The Death Of American Manufacturing In 1 Simple Chart

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Manufacturing's share of all U.S. employment fell to an all-time record low of 8.48% in May. While blame has been laid at the foot of globalization and technology, in fact it has been an almost non-stop decline since the end of World War 2.

So how do we 'make America great again'?

The answer seems simple to some in Washington - World War 3?

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At some point it can only go up.

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Only when people have had enough.

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"almost non-stop decline"

At some point it'll be non-existent.

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The only thing we still make a lot of here are WEAPONS

We use them to threaten anyone who doesn't want to accept our fiat dollars and Treasuries

in exchange for the commodities we need and the manufactured goods we no longer make.

Imagine what life will be like when the dollar is no longer the global reserve currency?

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That will go into decline as well without a viable manufacturing sector that is able to convert R&D/Innovation into 'competitive' products.

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Meh......remember those Black and White silent movie shots of guys sanding the wooden spokes of a Ford Model T wheel?  Now assembly lines have miles of robot welders.  In the 50's men were basically chained to milliling machines with a few experimental paper tape controled machines.  Years ago I supered a plant to PLCs and automation from old style hand manufacturing. More than half the floor workers were let go, production trippled, and quality improved, waste collapsed and the physical work( lift, tote, etc )a worker had to do was cut 80%.  

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I worked in a large distribution center in the US for a large retailer. It was old school. Hundreds of ghetto thug temps manually unloaded trucks and placed things on pallets by hand. That company is JCP, which is dancing with bankruptcy now. If you watch a video of a Kroger's or WalMart distribution facility, there are almost no people in it. Just machines and computers sorting and moving merchandise.

Welcome to the future.

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Unfortunately, many are too far brain dead (numbed out on mind altering and pain killing drugs) to know when they've had enough, they simply zombie along through life till the grave.  My experience shows that only about 10-20% of people actually care about developing themselves through Truth and Evolution, most others are just leeching off the discoveries, solutions, inventions, etc. of these 20%.

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It could actually go negative.

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...At some point it can only go up.

Not necessarily ! It could also go to ZERO and stay there...

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Once the Federal Reserve and the government has all the libtard snowflakes on Social Security Disability and welfare it will be almost impossible to turn them into employable and productive people. Robots, and millions of engineers from India will replace them.

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and I see a pink Unicorn

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Corporate loyalty? Nope, it's all about money. The merican corporations moved manufacturing to China to increase profit margins and bonus money for the upper management. The don't care about merica or it's inhabitants. The mericans can borrow money to buy their shit made in China.

Vehicles produced in China 28,118,794. VS  United States 12,198,137. Moar than double in China compared to merica. So these corporations will focus on Chinese production, fuck merica. Even electronics etc. These corporations are in the center of the worlds largest markets, including EU. So why worry about the small merican market?

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Once the US stopped competiting via technology and focused on finance/debt the economy started to decline. The only adminstration that understood this was Reagan's and they tried to do something about it - look up Project Socrates


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When I tell people about my years as a steelworker in Pittsburgh, they often look at me as if I'm describing some foreign world in a foreign time. I suppose they are right. In the 3 years following the "surprise" attack at Pearl Harbor, the U.S. designed, built and floated 163 aircraft carriers. Could the current imperial U.S. even build 1 in 3 years?

If steel comes back, it will not be in my lifetime.


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I totally agree with you.


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The current young people can quote sport scores/stats and not much else.

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and 325,000 airplanes. Unbelievable

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At the peak of production in WW2 America produced more machine guns in one month than the Japs did the whole of the war 


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Howdy 29.5 ... check out the link below ... it would seem that we have not kept up with others in the world in basic defensive measures.

The Last Mofo Standing

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Why would you need such a navy?  Back then you had to float a hundred planes to drop a thousand bombs to take out a airfield..  For a manufacturing area, like a ball bearing plant you needed hundreds of bombers, thousands of bombs, thousands of crew, a hundred thousand support.  Now, one cruise missle, front door, skylight,  or down the smokestack,  your choice.

We don't need new buildings, got cities full of abandoned ones.  Besides, Empire State Building was built in.......13 months.  Today it would take 10 years.

We make laws, regulations, porn, politicians and fat people.


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The environmentalists won't let steel come back in America. Back then the snow was gray and everything was covered with dust, but people were working, and making good money.

Clean air, in the big picture is not as important as people believe it is. The residents of China's large, poluted cities now outlive Americans with their Montana pure air. There are a lot factors that go into longevity and health.

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If you looked at a chart of "jobs" from the dawn of man to now it would roughly look like a giant blip up then straight down as we were not created to have a "job" thus we are not called robots or human doings or human resources.... "my favorite Orwellian term ever" but simply human beings.

That means we, like all other creatures of God, come complete at birth with our own purpose and justification without need for any such thing from anyone or anything.

You and I are a creation of God almighty and we don't need a job.

What we need is to live according to natural laws same as it ever fucking was, same as it always shall be.

Nothing on earth will ever change this no matter how many usurpers try and fail.

So quit listening to the asshats please.

Thank you!

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You express some excellent sentiments on the intrinsic value of a human being. We are stuck in a perverse system where to simply exist means accepting an alien power structure that demands tribute to an undeserving elite that is rapaciously greedy.

conraddobler's picture

It's always the same thing.

Men, women, whatever, immediately try and install themselves as the center of the universe and claim the moral high ground from which to assail all others as "they" are the paragons of their own unique universe.

That is why power corrupts.

Most people are very sick and weak and have a need to control that which is not their domain to control.

What I am saying is not new or unique at all it's been discovered by many civilizations that unfortuneately are no match for those with rapacious appetites.

Native American's are but one example.

It's always the same thing forever.

Those who believe there is no God above are under the delusion that there is a job opening begging to be filled and they never stop applying.

zippedydoodah's picture

Are you on acid?

iI don't believe in God therefore there is a job opening begging for me to do it.

I do believe in God therefore I will not have a job opening begging for me to do it.

So only God believers are realists?

Actually, forget acid. More likely your brain died at birth. I'm so confused that I've decided that you are in fact the Antichrist.


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Let's see if the Trumps bring their family manufacturing back to the US. They're pretty damn good at talking the talk.... Let's see if they walk the walk!

If they don't they're just bullshitters like the rest of the flotsam in our political arena.

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What family manufacturing?   Ties and shoes?

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I doubt this liberal repeater type of small word chant makes any sense.

There may be some high volume high efficiency indudstrial textile business in US like carpet, auto seatbelts, but unlikely much domestic

low volume specialty garment manufacturers for the Trumps to use. If there was a domestic shoe manufacturer for the trumps to use, the cost

moves them out of competition with all other products on the shelf at Macys, and out of business.

Are they better for america to be in business at all in the same playing field market as all of the garment industry on the

shelf at Dillards, or out of business altogether not one american paycheck?

If you wanted shoe and garment manufacturers in the US for trumps to compete in the same aparrel industry as

all products on the shelf then you might be against the clinton chi-com satanists nafta, gatt, most favored nation, the

rent, tuition, medical hyperinflation ponzies. The ignornat dont know for example the year of maximum medical insurer

merger and consolidation was, 1997.

Its the difference of correlation and causation, the masses of ignorant are taught from federali schooling, fake news and propoganda,

chemical eugenics, advance mind control technologies, not to know 

even what happened yesterdaday so they certainly cant extrapolate causation since clinton globalist satanism.

Now I am sure that Trumps intention would be to bring back garment industry but that may even be too low value added low income

to even be imporant yet with much bigger fish to fry first, many years of incremental evolution.

The marxist hyperinflation has many most low value add low income "work" obsolete and cant be walked back in years, generations.

Entropy is, it is much easier for satanists to destroy what was all of christiandom to create. I would guess there are much bigger

reindustrialization objectives first, then low value add textiles.

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"I doubt this liberal repeater type of small word chant makes any sense."

Regardless of message, you can't call people criticizing the leftist president leftists.  I know it blows your mind having a (R) after one's name doesn't make them not a leftist, but it's true now as it has been the last, oh gee let's see, 70-80 years.

screw face's picture a time of war america is toast on a stick.


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Ignore any possible war. America is toast. Only divine intervention could reverse the course it's on,

As a separate thought, the chart showing the decline in manufacturing jobs probably looks a lot like the decline in farming jobs about 100 years ago.

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Don't go to college. Learn a blue collar trade in manufacturing. Become a machinist.

Better be Latin if going into construction.

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Bull market for machinists right now.

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post WWII, bretton woods. don't make stuff, enforce the JooBucks,

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WW3? Well, lets keep that one here at home. That's where you'll  find the real enemy.

Chris88's picture

Nothing to lament, the US cannot compete on labor, environmental, and other regulatory costs.  Enough retards think 35% tariffs will bring these jobs back, but when the hourly labor cost excluding regulatory costs is, for example, 1/30th in Mexico compared to the US, that's not going to happen.  

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With a closed society we can only compete amongst  ourselves. When the world is ready for a one world system let that day be rejoiced not forced on the people . You sound like some idealist libertarian. I was one once in my twenties.

Chris88's picture

You are against freedom of exchange amongst the greatest amount of choice?  You sound like a Statist, I was one when I was 12.

kahplunk's picture

So freedom only comes from  open borders?

Chris88's picture

What did I say about open borders?  I'm talking about the freedom of enterprise to trade with, hire, sell to, and produce wherever they want absent government coming in.  Freedom comes from individual autonomy so long as people are not impinging upon the private property rights of others.

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Manufacturing jobs still exists where shipping and importation costs exceed the labor difference.  We just need to make importing more expensive.  We could apply a tarrif, but the uniparty elite don't like that.  Instead, we should apply a carbon tax due to the long distances.  I suggest a $1 tax for every pound-mile a product was transported.  The eco-nut left would love it and so would blue collar workers in the US.

Chris88's picture

You forgot the /sarcasm, some people may mistake you for a moron.

kahplunk's picture

Buy LOCAL end of story

Chris88's picture

You can if you'd like, I'll buy the best quality at the best price, local or not.  No issue with you buying local or urging others to do so, just keep mommy government out of it (AKA don't clamor for them to subsidize inefficiency).

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choke it down till there's nothing left