Theresa May Urges Global Internet Regulation "To Deprive Terrorists Of 'Safe Spaces'"

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Speaking to the public following the attacks in London last night - the third such terorist incident since March - UK Prime Minister Theresa May proposed Sunday that the UK work with democratic allies to root out extremist groups from the internet and social media.

Here’s May:

“We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed, yet that is precisely what the internet, and the big companies that provide internet-based services provide.


“We need to work with allies, democratic governments to reach international agreements to regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremist and terrorism planning,” May said. “And we need to do everything we can at home to reduce the risks of extremism online.”

Western tech firm, May believes, should do more to censor and police extremist content. But who would be qualified to determine what is and isn't fit for publication? It seems there's a danger that unpopular views and political opinions that don't fit with the mainstream narrative could also be swept up in this type of censorship...and to a degree they already have. For example, Twitter suspended WND for its reporting on the suspicious death of former DNC staffer Seth Rich.

As the Verge reported, this isn’t the first time that May has made calls to regulate internet behavior. In 2012, then-Home Secretary May drafted a bill that would force internet service providers to retain user data for up to a year. That bill was blocked, but she worked to introduce similar legislation in subsequent years.

Last month, May’s Conservative Party included its intent to enact internet regulations that are designed to combat online extremism and to protect the public from abusive and offensive materials.

The Prime Minister also said Britain was too tolerant of extremism and that "pluralistic" British values had to be established as superior.

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Ignatius's picture

Where to begin?  Geezus...

Folkvar's picture

Band aid on a bullet wound - a typical cowardly limb wristed response which will solve nothing. Expect many more attacks. Islam is incompatible with the West. The only way to stop this is to remove all Muslims from the West then ban that sick religious cult. Either the politicians do this or the people eventually will.  

apadictionary's picture

what we need is united international civilian force coming together and cutting all the governments to their proper sizes.

HowdyDoody's picture

Control the internet, but not the financing, command and control centers of terrorists (e.g. MI5/MI6 just for starters). Got it. That should work. Not.

apadictionary's picture

good one brother, could not say it better. If left hand is bleeding, just apply the band aid to right hand, it will all be fine. that is the teresa may's fix.

BullyDog's picture

Qatar is the patsy in the room, paedo saud is distancing itself from IsIs. 


Wonder if Saud will pay for the world to have "safer terrorist free internet access"  sighs.


beemasters's picture

Why do I have this nagging feeling that governments are the real terrorists [in disguise]?

mtl4's picture

The Prime Minister also said Britain was too tolerant of extremism and that "pluralistic" British values had to be established as superior.


Sounds like this means the deep state is expecting more events to remove your rights in the near future.

caconhma's picture

It is very likely that this latest terrorist events in London were organized and executed under MI5 and MI6 British secret service organizations. After all Al Qaida and ISIS are CIA and MI5 created organizations.

Pinto Currency's picture

Address an immigration issue with internet censorship.
We twice see the complete stupidity of central planners.

Mementoil's picture

How do they say? Don't allow a good crisis go to waste?
Under the guise of fighting Islamic terrorism our dear leaders are clamping down on freedom of speech, something they had they targets on for a long time.

BennyBoy's picture


What We Need Is Global Government Regulation "To Deprive Goverments Of The Ability To Invade Other Countries"

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

And then the uneducated hordes resort to regressive non-digital smoke signals to communincate, and the world spins around again.

The tax payers should have purchased a merry-go-round instead - it would have been much cheaper and much more fucking enjoyable.


Stop treating the symptoms and act on the problem for fucks sake!

otschelnik's picture

Oh for fuck sake.  Politicians think by controling the narrative they can control the problem.  Get your eye back on the ball Theresa

Von Berger's picture

Yes. Freedom of speech! That's indefatigable no argument. Problem iiiiiiiis ............ the radical muzzies only see one viewpoint.
Every other rationale is heresy. An entrenched ideological impasse.
It's a fucking crisis alright!! a solution?

poetic justice's picture

Deport them all... End of story, aye...

Byte Me's picture

Work backwards from


wildbad's picture


Tip: the solution is always a removal of peoples god given rights.

philipat's picture

That's exactly what I was going to say but you saved me the pixels!

If their technology is so powerful and sophisticated, why can they not already sort out the bad guys? They have never yet prevented one of these "attacks" in advance because, of course, that isn't the point. And under "The Snoopers Charter" the UK Government already has THE most draconian intrusion of privacy laws anywhere in the world.

Thanks but no thanks to further loss of civil liberties. Given the overall infinitesimal risk invloved, I will accept the risk to live as a free man.

Colonel's picture

That's because the bad guys are the so-called elites proxy partners in crime.

philipat's picture

Um, actually that is what I said. In different words....

poetic justice's picture

When the Globalist's Mansions are raised to the ground, it "definitely will not" be a "False Flag".... The will of the people, finally fulfilled?

Colonel's picture

The goobermint/"elites" way...

 Cause a problem

 Create a reaction

 Implement your "solution"

 Rinse and repeat

Diatom's picture

Genie out of the bottle...

Tor and VPN's will expand. Protonmail kind of shit will explode.

And bythe way: Critical thinking is irreversible...

Déjà view's picture

'U.K.raine'...Washington/Tel Aviv Sirens...self-imposed solitary confinement...

“There” could be a place like Israel, where “you can’t go through a cafe or movie theater without going through a security check,” said Rascoff. “You can’t go into a supermarket in Israel without being checked.”


kellys_eye's picture

Controlling the Internet will have the same consequences as Prohibition had trying to prevent alcoholism.

Reap what you sow.

poetic justice's picture

Will create a large demand for even more advanced IP hiding software. Those moron's haven't a clue...

Al Gophilia's picture

Where to begin? Right there, there's a start.

poetic justice's picture

What's next on the list... Mobile Phone calls restricted?

VWAndy's picture

 Define terrorists.

floosy's picture

Anyone that disagrees with us.


Thanks for your co-operation

Victor999's picture

And define extremist.  I have this feeling I would be added to that list.

poetic justice's picture

A Canadian guy who came over to do a job with us last year was wearing, a T shirt declaring he is an, "Enemy of the State". I can identify with that...

kochevnik's picture

Terrorists: Government brownshirts and cheka

quasi_verbatim's picture

Maybot Reptilian Humanoid addresses the nation from her very own safe space.

SilverRhino's picture

Dumb fucking cunt.   Does she think THAT is going to fight terrorism? 


Solution for Islamic terror and the problems in the Middle East. 


"If you kill enough of them, they stop fighting." - Curtis LeMay 

aurum4040's picture

Yeah we need to turn their territories into glass, only way it will stop. That's the only way Japan would quit in WW2...

Victor999's picture

Right.  And then the US, UK and Israel would just move on to the next set of countries to destroy and create a new ISIS for them.


If you want to stop terrorism in its tracks seek out those who finance it and support it.  Freeze their assets.  Threaten to cut off all trade with them.  That is not a hard job - unless of course you consider that the real enemy is actually our own countries.

aurum4040's picture

To an extent, yes. But fully, no. It's been going on since WW2, Israel and the Palestinians, also Sunni and Shiites. Did we fund all of that? Did we  also create the hatred among the Sunni and Shiites? No. It's inherent. We exacerbate for geopolitical purposes.....Overall they need wiped out. And in future, we get involved only when necessary. Will it happen? Doubt it. Only when the people take back our country. After it collapses. 

frontierland's picture

Except that, Japan surrendered months earlier...

That marked the beginning of Jewish Supremacists pushing US Foreign Policy.

pluto the dog's picture

it wont stop 'terrorism' but it will stop us talking about it and NAMING THE PERPS

poetic justice's picture

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words... Focusing on a scorched earth policy targeting our Globalist adversaries appears to be the only solution.

HRH Feant2's picture

So far the only people to have their right to free speech taken away are those on the right.

This is a slippery slope. In some ways I agree. WTF can ISIS post a beheading video on Twatter or Utube and it isn't taken down? Fuck, why can ISIS post their on-line magazine around the world and it isn't banned in the UK, US, Europe and Australia?

aurum4040's picture

You my friend must remind yourself who created Isis and you will recall why their videos remain everywhere they shouldn't be. 

HRH Feant2's picture

Who was in office when ISIS was created? Obama. Who was influential with regard to pushing the open borders nonsense? Soros.

As far as I know the only country that has banned Soros and his bullshit NGOs is Russia. Smart.

Are the leftists and globablists responsible for ISIS? Yes. Which is why borders matter.

poetic justice's picture

Who was his "Nobel Peace Prize", "Warmongering", "Mr Crimes Against Humanity", "Useless Eater", adviser? None other than "Mega Oxygen Thief", (I spit on the ground when I say this) Kissinger....

hobo with a shotgun's picture

Standing Rock and BLM both had their free speech taken away, and they fought hard to try and get it back. Lots of left wing journalists are getting beat up and shot with rubber bullets while the comfy right winger talking heads sit in their air conditioned studios with no one to contest their views unquestioningly read off the teleprompter. On the contrary I see plenty of right wing speech being permitted as long as it serves the interest of corporate boardrooms. It was only a matter of time before the internet turned into another propaganda bottleneck shithole like Radio and TV.