Letters From Venezuela: This Is What Life Is Really Like In A Post-Collapse Society

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Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

If you ever wondered what life was really like in a post-collapse society, look no further than Venezuela. Today, I’d like to share a first-hand report of everyday life there.

The country has been on the way down since a socialist government destroyed the economy. Here’s a quick timeline:

  • Private ownership of guns was banned in 2012. Then things began to go downhill in a hurry.
  • In 2013, preppers were relabeled “hoarders” and the act of stocking up became illegal.
  • In 2014, the government instituted a fingerprint registry for those who wished to buy food to ensure they didn’t take more than their “share.”
  • In 2015, things began to devolve more quickly as electricity began to be rationed and farmers were forced to turn over their harvests to the government.
  • 2016 brought the announcement that folks were on their own – there was simply not enough food. As well, despite the rationing, an electricity shortage was announced.
  • 2016 also brought the news that the country was out of everything: food, medicine, and nearly all basic necessities. People were dying of starvation and malnourishment made other illnesses even worse. Hyperinflation brought exorbitant prices, like $150 for a dozen eggs.
  • Now,  civil war is near (if not already happening.) They’re calling it “protests” but violence between the people and the government is ongoing. This rage is stoked by wealthy Venezuelans who enjoy luxurious meals, fabulous parties, and lush accommodations while the rest of the country struggles to find a bag of rice they can afford. Let them eat cake?

It appears there is no end in sight to the tribulations of the Venezuelans.

So, what is day-to-day life like for the average Venezuelan?

A reader from Venezuela took the time to comment and tell us what life is really like there. You can find her story below. (I’ve edited for spacing to make them easier to read, but please keep in mind that English is a second language.)

Daisy Thank you so much for this content.


I’m a venezuelan mom of a 1 year old baby. And we are living a war here.


You can’t go outside to buy food or supplies or medication because each activity is a high risk and more with a baby. So I stay home as much as I can. There are a lot people outside trying to live normaly, trying to go to work and buy foods and continue there lives. But when you are working or whatever thing your doing you dont know is you will be able to come back home safe… people continues to work to get whatever miserable pay to buy some food.


Everything is so expensive. Perhaps the beans and rice are affordable but still not cheap and is so hard to find food. options are limited because of the price… you can only buy one item or two of pasta, rice, like I say the less expensive food , and you have to wait in long long lines at your own risk because there are a lot of fights in this store. imagine tones of people wanting to buy the same product. this have being worst since perhaps about 5 years now… because of scarcity.


Malls and big stores are basicly alone because there are places where “colectivos” use to attack, with bombs and there is a group of about 40 men in motorcicles that have been creating chaos in the whole city, every day the take the city they have plenty of arms and the just go through the city shooting building houses, stealing stores, people on the streets, batteries of cars, everything the want… this situation is far worst that we ever imagine. they kill people every day and they are pay mercenaries from the goverment because no one does nothing.


the goverment people is also killing inocents. kids… teenagers, the youth. we are panicking. We bough a land 3 years ago. I got pregnant and we decided to wait. the land is a safe zone but is 5 hours from here. is a very small town 11. 000 people. I live ib a city with about 3 million people. at least for now the town are peaceful but there isnt electricity and the isnt an asfalt road so this doesnt sound lovely for thief that are now looking for biggest fish to cash. according to our neighbours the town is in calm nothing has happen. We need to go as soon as possible. I am scared because what you say is also true. But in the city there are no options at least not now. . what do you thnk we should do? I realize appreciate what you recommend.


I’m sorry for my bad english I’m trying to write this while playing with my baby.


Venezuelan houses are already bunkers. This has being like this ever since I can remember. Perhaps 20 years… Every regular house is made like bunkers. Pure concrete from the botton to the walls to everything. Every house has also 2 to 3 security doors really big and heavy ones and on top of that we have fences and electric fences on top Of BIG GATES. And trust me is not enough to be safe.


The army has damaged gates and has entry to different houses looking for students, or rebels… and also innocents people has died because they were sadly in the middle of this events. I don’t doubt that country land might have problems too. But so far cities are pure anarky and maddness.


There are several groups creating chaos… the army, the mercenaries, the thiefs, and the rebels that want to kill chavismo and politics and whatever on their way. A few days they put a bomb into a propane gas distribution cargo and it blew away and this have being affecting every single thing, they steal cargo transporting food or gas and even fuel… so there is no much to do now.


Communities in the city are not organize since they really need to find food and basic resources so each indivual is waiting in long lines to buy a bread or a medicine or whatever they need… and people doesnt want to organize they dont see this could go like this for years… I assume that we got used to live in some sort of chaos and violence.


But the true is most people is praying and just wishing this will pass soon. that this will pass as the moment a new presindent arrive.


And what if it doesnt? Let’s be clear that we have so many resources, and Canadá and USA are pulling all of the gold and all minerals now so no country really matters what we are suffering as long as they can get they way.


We really feel hopeless.


Dear Ale,

Thank you for sharing your story. Here’s my advice:

If you can safely get out of the city, the time to do it is now. When I said I was moving from the country into town, the move was not to a major city with millions of people, but a much smaller one. I went from living a mile from my neighbors to a suburban neighborhood where we chat over the fence and share fresh vegetables and barbecues.

In a small town like you describe, you will have neighbors, hopefully some unity, and be able to be more self-reliant without as much risk as the place where you live now. Being on your own with a small child in a situation like this is hard and dangerous. Try to make friends so that you have some support. If you have extended family, consider that relocating to them might be another option.

The journey will be difficult, but I sincerely hope that you will be able to get there with your baby and find some peace and safety. Please know that you and your child will be in many hearts and prayers after this.

Keep us posted if you can.



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waiting for your interview on CNN, or any coverage of Venezuela...


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Send every Anti-Fa member there on a one way flight.

Just get Bernie Sanders to hold a rally in the cargo bay of a Hercules 

"We've got... Two tickets to Paradise!  Pack your bags, we leave tonight!"

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Sooner or Later all Bernie Sanders fans end up bums or behind bars

Like this Obama employee:

Hardcore Leftiest NSA Contractor Arrested for Leaking Classified US Defense Materials

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Meanwhile The Bern "earned" over $1 MILLION last year. 

Burn Feel, please move to your paradise and be one with your ideology.

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This story is no different than America's many inner city Mexican/Black ghettos....





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Yep, but American Lib/Socialists insist THEY can do it right given the chance.


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Trekkers...follow beaten path NORTE...Si Habla Español everywhere in southern frontera...
Bring along your Brazilian compadres...

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The Bern turned into the burn post haste.
Bait and switch.

Typical commie bastard.

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She bashed God Emperor Trump on social media. 

Now she'll use ONLY this hashtag



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Be careful what you wish for snowflakes, you may finally get to see your grand nirvana and I guaran-damn-tee you your leaders won't be standing beside you when that happens.

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Well why ain't the Pope down there giving El Guapo a tongue lashing and sharing his opinion? I mean ther has to be a billion Fish eaters down there throwing their change in the Popes collection plate every day.

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An excellent point!

He is from South America, Venezuelans are mostly Catholic, they both promoted socialism right up until they ran out of toilet paper...and food...and fuel...and medicine, seems like it would be a natural fit!

Perhaps the Alinsky press has put the word out to the Vatican that it would refuse to cover such a Venezuelan visit because of the el grande turd floating around in the public punch bowl would have to be discussed at some point and they certainly can't have that.

Of course the humble shepard not tending to his flock in their hour of need raises its own set of questions so I would advice the Vatican to write up some drivel about him doing his part to "save the fucking planet" by not flying over there and keep it handy just in case some journalist strays outside the camp fence and stumbles over their long lost objectivity & integrity.

Preparation is the key to plausible deniability ya know ;-)

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Even the Pope can't deny scripture...

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you: that if any would not work, neither should he eat.
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so why will you get pregnant and bring a child into this clusterfuck? Venezuela has been a hellhole for at least 6 years... why!?

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cause fuckin feel realt goot

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"According to an April 2017 Hinterlaces poll, 80% of Venezuelans are “in disagreement” with the violent demonstrations and guarimbas [street disturbances] as instruments of protest."

Racism and Hate Fuel Right-Wing Terrorism in Venezuela


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'Cause, just like other medicines, birth control supplies aren't easy to find.

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Bullshit.  I can see that the lights are still on...

Clearly this author has a very different idea of what the word "collapse" means...

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Fire produces light so everythings swell.

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They need to "light up" a few of those Color Revolution "protester" kids.

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Yes, a realistic one.

The lights stayed on in Zimbabwe too.

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Largest or close to the largest oil reserves on earth and still...

land_of_the_few's picture

Author is projecting his hopes.

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Socialism is the perpetual motion of economics.  Both are practiced by idiots and both lead to failure.

Cue the "perpetual motion works if it is done the right way" crowd...

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The Swedes refer to the Norwegians as "the retarded cousin who won the lottery."  

I rest my case.

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The Norwegians point out that the Swedes are one generation closer to the apes.
Edit. The Norway thing was from another discussion awhile ago. Not meant to be taken seriously.

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Norwegians are old-fashioned "country cousin Danes" who speak purer sounding "Danish" (Bokmål Norsk) or even more Norwegian, Nynorsk ;)



In the Kingdom of Denmark–Norway (1536–1814), the official language was Danish. The urban Norwegian upper class spoke Dano-Norwegian, a form of Danish with Norwegian pronunciation and other minor local differences. After the two countries separated, Danish remained the official language of Norway, and remained largely unchanged until language reforms in the early 20th century led to the standardization of forms more similar to the Norwegian urban and rural vernaculars. Since 1929, this written standard has been known as Bokmål. Later attempts to bring it closer to and eventually merge it with the other Norwegian written standard, Nynorsk, constructed on the basis of Norwegian dialects, have failed due to widespread resistance. Instead, the most recent reforms of Bokmål (2005) have included certain Danish-like constructions that had previously been banned.[4]

Some critics of obligatory Nynorsk and Bokmål as school subjects have been extremely outspoken about their views. For instance, during the 2005 election, the Norwegian Young Conservatives made an advertisement where a candidate for parliament threw a copy of the Nynorsk dictionary into a barrel of flames. After strong reactions to this book burning, they apologized and chose not to use the video.


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Western european states practice Fascism, not Socialism.

The key difference is Fascism retains private ownership.

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Things are great in Colombia! Capitalism's druglord gangsters blow away protestors there. In Venezuela the same gangsters fund protestors. Go figure.

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

Well, there used to be some socialist drug lords, but they ran out of drugs.

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God this sounds worse than what the Palestinians are going through.  Why isn't Russia helping them?

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We talking about the Pallys with an obesity epidemic

I d say they need the Maduro diet more than anyone

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Save the children or other such charities will not see a dime from me. I donate to our local children's hospital and that's good enough for me.

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They'd be better served if you just walked up to someone who needed help and you just handed them the cash.  No need to have a second party skimming off the top of your donation.

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I live in Cailifucku state. There is a so-called needy person on every exit on every freeway. I do not give them a dime either.

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I think he means, go directly to the hospital accounting office and offer to pay a bill. Over here in DFW a guy recently walked into a Wal-Mart just before Christmas and paid everyone's layaway - about $7500 in all.

Anyway, I'm just interpreting. You earned the money, you know better than us what to do with it.

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If we don't Make America Great Again first, how can we be of service to others?

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In all honesty I don't care 

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well, they can't take their country back because they live their lives like sheep.

They should have gotten out while they still could.


All the signs where there, years in a row.

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They gave up their guns in 2012.  So now only criminals have guns, ain't we got fun?  (Notice I could have said, "So now only criminals and government have guns" -- but that would have been redundant.)

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You can make a Pana slingshot from a stick, some elastic bands and some 9 inch nails.


Not a gun, but you don't need 600 Joules. 40+'ll do it.

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 If that system dont work for her and her kid? Maybe its on her to find one that does? Can she do anything productive in some other system?

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First things first, airdrop some condoms

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You could plant colored people on the greatest oil wealth on the planet in a lush tropical agricultural region and they would breed themselves into poverty and famine.

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The petroleum is the problem in itself. It draws thieves like flies. The thieves use violence to protect their "assets". They steal everything and ruin the environment. When the people try to take it back the thieves go to sanctions, military solutions and regime change.

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Petroleum is not a problem for the white people in Texas.