Democrats Plot Debt Ceiling Fight And Government Shut Down To Thwart Trump Tax Cuts

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After 8 years of bashing Republicans for using debt ceiling votes as leverage to try to force spending cuts, Democrats now seem intent upon doing pretty much the same thing, well, at least the 'using the debt ceiling as leverage' part.  In fact, after repeatedly calling for a 'clean' debt ceiling vote (i.e. one without attached conditions) House minority leader Nancy Pelosi recently hinted, in her typical incoherent manner no less, that Democrats may now be looking into using the debt ceiling vote as leverage to thwart Trump's forthcoming tax proposals.

"I don't have any intention of lifting the debt ceiling to enable the Republicans to give another tax break to the wealthy in our country.  To further exacerbate the challenge that is created when they have their trickle down economics."


"The president keeps saying 'the tax bill is moving through Congress,' it doesn't exist.  It doesn't exist.  So you understand the frustration.  It doesn't exist.  There is no tax bill moving through Congress."


As Bloomberg points out, Democrats have been the key to passing 'clean' debt ceiling increases in the past but hypocrisy is not a concept that is well understood in Washington D.C.

It’s unclear how this would work in practice, but Democratic aides in both chambers said they are discussing possible strategies to tie the debt ceiling to blocking tax cuts.


Such an approach would be a significant change for Democrats, who have spent the past eight years arguing that debt ceiling increases should be free from conditions, and could further complicate efforts to raise the government’s borrowing authority when the current limit is reached later this year.


Democrats have been willing in the past to provide Republicans enough support on “clean” debt-ceiling measures to help make up for the loss of votes among conservatives, mostly in the House, who refuse to support them without deep cuts to domestic programs. Democrats were key to helping resolve the 2011 fight over the debt limit, a protracted standoff that contributed to S&P Global Ratings’ decision to downgrade the U.S. to AA+ to AAA.

Ironically, efforts to use the debt ceiling as leverage could, presumably for the first time ever, partially align the interests of Democrats with the most conservative voices in Congress, many of whom would have no problem shutting down the federal government for a while.  After being singled out and blamed for the last government shutdown in 2013, the House Freedom Caucus undoubtedly welcomes Pelosi's sudden support.

Already, members of the House Freedom Caucus have said they will push for spending cuts in this year’s debt-ceiling debate in exchange for their support. On Friday, President Donald Trump’s chief economic adviser, Gary Cohn, said the White House would consider spending cuts or policy changes favored by Republicans in order to avert an unprecedented default. That appears to align him with White House budget director Mick Mulvaney, but against Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who has called on Congress to pass a “clean” debt-ceiling hike.


“Treasury secretary would love to do a clean debt ceiling -- I get that. But if we need to get things attached to get it through, we’ll attach things,” Cohn said on CNBC.


Several conservative groups met at the White House last week to discuss a strategy. Ideas they discussed included caps on mandatory programs such as Social Security and Medicare, extending automatic across-the-board spending cuts and matching any debt-limit increase with spending cuts, according to two participants in the meeting.


Republicans in both chambers are seeking to draft and approve a tax-cut package this year that would lower individual and corporate tax rates, although no proposal has been circulated yet. Several leaders, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have said they want any tax overhaul to be revenue-neutral. But Trump has repeatedly promised large cuts.

So, by all means, fight on Nancy...for one time in your multi-decade political career you may actually slip up and save taxpayers some money.

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Oldwood's picture

Hypocrisy is only a vice if done by conservatives. For liberals it's a religious praying.

shocktherapy's picture

I'm just curious  Tyler Durden

Why isnt this still in its time slot ?

"Disgruntled Employee" Kills 6, Including Himself, In Orlando Workplace Shooting


Doesn't fit the narrative ?

Why no picture of the man who did it ?

Why has it been buried ?

More Fake News ?


knukles's picture

Pleeeeeeeze protest the budget with the debt ceiling (ha ha ha) debate.
Shut it down, Nancy!

Get a pair, shut it down.  Just duck when the Donald starts Tweeting about you.  I know how frustrated that makes people like Kathy Griffin feel.  Terrible.
Very bad.  Very very bad.  Bigly bad, so very very bad it's Yuuuuugely bad

Muddy1's picture

Hey Nancy,

Thatpicture of you.  Are you taking a dump, or is it just gas?  Perhaps both?

Keyser's picture

Let the Dims publicly admit to shutting down the government to halt Trump's tax cuts... These fucktards haven't a clue that this move will assure their total and complete destruction in 2018... 

justin423's picture

How is this hypocritical?
She said Democratic votes will be there if it is just a debt ceiling bill and does not contain tax cuts
That has been the position for years.
This diary is just flat out wrong and the title is misleading.

jcaz's picture

Go ahead, shut it down.  

But THIS time,  no back pay when you reopen.

Trump works for $0-  why not you, bitch?  Everyone knows you're loaded- why do you personally need taxpayer monies?

PacOps's picture

And we know how she and her husband got "loaded". Wonderful opportunities started happening shortly after her arrival in DC as does it for most others "we" send there as well.

Bitching about congress and these peoples abuse of it and us is so tiresome. I sure hope you younger ones can effect some positive change in your lifetimes.

Trump's a start but the swamp is surely going to take more than 8 years just to get rid of the big chunks near the surface. I'll be in my mid 80's then but sure would love to live and see at least that.

Von Berger's picture

Even we haven't got any bat shit crazyieees like Pelosi or Walters.........errrrr ........ wait a minute

HRH Feant2's picture

Go ahead. Shut down the government. That would make some us very happy!

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

in 8 years the democrats doubled the government debt from 10 to 20 trillion, they are now concerned about a debt ceiling, like it matters.

Never One Roach's picture

The middle class desperately needs alot of help including tax cuts. The Dems kno whti syet they don't care and will kill the baby rather then work with Trump to help the middle class. Hopefully, trump makes it clear who is fucking the middle class Dems and rep over----Shumer, Piglois, etc...the usual suspects.

aloha_snakbar's picture

Whats with the Piglozi grimace? Is she giving birth to/crapping out another DumboCrap?

vato poco's picture

she makes that face when she's worried that her Depends won't hold the load. Shouldn't had mexican for lunch, Nan!

His name was Seth Rich




cheech_wizard's picture

When is there an open season on stupid politicians, and more importantly, what's the bag limit?


Budnacho's picture

So, their plan is to force Trump to choose which programs get the $$ that actually comes in and which don't?...

I hope this continues for all 8 of his years in office.......

TGF Texas's picture

DO IT! Even though I know the RINO's will cave to the minority, and give them everything they want. 

Francis Marx's picture

One day...these people will have to give account for their actions and lives.  Its called judgement day.

NoWayJose's picture

Just pass a clean debt ceiling bill. Any Dems voting against it will give their 2018 opponents ammunition for the TV ads.

IridiumRebel's picture

Has this ever been done before?
I'm sure suCkNN will report about their courageous fight.

Jabba Rooski's picture

Now that is a great idea.  Where have I heard this before?

Might give Trump a clear assessment of all the non-essential govt employees, then go from there..

nmewn's picture

"Hands up or the nigger gets it!" 

Relax, its a Blazing Saddles line done by a black dude, not by Bill Maher who's not actually black, he's he doesn't get to play around with it, see the difference?...its a proprietary PC term and strictly verboten!


As an aside, if I'm going to be constantly accused of being a sociopathic, greedy, razzzist bastard I'm going to start acting like one ;-)

Hulk's picture

Careful there bud, that qualifies you to be president of the not so United States of America !!!

nmewn's picture

lol...there's just not enough humor involved as we swirl around the bowl ;-)

Hulk's picture

Check out Sharia law in Dearborn MI. We have to make sure this shit stops...

nmewn's picture

There is going to have to some accounts settled and in the long run, no ones going to be happy about it.

But in the meantime ;-) 

Mr. Schmilkies's picture

Looks like she's passing a kidney stone if not a budget bill.

MuffDiver69's picture

There is no such thing as a revenue neutral tax cut . It doesn't exist in economics. There are spending cuts and increases. We are dealing with morons.

24Richie's picture

Freeze the debt ceiling and start shutting down government agencies and programs.  I am 100% behind this.  One more thing:  if there is a shutdown no more paying federal employees for the time they did not work.

Åristotle's picture

In this form of democracy the citizens are very numerous, and can hardly be made to assemble unless they are paid and to pay them when there are no revenues presses hardly upon the notables (for the money must be obtained by a property tax and confiscations and corrupt practices of the courts, things which have before now overthrown many democracies); where, I say, there are no revenues, the government should hold few assemblies.

Salsa Verde's picture


This is getting funnier by the minute.

_SILENCER's picture


Boy, who can't get behind wisdom like that?

yogibear's picture

Pelosi almost as bad as Maxine Waters.

Her daughters look just as scary as she is.

California always seem to find the goofiest people for political office. Like their on drugs.

shimmy's picture

The dumbocrats may actually do something positive given Trump's plan is garbage. 

bornlastnight's picture

Anybody tell you to go fuck yourself today?

No?  Well, go fuck yourself.

rlm1966's picture

Call me weird, and I am all for cuts, but instead of starting with social security and medicare why not start with closing some government agencies and reducing government employee pay and benefits including these elected idiots and their staffs. 

Faeriedust's picture

Because there are two ways to get anything more than peanuts out of cutting expenses: Social Security/Medicare, and Defense.  And if they cut Defense, as we've seen, they cut their own throats, sometimes literally.  Pity.  Because Congresscritters are eminently replaceable, while functional Social Security isn't.

Aubiekong's picture

You mean social security welfare?

BuddhistAescetic's picture

Shut the fucker down for five years....laughs.

snakedogs's picture

And don't reopen Education, EPA, and several others!

snakedogs's picture

And don't reopen Education, EPA, and several others!

JailBanksters's picture

Everybody knew this would happen even before the Election

But anyway, Lower Taxes just means you will have LESS money in pocket.

You will be paying MORE, a lot MORE for Local Government, Power, Water, Air

Cassandra.Hermes's picture

They are right true conservative balance the budget, only populist cut taxes on hopes

silverer's picture

When Hong Kong overtaxed the citizens the government stuck to the original budget, spent it wisely, and had a surplus. They apologized for collecting more tax than needed, and returned the overage to the taxpayers. Will we ever see that in the US? Nope. NEVER.

silverer's picture

"I don't have any intention of lifting the debt ceiling to enable the Republicans to give another tax break to the wealthy in our country. To further exacerbate the challenge that is created when they have their trickle down economics."

Is equivalent to saying "Orange is green, and if you spend more money you'll have more money, your mother is your father, and the sun rises in the west." Thanks Nancy.