Saudi Arabia Gives Qatar 24 Hour Ultimatum As Analysts Warn Of "Military Confrontation"

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Shortly after imposing a naval blockade in the immediate  aftermath of the Qatar diplomatic crisis, one which left the small Gulf nation not only politically isolated and with severed ties to its neighbors but potentially locked out of maritime trade and crippling its oil and LNG exports, on Tuesday SkyNews Arabia reported that Saudi Arabia has given Qatar a 24 hours ultimatum, starting tonight, to fulfill 10 conditions that have been conveyed to Kuwait, which is currently involved in the role of a mediator between Saudi and Qatar.

According to media report, among the key demands by Saudi Arabia is that Qatar end all ties Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

While there was little additional information on the Ultimatum and more importantly what happens should Qatar not comply, Al Jazeera reported that Kuwait's emir, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, left Saudi Arabia on Tuesday after holding mediation talks with the Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz to try to defuse an escalating crisis between Arab countries and Qatar. No details were given on the talks.

In addition to Saudi Arabia's aggressive approach, Egypt's Foreign Ministry accused Qatar of taking an "antagonist approach" towards Cairo and said "all attempts to stop it from supporting terrorist groups failed". Qatar denied the allegations, with a Foreign Ministry statement describing them as "baseless" on Monday.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, analyst Giorgio Cafiero of Gulf State Analytics, a geopolitical risk consultancy based in Washington, DC, said: "I think the Kuwaitis as well as Omanis ... fear the prospects of these tensions escalating in ways which could undermine the interest of all six members of the GCC.

"There are many analysts who believe that a potential break-up of the GCC has to be considered right now."

"If these countries fail to resolve their issues and such tensions reaches new heights, we have to be very open to the possibility of these six Arab countries no longer being able to unite under the banner of one council," said Cafiero.

He added that if tension escalates, some have warned of a "military confrontation".

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francis scott falseflag's picture

The Turks can airlift some troops there in a couple of hours.


And the Iranians can float several of their ships off their coast, across the

Persian Gulf from Qatar.

dogismycopilot's picture

you are in OJ land. Nothing like that will happen. Look at a map.

Hamm Jamm's picture

No war here...  LOL

Qatar will bend over !!!    and Saudi will give a reach around !!

friends with benefits   

why is this even news ??????    who cares

Herdee's picture

Good for the price of oil.

AlbertthePudding's picture

Qatar to become the new Yemen..will Iran go direct to Saudi and blow the sh#t out of them?


GestaltNine's picture

there are 11,000 US troops in Qatar how the hell would Saudi Arabia attack the country? it's also about the size of New Jersey just eyeballing it...maybe smaller maybe bigger 

BitchesBetterRecognize's picture

Duh - those troops are there to take over the country with the Saudis  

Osamabeentokin's picture

You thought the middle east was a geo-political dumpster fire, but then Godzilla tried to put it out with his radiotactive piss and now we all realize that Godzilla's piss is also flammable. Interesting times, as they say...

Robert of Ottawa's picture

Along with an ultimatum go conditions. What are they?


HenryHall's picture

This appears to be 100% bogus, a fake news report.

dogismycopilot's picture

You're the fake news. This is the talk of hte town.

francis scott falseflag's picture

no.  you're wrong.  this is fake news.  go to bed.

rockstone's picture

Is there an Arch Duke (Whatever the fuck that meant.) involved here in any way?

man of Wool's picture

Saudi  are just after their gas as they are still having problems paying off the people to not rebel.

man of Wool's picture

Saudi  are just after their gas as they are still having problems paying off the people to not rebel.

sinbad2's picture

Obviously the US has decided that Qatar should become part of Saudi Arabia.

Centerist's picture

Surely, you jest.  Saudi Arabia should become part of Qatar.

Victor999's picture

They should both be joined to each other and then turned into a sea of glass.

silverer's picture

Time for a new small country in the middle east. We have Kuwait and Qatar; now we need Guitar. That's where all these shreiks with their oily greed can go play with themselves.

aloha_snakbar's picture

What if they gave a war and no one showed up ?

desertboy's picture

So it concerns Iran and "terrorism."  

In other words, this is actually maneuvering vis a vis Iran.

HenryHall's picture

No actually, in other words, this is pure fiction.

As a matter of fact, Saudi has issued no ultimatums to Qatar. None. Zero.

DEMIZEN's picture

it is a big mess, but there is no "academic approach" to the cleanup of this giant MENA pile of shit. it has been long time coming. qatar is basically just doha, it will take a about an hour to call it mission accomplished - depends on traffic.

its clearly saudis israelis and US natural gas interests versus the rest. I am not sure where the egyptians and turks stand, but will find out soon. it would make sense for eqyptians to side with old maritime powers and turks with russians. chinese no comment as usual, germans pulled out of turkey looks like nato is falling apart for good.

the fat boy must be laughing at the thinktanks discussing the NK threat when the world is just about to be set on fire.

12 hours will be when by midnight ET and then more blah blah tomorrow? 

WorkingPoor's picture

An excerpt from an article an old friend of mine wrote some years back... I don't know as it would work, and I'm not even certain of its appropriateness of application here and now...


Submitted for your consumption.


 "The political and social culture and mind-set in the Arab sector of the Middle East is not like the culture in the United States.  What we know and love as "democracy" or even "a republic" is neither valued, desired, nor, for the most part, even understood, by the vast majority of people, including those who wish to get out from under the more Draconian planks of the Sharia platform.
    They have no love for the West, even those who want nothing to do with the 9th Century aspects of Sharia law, and simply want to be left alone to live their lives by the directions indicated by their personal moral compasses.
    It therefore seems obvious that our attempts to "bring democracy to the region" is an error.  We took out a madman who was a threat to the USA; good.  We gave that country the opportunity to be ruled and governed in a fashion that they themselves would choose (even if that fashion is another dictator); good.  We're trying to shove our system down their throats; BAD.
Therefore, a War On Terror territorial exit strategy is as follows:
    Put our best covert intel agents on the ground in the entire region; Iran, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, EVERYWHERE.  Make sure they are covered, and make sure they have access to what the bad guys are doing, and keep them there.  (The remainder of this plan depends on our people having the most recent and most accurate intelligence.)  Despite the best efforts of the Big Ears and the Alphabet-Soup Geek Squads, HUMINT (human intelligence; eyes and ears of Homo sapiens sapiens on the ground) outranks and outclasses TECHINT (technical intelligence; computer-generated stuff) and SIGINT (signals intelligence; intercepted communications) every time.  Once this is confrmed, the next step is,
    Contact the leaders of all the countries in the region (Iraq first, then all the others ... alphabetically in English) and give them the following message: "The United States of America recognizes your desire to be sovereign and to not have outsiders meddle in your affairs.  We hope that, likewise, your country recognizes the United States' desire to be free from fear and from attack, whether promulgated inside or outside our borders.  As pertains to attack planned from outside, we therefore make the following declaration:
        We will be withdrawing our troops at a specific date (say, ninety days from date of announcement) from the entire theater of the action presently engaged in the action commonly referred to as 'The War On Terror.'
        Once our troops have been withdrawn, your government will be held completely and exclusively responsible for all acts of hostility and terrorism  perpetrated upon the United States known (or reasonably believed) to have been planned, promulgated or otherwise abetted within your country.  Any act of hostility or terror enacted either within the United States or upon the interests of the United States of America, whether economic, social, political or otherwise, within or without our borders, will be considered an act of war, and we will respond with extreme prejudice.  In layman's terms, when we figure out, or get a reasonable suspicion of, who aided and abetted the slugs who did the evil deed, we will turn the perpetrators' entire countries into black glass parking lots, physically incapable of sustaining human life.
        To summarize ... you can Balkanize your country into tribal homelands, what you call '-stans;" Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Aghanistan, Waziristan, Stan-and-Ollie, or what have you; you can revert to Sharia law and the 7th century C.E.; you can have inter-tribal warfare until you kill each other off; you can do anything you like, as long as it does not reach outside your own borders.  The moment any of it leaks so much as a millimeter outside your frontier, the United States will consider it a threat to our national well-being, and we will step on you like a cockroach."
    The next logical step is to carry out the ultimatum.  It will, of course, be necessary to have the resolve to vaporize an entire country, by whatever means necessary, but that will ensure that we are not harmed.
Let them kill each other off.  Let Iraq descend into the "civil war" that the Western media wants us to believe has already happened (it hasn't, but it should surprise no one that the media has lied to us).  Let any country do whatever they want, as long as the consequences stay within their own borders (development of nuclear weapons counts as reaching outside their borders, even if they never launch one).  If they stay within their own frontiers, let them kill each other off.  Anything that reaches beyond is a license for us to liquefy their country."


IronForge's picture

Yet another Gulf War...

QAT need to call on IND and CHN Now.

Thom Paine's picture

Saudis ought to know Qatar isn't Syria or Yemen.

The worst fights are between siblings.

Qatar hosts largest US military base in the US.

Don't think Saudis will be bombing Qatar directly.

But I don't discount Qatar organising a terrorist attack on a Saudi oil well.

EasternPoV's picture

DPRK is just a side show, we are back to the hot zone, let's see if it is just theatrics.

EasternPoV's picture

DPRK is just a side show, we are back to the hot zone, let's see if it is just theatrics.

Wild E Coyote's picture

Every King since Stones age have been declaring war on neighbors when shit was about to hit the fan. This is always about diverting the attention of common folks whose wealth was being stolen by the extravagant king and his stooges.
Saudi King probably thought Yemen was an easy target. After all the Great US and U.K. Both gave full support.
Things got actually worse.
So, here we go for an even easier target. Qatar.
But Qatar have been preparing Turkey with its own Gang of Muslims Brotherhood.
Time to watch another episode of War.
By the way, Qatar also made peace and deals with Russia and its Oil giant Rosneft.
Putin will not allow Russian assets to be seized. He is not Medvedev who let Russian assets get stolen in Libya.

Benito_Camela's picture

Believe it or not CNN is saying the whole Qatar story was a Russian

lake's picture

CNN's license to broadcast should be revoked.

lakecity55's picture

CNN is in Bizarro World.
They make no sense at all.

I guess they are down to about 50 viewers by now, all short-bus folks.

just the tip's picture

i'm surprised by the ragheads comments.  i thought for sure there would be barrel bombing of the general population and ivanka crying in the oval office first.

actually, i've got a friend who owns a company.  hasn't had much business in centuries.  maybe he should contact the qatari ragheads about his service.  Larry's Moat Construction & Service

LiteBeeer's picture

Ultimatum from Saudi Arabia to fulfill these conditions:

#1 Qatar to renounce ISLAM immediately and turn atheist at 1st step

#2 Qatar to abandon sharia law

#3 Qatar to ban Quran

#4 Qatar to outlaw jihad and execute jihadist

#5 Qatar to limit marriage to 1 wife

#6 Qatar to limit marriage age to 18

#7 Qatar to get an honest job other than oil/gas

#8 Allow alcohol (nobody cares anyways)

#9 Reform Arabic alphabet to Latin

#10 Ban mosques

ShakenNotStirred's picture

You forgot the Emir must immediately register as a Jesuit in a convent in Roma.

PennilessPauper's picture

I hereby give old coke nose Saudi leader 24 hours to stop snorting coke and supporting terrorists before I ejaculate!

Hey old coke nose motherfucker why are you still USA/Chump/Hitlery/Israhell's Allie when the majority of the 911 terrorists where from your desert camel fucking country?

Mortgage_Man's picture

To stack or not to stack?  That is the question.

consider me gone's picture

I would if the markets weren't manipulated but knowing values can only be what TPTB say they can be doesn't give me confidence.

lakecity55's picture

Always stack, bit-chez!


Forever Seeking's picture

The crap is about to hit the fan. That's why CNN is lying again about Russia. A plot to overthrow Murbarik with Morsi was exposed.

Jack's Raging Bile Duct's picture

In think Qatar is getting thrown under the bus for ISIS support. This, in turn, will give Saudi Arabia a patsy for 9/11 lawsuits. That's a complete guess though. The sudden nature of this makes it appear dire, indeed.

dogismycopilot's picture

This is a two-fer for Saudi: 1) Protect the power of the House of Saud 2) Align closely with US MIC 3)Deflect public opinion of them 4) blame Qatar for ISIS 5) get Qatari gas and assets

Ok, so lot of upside to Saudi for taking a drive in the country. So tell me why you think this doesn't have the potential for us to see Saudi M1s in Doha?

Iran is going to do nothing. They know that the US will thump them hard if they do. ALSO, IF QATAR GOES, THEN IRAN GETS MORE GAS!

As for you faggots wondering about CENTCOM, I can assure you those boys and girls are ready for this. Most of them hate the Qatari SOBs as well.

Qatar has been writing checks its body can't cash and the repo man for the Lambo and house in Mayfair just showed up at the front door.

francis scott falseflag's picture

Iran is going to do what Putin tells them to do.  And Putin likes Qatar.

Get back to bed.

Victor999's picture

Iran does not take orders from Ruissia.  You probably think they have nukes as well, eh?

The Dogs of Moar's picture

I think fsff meant 'advised Iran', etc

Iran certainly knows which side of their bread is buttered

consider me gone's picture

That's the way WWI started. Austria gave Serbia an ultimatum/list of conditions Serbia would not agree to. Then Austria invaded. And the rest is history.

I Write Code's picture

This is all some kind of Ramadan Fool's Day trick, right?  Saudi Arabia angry about Islamic terrorism?

In a related story they're all going to shave their beards and trade the bathrobes for Tommy Bahama outfits.