NATO Splinters: Germany Says "Has No Choice But To Pull Out" Troops From Turkey's Incirlik Airbase

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Diplomatic relations between NATO members Germany and Turkey hit rock bottom on Monday when Germany's foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel said his country has no choice but to begin the process of pulling its forces out of Turkey's Incirlik air force base as the Turkish government will not allow all German lawmakers to visit troops there.

"Turkey has made clear that, for domestic political reasons, it cannot approve visits of all lawmakers," Gabriel told a news conference after meeting Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in Ankara.

The scandal erupted last Thursday, when Turkey's foreign minister said it is not possible to allow German lawmakers to visit troops stationed at Turkey's Incirlik air base now, although he said Ankara may reconsider if it sees "positive steps" from Berlin. It was not immediately clear just what Turkey's "demands" or expectations, monetary or otherwise, were from Merkel for it to change its view. Ties between the NATO allies deteriorated sharply in the run-up to Turkey's April 16 referendum that handed President Tayyip Erdogan stronger presidential powers.

"We see that Germany supports everything that is against Turkey," Mevlut Cavusoglu told a news conference in Ankara last week. "Under these circumstances it is not possible for us to open Incirlik to German lawmakers right now ... If they take positive steps in the future we can reconsider."

The recent deterioration in relations between Germany and Turkey developed when Germany, citing security concerns, banned some Turkish politicians from addressing rallies of expatriate Turks ahead of the referendum, infuriating Erdogan. Ankara responded by accusing Berlin of "Nazi-like" tactics. Germany also expressed concern about the widespread security crackdown that followed last year's failed coup in Turkey as a result of which more than 100,000 people have been sacked or suspended from their jobs and more than 40,000 people jailed.

* * *

Fast forward to Monday morning, when cracks in NATO's unity, if not its brand new steel-and-glass headquarters emerged, when speaking in a press conference in Ankara with German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said German lawmakers can visit a military base in Konya, but not the main NATO base, Incirlik, in southern Turkey.  Cavusoglu said Turkey-Germany ties are in a distressed period, blaming PKK activity in Germany and saying the presence of followers of Gulen movement are harming relations.

Cavusoglu also said secret services have started to "use journalists" in Turkey and added that journalist Deniz Yucel was arrested on terrorism charges, not due to his reporting.

In comments via live translation to Turkish, Gabriel said German military can’t constitutionally remain at a base abroad if lawmakers cannot visit them and said that since its operations are approved by parliament, German lawmakers must be able to visit the Bundeswehr, Gabriel added.

"Turkey must understand that in this situation, we must transfer German soldiers out of Incirlik," he said. "In this situation, the Bundestag (parliament) will ask the government to find another location for the German soldiers in Incirlik."

In the last week of May, Angela Merkel gave her strongest signal yet that she’ll pull German troops out of Turkey unless President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lets lawmakers in Berlin visit them, further cracking a show of unity at a NATO summit. At the North Atlantic Treaty Organization meeting where U.S. President Donald Trump hectored European allies to pay more for defense, Merkel confronted Erdogan about access to the soldiers at the NATO base in Incirlik where Germany stations reconnaissance jets that fly missions over Iraq and Syria.

“I’ll make very clear in my discussion with the Turkish president that it’s essential for us, because we have a parliamentary army, that our soldiers can be visited by members of the German parliament,” Merkel told reporters before the bilateral meeting. “Otherwise, we’ll have to leave Incirlik."

Earlier this month, Merkel called Turkey’s stance on visits to Incirlik “deplorable” and said Germany may move the warplanes based there to a location outside Turkey, possibly Jordan.

It appears that in addition to its Trump-related headaches, NATO may be splintering on its own as Turkey increasingly defies the most powerful nation in Europe.

It was not immediately clear if and when Germany would follow through on its threat and begin the withdrawal of troops from Incirlik; it was also not clear if other NATO members would join Germany and pull their forces from the strategic airbase in sympathy.

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NordikAvenger's picture

Agreed.  Time to end that relationship.  The current regime in Turkey acts like the low-level street thug using brutish initimidation tactics to get its way.  Its what half the population there wants anyways - so be it.  Voting for Erdo?an was their way of saying "Make Turkey Great Again."  I say good bye....

LiteBeeer's picture


The saying was "Legs Wide Open For Islam Again".

techpriest's picture

Not everyone wants freedom. Not everyone has to be welcome to the USA either.

HRH Feant2's picture

Yep. I don't understand why the US hasn't left Incirlik and Turkey. Stupid place for the US to be especially with Ergogan in charge. That little dictator is one scary fucking Muslim turd.

sinbad2's picture

It's the very short attention span that gets the US into trouble.

Joe Biden went to Bulgaria and fucked up the gas pipeline that would have ended Bulgarian poverty.

The US bombed Greece after WWII, and installed a bloody dictator to oppress the Greeks, because they wanted to be friends with Russia.

Since WWII, the US has fucked over most of the other countries on the planet, but Americans choose to forget those they have oppressed and killed.

francis scott falseflag's picture
Turkey should be kicked out of NATO.
Is that before NATO gets pulverized like Aleppo or after?
Paracelsus's picture

   Turkey has repeatedly said they would never tolerate an independent

Kurdistan on their border. One fifth of the Turk population is Kurdish.

Syria has very old ties to France, and more recent alliances with Russia.

There are large Turkish communities in Germany, guest workers families from 

way back to the 1960's. Now it appears the Qataris have been kicked to the curb.

Suppose they say to the Dem's,"support us or we leak all the stuff about Hillary"?

Things are bubbling along nicely over there.

Off topic but a couple of million ISIS fighters are going to need drug rehab from 

Captagon addiction when this is all over. Guess who gets to pay the bill?

Oh, and the petrodollar is about toast too....

Benito_Camela's picture

When will Turkey be kicked out of the EU? Fuck them. Erdogan is a scumbag. 

Spitball's picture

So is the fat fuck Merkel, what's your point?
Who gives a fuck what these ass wipes do in Europe?
As long as America isn't in anymore shooting wars, let the socialist puss cake regimes slug it out.

Benito_Camela's picture

Alas it's Turkey where you last saw a night of the long knives, not Germany. Erdogan is at least an order of magnitude more evil and corrupt than Merkel, but I'm no fan of the latter's either. And Turkey is siphoning in wealth from the EU and Germany is creating it. There are huge differences. 

francis scott falseflag's picture


Turkey is fighting the CIA.  And you object?

TeethVillage88s's picture

US is probably working on Regime Change.

NATO is spy network, political arm, alliance for Military Purposes of all kinds, Corporate Asset as well.

francis scott falseflag's picture

Boy, you've got that ass backwards


NATO, EU, Pentagon is scumbags.  Erdogan is Putin's pal.  The unscumbag.  

You must be reading too much MSM.


Unless, you are a fan of the CIA, NSA, McCain, the Sauds, Soros, Pelosi, Schumer, etc.

In which case, I apologize.  Everyone has the right to be wrong.

Herdee's picture

Angela Merkel should hand in her DNA to independent medical experts to see once and for all if she is really Hitler's daughter.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Freedom Birds for Thanksgiving this year. 

TeethVillage88s's picture

Well... it fits with the need for defense against Russia... and Trumps demand that they do more for NATO, Spend on Defense Weapons, defend themselves.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

What's gonna happen if Germany starts to develop....  The Bomb? 

TeethVillage88s's picture

What do we do to India, Pakistan? US May have taken control of Pakistan Nuc Weapons after 911 on temp basis on Paki land... meaning I think we let them have them.

India, Pakistan, Israel, USA, China, France, Russia, Britain,

But Japan, South Korea, Taiwan have potential to build Nuk bombs

sinbad2's picture

Oh come on, the US keeps its colonies on very short leashes. No US colony has ever been allowed to develop the bomb.

The US even stopped Australia from getting nukes.

turk 151's picture

Proper Headline:

Disgruntled NATO Minion, Turkey, Applies for Regime Change with the US.  

TeethVillage88s's picture

"New Turkish Strongman who survived coup, aware of intel community, is rebuffed by Germany after demanding follow through on EU Deal"

naw too long.

"Strongman wary of IC, rebuffs Germany after EU Snub"

NoWayJose's picture

We have no choice but to let Hitler take Austria...

pizdowitz's picture

Slo-mo Merkel train-wreck... These troops will be more handy at home soon...

decentralisedscrutinizer's picture


Almost all the world’s economic and political problems revolve around the hegemony of a global corporate cartel, which is headquartered in the US because this is where their dominant military force resides. The US Constitution is therefore the “kingpin” of an all-inclusive global financial empire. These fictitious entities now own the USA and command its military infrastructure by virtue of the Federal Reserve Corporation, regulatory capture, MSM propaganda, and congressional lobbying.


The Founders had to fight a bloody Revolutionary War to win our right to incorporate as a nation – the USA. But then, for whatever reason, our Founders granted the greediest businessmen among them unrestricted corporate charters with enough potential capital & power to compete with the individual states, smaller sovereign nations, and eventually to buy out the USA itself. The only way The People can regain our sovereignty as a constitutional republic now is to severely curtail the privileges of any corporation doing business here. To remain sovereign we have to stop granting corporate charters to just any “suit” that comes along without fulfilling a defined social value in return. The "Divine Right Of Kings” should not apply to fictitious entities just because they are “Too Big To Fail”. We can't afford to privatize our Treasury to transnational banks anymore. Government must be held responsible only to the electorate, not fictitious entities; and banks must be held responsible to the government if we are ever to restore sanity, much less prosperity, to the world.


It was a loophole in our Constitution that allowed corporate charters to be so easily obtained that a swamp of corruption inevitably flooded our entire economic system. It is a swamp that can't be drained at this point because the Constitution doesn’t provide a drain. This 28th amendment is intended to install that drain so Congress can pull the plug ASAP. As a matter of political practicality we must rely on the Article 5 option to do this, for which the electorate will need overwhelming consensus beforehand. Seriously; an Article 5 Constitutional Convention is rapidly becoming our only sensible option.


This is what I think it will take to save the world; and nobody gets hurt: 28th Amendment


Corporations are not persons in any sense of the word and shall be granted only those rights and privileges that Congress deems necessary for the well-being of the People. Congress shall provide legislation defining the terms and conditions of corporate charters according to their purpose; which shall include, but are not limited to:


1, prohibitions against any corporation;


a, owning another corporation,


b, becoming economically indispensable or monopolistic, or


c, otherwise distorting the general economy;


2, prohibitions against any form of interference in the affairs of;


a, government,


b, education,


c, news media, or


d, healthcare, and


3, provisions for;


a, the auditing of standardized, current, and transparent account books, and


b, the establishment of a state and municipal-owned banking system


c, civil and criminal penalties to be suffered by corporate executives for violation of the terms of a corporate charter.


Umh's picture

How is your sociology experiment going?

BitchesBetterRecognize's picture

a NATO nation telling another to pull out its troops...... 



sinbad2's picture

NO Turkey did not tell Germany to remove its troops, try reading the story.

Duc888's picture



Turkey as part of NATO.  Fucked up.  Might as well let Malaysia be part of NATO too...

HowdyDoody's picture

Lose one, gain one.

The North American Terrorist Organisation has just conned Montenegro into joining. The corrupt politicos are keen, but the ordinary Joes and Janes are not.

MuffDiver69's picture

The chickens have literally come home to roost....Merkel is an arrogant slob.

oncemore's picture

Germans ! Leave Turkey.

Turks go home from Germany.

It is like 1000:6000000.

any_mouse's picture

It always bears repeating. What is the Turkish connection to the North Atlantic? The Baltic states? The Black Sea?

Petrodollar Military Syndicate. PMS.

Petrodollar Treaty System for Defense. PTSD.

Turkey is a nuclear FOB of the Global Force for the Petrodollar. That is its only utility. Turks have no commonality with Western Europe or North America.

Where is the global invasion of Turkey to remove Erdogan from power?

Turkey is a conduit for stolen Iraqi oil to Israel. Won't be needed, as soon as Syria collapses and Israel can drill the fuck out of the Golan Heights. ISIS sells oil to Israel. ISIS apologizes to Israel for a friendly fire incident. The media covered it?

Interesting word "cover".

"Cover" as in false identity for an intelligence operation.

"Cover" as in a layer over something. Blanket. Layer of dirt to bury something. Layer of paint covering defects.

The news media "covers" the news.

Deep State Intelligence types can be so witty, and in your face.

Note "layer of paint". Sherwin-Williams Paint. Their logo shows a paint can dumping paint on the globe covering the western hemisphere. "Cover the Earth". Reminiscent of the NRO Octupus wrapped around the globe, "Nothing is beyond our reach". Pure coincidence.

mary mary's picture

NPTO = North Petrodollar Treaty Organization

David Wooten's picture

"NATO Splinters"



IronForge's picture

You say, "NATO", I say, "ZATO";

You say "Alliance", I say "Cluster Frack"... 


Let's call the whole thing off...

SmittyinLA's picture

Turks win the cool name contest

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Turkey is getting greedy with all those black-market oil deals.

pippi68's picture

Globalist elites can't run their gun and drug smuggling operations through Turkey anymore on NATO planes. Ha ha!

Sizzurp's picture

Frau Merkel seems to be alienating everyone, except the alien invaders coming into Germany in droves.

Sauerkraut-Opinion's picture

....and blocking our urban whirlpools in our local swimming-bath 14 hours daily. 

They will never return. 

Miss Informed's picture

Next throw America out of Incirlik, but keep the planes and bombs and nukes and everything.

just the tip's picture

this all came about as a result of Turkey refusing to allow Germans onto the base.


would not a better name for this article be, "Germany prepares to clip Turkey's wings"?

Village-idiot's picture

"German lawmakers"? "German lawmakers"?

Do you ever get the feeling you're being manipulated?

I guess the word politician has very negative conotations these days, so now we're supposed to think these idiots are more respectfully called lawmakers.

newworldorder's picture

Erdogan and the Turnks need to understand that they have equal partnernship with all members of NATO on Turkish soil, or NATO does not exist.

But this is not about Turkey. It is about appeasement of Turkish strong man, Erdogan and his ambitions for a caliphate.