London Attacker Appeared In British "The Jihadist Next Door" Terrorism Documentary In 2016

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One of the terrorists who attacked London on Saturday, killing seven people and wounding dozens more, had been previously known to police and MI5, the Financial Times reported. Khuram Shazad Butt, 27, had been investigated in 2015, the same year he was filmed praying in front of an ISIS flag at Regent’s Park in 2015, according to the Financial Times.

Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer, assistant commissioner Mark Rowley admitted that Butt had been investigated in 2015 and that a member of the public had also called the anti-terrorism hotline to raise concerns. But Rowley said no evidence had been found of attack planning or criminality and the investigation dropped into the “lower echelons” of priorities for counter terrorism investigators, the FT reported.


The footage, eventually broadcast on Channel 4 in a documentary called "The Jihadist Next Door" on British jihadis, identified the Pakistani-born Butt as a zealous Islamist. The footage showed him in the company of leading figures from the now-banned al-Muhajeroune network.

Police named the second attacker as Rachid Redouane, 30, who claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan. He was not known to police and MI5 before the attack on Saturday.

Rowley said that he had seen "nothing to show that a poor decision has been made," according to the FT, adding that the second idividual was known to police.

The report raised concerns about police and intelligence agencies' abilities to monitor suspected radical Islamist cells in the UK. Also on Monday, the Telegraph reported that local police had been monitoring a cell of suspected terrorists in East London - that report followed the arrest on Sunday of 12 people, among them seven women – all of them in Barking and other parts of east London, where at least one of Saturday’s killers was believed to have lived. Those arrested were aged from 19 to 60.

So far, the perpetrators of all three terror attacks in the UK this year had been known to police, raising questions about police and intelligence agencies' abilities to keep the UK safe from terror attacks. That includes twenty-three year old Salman Abedi, the perpetrator of last week's attack at Manchester Arena, which killed at least 22 people attending a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. Khalid Masood, Westminster attacker, was in a pool of  "former subjects of interest."

Before this weekend's attack, the Times of London reported that intelligence agencies had identified 23,000 potential jihadis living in Britain, of this 'pool' of potential terrorists, 3,000 are suspected of posing an “imminent threat” and are being investigated accordingly.

It's not clear whether the attackers who carried out this weekend's strikes are part of a wider network, the FT reported.

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See? It was all because of a video after all.

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Who was that young girl who screamed for help as the muslims stabbed her to death?


 Evidnetly, a young 30 year old Canacian girl.

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These people all need to be killed and fed to pigs, like Bricktop used to do.  


They will leave this world as pig shit.

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Nigel Farage has it 100% correct; pick up and 'intern' any of these people preaching hate and violence. They don't belong in a civilized society.

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There are more muslims in this picture than CNN fake protests. Says a lot really.

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The Jihadist Next Door. Is that a new British comedy that they'll be showing on PBS soon?


(Editors note: PBS shows a lot of British comedy's from the 70's thru the 90's on Saturday night.)

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> Appeared In British "The Jihadist Next Door" Terrorism Documentary

So, he was an 'actor', eh?

I bet everyone else involved were actors also. Crisis actors.

It's all bullshit and propaganda.


... continual crisis ...

"You live in a theme park." - Joe Walsh

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Actors or not... seriously, how can you not want to shoot those people in the face?  Even they cannot resist, all they do is kill each other.  


Extermination is the only answer.

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They don't belong in the UK.

JRobby's picture

Of course he did

These "Leaders" have absolutely no interest in the safety and security of the "citizens" that elect them. NONE.

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That's what happens when your parents name you Quran's Butt, what a privilege ...

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OK, who's the jihadist that wanted his face blurred out?

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"Don't be alarmed," says Aloo Ahkbar Khan the mayor of London ... as thousands of isis-trained muslims wander the streets of the UK. Farage says there are at least 23,000 mulims on the "watch list."

I guess he meant, "other then being blown to pieces at a concert or sporting event, or being stabbed to death while you are out to dinner with your mates, nothing to be alarmed about."

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Yeah, you have to feel sorry for the guy.  Imagine all the teasing he took in school -- it would make a bloke hate the world.  Same for his mate, Wretched Red One.

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Good thing they made this guy "feel valued"!  Who knows what kind of violence he would've unleashed otherwise?

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London Attacker Appeared In British "The Jihadist Next Door" Terrorism Documentary In 2016

My response: O'foolish Galations (English). who has bewitched you???

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It was allowed to run its course. Else, I don't know how to explain that radical groups were operating in the daylight, waiving black flags of ISIS, shouting snackbars and rendered entire communities de facto shariah compliant.

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Enoch Powell said over 35 years ago. That the streets would run with buckets of blood!! ....... some visionary.
Google it.

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All 12 suspects arrested in London terrorist attack released without charge.

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 the Telegraph reported that local police had been monitoring a cell of suspected terrorists in East London - 


If you read the article it says they were monitoring a group that was discussing an attack using a car to run people over then knife attacks.  If it was the same people as the recent London attacks will there be consequences for not stepping in earlier?

frank further's picture

Consequences?  BWHAHAHAHAHAH

It's Europe, yah know, has there EVER been consequences for government workers' failure?

NoDebt's picture

The families of the dead will be so happy to know these guys were out there doing this stuff in plain sight and nothing was done to stop them.

Does this not smell like some giant fucking CIA black op to you?  

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If it were one of my family, I would wait a bit for the dust to settle, then go hunting. The only way to stop them is to kill them.

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> The families of the dead

No one died. It's all a bullshit psyop.

Like all the other bullshit psyops since Columbine.

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Counter-terrorism officers secretly recorded an alleged Isil-inspired terror cell in Barking last month discussing how to use YouTube to plot a van and knife attack in London, The Daily Telegraph can reveal.

The investigators were monitoring the alleged extremist cell in the east London borough weeks before Saturday night’s attack in the capital,which left seven dead and 48 injured.



So could they have arrested anybody and stopped this?  or is it better PR to let the mayhem happen, to help promote 1) further ME military actions and 2) justify more public surveillance?



blue51's picture

3) more censorship of youtube .

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i dont know what to say....


all a plan all a many more times do i have to tell you that everything is a fucking big hoax part of a bigger think the west is fighting terrorism!? hahahahahah.............sheep to the slaughter.......zombie nation

Deep In Vocal Euphoria's picture



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Get smore unreal every day how pussidfied the police have become. Just like the fbi "were watching" that Orlando killer before he slaughtered dozens of people.


In America, if you don't cc, you are borderline nuts imo given what the would has become.

adr's picture

Watching or planning with him?


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I remember Obama ordering Lowrenta to order the fbi to "stand down" and not "proifle" or follow any muzzies. very possible you are on to something given Obama's and Jarrett's close ties to the muslim brotherhood.

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I cc every day. Even in my own home (home invasion, I live in the woods).

Who in the FUCK allowed them to carry out ISIS flag-worshipping in broad daylight in beautiful Regent Park? I thought "we" were eradicating ISIS? No? There they are in the park, go eradicate them!

Holy fucking Jebus. It can't be anything BUT Deep State DemProg/NeoCon alliance collusion at this point.

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Notice how the Gun control nuts are all but Silent these days?

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It's well past time to start fighting back against this fucking madness.

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Arm yourself and band together locally with those who have eyes to see.

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I own a white cargo van. They are coming for me.

Molon Labe!

In the EU it is white vans.

In the US it is black rifles.

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reminiscent of "those nice folks next door"

- David Irving

serotonindumptruck's picture

Was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hear David Irving speak at a conference in Austin, TX about 20 years ago.

Have a couple of personally autographed First Editions that are some of the finest books in my library.

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LOL... "The Jihadist Next Door"


What will it be next... "Leave it to Akhmed" ?

adr's picture

I think it's actually The Joohadist Next Door.

Tracing these buys bank accounts would lead to either the CIA or Mossad.

aloha_snakbar's picture

I do not doubt that...