"Create Your Re-Education Camp On Your Own Dime" - Lawmakers Propose Defunding Evergreen College

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Republicans in the Washington State legislature have proposed a bill to revoke $24 million in annual state funding for Evergreen State College after social justice warriors effectively shut down the school's campus for two weeks after a faculty member objected to a planned demonstration that asked all white students and staff to leave campus for a day, as Campus Reform reported.

Protests erupted late last month after biology professor Bret Weinstein sent an email to his colleagues arguing that the planned “day of absence” protest was itself a “form of oppression.”

The email was eventually published in the student newspaper, angering snowflakes on campus. On May 23, more than a month after Weinstein sent the email detailing his objections, an angry mob of about 50 students disrupted his class, accused him of being a racist and demanded that he resign, as Weinstein recounted in a column published in The Wall Street Journal.

As Weinstein noted in WSJ, the day of absence protest is a tradition at Evergreen. In previous years, students and faculty of color would meet off campus. But this year, the events’ organizers – who claimed that the election of President Donald Trump made them feel “unwelcome” on the campus of the far-left institution – instead invited white students, staff and faculty to leave campus.

Weinstein objected to the protest in an email sent to staff and faculty back in March where he argued that “on a college campus, one’s right to speak – or to be – must never be based on skin color.”

And now, in response to the farce, Washington state lawmakers have proposed legislation to revoke Evergreen's public funding, calling the students an "embarrassment." The bill is being spearheaded by Republican State Representative Matt Manweller, who introduced it alongside a letter to Washington State's Human Rights Commission requesting an investigation into the administration’s conduct.

“You are a taxpayer funded school and the taxpayers expect you to provide an environment of education not a dystopia of indoctrination,” Mr. Manweller wrote.


“If your goal is to create a modern-day version of a reeducation camp, then do it on your own dime.”

While it would strip away some of the school's funding, students at Evergreen would still be eligible for financial aid if it passes.

Evergreen’s administration kowtowed to the protesters, with President George Bridges promising that no students would be disciplined for their disruptive and threatening behavior.

“That they would allow students to threaten professors and other students based on their race is simply horrifying,” Manweller continued.


“The administration bears direct responsibility for this situation. They hired the professors who have elevated the pseudo-science of ‘social justice’ to a religious movement. Now all dissent is crushed by threats of violence or actual violence."


"These students and their administration are trying to undo the Civil Rights Movement. They are trying to re-institute a Jim Crow approach to education that Americans rejected over 50 years ago,” Manweller told Campus Reform.


“We must never go back to a segregated society - whether it be drinking fountains, buses, or school buildings."


“It is incredibly frightening that the administration at Evergreen would tacitly support Brown-shirt tactics we have not seen since 1930s Germany. That they would allow students to threaten professors and other students based on their race is simply horrifying,” Manweller exclaimed.

While the bill’s chances of passing are unclear, Manweller says he’s optimistic.

Meanwhile, the Washington Times reports that more than 50 faculty members have sent a letter urging the administration to discipline Weinstein for…wait for it…endangering the college’s students, faculty and staff:

"Weinstein has endangered faculty, staff, and students, making them targets of white supremacist backlash by promulgating misinformation in public emails, on national television, in news outlets, and on social media.”

Of course, the irony of this is statement is staggering. As Weinstein told WSJ: Campus police recommended he hold class off campus because of threats made by protesters, some of whom stopped and searched cars traveling through campus, allegedly looking for Weinstein.

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rwmctrofholz's picture

Hopefully when they open their diplomas, there is a small sticky note affixed from the Dean reading, "I wiped my ass with this.  Good luck!"

IridiumRebel's picture

It shouldn't even be a diploma. It should be a hot stinking turd.

Manthong's picture


Shut the sh*thole down.

All white student transferees to another school should get full credit for courses attended and a subsidy for their new school.

All black students should be told to go pound salt.

That would be fitting and just.

It would be worth doing that just to watch the reaction.

Art Van_Delay's picture

The internment camps for the leftards are rearing their heads.

And for Muslims, and not only in US.

Farage Says Calls for Internment Camps for Terror Suspects Will Grow in Britain

847328_3527's picture

We're gonna need more jails ... lots more jails.

Double benefits: First, housing for these violent thugs, and, second, job creation. Keep them off the streets.

And cut that crap about jail libraries, work-out gyms, and whole wheat multi-grain bread to keep the prisoners healthy and happy.

Heck with that.

Do what China and Russia do: cold hard jail beds and three bowls of mush a day. Russia and China have VERY FEW repeat cell customers.

HRH Feant2's picture

Screw jails! Fuck it costs $70K a year to keep people locked up in Commifornia. We can't afford to lock people up. Let them live on the street.

Erek's picture

Put them all in a large, secure, electrically fenced-in area and give them food for only 50% of them. Repeat until only one left - throw him in with the next group.

Bumpo's picture

Have you seen the part where they panic and "demand" their teachers forgive outstanding homework, due to SJW racist flash mobbery? Lol, grow the fuck up. Actions have consequences. These students only power is mob rule. Flunk their asses out and let them cry to their White President whom they hate so much.

fx's picture

Those 50 faculty mambers should all be fired for lying, and intermedating. And then shut this thind down. Whatever this strudent-garbage learns there - it will not cure them from their indoctrination, hatred and intolerance. Send all these "tolerant, progressive" snoiwflake-assholes to the middle east. That#s the right environment for themto practice their hatred.

fleur de lis's picture

Trying to shutter the Evergreen money pit is a good first start although the .gov weenies will not allow it to happen.

But others will follow, hopefully with success.

Other colleges/universities might take note and clean up.


mtl4's picture

Scary you have places so left even the hardcore liberals get burned at the stake for speaking common sense.......I wouldn't want any of my tax dollars helping that turd factory.

JRobby's picture

Soros (through Obama) will be aggressively recruiting these grads.

If you are still a sophomore or freshman, you need to transfer as many credits as you can NOW!!!! Before its too late and you have nothing to show for your time there.

DeadFred's picture

All for the privilege of working for the spawn of Satan? I think not.

cheka's picture

maybe now they will learn not to speak against the palestinian genocide.  they were had by weinstein and nyc media screeching

did you see that univ of missouri is still bleeding out from their black lives matter idiocy?  laying off teachers, shuttering buildings, etc

freak of nature's picture

They were held 'hostage' until demands were met. See 4:30 and beyond in this video.


"...yall stay in this space until those demands can happen."



Their creation has now hatched and is eating them in return. Amazing part is the teacher asking if he can go pee. Kids now run the schools and the adults have become children. This is what happens in a world with no discipline.

Food Loaf Junkie's picture

If they try to stop and search my vehicle for white professors, students, etc. it will be the last thing they will have to worry about. :-)

Bumpo's picture

I have a new amendment for the Evergreen State College Charter: Niggers Leave.

effendi's picture

Can't agree. There are probably a minority of decent students there (who might be white or black) and they should get the transfers. As for the SJWs (white, black or brindle) they should be left in a defunded college and left to find their own money to pay for their eduction.

goober's picture

The insanity continues as long as PRAVDA/MSM can mind fuck these fools. But there is good news. Last Sunday the free speech rally in Portland went very well and the Antifa, BLM and other groups had a few arrests, but no major events at all. So just standing up to these maniacs is all that si needed. I urge you all to get involved and get prepared and get out there to the upcoming events. Next weekend there will be more than a hundred anti sharia rallys all acorss the nation. There will likely be a city near you so, show up and show support for your views and your country.  Do not let the maniacs bully America any longer and lets change the things that need to be changed and get on with it.

I am not saying there is no threat from these mind fucked idiots because many weapons like hammers, bricks and other off the wall devices were taken from them. So finally the PPD was forced to do their job, like Berkeley didn't. Mainly because DHS and FBI showed up in force and set the stage for law and order. So this event was a turning point and a very good thing indeed ! Here is how PRAVDA/MSM can easily mind fuck the masses


takeaction's picture

These ANIMALS can not listen nor can they communicate.  It is proven that many different "Genes" or "Ethnicity Groups" do have a proven lower IQ.  Thus...you can teach lower IQ individuals how to function...like a dog doing tricks.  You can teach them to drive...basic math...basic jobs, and there are always some that will be exceptions that rise above their group...but most low IQ people can not handle rational thought, problem solving all the while eliminating emotion from the topic at hand.......and they sure do not comprehend empathy.  When cornered...they lash out...usually in groups...When given ANY type of logic...they lash out...because they take logic as an attack.... Listen to all of the comments in this video...it is so painful to try and reason with animals.  It DOES NOT WORK.  Logic is impossible.  They literally can not comprehend it....So when you can not understand the conversation...how can you have a conversation?



As SALSA VERDE says below..:"Such an amazing time we live in:  Exercising logic and reason get you branded a racist, xenophobic, misogynist."

Automatic Choke's picture

don't be so mean.......they can always become professors....

jcbudmo's picture

So take this to its logical conclusion - either you stay 'integrated' and the lower IQ group accepts its survile status - not going to happen; or you separate/segragate and let them have their own state to play with, preferably in Africa.

It is inevitable, the only question is when and how much blood will have to be spilled.

Manthong's picture

...need to interrupt "R" selection in the populace ASAP.


..look it up.


OldTrooper's picture

You're just a racist, you K selected elitist!

The great benefits of R selection are well documented:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFh9MzRfekY


Mr Pink's picture

Shut it down....shut them all down

armageddon addahere's picture

After this, I should think a diploma from that place would cause any potential employer to move a resume to the bottom of the pile, or throw it in the garbage. Imagine giving a job to one of those assholes.

Salsa Verde's picture

Such an amazing time we live in:  Exercising logic and reason get you branded a racist, xenophobic, misogynist.

Manthong's picture

What could possibly be otherwise considering the mal-education of the last few generations?

It is all unfolding as the cognoscenti deigned…

Except there might be some flaws in the grand scheme.

The unwashed masses might not be kept so ignorant in the Internet and alt-media age.

venturen's picture

that was racist, xenophobic, misogynist...I am going to my safe space with only gender reassignees 

all-priced-in's picture

" Exercising logic and reason get you branded a racist, xenophobic, misogynist."


And that is the upside!






sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

"...students at Evergreen would still be eligible for financial aid if it passes."

This needs to be corrected on a federal level.

directaction's picture

A degree from Evergreen is utterly useless. 

Erek's picture

Did you use air-freshener after having a crap?

Yeah, Evergreen. Why?

It smells like someone shit in the forest.

Got The Wrong No's picture

A degree from Evergreen entitles the holder to a lifetime of Free Shit and Hatred to the Providers of said Free Shit. 

SmittyinLA's picture

They need to look at the people they give grants and loans to also.

If you have an IQ less than 100 you shouldn't be in college, ever.

effendi's picture

There are some very wise people with IQs in the 90s who will succeed by studying harder than those with high IQs. The old 99% perspiration/1% inspiration route to success.

IridiumRebel's picture

Ahhh.....Progressivism. So unhinged that these poo flinging monkeys are eating their own.
It's open for all to see too.

WillyGroper's picture

collective madness.

847328_3527's picture

About time the Republicans got some balls and stood up to this utter nonsense, violence and hate. The law requiring NO FACE MASKS at protests should be STRICTLY enforced imo.

Harry Lightning's picture

This is what happens when liberals get to administer anything. The Federal Government must take notice of this incident and all other incidents like it around the country, and start de-funding any educational institutions that prevent students from learning in an atmosphere of academic freedom for those on both sides of the political divide. Segregation based on race or creed or political ideology has no place in educational institutions, and any of them that allow this kind of nonsense to go on should lose all their Federal Funding.

btw, anyone who works in a human resources role who hires any student who attended Evergreen College should be fired immediately. The word should go out from Cicero to Sicily that any time spent at Evergreen forever will bar you from the job market. No company should be importing the ideology of the imbeciles who attend Evergreen, and anyone who sabotages their company by hiring someone from Evergreen deserves to be fired.

847328_3527's picture

Whore Vord is similar and is trying to out-Libtard Evergreen. it revoked several acceptances of students who had posted things on their social media page Whore Vord found to its dislike--- mostly conservative white student posting.


My neighbor's son turned Whore Vord down (thank God!) and will be going either to a top school like U Penn or U of Chicago where some semblance of sanity reigns imo.

Harry Lightning's picture

All of those elite liberal arts schools have one foot on a banana peel and the other in a grave...and they don't even know it. The schools for the jobs of the next 30 years are the ones that excel in computing, mathematics, and hard sciences. Engineering schools and Instsitutes of Technology are the best investments for today's teenager's education. 

Liberal arts schools excelled at graduating bright kids who could be trained to be proficient middle managers. Today the only middle management jobs are in China and India, what's left in the US for liberal arts degrees are top level management and low skilled customer service reps. 

But for the kid who learns to program a computer in the pursuit of database management or network maintenance, or works with computers in biomedical science or in any type of engineering...these are the jobs that will keep a young person employed for decades to come.

Its going to get very interesting as the educations of yesterday fail to employ the kids of today and tomorrow. This is the big shock that will be hitting the job market this year, and will become much more significant in the years to come. More than ever, jobs will not be a function of where you went as to what you studied. 

youngman's picture

Most of the kids going to schoold today are just there for the party....time spent away from home..paid for...and can do what they want....partytime....a degree means nothing...

any_mouse's picture

Ha ha.

Looking for the Federal government to fix an issue of its own making.

Ha ha.

Thinking the Federal government has the capacity to change its behavior at this point in time.

Ha ha.

Thinking the Federal government is your government.

Ha ha.

Harry Lightning's picture

Sad but seemingly true... 8-(

Doug Eberhardt's picture

So glad I watched the Cubs win the World Series last year. With my life complete of all my Chicago sports teams having won respective championships, I can contemplate where I want to spend the rest of my life, free of nonsense from the left, and war mongering conservatives from the right.

Was in Colombia for 3 months last year. Met a black man who was a comedian for the ship lines, entertaining passengers. He told me how great it was as a black man walking down the street and not feeling like you're being judged. 

Hottest women who love U.S. men and don't care much for their own. 

Don't speak Spanish? Use Google Translate. 

Cost of living low. It was listed in an article recently as a place you could retire to on $1,500 a month and "live like a kng."

I think my next venture is to Cile or Argentina. Both have excellent wines.

But I like the salsa and women of Colombia!

Bye bye snowflakes. You will never afford the $1,500. 

MatrixLinx's picture

The Left is now the War Mongers

Dormouse's picture

The Chicago Mafia rigged the World Series as a preemptive celebration for stealing the presidential election. It will be one of the last things determined once roast beef slicing, 9 fingered consigliere Rahm's bathroom closet server is finally unbleached and all these criminals are shipped to Gitmo for their military tribunals and summary executions. But there will eventually be an asterisk next to the Cubs win.