the stream really bad.

To be more precise; The damage is done to the video stream on that hop to my NSA watcher 'buddy' (or somewhere he redirects it to) By the time I get it it's toast. Reboots and different media players and all that won't help. .. I never see an un-corrupted file by the time it hits my DSL modem.

It is going to suck to be a CrowdStriker type when people catch on to what pieces of shit these guys really are.

It is just all dirty tricks to blind people from the truth.

Live Hard, Just Watch What They Do And Say And Think, Cui Bono, Die Free

~ DC 6.0

WillyGroper's picture

fwiw,  i had the same problem on dsl which doesn't effect data, just vid. 

hi resistance open.  when they're intermittant it's a bitch to trouble shoot.  you have to catch it.   temp will effect it also & that opn can be anywhere from the xcon in the co to an rt,  pg or for that fact a ckt card itself.  you don't have the ability to isolate it unless you've got the ver code. 

aside from my personal experience,  just how do i know this?  i worked on this crap in the corporate meat grinder many decades.

 as far as that goes, you can xmit/rec on just 1 of the 2 conductors even when 1 ov'm is WAO.

if you want to know if it's technical or ur paranoid ;),  call repair & have'm test your line.   ask for the VER code.

with that, you'll at least know fur shur the issue. 

i'll ask ya the same question my bud asked me on another you really think you're that important?

Lucretius's picture

DC, sounds as if you know your IT end of things.  I've been using linux for years and no issues w/ computer herpes, mal/spy ware, adds, popups. etc. If a page doesn't work for me, I just figure I don't need to go there. I do NOT say that in reference to your work re:Geo. Webb! Sounds like you have a serious webroid!!! Best of luck shaking/wiping that thing off yer azz! AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHH

DuneCreature's picture

What I have is what we all have.

Computer viruses and malware code is the least of it.

You have a real live flesh and blood Dot Gov (contractor) Watcher Dude (or weeman) (tm).

That's right, a neighborhood commissar. .. A snitch, a tattle-tale, a 'hall monitor', a baby sitter. ........... This is where those black budget billions of USD go. .. To pay people to watch you and report back if you sound 'unhappy', dissatisfied with your government. ... To record your behavior on-line and off. .. That's correct, line too.

They are paid contractors. .. They are paid through the JTTF program and they are hooked into those Fusion Centers (Think of those as Stasi HQ).

These Watcher Jackass (WJ-TTF) (tm) people are also the ones watching your Internet use. ... And fucking with it if you are a 'problem case'. ... Most people who come to ZH are in that directory of individuals I would bet.

I just happen to know who my neighborhood commissar is by name and address.

Live Hard, Just Look Around And Think, You Will Figure Out Your Own JW-TTF Is, And there May Be More Than One In Your Hood, Die Free

~ DC v6.0

FlowerofLife's picture

DuneCreature, I don’t doubt anything you say, and you obviously know your stuff where IT is concerned.

Have you ever considered that not all the anomalies you come across on the internet are negative? My matrix-manipulating “friend” gets on my nerves frequently, but overall, I think of him as positive. As Lucretius said, if he occasionally can’t open something, he interprets that as he isn’t meant to.   


I’ve had a lot of good things happen also, like finding myself behind paywalls, information shows up out of the blue, and the like. I’ve had enough fun things happen that I usually don’t feel threatened by the things I don’t like. Annoyed, but not threatened. 

DuneCreature's picture

I'm not really what you would call up set or freaked out about anything here. .. Annoyed sure.

I want to follow the details on what George is doing is all.

I KNOW what the deal is.

We do have these JW-TTF watcher contractor assholes.

You can chose to believe me or not. .. George covered a lot of if sporadically in his earlier videos. ... I know a bunch about these programs too. .. I have friends very high up at DHS. .. They can't tell me details but they drop hints like someone ripped a hole in their big bag of marbles.

They don't like this shit either but they don't set policy.

Are you catching what I'm saying?

Live Hard, A Security Clearance And The Restrictions That Are Imposed Keep A Lot Of Good People Silent About Some Really Evil Shit, Die Free

~ DC v6.0

FlowerofLife's picture

Most of the IT stuff goes over my head, unfortunately.

I accept everything you say. Not so much George, but I do think he’s working for a side that’s cleaner than the one he appears to be working against. I think he has some decency in him also, like some of your friends at DHS. Can’t say the same about the highly placed people I’ve known on the finance side of things.           

Looks like we’ve been had. Again. It’s going to take total collapse for any real change to come about, I'm afraid.

DuneCreature's picture

It would be nice if we could take this mess all apart piece by piece. Peel back some of the layers and fix the machine instead of junking it. .. Junking it means a lot of messy bloodshed. ....

I'm more of a fixer than a junker, myself.

See if we can get the restraints off of the good lower levels at dot gov.

The top is all pretty badly diseased and rotten.

I think George is trying to show us how to get the engine cover off and remove some access panels.

And maybe save his own ass. ... Always a great motivator.

Alright, I'm done on this thread.

Live Hard, What George Needs Us To Do Is To Awake Up A Whole Bunch Of Other Fixers, Die Free

~ DC v6.0

FlowerofLife's picture

This is the latest:

George is giving the timeline of what Seth Rich, et al, discovered happening at the DNC and how the FBI "flubbed" it long enough for the most damning info to get to WikiLeaks.

Before they stole his votes, they were stealing his donations.

DuneCreature's picture

Oh, I can find the videos, that's not the problem, FoL.

They just won't play or download.

But thanks anyway.

Why don't the bad guys just pull the plug on my internet altogether? (it is always an option for them, BTW)

I know this is complicated for some folks to wrap their brain around, I suppose, but 'they' want me on the net, just not too much on the net that I influence any other people.

This is a big chess game. ..... The bad guys (CrowdStrike Pirates) don't want me to disengage and leave the Internet all together because I would fall off of their radar screen that way.

They want me posting on ZH, sending Emails and making phone calls so they can monitor what I'm doing and thinking.

So they have fucked up the video streaming code to my computer network so that they can control how much information I can successfully see. ... The steaming is only fucked up on specific videos.

They don't care if I stream a Santana concert video (Which Ms Creature and I did last night on the patio over the WiFi and it never skipped a rockin' beat in Hi-Def and Dolby surround sound.)

They only fuck up the stream on George Webb vids.

Little does Donnie (My personal NSA contractor jackass) realize that I helped develop video streaming tech and I know exactly what they are doing.

I will probably be able to find videos in the future on someone's upload and see them fine but the original videos are time sensitive and they (the bad guys) know it.

Live Hard, This Is All Going To Go South For The Funky Falcons When We Shut Down The EPA Start Spraying DDT For Pest Control Again, Die Free

~ DC v6.0

Lucretius's picture

DC & FoL,

thank you for your efforts and commentary. While some of what you divulge is over my head (not personally being a spook or a geek), but possessing a fully functioning, awake brain and an open mind, I applaud your efforts! I cut the cord on TEEVEE years ago (still amazes me that folks PAY to bring that garbage and social conditioning into their homes!), and the landline too. I won't own a smell phone (I call it that because .guv is so far up yr azz that they can tell you what you had for lunch). Wifey has one when I need to communicate, and I taught her to stream her silly TEEVEE showz!

 I do not find your speculation or observations to be beyond belief   .  

 Stay strong mates! L.

FlowerofLife's picture

Edit of my above comment: when I said they (DNC) were stealing his donations before they stole his votes, I was referring to Bernie.

Well, continuing your comment about manipulation of the matrix from yesterday, and your remarks about having your George Webb streams fucked up today, apparently, “someone” doesn’t mind this subset of the bigger picture coming out.

For those who won’t see my response to DuneCreature from yesterday, no, these revelations aren’t too much for me in the least. A friend demonstrated it on a comment I made right here on a ZeroHedge article a few years ago. I saw a series of comments that he wanted me to see, and then they disappeared. They weren’t sensitive in any way, so the Tylers didn’t do it. It was a demonstration. This has happened a number of times and in a number of places, not just on ZeroHedge. I’m sure it happens to others, and they don’t notice it.


In other news, I sent a link to Brendon’s latest to Jim Willie. I subscribed to the Golden Jackass for a short while and got in a conversation with Willie about Putin being the anti-Christ (he disagreed). Actually, it wasn’t my insight; it was the insight of the friend who distorts the matrix. Despite Willie being a nut, it may be too far out even for him, but I find it plausible, and, apparently, Brendon does too.

DuneCreature's picture

I like hearing from both O'Connell and Willie. .. Nothing nuts about either one of those guys, IMNSHO.

Hey, most people think I'm nuts so they are both in excellent company.

And I think a lot (Ok, I admit it, 'most') people are morons.

Live Hard, ZeroHedge Is One Of The Few Places Left On The Planet Earth Where The Nuts Can Come Have An Intelligent, Awake, Engaging, Thought Out Discourse And Not Put All The Morons In Snooze Mode Or Piss Off The Half-Wit Snowflake Jerks, Die Free

~ DC v6.0

aliens is here's picture

CNN is a DemoRats propganda fake news network.

missionshk's picture


perkunas's picture

The real con game is trump


Trump stands with the globalists, that's why Ivanka, wine and dines with them, Trump said I’m a “globalist and nationalist”. Trumps Son in-law has business dealings with George Soros and Goldman Sachs. Trumps 1st call, was to the UN's Christine Lagarde. He just gave the Saudis billions in weapons (The biggest sponsor of terrorism). The only thing conservative about him, is his hair cut. Its no secret, that his whole life he was a leftist liberal, that supported the democratic party with funding. You got Trumped


Hikikomori's picture

I am sure there are some peaceful Muslims.  That being said - might have been the smallest televised demonstration in TV history - there were more reporters and camera crew than demonstrators.

Downtoolong's picture


I think I saw the guy on the right in a McDonalds commercial last month.


bookofenoch's picture

CNN is entirely fake

Though the Charles Jaco Iraq War footage filmed in the Atlanta studio was funny, and the Anderson Cooper / Nancy Grace deceptions at Newtown were gratifying, my favorite was CNN filming themselves paying laughing Africans to strip naked and "die" of Ebola, then get up and walk off with a wad of cash.

Nobody of even average IQ can believe CNN. They're the leper's bell of deep state propaganda

tuetenueggel's picture


Motherload of fake publications worldwide

cynical_skeptic's picture

there are flowers on the street here, that we just told them to put there. 

lakecity55's picture

Geez, everyone knows CNN is a propaganda organ of the PTB.

I even suspect some of the original set-up funds for the network were supplied by the "deep state."

And look at their channel sometime: nothing but gays, angry negroes, and Hitlary slaves.

Yet, you could say that about almost all of the "msm."

Islamic infiltration-check.
Progressive mouthpieces-check.



SoDamnMad's picture

CNN to offer a full apology and explanation at 1:30 AM EST for all you avid CNN viewers (without a real life).

otschelnik's picture

Draft Tommy Robinson and the EDL for mayor of Londonistan.  

Thom Paine's picture

Advice to Clinton News Network

To save you money , just put a a sign - "We hate Trump - a lot" and broadcast that 24/7 , rather than make believe you actually do any news.


Thom Paine's picture

CNN professional shark jumpers, are running out of Trump hate tricks to play.

They have gone so weird, absurd, over the top every time, insane, extremist, irrational that they have become a Leftard Onion.

Thom Paine's picture

CNN caught in the boys toilet with their pants down, lending their arse to all the terrorists.

Von Berger's picture

Spot on.
That old shill Becky fronted CNN news in London yesterday trotting out the same repeated vid clip ad nauseam.

Same old tarnished BS.

dogismycopilot's picture

CNN is Terror


JailBanksters's picture

I think this whole thing is hashtag Bullshit, not just the Cartoon News Network but the actual Terror Plot.

It's nothing but a show.

tuetenueggel's picture

Why do US not shut down this terror network CNN ?A

SubjectivObject's picture

Because it is a loss-leader for the CIA, and they have infinite funding, so it's with US for ever...

Having something reported in the public mass muddia confers a credibility among the masses of asses and give their other media operatives talking points for further propogation of the propaganda du jour.  It's part of a network.

JailBanksters's picture

Because it serves the Jew World Order, the Deep State, the Rothschilds.

And they Kontrol the Government.


ebworthen's picture

"Despite what the Koran says...the Mullah's preaching...and the actions of our brethen in the name of Allah...we want Peace!

Well...pieces.  Forgive us and give us:  an apartment, food, and transit to the nearest Mosque?"

tuetenueggel's picture

you and all muslim turds even can get some bullets. free of charge

poetic justice's picture

I have a term for that... An AK47 lead breakfast. Garnished with Halal pork!

DC Exile's picture

while trying to debunk accusations of staging the news, CNN in advertantly admit the police were in on the fake news too: 

"Police let demonstraters through the cordon to show their signs."


LyLo's picture

Why did they even have the area cordoned off if they were going to allow members of the public in?  Is it just this group that was allowed in, or were all "protestors" present allowed?  Was all media present invited to use the police cordon to stage pictures?  Was it scheduled by the department, or did the policemen present decide to throw security out the window in the moment?

Used to be there was a certain profession that would have asked those questions, but they're too busy staging photos I guess.

Ex-Oligarch's picture

So ... in order to keep muslims from perpetrating further terrorist crimes, the police let an unscreened group of muslims through the safety cordon?

deoxy's picture

"Crisis Actor" is now being disseminated throughout the culture. If it keeps up, people will be spotting them and pointing them out all over the place. My 17 year old knows about it now. This is good.