NSA Leaker Called Trump A "Piece Of Shit", Is A Fan Of Bernie Sanders

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Step aside Edward Snowden: the world has another leaking NSA contractor to obsess with, if only for the next 15 minutes.

As reported earlier, Reality Leigh Winner is the 25-year-old woman who stole “Top secret” documents from the National Security Agency and leaked them to The Intercept, "confirming" that the Russian military intelligence GRU was behind an attempt to hack more than 100 local election officials.

There may be more here, however, than meets the eye.

First, dome details on her background.

Winner was born in Texas in December 1991. She was raised in Kingsville, a small city in the south of the state, about 40 miles from Corpus Christi.

Sometime later she moved to Maryland. According to public records, she had on her record was one citation, issued December 13, 2016, in Howard, Maryland for failing to control her vehicle’s speed on a highway to avoid a collision. She reportedly went to H.M. King High School and lived in Columbia, Maryland at a time. She has a sister, Brittany, who is studying for a PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology at Michigan State University.

Reality began working defense contractor Pluribus International Corporation,in Augusta, Georgia, in February this year, according to court filings (see below). She previously served in the US air force since January 2013 and held a top-secret security clearance, indicating she first got her top secret clearance in her early 20s.

Winner-Davis told the Guardian that her daughter had joined the military soon after graduating from H M King high school. As well as being bright academically, she excelled in tennis and athletics. “But she had gotten a little tired of school,” said her mother, and decided against continuing with college. The Guardian's Jon Swaine adds that according to Winner's mother, the leaker is a former US Air Force linguist who speaks Pashto, Farsi and Dari. “She speaks the middle eastern languages – Farsi, Dari and Pashto,” said Winner-Davis, who laughed when asked if she had taught them to her daughter. “No, she did it all on her own,” she said.

According to the affidavit filed by arresting FBI agent Justin Garrick, Winner was a contractor with Pluribus International Corporation, who was assigned to aNSA facility in Georgia. She was employed at the facility since February 13, 2017, and has held a Top Secret clearance during that time. Less than a month after she joined, on May 9, 2017, Winner printed and improperly removed classified intelligence reporting, which contained classified national defense information and was dated on or about May 5, 2017 from an Intelligence Community Agency and unlawfully retained it. A few days later, Winner then sent the classified material - apparently using the work email associated with her desk computer - to the Intercept.

Speaking to the Guardian, On Monday evening, her mother struggled to say whether her daughter’s alleged leak would constitute an act of bravery or a painful mistake. “I don’t know, I don’t know,” Winner-Davis said. “I don’t know what the hacking thing all means. Has it made a difference in the election? Who knows.” Her family knows little except that they are bewildered and concerned about the possible 10-year prison sentence that Winner could receive if convicted. “She’s a beautiful girl,” said her mother. “Everyone who meets her loves her, and she’s kind.”

Some details on how Winner was arrested:

on June I, 2017, the FBI was notified by the U.S. Government Agency that the U.S. Government Agency had been contacted by the News Outlet [Intercept] on May 30, 2017, regarding an upcoming story. The News Outlet informed the U.S. Government Agency that it was in possession of what it believed to be a classified document authored by the U.S. Government Agency. The News Outlet provided the U.S. Government Agency with a copy of this document. Subsequent analysis by the U.S. Government Agency confirmed that the document in the News Outlet's possession is the intelligence reporting. The intelligence reporting is classified at the Top Secret level, indicating that its unauthorized disclosure could reasonably result in exceptionally grave damage to the national security, and is marked as such.


The U.S. Government Agency examined the document shared by the News Outlet and determined the pages of the intelligence reporting appeared to be folded and/or creased, suggesting they had been printed and hand-carried out of a secured space.


The U.S. Government Agency conducted an internal audit to determine who accessed the intelligence reporting since its publication. The U.S. Government Agency determined that six individuals printed this reporting. WINNER was one of these six individuals. A further audit of the six individuals' desk computers revealed that WINNER had e-mail contact with the News Outlet. The audit did not reveal that any of the other individuals had e-mail contact with the News Outlet.

The moment of her arrest:

On June 3, 2017, [Garrick] spoke to WINNER at her home in Augusta, Georgia. During that conversation, WINNER admitted intentionally identifying and printing the classified intelligence reporting at issue despite not having a "need to know," and with knowledge that the intelligence reporting was classified. WINNER further admitted removing the classified intelligence reporting from her office space, retaining it, and mailing it from Augusta, Georgia, to the News Outlet, which she knew was not authorized to receive or possess the documents. WINNER further acknowledged that she was aware of the contents of the intelligence reporting and that she knew the contents of the reporting could be used to the injury of the United States and to the advantage of a foreign nation.

There are more notable details about Winner's social profile and her political leanings.

Three days before Americans voted last November, Reality Winner joked with her sister online that Moscow’s efforts to influence the US presidential election could have an upside for her as a keen weightlifter.
When we become the United States of the Russian Federation,” she said on Facebook, “Olympic lifting will be the national sport.”

Seven months later, Winner, 25, called home to Texas on Saturday to let her family know that the Russian hacking saga had ended up landing her in a far more serious situation. “She said that she had been arrested by the FBI and that she couldn’t really talk about it,” her mother, Billie Winner-Davis, told the Guardian in a telephone interview. “I am still in shock.”

As HuffPost's Ryan Reilly writes, looking at another of her facebook comments, "don't think Reality Winner is a Trump fan."

That much is clear, and just to make her sentiment about Trump abundantly clear, she recently referred to President Trump as a “piece of shit” because of his position on the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protests. Lashing out at Trump, Winner posted on February 9:

 "There have been protests for months, at both the drilling site and and outside the White House. I'm losing my mind. If you voted for this piece of shit, explain this. He's lying. He's blatantly lying and the second largest supply of freshwater in the country is now at risk. #NoDAPL #NeverMyPresident #Resist"

Her sentiments toward Trump aside, she appears to be a supporter of Bernie Sanders and other progressive icons, such as Bill Maher and Michael Moore. As the Caller's Chuck Ross reports, Reality Winner’s apparent social media footprint also shows that she is a supporter of other liberal causes, including the Women’s March and the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim civil rights group.

Judging by the following autographed photo of Anderson Cooper, Winner was a fan of the CNN anchor.

Other than her left-leaning Facebook page, Winner has a limited online footprint. One news article from the Kingsville (Tex.) Record shows that she graduated from Air Force basic training in March 2011. A photo of Winner has not been publicly released, but her Facebook page includes information that matches details contained in a federal indictment filed against her in New York on Monday.

Winner’s posts on Facebook suggest that she is politically active. On Feb. 14, a day after Winner took her Top Secret job at Pluribus, Winner posted a photo outside of the Atlanta offices of Georgia Sen. David Perdue.

Winner wrote that she had a 30-minute private meeting with the Republican lawmaker. She said they discussed “my concerns regarding climate change and what the state of Georgia is doing to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.”

“Meanwhile, my plea that our senators not be afraid to directly state when our president or his cabinet tell outright lies was well heard. I was able to draw the parallel between the 2011 interview of President Bashar al Assad claiming utter ignorance of the human rights violations his citizens were protesting to Trump’s statement last week that the White House hadn’t received any calls about the DAPL, nor were there any protests before last week. They got the message,” she wrote.

Winner was heavily critical of Trump just after he took office. She used the hashtag “NeverMyPresident” and “Resist” in a Facebook post about his position on DAPL.

Winner posted on Facebook most recently on Friday, the day before she was interviewed by the FBI. “You are what you love, not who loves you,” she wrote.

Finally, based on her profile, Reality inexpicably was at the White House, approximately one year before leaking.

* * *

Winner faces 10 years in a federal prison if convicted. The charge, “gathering, transmitting or losing defense information” is contained under Chapter 37 of federal law: espionage and censorship. The law went into effect as of February 1, 2010.

The prosecution of Winner is being handled by Julie A. Edelstein of the Department of Justice’s National Security Divisions Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, a news release by the agency said.

However, what is most perplexing is that her anti-Trump tirades and her anti-government, liberal leanings were all part of the public record at the time she was hired as a NSA contractor for Pluribus in February. How she succeeded in receiving top secret level clearance with such a highly politicized public record remains a mystery.

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Who will be the next leaker's name... Sunny Sunday? 

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So she is NSA or an NSA contractor hire ?

I had more of a Background check at JC Penney stocking shelves back in the 80's.

The National Security Agency is being operated by chicks that could not make the cheer leading team or something ?

How do you know when you are truly fucked ? Fucking burger flippers at the NSA.

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The poor lass must have received a mainstream 'education' and has been reading mainstream 'journalism'.

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"However, what is most perplexing is that her anti-Trump tirades and her significantly material leanings were all part of the public record at the time she was hired as a NSA contractor for Pluribus in February ."


That is why she was hired.  She started February 13, obama's deep state people still had not been weeded out.  

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Reality can tell the girls what a piece of shit Trump is as she takes the strap-on for the fifth time that afternoon.

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It's all okay, Comey has determiined that she didn't intend to leak anything.

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Let's be honest. This is bullshit. Six members, how many letters in the name WINNER (which is spelled in all caps too!)? A name of "Reality" too? All this to me is hiding out in the open. Some of them are getting a lot more brazen

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 the archons are running out of options

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How does, what is essentially a teenager, get top secret security clearance?

Either she is incredibly smart or incredibly stupid.  Something tells me there is more to this than the official "lone leaker theory".

Barry activating his sleeper cells?

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I FULLY EXPECT the maximum sentence and fine!!!!!




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My temporary assessment is that this story is a distraction.

The allegedly leaked alleged report alleges nothing of import.

The identity looks like a garbage identity. Maybe they promised the girl in the photos some cosmetic surgery and a new ID after the charade; maybe they just stole some random chick's pictures like any other faker on the net.

So what are we being distracted from? Shit going down in Qatar I'd wager.

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That's what I am thinking.  She'll end up running a whorehouse in Israel, richer, a little fatter and with different hair.


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Then she's bumping Bibi out of a job.

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This is a false flasg. She is a fictional character. Reality Winner? Common Man (obongo's voice). All that is supposed to be reality, is fake. This is the world we live in, fake money, and fake news!

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she's an archetypal millennial who is now a martyr. The left are going to beatify her but the timing of this

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So there I was, having a quiet Monday night reading ZH on Ghostery, but the comments on this article were SO terrific that I had to log in on Chrome to upvote most of you magnificent bastards.  (-:

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+1 for calling out bastards

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I remember when we were bitchez.

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Too bad sucka. There's no honor among never-Trumpers and/or Deep-Staters. They let you, a true believer, leak their manufactured crap. You'll suffer the consequences.

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You go girl.

Too bad at ZH only libertarian leakers count.

On second thought, this is ZH ... who gives a shit. 

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Some of us can distinguish between whistleblowers giving the public necessary knowledge of crimes committed by the government, and politically-motivated espionage.

Would be nice of you to join us!

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"Three days before Americans voted last November, Reality Winner joked with her sister online that Moscow’s efforts to influence the US presidential election could have an upside for her as a keen weightlifter."

This doesn't make sense because the Russia narrative didn't take off until after Hillary lost the election.  There had been an ongoing effort to link the Trump campaign to Russia, but that was an operation conducted away from the public.

Slate, October 31, 2016 --  “Was a Trump Server Communicating with Russia?  This spring, a group of computer scientists set out to determine whether hackers were interfering with the Trump campaign. They found something they weren’t expecting.”


Hillary tweeted the same day:  “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-owned bank.”  [Linking a statement by Jake Sullivan.]  Comey had announced the reopened Hillary email investigation on October 28.

mosfet's picture

Thank you very much.  I voted for Trump expressly because he's a piece of shit and I wanted him to troll the whole political arena, not to mention crash wallstreet.  VERY disppointed in his abject failure to fuck up stock markets though.

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Reality Winner?

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TS won't cut it.  You need to be program briefed at the SCI level and for this type of document and even if so, you need special access.  Shit, division chefs wouldn't see that type of document.  There's no way in hell some rookie off the streets just happens upon this.  And no polygraph??!!  Not possible.  I worked at a 3-letter agency for 15 years. 

Something smells rotten in Denmark.

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Xackery. Some bigger fish did the deed. Reality is unreal, a pigeon for the covy.

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Do you guys remember when I Identified that Phoenix spook "activist" and then later he showed up at that Oregon deal where that land rights guy got killed/set up, which basically confirmed what I had already told you?  Then after those agents got that guy killed the spook miraculously made it all the way back from the Oregon deal to AZ, as a wanted man and though road block city (he had actually done this once before all the way to the east coast while "threatening a politician and evading the FBI"), to just turn himself in to the cops, and we haven't really heard much of jack shit since because the fucker is an agent and likely is not in prison at all?  This story is very similar.  All the stories are very similar.  They actually are not very good at this.  They will give them a new life and in some cases kill the dumb fucker. 

DeathingerStar's picture

My very first thought. Reality will be given a new identity and plenty of cash. Job done! That... or she might get shot in the back. Either way, a very foolish girl.

IndyPat's picture

...agents got that guy killed....

His name was Lavoy Finicum.

Nobody got killed. Lavoy got murdered.

Ms No's picture

I know, I just get uncomfortable mentioning that agent and Lavoy at the same time.  I remember MsCreant was a little nervous when I kept blabbing about that guy and he was local to me.  Then he showed up in a huge story.  Spooks are creepy.  I suppose I shouldn't worry though because if I was going to get a visit it probably would have happened by now.  It was super obvious.

Just look at this guy.  Notice he has the weird eye too, they constantly have that.



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Maybe she a lesbo and wants the cell next to Bernie Sanders wife...

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I find it rather humorous her name is Reality.

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It's her Facebook page and it's still active.


People are piling on.



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Weight lifting takes training and dedication. A laser focus. Ten years with no distractions, aside from the odd lesbian advance, should mouild her into a champion in her sport. #neverbeachampionhuman

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Jesus, what a piece of garbage. Pull up, "Tyler" - you need more than just drooling hooligan rapists for your readership.

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I also love how a couple of paid piece of shit down-voting trolls crawled out from under their rocks for this article.  10 cents a click boys. Keep working! 

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This is the best proof yet of Russian "hacking" (sounds like phishing to me, but w/e idiots) and still doesn't even come close to being successful enough to have made ANY impact on the election. 

So where is the proof liberal retards? 

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This blonde bitch should go down for the full 10 years... but just wondering... how does Hillary skate on HER multiple espionage, perjury and obstruction FELONIES?!?!!?

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The Clintonistas have dirt on everyone. Hillary could shoot a priest at noon in Time Square and the f*cking evil bitch would skate. The only way she ever sees justice is when she finally goes to hell - which is exactly where she belongs.

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I hope she is a carpet muncher considering the time she is facing as the fall guy.  

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Anybody out there going to start giving a shit about a thoroughly corrupt and defunct Congress?

As in... focus?

So far, not a murmur... not a chance...
Read it and weep.

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Trying to,  trying..try....nope, think I will go eat some cheese cake instead

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Good for you.
What happens when a critical mass chooses cheesecake, and is even proud of it?

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What happens when a critical mass chooses cheesecake, and is even proud of it?

The current situation happens.

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Three hots and a cot.  She won't need birth control for the rest of her life.

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"Less than a month after she joined, on May 9, 2017, Winner printed and improperly removed classified intelligence reporting, which contained classified national defense information and was dated on or about May 5, 2017 from an Intelligence Community Agency and unlawfully retained it. A few days later, Winner then sent the classified material - apparently using the work email associated with her desk computer - to the Intercept."

a) dumber than a sack of rocks
b) her real name is "Patsy"
c) Deep State wants to make an example to deter others.

Also, NSA may have picked The Intercept to make them look like fools for publishing obviously fabricated Intel to punish Greenwald for his role in the Snowden affair.

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She isn't the leaker that I was hoping would be arrested.