Is Trump A Victim Of "The Deep State"?

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Authored by Niall Stanage, op-ed via The Hill,

Is President Trump being undermined by a “Deep State” eager to leak damaging information about him?

The president’s allies, both within the White House and in friendly media outlets, say the answer is yes. Trump himself has complained repeatedly that he is being victimized by underhanded leaks.

To Trump’s critics, the talk of a deep state amounts to a conspiracy theory that has been pushed toward the mainstream from the wildest corners of right-wing media. 

In their telling, the leakers have done the nation a vital service, shining a light onto previously secret communications between Russia and close Trump associates such as Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner. 

The nexus of Russia, leaks, the intelligence services and the deep state will come to the fore again this week, with fired FBI director James Comey scheduled to testify before Congress — unless he is blocked at the last minute by the White House invoking executive privilege. 

Beyond the partisan arguments, the question of whether a deep state exists — and whether the leaks about Trump are justified — divides intelligence experts, including those who have served in leading agencies.

Gene Coyle, who worked for the CIA for 30 years before becoming a lecturer at Indiana University Bloomington, was skeptical of the concept of a deep state, in the sense of hordes of government officials working in concert in the shadows. 

But he said that the Trump administration has legitimate grounds for complaint about the number of leaks.

“If you are that appalled at the actions of an administration, you should quit, hold a press conference and publicly state your objections,” said Coyle, a former field operations officer. “You can’t run an executive branch if more and more people think, ‘I don’t like the policies of this president, therefore I will leak information to make him look bad.’ ”

Coyle also suggested that leakers were working hand-in-hand with news organizations that are too credulous about any kind of anti-Trump information.

That idea finds wide currency in the president’s orbit.

David Bossie, who served as deputy campaign manager for Trump last year, told The Hill via email: "Call it what you want — leaks, deep state, or the permanent bureaucracy — it is dangerous for government employees to engage in activities that undermine a sitting president. This issue must be addressed immediately and in a bipartisan manner."‎  

Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon has reportedly propounded on the existence of a deep state working to delegitimize the president. Breitbart News, where Bannon served as executive chairman before going to work full-time for Trump, has invoked the idea repeatedly.

One result has been an increased public familiarity with this terminology. Referring to phrase "the deep state" itself, focus group expert Frank Luntz told The Hill: "Yes, Trump voters do mention it. And that tells me that they are watching cable news and conservative talk radio. That phrase was not part of our lexicon until the election, but it's been repeated often since then."

At times the idea of an intelligence community striking back against the president has even reached across party lines. 

In January, before Trump had even been inaugurated, Sen Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), now the Senate minority leader, said the president-elect was “being really dumb” to criticize the intelligence community.  

“Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” Schumer told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. 

Schumer’s argument that the intelligence community would work to take vengeance on an elected president — and the lack of disquiet he or other Democrats expressed at such a prospect — was a sign of the times. 

Skepticism of the intelligence community has historically been more prevalent on the left than on the right. But that dynamic has reversed as classified information damaging to Trump has come to light. 

“Everything is viewed through partisan lenses — it is ironic but it doesn't surprise me,” said Ronald Kessler, a journalist and author who has written extensively about the intelligence services. “The Republicans do the same thing: When they liked what Comey was doing, they thought he was great. When they didn’t like what he was doing, they thought he was bad.”

Kessler was also among those who argue the terminology of the deep state is excessively conspiratorial — even if he takes a dim view of the leaks themselves.

“I don’t seen any point in calling it the deep state,” he said. “Obviously there are a lot of people in the government who hate Trump. … I don’t think it’s very mysterious.”

Others see not nefarious leakers working against an elected president, but people doing their patriotic duty to get information to the public. 

“Leaks happen because the machinery of government is broken, and they come from people who — if I’m talking about the CIA or FBI or other members of the intelligence community — know of what they speak, and are outraged by the conduct of a president,” said Tim Weiner, the author of an award-winning history of the CIA, Legacy of Ashes.

Perhaps the most dramatic example of a leak came when The Washington Post learned that Michael Flynn had discussed sanctions with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kisylak, during the transition period. The information led to Flynn’s firing after the shortest-ever tenure as national security advisor.

Defenders of leaks point to other examples too, such as the revelation that Trump disclosed classified information during an Oval Office meeting last month with Kislyak and Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov. 

“Team Trump keeps shooting itself every day,” Weiner said. “Trump himself disclosed classified information to the Russians, unilaterally! He burned one of our oldest intelligence partners since the Cold War, which is the State of Israel and its intelligence services. Now, that’s a leak. You are giving a strategic enemy the most highly classified information from a strategic ally? That’s extraordinary!” 

Malcolm Nance, a retired naval intelligence officer and the author of The Plot to Hack America, a book about Russian meddling in last year’s election, contended that talk of the deep state is absurd. 

“What people want to do is take this crazy conspiracy theory… and use it as a bludgeon against the people,” Nance, who is also an MSNBC contributor, said. 

Nance also argued that the leaks themselves were much more likely to be coming from Capitol Hill — in particular congressional staffers who received classified briefings — rather than the intelligence agencies.

“The probability that it is leaking from the CIA is approximately zero,” he said. “The probability that it is leaking from a staffer who has clearance is much higher.”

Others are not so sure. But where they stand on the merits of the leaks seems to largely rest on what they think of Trump’s conduct. 

Coyle, the former CIA officer, said he was “appalled” at the number of leaks. 

“Sadly, the point we have reached now is that people simply don’t agree with the policy of the White House, and therefore they think that entitles them to try to change it by leaking information,” he added. 

Bossie, the former Trump deputy campaign manager, cast the leakers' efforts as a backlash against Trump's election as an agent of change.

"President Trump is an outsider trying to drain the swamp," he said. "‎He is taking on the permanent class entrenched in our government in Washington — now they are fighting back and harming America in the process. They need to be held to account. Leakers of national security information must be prosecuted."

But Weiner asserted that some of Trump’s behavior, including his firing of Comey, amounted to obstruction of justice. He said he saw “stark and clear” parallels between Trump’s current troubles and Watergate — the latter example being one where he viewed the intelligence community as acting properly to preserve the rule of law.

“With all due respect to Woodward and Bernstein,” he said, “it was the FBI that brought Nixon down.”

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Dear President Trump...Nashville needs a bigger hockey stadium!!!!

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Bitcoinz Pushing 2800... Wow

$50K In Cards?

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Victim of deep state? If he was truly against them he would have suicided out of here by now.

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How can someone committed to growing the State, especially its enforcement apparatus, be an enemy of the "deep state"?  Retarded narrative.  


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> Committed to growing the state

> Pulls out of Paris Accord

But that's none of my business... 

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Trump has already hired 25,000 new permanent Federal agents, lol.

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Deep State/Trump... useless discussion.

Anybody out there going to start giving a shit about a thoroughly corrupt and defunct Congress?

As in... focus?

So far, not a murmur... not a chance...
Read it and weep.

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Deep state /Trump .........; contradiction in terms.

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 Are you not entertained? They spend piles of money to keep this show going on. 24/7/365 for years on end.

Its the Never Ending Chainyank. We got clowns and all kinda circus freaks too! In todays show watch as this bulldozer pushes yesterdays BS down the memory hole.

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Your deep stater is a bad deep stater!

My deep stater is the best deep stater!

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I'm a little disappointed that Trump has not cleaned house of all these Obama holdovers faster. Just clean house of everyone currently there and replace them with Trump voters !!

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Notice that Trump has never Twittered ONE WORD about pedophiles or Podesta or Weiner or Epstein or defended Milo's awkward comments.

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Notice how nobody actually does any due diligence before making claims on ZH's comments section.

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I bet this Comey the Clown show will be resceduled again. The whole thing is to drag this Russia shit out forever because there's no substance to it. Just a psyop.

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Trump isn't a victim of the Deep State, he is in the Depp State Actors Guild (tm),

Well, OK, he is a common crook on the side too, but you get the picture.

Live Hard, Yes, Sometimes Evil Pirates Come With Orange Hair And Snookie Slogan Slippers, Die Free

~ DC v6.5

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No Skyler, Trump is the one who KNOCKS!

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That's a very big guild as they have now gone worldwide with the staged crisis actors.

Got to keep up with AI Al he's a thinker.

The number one rule is to divide and conquer gotta get the sheeple afraid of their own shadow, afraid of everyone and everything so that they don't ever have time to focus on the real threat.

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Off-Topic: File under conspiracy

Taipei| The pilot of the infamous flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines that disappeared in March 2013, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, has mysteriously reappeared in a Taiwan hospital on Monday, suffering from severe dehydration and some type of amnesia.

Standard Disclaimer: When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.


There's picture

Bizarro on steroids, this Man Baby has made everyone enemies in the world and the administration. No trust, no respect, no expertise. Confusion, chaos and disaster are evident in his every move.

Everything is someone elses fault. No one can reason with him to take what should be trusted advise.

He just acts like a bad little boy, who because of the presumption of normality, no one will bring to the principals office.

His schizoid behavior, left unchallenged will destroy America.

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That you Joe Scarborough

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The intelligence services forgot who they work for!

They believe they run the government under their own set of rules and policies. In fact, the President is the ultimate consumer of all intelligence so he can set policy.

This is all so backwards its no longer funny. 

Either get on board with the strategy of the chief executive or step aside. People do it all the time in the private sector. Why are we allowing these employees to run amok? Govt unions?

francis scott falseflag's picture

What's da matter wid you guys?  You think the deep state doesn't have anything better to do than

embarrass Donald J?  The prime objective of the deep state is to take over the world, not get 

Trump in trouble with his voters.  If there is anything doing with Trump right now, it is the deep

state permanently dividing the American electorate into pro and anti Trump supporters, so that

when the economic shit hits the fan (and that day is not too far off) there will be bloodshed 

between the two factions like you see today in Africa, Latin America and Europe.  The National

Debt will vanish along with Social Security and Medicare.


With the deep state leading the parade, many of America's problems will be solved all at once.


What the deep state is doing to Trump isn't victimizing him, it is driving an unremovable

wedge between the liberal democrats and the conservative republicans.  The press is in on

it.  The Intel community is in on it.  But the winner will be neither the dems or the reps,

but the group that Orwell calls the 'Inner Party.'


Oh, you're not a member.  

Well, get your ass to 2 minutes hate and then the junior anti-sex league.

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Why is this article posed as a question? Of course he is... look at it this way though.. before Donny ran faith in the political sytem on both sides even amongst the sheep was starting to unravel. Now partisan politics and the two party dictatorship will be alive and well again when he's done. That's their angle, preservation through deception and you know what.. the public is dumb enough to fall for it. 

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WEINER: “With all due respect to Woodward and Bernstein,” he said, “it was the FBI that brought Nixon down.”

Spoken like the true mouthpiece of the Deep State Weiner the weiner is—straight from the CIA's No. 1 Operation Mockingbird cawer, The New York Times. It was the CIA and only the CIA who overthrew the presidency so they could initiate their blackest operation in 1972. The one and only actual history of Watergate that's ever been published is Ashton Gray's Watergate: The Hoax, and anybody who doesn't know the facts will go right on listening to Deep State propagandists like Weiner—and of course his fellow Tweedledum and Tweedledee CIA propagandists, Woodward and Bernstein.

deoxy's picture

Maybe Weiner doesn't know the difference between the CIA and the FBI. Then again, maybe he is just a Minerva's owl that thinks he is at the highest level, 'cause that is what he has been told.

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if u place the 'is' after Trump
that'd be more correct

He should have dismantled these
especially CIA the cold war machine
CIA needs to be killed without mercy
and all its traces needs to be erased
CIA is a disease to the whole world
if ever there'd be a world war , it'd be
becauz of CIA & NSA

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Trump wouldn't be President if the Jew World Order really didn't want him there.

They've been doing this now for over 150 years, so they are getting quite good at it.


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Cartoonist forgot the CFR.

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Ok i know it is sacrilege to deny your supreme leader of the victimhood, yeah I know you are christian and need someone else to be your victim. But I think we are victims of Trump, he is the biggest audio and video pollution in world's history. OK only snowflakes can be victims, right? So what is Trump?
Why don't we talk about real victims here in USA. Let's say 7 kids are killed on average in USA every single day by gun shot(it is a fact, not a fake news). Isn't it more important than terrorists in London and Trump's victimhood?

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Trump should IMMEDIATELY do what Presiedent John Kennedy proposed to do (but was murdered before accomplishing it).


Without any prior announcements to ANYONE (including his staff), Trump should issue an "Executive Order" ABOLISHING the CIA effective immediately - that as soon as his signature in on the executive order. (The instructions below should be clearly written withe the executive order.)

Trump should then phone the Director of the FBI, ordering all available FBI agents to proceed to all CIA installations (especially in Langley, Virginia). The FBI Director and his agents shall contact NO ONE about this action, other than fellow FBI agents taking part in the operation. The FBI Director and his agents shall arrive at the CIA Headquarters in Lagley, Virigina no later than 45 minutes after Trump's initial phone call to the FBI Director. The CIA's Langley headquarters and all other building used by the CIA world-wide shall be completely evacuated of ALL CIA personnel within 30 minutes of the FBI's arrival. CIA personnel would be able to take with them ONLY their personally-owned items. Any CIA personnel who violate these terms and/or stay in their buildiing longer the allowed 30 minutes shall be arrested by the FBI and jailed. FBI agents should remains at each site to ensure their security.

All CIA personnel shall forfeit their CIA identity cards before leaving the site. They shall each personally be informed - verbally or in writing - that they are terminated from government service; and no longer work for the CIA or any other agency of the U.S. government. Further, they shall be informed that they are banned from entering any former CIA building OR any other builidng in which U.S. security agencies' personnel, such all NSA, FBI and DOJ facilities plus the facilities of any private contractors who are doing or have done work with the CIA, NSA, FBI or DOJ.

Finally, all bank accounts and other CIA funds shall be "frozen" and seized.

What would this do?

1.) It would put the CIA, probably the most corrupt criminal cartel in government, out of business - especially the heroin and cacaine businesses.

2.) It would stop further CIA assistance to ISIS, AL Qaeda and other similar extremist groups.

3.) It would "SCARE THE SHIT" out FBI, NSA, DOJ and IRS officials, knowing THEY could be next. (The IRS would suffer the same fate the following month!)

4.) It would solidify the power of the Presidency over the agencies he, by statute and the Constitution, should rightfully and fully control (as they are all in the Excecutive branch.)

5.) It would send a "message" to the Legislative and Judicial branches to stay within their own JURISDICTIONS; and NOT try to dictate policy to the Excecutive branch.



nevertheless's picture

How dare you speak JFK's name in relation to Trump!


The key to the evil that rules us is to see who divides us, and while he has lots of help, Trump is indeed a divider, which means he is an enemy of real America. 


Obama was a divider, as was Bush and Clinton. Hollywood, the media, all dividers, pitting one American after another. 


Of course the fact that Trump has a history of being a zionist piece of shit should give anyone with a brain a clue to trump's real loyalties, people like you trust the lying media to tell us the "truth about trump".


The media does not hate trump, it only acts like it does to drive the idiot right into trump's camp. 



nevertheless's picture

A) The Clintons and the Obamas are NOT leaders of the deep state or global elites, they are pawns/puppets.

B) Trump is as surely a puppet of the powers that be as was Obama

C) The keys to trump's obvious loyalty to the tribe are everywhere, form his history in Jew York City, his connection to Jewish banks who bailed him out, to his closeness with Zionist gambling and sheldon adleson. to the fact that trump once elected immediately replaced Obama's Zionist wall street cabinet, with one of his own. Then trump did a 180 with Clinton praising her "hard work for America". Then instead of focusing on America's NUMBER ONE THREAT, MASS MIGRATION FROM OUR SOUTHERN BORDER, he focused on Muslim migration form Syria (and to insure more migration Trump bombed Syria based on fake news that "Syria gassed it's people"), what a few hundred people, not dealing with the tens of millions of Latinos, and their many millions and millions of anchor babies. 

D) Trump then goes to Saudi Arabia and takes credit for Obama's weapons deal, to an evil empire, then goes and kisses Israel's ass...all the while nothing for America. 

E) of course the zionist media has played wing-man for trump, playing up his rejection of TPP (a deal already dead on arrival) and the Paris accord (which had NO enforcement mechanism and was PURELY VOLUNTARY, and was not even going to be implemented until 2020!!!!!!). But like always, the media plays up these nothing gestures as earth shattering, because they want both sides of the idiot political paradigm in America to think this is war, and one side is winning. While America keeps dying. 

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Inflection Point has been reporting since February it's a leak, not a hack!  Those selling the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative are those complicit in committing the crimes! 

Debbie does Hillary Dirty Work.  Brennan and Clapper call for coup.  Can it be any more obvious?

“Wasserman-Schultz IT Aide Arrested While Attempting To Flee Country, Charged With Bank Fraud”