Terrorists Raid Iran Parliament, Mausoleum; Gunmen, Suicide Bombers Leave At Least 12 Dead

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Terrorist attackers raided Iran’s parliament and opened fire at the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini a few kilometers south of the capital on Wednesday morning, in near simultaneous assaults that killed at least 12 people, Reuters reported citing local media

The first assault took place at 10.30am local time when the parliament was in session. Four gunmen walked into the parliament buildings and began shooting at visitors. Parliament is in lockdown and the police are reported by state media to be still hunting the gunmen. A bomb blast was subsequently reported at Iranian parliament killing one and injuring several, officials said as cited by local media.

In a second incident half an hour later, at least two people opened fire at the shrine of Ayatollah Khomeini. Several people are reported to have been injured there. One of the shrine attackers is reported to have killed himself by detonating an explosive vest. Another was shot dead. 

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, AMAQ, a news agency close to the group, said. “Fighters from Islamic state attacked Khomeini’s shrine and the Iranian parliament in Tehran,” the news agency said.

"The atmosphere is tense. It is a blow to Rouhani. How can four armed men enter the parliament, where a very tight security has always been in place," said a senior official, who asked not to be named.

The attackers killed seven people and wounded several others, Tasmin said. The news agency also said there were unconfirmed reports that the attackers had taken four hostages inside the parliament building, although according to a subsequent report by Iran's PressTV all terrorists at the parliament had been killed.

Four terrorists - including a suicide bomber - attacked the shrine of the late leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in Tehran, Iran's state TV website reported.

As Reuters adds, three assailants, one with a pistol and two with AK-47 assault rifles, carried out the attack in central Tehran, lawmaker Elias Hazrati told state television. Another lawmaker said one of the assailants was surrounded by security forces and all the doors to the building had been closed, ISNA news agency reported.

Iran's state TV said a security guard was killed and four people were wounded in the shrine attack. It said one of the attackers at the shrine was killed by security guards and that a woman was arrested. It described the shrine attackers as "terrorists" and said one carried out a suicide bombing, without providing further details.

Tehran Governor Hossein Hashemi confirmed the incident at Ayatollah Khomeini mausoleum, saying that one attacker was killed by security forces and other assailants were arrested, IRIB broadcaster reported, as cited by Reuters. Hashemi added that a worker was killed and several people injured in the mausoleum attack.

"I was inside the parliament when shooting happened. Everyone was shocked and scared. I saw two men shooting randomly," said one journalist at the scene, who asked not to be named. Around half an hour later, an attacker opened fire at the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini, injuring several members of the public, Iran's English-language Press TV said.

State TV quoted lawmaker Elias Hazrati as saying the attackers at parliament were armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles. Iran’s intelligence ministry said on state TV that the attacks were carried out by terrorist groups. Iran’s parliamentary speaker, Ali Larijani, added that “some cowardly terrorists” had penetrated the parliament building and that the security forces would fight them decisively.

A male assailant was arrested while on the run at the parliament's hallway, Akbar Ranjbarzadeh, a senior member of the parliament's Presiding Board told Farsnews.

The semi-official ISNA news agency said all entrance and exit gates at parliament were closed and that lawmakers and reporters were ordered to remain in place inside the chamber. Iranian state media said police helicopters were circling over the parliament building and that all mobile phone lines from inside were disconnected.  Similar to the Mausoleum attack, Iranian state TV said one of the attackers taking part in an assault on parliament has blown himself up.

Fars cited some members of parliament who claimed that shooting continues in the building.  “Clashes still continue at the parliament building,” one MP said. That has not been confirmed by other media outlets." A Tasmin reporter at the parliament says the lawmakers have been locked in the building’s hall.

Such attacks are incredibly rare in Iran, which keeps a very tight grip on domestic security. Iran has always said that its fight against militias in Iraq and Syria helps keep it safe. Iranians have not seen such strikes since the 1980s when, in the wake of the 1979 Islamic revolution, the Mujahedin Khalq Organisation (MEK), an exiled opposition group, resorted to armed struggle against the Islamic republic.

It was not immediately clear if the attacks were related, although the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Iran attacks, Al Jazeera Says, citing the group's Amaq news agency.

It was also not clear if the Iran attacks are linked to the recent diplomatic crisis gripping nearby Qatar.

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Those pesky Israelis.


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This means warmongering Iran is trying to provoke us into a new war. Thank God we have neocohens protecting our freedom!

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Saudi Arabia is getting cockier and cockier.

They used to hide in the shadows or behind our back, but now they pull this shit right in the open.


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let em kill each others...


give em nuke to speed up the process...

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Only false flags target civilians. This is the real deal.

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Hey........we're the terrorists........you can't terrorize us!!!

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Mr 9X19 can't add 2+2, because most know the boys at Langley had a hand in this, along with the Saudis and Israelis... 

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What would you expect from the same "team" that attempted to coerce Iranian Jews over the past 3 decades (that are protected by their government's own Constitution) out of their own Country with "the most potent" of all incentives?...


Those Iranian Jews that stayed must be the best chess players unlike their counterparts in "Tel Aviv"!

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Calm down and think.

The whole point of this false flag is to goad Iran into conflict which is exactly what the DC Swamp wants.

Any big Iranian conflict would draw in Russia.

At the back of this are the Syria and the Qatari issues.

No way could Islamic misfits get organized to this degree inside Iran without detection.

This was a Langley/Tel Aviv hit job. 

The misfits were selected, trained, armed, and inserted.

Proximal bribes as needed.

Always remember -- cui bono?



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Of course, once the fireworks are underway, Americans who speak out against this fiasco will be labeled "pro-iranian," as if on cue.

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Putin, the official holocaust WWII narrative enforcing, crypto-jew (mother was Jewish), bible kissing, (((Jesuit))) bitch boy will do nothing to help, in case you were wondering.

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hey looky here! We finally have a new antisemitic conspiracy here at ZH. I was getting bored of the old ones.

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They are not conspiracies if they are open about what they are doing, and Jews love to brag.

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It's ramping up it seems. Kurds officially US buddies and being given heavy arms by the US to take a portion of Syria for themselves and then a portion of Turkey. Just yesterday the US once again bombed Syrian troops openly. Big shipment of arms to the Saudis (who were likely reimbursed through the back door for the costs). Qatar under attack in the press and threats from Saudis to invade (and take their natural gas). Iran again after the incident in England was labeled an exporter of terrorism.

But have no fear Iran, you will get the same support from Putin as was given by Russia to Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria.

The first clue in Iran's case was when Putin/Russia negotiated a deal where Iran had to give all enriched uranium to ---- Russia. Just like Russia/Soviets got involved to force Iraq, Libya and Syria to give up chemical and other weapons before they were attacked in force. And Russia of course, although Russia had lead the deal to disarm in this manner while giving assurances of support, did not shield those countries from the US/NATO. Funny pattern that. Almost like Russia is in on the game.

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Blankone once again exhibits his low-wage trolling, expressing fake concern as a method to try to advance his agenda. He is an anti-Putin propagandist who consistently calls for a recklessly aggressive military response from Russia. The well reasoned and successful Russian approach has left him seething with frustration.

His mistaken assumptions and flawed reasoning have been pointed out to him before on multiple occasions, alas to no avail. It would come as no surprise if he were discovered to have experienced iodine deficiency during childhood.

Presenting Blankone with facts has been revealed to be a complete waste of time. He ignores any facts which run counter to his efforts to smear Putin and go against his agenda of promoting war against Russia.

Just like Russia/Soviets got involved to force Iraq, Libya and Syria to give up chemical and other weapons before they were attacked in force.

Judging by the complete lack of any knowledge and orientation in time you are a Ukrainian.

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He reminds me of some dickhead going by the nick 'Byzantines' on another blog. Exactly the same characteristics. The good news would be they are one and the same. The bad news would be they are breeding.

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Must be climate change....which is morphed now into "extreme weather".

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Can we get back in that Paris deal?


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CIA/Mossad have trained them well.

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CIA is hard at work along with Kissinger and Israelis in Philippines where they sent 500 foreigners with millions of local currency, guns, bombs, food etc.

Today is CIA celebration day in Iran!

This news from Feb 2017.

Iran arrests 8 hardline Sunni foreigners planning attacks in the Islamic Republic

And this below is from Philippines:

Foreign militants in Philippines' Marawi 'slipped in posing as Muslim missionaries'
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This has Saudi Arabia written all over it. 

Lets see what Hamas can come up with in reply. 

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Kudos to the Iranians!

The good news is that Iranian security agencies are one of the best in the world and they actually caught 1 team of terrorists but the other 2 teams got away and did damage. 

Iran is one of the safest and terror free countries in the world. 

I hope the Iranians can get these idiots to confess and spill some truth to add more flavour to the entire Middle East quagmire that America / CIA / Israel have been trying to burn down for the past 16 years! We have barely reached half way. Next few years, entire Middle East will be on fire!

Terrorists Nabbed in Tehran: Intelligence Official
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Hamas is garbage. Hezbolla could take out Tel Aviv though

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AK-47s?  Clear sign it was the Russians.

Israelis would use Uzis and Tovar guns.

Iran needs to ban AK-7s and allow AR-15s.

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russian trained, with ak's after they hacked something. of course, and according to cnn sources russia claims to have been knowledgable of isis attacks as they have been formenting terror. and this in from cnn, russia has denied any connections to this deplorable situtation, and furthermore, from cnn, these terrorists have used ak47's. this, of course is the smoking gun, according to cnn on the ground reporting.


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WaPo says they hacked into Tehrans power grid just like Vermont right before they carried out the attack so yes, clearly a pattern here and obviously the Russians again!

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This is a Qatari sired terrriss attack for being backstabbed by the GCC.

The cretinous logic being that "If we can't agitate and shit-stir to get our gasline through Syria, then FU, we'll give ALL of the effing gasfield to Iran after they invade."

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You forgot the /sarc.

Or were you really bering serious?

If those weapons were used they would be pointing fingers

at Israhell right now.  There is a method to the current madness

you know.

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Nah his tag is /shit for all his posts

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They have been quiet for far TOOOOOO Lonnnng.

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But, but, but...I thought Iran supported (((ISIS)))?

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No,they are supporting Hezbollah which is fighting ISIS.

Stop watching CNN.

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You need to be sent to Evergreen University for some re-edu-um-cation

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As you reap so shall you sow.

Would like to see this on a daily basis in the (cough) Islamic (cough) republic.

Piss be upon them



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I got a quick reply back from the PC Police up at the NYT's night desk and they are saying that "technically" this is not a razzzist act because it was brown-skinned people bombing brown-skinned people (so thats good nuuuz) but they are still checking into the "motives" of the gun-men to see if any wyminz are among the victims.

Reportedly the one captured running down the hall wearing the malfunctioning bomb vest had a pussyhat on so its all still a bit confusing.