VIDEO: Fiery Exchange Between Piers Morgan And London Mayor Sadiq Kahn

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London Mayor and actual defender of terrorists, Sadiq Kahn, went on Good Morning Britain Tuesday with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid to discuss Jihadi terrorists pouring into the UK. Kahn tried to weasel out of the notion that Britain - the most surveilled country in the world - can't keep track of 400 Jihadis...

Susanna Reid: How are you letting people back in to the UK who haven't just been trained - they've actually fought, potentially against our troops...  Where are they? You're the mayor of this capitol city!


Kahn: With respect.. I can't follow 400 people, what I can do is make sure---


Morgan: Why can't you instruct the police, and say every one of those people that have come back from a war zone is in London, I want them followed?


Kahn: Cause the police budget, roughly speaking, 15-20% is funded by me, the mayor. The rest is from Central Government. The Met police government has been shrunk and reduced. They've got to prioritize...


Morgan: "What could be a bigger priority than people coming back from a Syrian battlefield with intent to harm British citizens? Why is it not the number one priority? Why are these people allowed to come back in?





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artichoke's picture

"The attackers were ... integrated into our way of life"


Well that means you should not allow them, or their ancestors, in in the first place.  Keep Muslims out!!  What good have Muslims ever done for a non-Muslim society?  And don't say they provided the Mayor of London, because that was a harm not a benefit.  He's integrated into our way of life too, and see the harm he can do now!

SummerSausage's picture

How can he say they were "integrated into our way of life" when they were committed to killing people to take over?  Weren't they also on unemployment, only working for a brief period?

SmittyinLA's picture

Unmask Sadiq Khan

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Let's get into the Time Machine.



SummerSausage's picture

Fear of imminent death has a way of clarifying one's thinking.

SithApprentice's picture

It is a little bit different when everyone has open carry as in the movie "hell or high water."  Watch this bank robbery go awry -

Mike Rotsch's picture

And yet, Piers will attack our 2nd Amendment relentlessly at the same time, telling us that all we have to do is rely on the police to keep us safe.

It's almost as if one of the main mouthpieces for gun control is on the brink of finally seeing the light.  

aqualech's picture

Two words for this:

1. George

2. Orwell

Le_Zabroso's picture

It is so satisfying to see a NeoLib get called out. 

QQQBall's picture

they shud interview that midget standing up. He gave a speech and the podium was taller than he.  But to be fair, the Mayor of London cannot block re-entry and following every muzzie 24/7 with surveillance squads is insane.

danl62's picture

Piers did not askthe mayor to block re-entry or to follow EVERY muzzie. Just the ones who came back from the war zone. Little disingenuous eh? Or are you trying to creat a narrative?

American Psycho's picture

Lately it appears Piers is starting to drop his lefty bullshit and actually think critically.  It's a nice change indeed.

Boubou's picture

I'm  an ancient Britain and did WW2 there as a kid getting bombed out 3 times.

I will tell you first off that getting bombed all the time radicalized Londoners at the time . Presidents please note. BUT-

Luckily it was allowed - no encouraged- to hate Germans., which it was perfectly natural to do.

We did not have a German mayor

HowdyDoody's picture

The people that were behind WW II are now behind the migrant 'invasion' and Muslim boogie men.

PGR88's picture

Pakistan is the asshole of the world

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Having worked there on an assignment for 6 months I concur with your assessment.

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

"Britain - the most surveilled country in the world - can't keep track of 400 Jihadis...

Hmm, I wonder if the surveillance state is more about the native common people's obedient submission than it is about any pretense of protecting them from foreign invaders that were invited in and payed to stay. 

Nah, that's just a crazy conspiracy theory. 

LA_Goldbug's picture

"more about the native common people's obedient submission"
Your onto something :-)

oncemore's picture

Jihadi in chief.

American Snipper's picture

They glorify the warrior with videos and tv shows, showing him with an isis flag, and they wonder why the filthy goat fucking moo slim wipes out 20-50 of them. Its time we ended all immigration for 10-20 years, and rat out the ones that are here waiting...

tuetenueggel's picture

Merkel told Tony:

Either you fuck me or open boarders.

What would you have done ?

tuetenueggel's picture

Why is nobody in GB sending this muslim asshole back into sandniggerland ?
He there you british: You ordered exactly what you now get.
Complaines are to late now. No more warranty.

otschelnik's picture

Looking at this interview and Diane Abbott (Corbyn's shadow secretary of the interior) like the UK has got the same PC, SJW, MSM-1984 victimization safe-space liberal incompetency - even worse than we do in the US of A!

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Gee, who appointed Sadiq Khan as mayor?   ;)


And what happened to the German New Year, Rape Babies conceived 18 months back?

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Why did the mayor of Phoenix let in all the illegals? 



ToSoft4Truth's picture

That mayor should have put two in Piers' forehead on live TV. 

King of Ruperts Land's picture

What a nice muslim thought that is.

adonisdemilo's picture

He was abloody lawyer for God's sake.

Just protecting  his mates and his own, future, income  income stream.

null's picture

Better than a prosecutor protecting his "sponsor's" coatails.

Robert Trip's picture

Police budget reduced.

Welfare and various support programs for potential terrorists increased.

By the way, our President read this asshole like an open book and took nothing but heat for it from the MSM.

null's picture

POTUS does seem to have very good "reading skills", lol; and readers are leaders.

Robert Trip's picture

This Khan fellow makes Black mayors look good.

I never thought that would have been possible.

joey stalin's picture

Fanatic Khan, the Osama bin Bullshit of London.

medium giraffe's picture

Dear Americans,

Please send Glocks, Mossbergs and anything in a .308



Hulk's picture

We would, but we are going to need them to take care of the Jihadis that our Muslim former president invited in...

TheSilentMajority's picture

Time for internment camps and mass deportations?

Billybullshit's picture

All is not lost. The '' IM MILWALL bloke '' is a better indication of the average English/ Welshman. Not the metro sexual left wing socialist university educated middle class wuzzers who sit down for a piss. When the time comes, the muzzies are going to find outhow much they are hated.

Von Berger's picture

You're part of my manor Billy. Welcome.
Spot on mate.

Von Berger's picture

I admire Morgan !! He's got a pair .......
unlike the other wet ' limp- wrists who purport to have instant solutions for an insolvable problem.
The mayor of London is ineffective cunt.

Bloodstock's picture

Let's not forget Piers Morgan attack on the 2nd Amendment. It's time to notice that Piers is a weasel and will sell whatever narrative employs him.