Pat Buchanan Exposes "The Forever War"

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Authored by Patrick Buchanan via,

On May 22, Salman Abedi, 22, waiting at the entrance of the Arianna Grande pop concert in Manchester, blew himself up, killing almost two dozen people, among them parents waiting to pick up their children.

Saturday, three Islamic terrorists committed “suicide-by-cop,” using a van to run down pedestrians on London Bridge, and then slashing and stabbing patrons of pubs and diners in the nearby Borough Market.

By all accounts, the killers bore no special grudge against those they murdered. They appear not even to have known their victims.

Why, then, did they kill these strangers, and themselves?

A BBC eyewitness suggests a motive: “They shouted, ‘This is for Allah’, as they stabbed indiscriminately.”

The murderers were Muslims. The rationale for their crimes lies in the belief that their bloody deeds would inscribe them in a book of martyrs, and Allah would reward them with instant ascension into the paradise that awaits all good Muslims.

Ideas have consequences. And where might these crazed killers have gotten an idea like that?

Is there a strain of Islam, the basis of which can be found in the Quran, that would justify what the murderers did at London Bridge?

On Palm Sunday, an explosion in Tanta, 56 miles north of Cairo, killed 29 and injured 71 Copts as they prayed at the Mar Girgis church. A second blast at a church in Alexandria killed 18 and wounded 35.

On May 26, masked gunmen stopped two buses carrying Coptic Christians to Saint Samuel the Confessor Monastery in Egypt, and opened fire, killing 26 and wounding 25.

“I call on Egyptians to unite in the face of this brutal terrorism,” said Ahmed el-Tayeb, the grand imam of al-Azhar, Egypt’s 1,000-year-old center of Islamic learning.

Yet, years of such atrocities have effected a near-complete cleansing of Christianity from its cradle provinces in the Holy Land.

If these persecutors and killers of Christians are apostates to Islam, headed to hell for their savageries, why have not all the imams of the world, Shiite and Sunni, risen together to condemn them as heretics?

Clearly, from the suicide bombings and shootings of civilians in the Middle East, now across the West, there is a belief among some Muslims that what the killers are doing is moral and meritorious — taking the martyr’s path to salvation.

When have the imams of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and West ever stood as one to condemn all such acts as against the tenets of Islam?

In condemning the London Bridge attack, Prime Minister Theresa May said that recent atrocities across England were “bound together by the single evil ideology of Islamist extremism.”

Correct. There is an extremist school of Islam that needs to be purged from the West, even as this school of fanatics is seeking to purge Christianity from the East.

We are at war. And the imams of Islam need to answer the question: “Whose side are you on?”

Are honor killings of girls and women caught in adultery justified? Are lashings and executions of Christian converts justified?

Do people who hold such beliefs really belong in the United States or in the West during this long war with Islamist extremism?

Other questions need answering as well.

Is our commitment to diversity broad enough to embrace people with Islamist beliefs? Is our First Amendment freedom of speech and of religion extensive enough to cover the sermons of imams who use mosques to preach in favor of expelling Christians from the Middle East and an eventual takeover of the West for an Islam where Sharia replaces constitutional law?

Are such Islamist beliefs not intolerable and perilous for our republic?

Clearly, the West is in a civilizational struggle, with the outcome in some doubt.

Four years after Pearl Harbor, the Japanese empire had ceased to exist. Japan was smoldering ruins, its navy at the bottom of the Pacific. An American proconsul, Douglas MacArthur, was dictating to the Japanese from the Dai-Ichi building.

Today we are in the 16th year of a war begun on 9/11. We are mired down in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Our victory in Afghanistan is being reversed by the Taliban.

While the ISIS caliphate is being eradicated in Raqqa and Mosul, its elements are in two dozen countries of the Mideast. Muslim migrants and refugees, ISIS and al-Qaida among them, are moving into Europe.

Terrorist attacks in the West grow in number and lethality every year. The new normal. Now, second-generation Muslims within Europe seem to be converting to a violent version of Islam.

To fight them, we are being forced to circumscribe our sovereignty and empower police and intelligence agencies of which free men were once taught to be wary.

Wars, it is said, are the death of republics. And we now seem to be caught up in an endless war.

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jm's picture

Rome fell because they stopped fighting and let the barbarian hordes rush in. It is a lack of strength that destroys republics.

Crash Overide's picture

Ramadan Bombathon 2017 Day 11

                                                 Attacks       Kills

Terror in the name of islam:            59          627

ALL other religions combined:           0            0

Muslims killed by "islamophobes:       0            0


AVmaster's picture


Anyways, islam is the death cult... all muslims are potential killers... even the "peaceful" ones or the ones that say they wouldn't hurt a fly can have "sudden jihad" syndrome... the instructions on how to infiltrate a non-muslim culture and destroy it are covered in the koran, both covert and forceful methods are included... The only good defense against islam is to not let it in in the first place...

Paul Kersey's picture

Unless you are a war profiteering U.S. defense contractor, selling over $300 billion in weapons to the Saudis doesn't make a great amount of sense. Saudi madrassa graduates will know exactly what to do with those weapons. Someday, they will be engaging in a deadly game of "return to sender" with the "Great Satan". Look what they were able to do with just a few box cutters.

Heavy's picture

government's all sorts of captured

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

"Is there a strain of Islam, the basis of which can be found in the Quran, that would justify what the murderers did at London Bridge?"

Yes, it is called islam and is often mistakenly believed to be a religion, but is in fact a theocracy. In every country where this theocracy was allowed to take root, the goverment eventually became islamic.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Quick question ... has a Fatwa ever been issued that says the acts of Islamic terrorists are not permitted by Islamic Law? If not then we're getting bullshitted.

Suleyman's picture

Quite a few muslims are killed by agents of states.


Row Well Number 41's picture

Rome fell because they debased their currency until they could no longer support the legions.

land_of_the_few's picture

Also the Legionnaires failed to learn pole dancing or twerking properly despite battle-hardened and vocal drill-Sergeants

MANvsMACHINE's picture

but today everyone knows how to twerk and there's autotune.  We have centuries ahead of us.

jm's picture

Debatable. Rome actually gave land grants to the legionaires under Augustus and that worked fine.  When conquest-driven expansion stopped/slowed, Rome diminished at the expense of Constantinople.  Not sure one can attribute this collapse to currency debasement as much as foreign invasion that immiserized and demoralized.  After all, Constantinople did fine for centuries after Roman became a cesspool... until they fell under their own invasion problems from the north and south.



Endgame Napoleon's picture

Rome fell because of an out-of-touch elite, full of sophistry and lofty distractions, substituting for national strength. Dang, that Pat is a great writer, much like Ann Coulter, but with a different style. More people need to read this article.

jm's picture

You would love the "The Roman Way" by Edith Hamilton.

Wild tree's picture

I agree with you Endgame. Pat wrote a powerful non-PC warning to us. More should read, but won't bother because Dancing with the Stars are on, or some other BS mind-numbing pablum.

I have a copy of the Koran, and it says that if you meet an infidel (not adhering to the tenants of Mohammad), then it is OK to lie, cheat, and steal from them. They are also commanded to bring the infidel into the fold, and if failing to do so, then their sworn duty is to kill them.

Sound familiar, headline news and all......

Troparion's picture

Exactly. When a decadent society collapses under the weight of external factors (disease, restless immigrant populations unbeholdened to the central metropolis, natural disaster, normal economic cycles) and capital flows, er... flow elsewhere (Rome -> Constantinople) - it shouldn't come as a surprise. Base level 'culture' some insularity and a little security should keep things rolling along fine- but alas- that's not what we have now.

Heavy's picture

So really we should be looking to mantain a long term military only to prevent invasion.  I don't see much interest in invasion "prevention" going on around here...

Probably because there's nobody around to invade us.  The Southpark Movie touches on this

Invasion profliferation on the other hand, with a side of insugency that's the house special


RagaMuffin's picture

And they debased their currency because of DEBT............

runswithscissors's picture

But this empire can "print" its "currency" out of thin air and the dumbmasses think its real money.

Pasadena Phil's picture

It's forgetting who you are that makes you weak. The Romans became weak because in the end, everyone was a Roman. Being Roman lost all meaning. Folding all conquered cultures into their own eventually diluted the Romans and allowed the Roman roads, once the highways for sending Roman legions out to quell rebellions, to become the primary invasion routes for the barbarians.

If there is nothing in a person's life worth the risk of dying for, then that person probably has nothing worth living for. If there is no concensus binding a civilization on what they would fight for, they WILL perish. Civilizations don't survive on good intentions. They have to be able to impose their will on other cultures or perish.

jm's picture

I can't argue with your logic, but I take care to not equate "culture" and "race".  Not that you are equating these, just saying. 

SeuMadruga's picture

Very well remembered, as both concepts are often conflated with one another, specially these days...

Peacefulwarrior's picture

By the time Nero showed up they all had Syphillis. Looks like in the end the fight was lost in the bath house.

Hikikomori's picture

Actually, there is zero evidence of the existence of syphilis in ancient Rome.

Caleb Abell's picture

I'm not sure about Rome, but I suspect there is at least one case, probably two, of syphilis in chappaqua, NY.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Well said. I think we should limit our imposition of our culture to Western nations, however, unless our country or a real ally is actually invaded by another country. But when people emigrate here, they need to assimilate. They should stay individuals with differences, sure, but while embracing the Western culture of liberty. Why come here otherwise? Why not stay home and change their own countries?

7thGenMO's picture

Gibbons states in his The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire that Rome fell because of an increasing reliance on the use of foreign mercenaries to man the frontiers.  Given that illegals are allowed to join the U.S. military, it seems "Being Roman lost all meaning" applies to today's Anglo-American Empire.

What you are describing is a philosophy known as Blut und Boden (Blood and Soil).  I agree somewhat with this because the globalist's propaganda that one can replace an entire national population with an entirely different population and expect the same result is absurd.  As a theoretical exercise, assume we could have the entire population of Switzerland migrate to another country and replace them with a population of African Kenyans.  Assume that every relocated Kenyan has been raised in Swiss culture and educated to Swiss standards.  Would the Kenyans emulate Swiss institutions, government, etc., or would there be Liberia 2.0 within a short time?  I think we all know that this would be, at best, a coin toss.

What is most troubling about what the Anglo-American Empire (including Europe) is evolving into is that it has no regard for any people or culture, including Western culture.  Hint for The Tribe:  This also applies to your Orthodox culture which is disappearing in the USA.  The ruling oligarchs have shown they will replace the native Western populations with Third Worlders to work for low wages and be more accepting of a police state, resulting in population replacement and increasing chaos.




samsara's picture

Rome fell like we will. Failure of the money system and taxation. The last Romans welcomed the Visigoths because they treated them better than the thieving government.

waspwench's picture

True!  True!  True!   BUT here in the west it is not the people who lack strength and who are not willing to fight.   The culprits are the governments which refuse to take action in defence of the people and - most importantly - refuse to act on the will of the people.   Our governments spend more time condemning islamophobia than they do defending us.   (An islamophobia which is, in fact, entirely justified.)

The vast majority of people in the west want something concrete done about the moslem population.   The people did not invite the moslems in and the people want them to be removed.   The people know that the moslems cannot and will not assimilate and common sense demands that they be deported to islamic countries.

No responsible government refuses to take action against it's enemies and in defence of it's people yet we are being told that terrorist acts are the new normal and that they are something we will just have to live with.   Western governments are not acting responsibly and must be replaced.

Libtard's picture

If you are a "moderate" muzzie, you are not follwoing the Quran...its that simple. 

Von Berger's picture

It's this simple...... no matter ' Christian/ atheists or agnostic in the eyes of Islam your a non - believer. This is a holy war in their eyes........ convert or kill if's no buts.
You're grandchildren will be Muslim unless...............

The ideology is entrenched and violent. If one fails to grasp this SIMPLE truth your fucked. ......... end of.

serotonindumptruck's picture

The West makes unprovoked war against the East, and then cries out when they are the victim of justifiable retaliation.

How's that Polish proverb go:

"The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you."

Nutflush60's picture

Not only do the Imams need to answer the who side are you on question, the media and Left needs to as well. They refuse to do anything to tarnish their sacred religion of multiculturalism

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

That is why I think no matter how much trump sabotages republicans, that the optics of democrats being apologists for Islam after every attack will help the right stay in control of congress in 2018

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Probably. But I just heard a GOPe guy smugly saying how they are going to just let Obamacare stay intact, but they are getting right on tax reform, emphasizing giving more taxfare to those "working families."

I switched from a Democrat Party that absolutely kicks childless citizens in the head via a welfare/taxfare system that rigs workplaces in favor of people who can work for low pay due to unearned income steams from Uncle Sam.

If they do not have a spousal second income or a child support check that lets them accept momma-absenteeism privileges as a substitute for decent pay, they have free food, free rent and Child Tax Credits of up to $6,269 for reproducing while single.

This rigs workplaces in favor of single moms, married moms and taxpayer-subsidized immigrants, with the pro-welfare/taxfare GOPe seeking to add even more taxfare recipients to rig it even more.

There are 28% of childless voters over 40, and people over 40 vote a lot more than many of these "working families."

Add 12% Black voters to 17% Hispanic voters, and you get within 1% of the percentage of childless voters over 40.

Yet, politicians screw us--ALWAYS--in every....single....move they make. And there are more voters affected by rigging the system with socialism for some than just childless citizens.

Single women whose children are grown are in the same boat, as are single men of all ages and non-custodial parents. Married, childless couples, at least, often have two incomes to cover unaffordable expenses, like housing, but not always.

All politicians do is add freebies for working, single parents and parents who take two jobs out of the economy, concentrating the wealth from the few, high-paying jobs in fewer households and lowering wages at the bottom by providing employers with a workforce that has an incentive to work for less.

The less they make, the more welfare/taxfare they get. The more free food, free or subsidized housing, free daycare, free energy, free monthly cash and $3,337--$6,269 child tax credits to spend on trips with boyfriends. Whose income is often untraceable, but present in the household, in reality.

Many of these parents spend that welfare and taxfare money on self-indulgences, not on kids, like the $96 million in CA welfare spent in casinos and on out-of-town trips.

As someone with no children, I really do not have anyone to vote for that represents my economic interests in any way, and in fact, all I can do is vote for people who hurt me in a workforce that is rigged for working parents, when I only have one stream of earned income to cover all
bills. But the way the media covers issues like terrorism and illegal immigration is a major reason why I voted for Trump.

The illegal immigration thing affects me far less than welfare/taxfare rigging of low-wage office jobs for working moms, but I feel sorry for men in male-dominated professions who have to compete with welfare-buttressed, illegal immigrants and contractors. I sold insurance to a lot of these guys. They have to pay all kinds of fees, like anyone in self-employment, and they pay twice as much SS tax, like I did when I had a shop. They get no welfare or tax-cash rewards.

When employed, they are forced to provide proof of insurance and pay for liability policies in contracting work as well, whereas these moms are handed big $6,269 checks at tax time on top of their wages in the mom-clique jobs they dominate, in addition to their monthly reproduction rewards from Uncle Sam. I have worked alongside many of them who were dramatically absentee. I mean dramatically! It is an "upside down world," where hard work is not valued at all. Copulation and reproduction, strategically done, is rewarded far more. And our workforce participation rate reflects it.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

Are honor killings of girls and women caught in adultery justified? Are lashings and executions of Christian converts justified?

Do people who hold such beliefs really belong in the United States or in the West during this long war with Islamist extremism?

Obviously No.


War is definitely the death of republics, particularly permanent war.

PhiBetaZappa's picture

Pat, read '1984' and then follow the money.

hardmedicine's picture

I don't understand why liberals want to admit people who think woman have human rights that are equal to dogs and gays are to be disposed of by pushing them off buildings.  Seems like the liberals would be all up in arms about these kinds of human rights abuses.  But they LOVE the muslims flooding into their home country and want MORE OF THEM TO COME IN. 

please can someone explain this?  ANYONE .  

farflungstar's picture

Starting to believe it is a mental problem. They look stupid defending the Muslim retards attack after attack after attack but they don't want to change their minds because they cannot possibly admit they were wrong about something. They get off on feeling sorry for anointed "victims." They run to Africa to help the poor and sick while casually stepping over the destitute in their own backyards. They're on their moral high horse and they like it up there, looking down on the rest of us who call a spade a spade. 

The propagandists who devised this cockamamie bullshit (and even got dumbed down know it alls to accept this fallacy on its face) only see the Muslims who deliver their exotic take-out and don't have to live with them.


herbivore's picture

By definition, any minority is an oppressed minority and therefore deserves the protection and largesse of those on the left. As well, to the government- especially those that still engage in the quaint practice of elections- any immigrant is a potential vote and deserves its protection and largesse. 

land_of_the_few's picture

Yes, they are probably being pushed in intentionally by Turkey et al. And the ones encouraging them to come in haven't woken up and smelled the coffee yet. Young men = invasion army. The Indians  and Paks are nearly as bad, just not violent. Lots of fake marriages to Euro women then they head to UK and finally USA. If it's not so, why are they not sending women first?

HominyTwin's picture

Leftists and Islamists are easy to manipulate and control because there are no restraints on their behavior from things like common sense, common decency, or basic morals. So even though the ideologies themselves are contradictory, promoting them results in lots of easy patsies and soldiers. The rank and file flim flam from these movements can be used to cause chaos at home and abroad, which in turn can be used as excuses to enlarge government budgets and the power of the government bureaucrats, because apparently their already inflated paychecks and pensions aren't enough.


Omen IV's picture

Cultural Marxism demands via the politics of identities the disolution of the solidarity of the control of the  indiginious people and their culture in order to gain control of the country.

White Europeans and Yellow Asians are a danger to Neo Liberal Democratic Control  - given their understanding of how they "can" live in peace and prosperity by their cohesion and labor. As the indigenous culture is reduced to minority status whether here or in Europe - they can take the fractions remaining and control forever with welfare in various forms and Marxist "everyone is equal" economics

then they will use the nuclear exchange to take down Russia and China and they have control of the world via a Nuclear War  - they dont care about the mestizo - when they contemplated and proposed Operation Northrup to JFK - 20 million dead was acceptable  in a nuclear exchange but there were too many in the elite with extended families in the USA - that fact inhibited the decision process of JFK et al. - Hillary doesnt care which is why she is a prized leader

They will kill in a nuclear holocaust all the black and browns and then start over

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

Liberalism is an inverse form of theocracy. The state administers matters of religion.  So any existing church would be in direct competition with a liberal government. An inverse form of theocracy is still a theocracy, much like islam.  They have the same goals. From the muslim perspective, this is simply conquest with a lot of free shit.

If you're referring to Europe, the globalists want to dilute nationalities, so there are no more Irish, French, Germans, Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, etc.  So they flood the countries with foreign muslims to accomplish this. Brussels can't reign over 28 different nationalities, so they have to deconstruct Europe. No more Christianity and no more individual nationalities.  

And from a banker's perspective, flooding Europe with people provides the labor for all the newly printed money.

Caleb Abell's picture

"And from a banker's perspective, flooding Europe with people provides the labor for all the newly printed money."

Likely true, but the bankers overlook the fact that Islam frowns on usery, and the bankers may be the next group to be thrown off the roofs of buildings after they finish off the gays ... so in the end, maybe something good will come of it.

hardmedicine's picture

I don't see how you can advocate for gender neutral bathrooms and ISLAM at the same time!  It's so confusingg

Chippewa Partners's picture

Didn't GEORGE BUSH have something to do with all this?

BustainMovealota's picture

Oh hes a POS, too.  Remember the Bush family supported and voted for Hillary.

KweeBohNoh's picture

War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.
All white people are racists.
Political Correctness is the One True religion.

Aubiekong's picture

Liberals hate the USA with every fiber of their being so much they defend Islam and welcome the Muslim Invasion...