ISIS Releases A Video Of Iran Parliament Attack

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As reported overnight, in a rare terrorist attack to strike the Iranian capital, an unknown number of ISIS terrorists attacked Iran's parliament and the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini in Tehran, killing at least 12 people in a twin assault at the heart of the Islamic Republic. Shortly after the attack concluded, the Islamic State claimed responsibility and released a video showing gunmen inside the parliament building and one man, who appeared wounded, on the floor.

According to Iran's Tasnim news agency, attackers dressed as women burst through parliament’s main entrance in central Tehran, deputy interior minister Mohammad Hossein Zolfaghari said. "One of them was shot dead and another one detonated his suicide vest," he said.

"I was inside the parliament when shooting happened. Everyone was shocked and scared. I saw two men shooting randomly," said one journalist at the scene, who asked not to be named. Soon after the assault on parliament, another bomber detonated a suicide vest near the shrine of the Republic's revered founder, Ayatollah Khomeini, a few kilometres south of the city, Zolfaghari said, according to Tasnim.

The original death toll has since been revised higher, and according to Reuters, at least 12 people were killed by the attackers. Meanwhile, Iranian news agencies said four people who had attacked parliament were dead and the incident was over.

Additionally, moments ago, Iran's Intelligence Ministry said security forces had arrested another "terrorist team" planning a third attack. The attacks took place less than a month after the re-election of President Hassan Rouhani, a moderate who defeated candidates supported by the hardline clergy and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). It also took place two days after Gulf nations launched a diplomatic and naval blockade of Qatar for, among other things, financially supporting Iran.

This was the first attack claimed by the hardline Sunni Muslim militant group inside the mostly Shi'ite Muslim country. Iran is one of the powers leading the fight against Islamic State militants in neighbouring Iraq and, beyond that, Syria.

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makes sense from a "house of saud" wahabi sunni against shia perspective so the shoe fits.

the question is "why now" for me. any tie-in with the recent Quatari shun?

something smells bad though. this is really waking the sleeping dog though and could be a very large trigger to genuine internecine mid-east hot conflict.

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CIA Op sticks out all over this. 

"Wallowing in a MSM (CIA) haze of disinformation is no way to go through life son"

Something is coming,    soon.

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Why now ?


Pretty obvious that the AIPAC troll  occupying the White House gave the Saudi's the green light on his recent visit.

Of course the message to Iran is clear; get a fucking nuke asap before your country becomes another settlement. 

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Which Path to Persia?

Brookings Institute / CFR Invasion plan for Iran

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there is not hate, you inferred/projected that yourself because you have been effectively programmed.  only love for the truth here.

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WTF happened to the comments section on this site?  Christ almighty... it's worse than shtfplan and infowars extremists.  I remember a different time. 

Atter 6 years, have honestly switched largely to Drudge.  The rednecks overran the intellectuals, and the hostility sucks.  Painful to reach the bottom of articles these days.


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Intellectuals are going to start having a rough time of it shortly, since the two are mutually exclusive .

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About 2% of commenters actually work in finance, that frequent a finance blog.  This site has been overrun with a bunch of class warfare, FSA losers whining about Wall Street as they post these insanely long posts in the middle of the workday, cosntantly, every day, demonstrating they truly are the FSA or, even more likely, 15 year old kids.  On the other side of the coin, as you pointed out, the site has been flooded with leftist-lite Breibart hicks who have zero opposition to total Statism.  Then we have the typical "Well I wouldn't be a total failure in life if it weren't for Jews" clowns.  

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But well programmed believers dont want to look at any contradictory information any more than your average idiot on the street wants to believe facts about 911, either.

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Greatest enabler of what you talked about: the State.  I'm aware.

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 lol...yeah, you dont appear to get how deep that rabbit hole is or how the yhvh thoughtform ties into it

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Yeah I don't get the way the world works according to another nobody in ZeroHedge, a place overflowing with intellectual titans. 

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It's a damn shame.  It used to be a FINANCE blog!

Love a little light conspiracy now and again, but somehow the whole place became doomsday preppers meets rural white supremacists.  

Like you say, feels like few here are "professionals" in any capacity, and ever since this last election, the radicalized right sound bites have gone from extreme to insane to boringly brainlessly repetitive.

ZH at least presents articles in a vertical scroll.  If Drudge wasn't such a pain in the ass linking out to everything, I'd make an even heavier switch.  They break most of the same stories sooner anyway.

OK backwoods hatemongers, come and get it...

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Right, and now is not only far removed from a finance blog but the Free Shit Army here gets rabid at the mention of anyone that even works in finance.  Of course, the relentless bashing comes from people that couldn't read a balance sheet.  I like that you pointed out it's not only no finance professionals, it's no professionals at all.  Anyone not a ditch digger is their sworn enemy.

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Ha - clearly agree.  Thanks for the sanity check, man.

What kills me is how they stay interested (and, of course commenting!) on the strictly financial articles.  Laughable comingling of audience, editorial content, and commenting fervency... and because they all have a couple silver rounds and a basement full of MRE's, they too are finance professionals don'tcha know.

If I start to see gas mask banners on Jesse's Cafe Americain, TAE or SRSRocco I'll know it's time to switch to coloring books.

Onward and upward!

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Oh yeah those threads are the best.  ZH posted an atrociously bad article on structured credit the other week, something I am intricately knowledgeable about.  I wrote some detailed comments about what was wrong with the article and all I heard was a bunch of bullshit, not a single valid counterpoint.  I don't know why they insist on embarrassing themselves but they do it all the time.  I'm not going to go on an astrophysics blog and argue, cause I don't understand astrophysics.  Like you said though, they have 5 ounces of silver in their basement so they are experts.  What a joke, thank you for the sanity check as well glad there is at least someone else who's not a lever pulling moron here.

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