Qatar Puts Military On Highest State Of Alert Over Fears Of Imminent Incursion

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Yesterday's news that Saudi Arabia has issued an ultimatum to Qatar, listing ten demands among which that Qatar end all ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, has prompted a dramatic response by the small Gulf nation, and according to a just released report by Arabic CNN (and confirmed locally) US officials have said they have observed increased Qatari military activity as the country placed its forces "on the highest state of alert" over fears of an imminent military incursion.

The sources add that the Qatari military has brought up 16 Leopard tanks out of storage in Doha in preparation for a potential military incursion by surrounding Gulf states. Furthermore, the Qatari Ministry of Defense reportedly also sent a letter to Saudi, UAE and Bahraini governments, saying they would fire on any naval ships from those countries that enter into its waters, a US official said. US officials have said the situation in Qatar has not affected US military operations and security in Qatar.

The escalation comes at the same time as president Donald Trump allegedly changed course on Qatar, a day after praising a move by other Gulf nations to sever diplomatic relations with Doha, which hosts a US military base crucial to the fight against ISIS. CNN reports that in a phone call with the Qatari Emir, Trump "extended an olive branch," offering to help the parties resolve their differences by inviting them to a White House meeting if necessary.

In a description of the Wednesday call, the White House said Trump "emphasized the importance of all countries in the region working together to prevent the financing of terrorist organizations and stop the promotion of extremist ideology."

Trump's latest flip flop echoed that of his secretaries of Defense and State, who emphasized Tuesday the need for Gulf unity and the importance of the US partnership with Qatar, home to the Al Udeid Air Base, the main regional center for air missions against ISIS. 

Separately, the WSJ validated yesterday's reports about a Saudi ultimatum, reporting late on Wednesday that leading Arab states are drawing up a list of demands that Qatar must meet to return to normal diplomatic and economic relations, including steps to significantly scale back the Al Jazeera media network. Oddly enough, there was no mention of "Russian hackers."

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and their allies are also seeking guarantees that Qatar’s government will stop its alleged financing of Middle East extremist groups and sever relations with the political leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, a global Islamist movement, according to these officials.

Senior U.S. officials said Mr. Trump told the Arab monarchs he is prepared to mediate the dispute between the Arab states, some of whom host major American military installations. But the Trump administration stressed it needed a clear list of grievances to pass on to Qatar’s leadership, and that Washington wouldn’t necessarily endorse them.


These Arab and U.S. officials said this official list of demands is being compiled and could be completed in the coming days. Qatar’s ambassador to Washington, Meshal bin Hamad Al Thani, said in an interview on Wednesday that his government still didn’t know the specifics behind these Arab states’ decision to sever ties. He stressed that Doha is open to the Trump administration trying to mediate a diplomatic resolution.


“Until now, there have been no clear requests,” said Mr. Al Thani, a member of Qatar’s ruling family. “We are working toward de-escalation.” Saudi and Emirati officials have publicly accused Qatar of channeling funds to al Qaeda-linked groups in Syria and Yemen and providing a diplomatic safe-haven for the Muslim Brotherhood. Ambassador Al Thani denied Qatar knowingly has provided funding to any terrorist organizations. He said Doha is willing to take additional actions.

The reports come hours after Turkey, a government friendly to Qatar, approved a bill allowing expedited troop deployment to its base in Qatar. As reported earlier, the bill's passage would allow Turkish troops to be deployed in Qatar and approve an accord between the two countries on military training cooperation.

* * *

As we reported last night, speaking to Al Jazeera, analyst Giorgio Cafiero of Gulf State Analytics, a geopolitical risk consultancy based in Washington, DC, said: "I think the Kuwaitis as well as Omanis ... fear the prospects of these tensions escalating in ways which could undermine the interest of all six members of the GCC.

"There are many analysts who believe that a potential break-up of the GCC has to be considered right now. If these countries fail to resolve their issues and such tensions reaches new heights, we have to be very open to the possibility of these six Arab countries no longer being able to unite under the banner of one council," said Cafiero.


He added that if tension escalates, there could be a "military confrontation".

It is this contingency that Qatar is now preparing for.

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Ban KKiller's picture

I don't think there are any real fighters in SA. They can't even make their own tea. They need servants for that. Also they are well known cowards, always. 

Jim Sampson's picture

I'd be on the phone so fucking fast with Putin if I was Qatar.

kliguy38's picture

Queue up the mercs......we gotz sum killin' ta do tonite for the Sauds......

Art Van_Delay's picture

Fuck the shitskins.

I say let them kill eachother then we can take the oil.

They are just subspecies of negroes

Genetics, Race and Why Blacks Commit More Crimes

blue51's picture

Geeez .I wonder what your motive is .

Looney's picture


Saudi Arabia gives Qatar a 24 hours ultimatum to fulfill 10 conditions, BUT the list of those demands “will be compiled within a few days”.  ;-)


blue51's picture

Haha! I had failed to notice that .

NoVa's picture

Serious question - ? 

what is the difference between the all white towel head versus the tablecloth towel head?




tmosley's picture

>Trump's latest flip flop

Can we just start killing anyone who uses this dried up, completely disproven meme?

Trump has done what Trump does best in the face of an implacable situation. He creates chaos, and then comes in as the guy with the answer. This looks an awful lot like a move to heal the rift between Sunni and Shia states.

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

I guess that's one way for the Saudis to make up for low oil prices.  I remember when Saddam Hussein was broke after a long war with Iran, so he visited Kuwait for a little while. IIRC, it didn't really work out.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Trump is the 1st one to acknowledge that 'let them eat fallout' is realistically the only possible solution to the middle East one and a half millenia of Islamic mess.

espirit's picture


What horseshit. Son who is there has no news, and CENTCOM has massive overwatch.


This is a nothingburger.


peddling-fiction's picture

Turkey is about to deploy troops in Qatar. Google Hurriyet and Qatar.

This is getting stranger by the minute.


emersonreturn's picture

interesting who sold it to qatar...pakistan?  saudi, i'd say israel...but possibly mic?  fascinating.

MillionDollarButter's picture

Time to put on coffee, work the angles.  The probability might be small, but the impact is huge! #lottery

jonjon831983's picture

Inshallah. Oil and American NGL exports to the moon.

Tall Tom's picture




That has been out there already. it is old news...before the election.


The comments are funny.

Akzed's picture

That doesn't look like Assange.

LiteBeeer's picture

Someone chose the wrong place to store his wealth.

unsafe-space-time's picture

Ok so Trump meets the puppets in SA. Now they are trying to start another Israeli war. Trump meets the chinese puppet. China tries to scare N Korea. Trump is the top Rotchild Bilderburg. Welcome to the NWO. Glad I'm a US citizen. Probably should get an Israeli citizenship just to be safe.

EvilScientist's picture

Saddam Hussein was broke after a long war with Iran. Yes - because he didn' t get paid as (well as) promised by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and so on. And there were some issues with an oil field shared between Iraq and Kuwait.

Anyhow, Saddam must somehow have believed that it would be OK to integrate Kuwait into Iraq as present for the war he started against Iraq. But somehow the US pulled a switcheroo and supported Saudi Arabia (and Kuwait) against Iraq. Remember the BS PR considering killing Kuwaiti babies and so on that was happening?

So then there was the big war against Iraq, paid for by Saudi Arabia, Japan and Germany. The US military got rid of a big stockpile of weapons, the US weapons industry got rich and everybody was happy. Except Osama Bin Ladenand gang, because of so many "infidels" on Saudi Arabia Soil...



Akzed's picture

US Amb April Glasby told Saddam that the US had no position on Iraq/Kuwait border disputes.

Giant Meteor's picture

You mean like farting in a crowded elevator, then producing air freshner ?


tmosley's picture

Exactly. And charging for it.

Trolling for fun and profit, now at a national level. Be glad he's on our side.

mofreedom's picture





Dear God when will they understand!





Manthong's picture


I hope we got the nukes that have not needed to be there for 25 years out of Incirlik.

vaft's picture

Yes, whenever any other politician does what's in Israel's best interest, it's a perfect example of zionist occupied government. But when Trump does the same thing, he's actually just a brilliant tactician and we just aren't intelligent enough to comprehend his mysterious strategies. There's a meme I wish would die already.

weburke's picture

Ha ha ha Centcom is there

Totally absurd

fattail's picture

Trump isn't going to heal a 900 year rift.  Hopefully he pulls our troops out of Qatar so that KSA can invade, giving Iran an excuse to nuke them.

Tall Tom's picture

How many here believe that the Deep State is restricted by legally fictitious borders?

How many here believe that the Swamp is restricted to the United States?


This whole drama is nothing more than an INTERNATIONAL PRACTICAL JOKE....on Trump...and the USA. And I am almost certain that the Emir of Qatar is in on the joke he is part of the Deep State.


Don't you think that all of these Nation's Leaders, these exorbitantly WEALTHY Sultans, Emirs, Presidents,'s be even more real...Dictators...are part of the Deep State, the SWAMP of global governance?


And then they get subjected to an arrogant, and ignorant, egotistical and boisterous, narcissistic American President, visiting their Nations, and then they were being subjected to listen to his dictatorial demands to root out "terrorism' when this President's own CIA, and Israel's Mossad, are the originators, the instigators, the driving force behind Global Terrorism?


Well how do you think that they needed to respond to that line of crap? just who in the hell is he to make any demands? How has he ever earned ANY RESPECT from the Deep State, the state which he proclaims that he wants to destroy?


So they all got together after he left and thought it through. This thought process of theirs is so transparent in hindsight.




They knew that they could not point out Israel as the instigator of International Terror as that would be dismissed as Arab Propaganda against Israel.


So they needed to slyly, cleverly, point out America's role in International Terrorism, to throw it right back into this American President's face...for all of the World to see.


Hmmm...Just how can they do that? Well...One ALWAYS STUDIES an adversary when one wants to prevail in any conflict. That is a major premise of Sun Tzu's, "Art of War" and is required reading for all World Leaders...except President Trump, perchance?


Well...After talking with him they understood that the American President was not a cosmopolitan all.


He demonstrated total ignorance of their culture and traditions and he impressed them as extremely limited in his understanding about Global Affairs. He also demonstrated a lack of any knowledge about US Military Assets or engagements in the region.


So they knew that they could attack his ignorance as that is a weakness.


They also understood that he has a propensity to Grandstand...take credit for events that were accomplished by others, be a showman, and steal the show. In other words, the American President behaves as a pompous the narcissistic American President is unable to express humility as that is a narcissistic injury..


So they knew that they could attack his arrogance and narcissism as that is a weakness.


It is pretty damn sad if you ask me...But that is who is leading the Nation...who many of you chose to lead if you need to be you need be leading yourselves...yet I digress.


Well this American President is the target of their character assassination.


Now as to considering the Mark...the Ruse???


Well...And that is easy, far too easy of a question, to answer.


Let me rephrase the question.


Where is the source of American Force Projection in the Middle East?


Because that is the source of Terrorism.


Can that be where USCENTCOM is located?  In Qatar?




Mr. President...We have found the terrorists. They are in Qatar. Hugs ~ Your best pals in Saudi Arabia.


Yep. Those terrorists are in Qatar...bad...Bad people. Uh...Which way did they go George?




And of course President Trump, true to form, takes the bait...hook...line...sinker...and fishing pole...and has no clue about what was just said as he did not know that CENTCOM was located there.


Mr. President...YOU HAVE BEEN TROLLED. This is fucking comedy.


It is an embarrassment.


But they need a war to provide impetus for increased Oil Prices. And that may be staged too...for your entertainment.

blue51's picture

This type of answer ?
or is there a punchline ?

techpriest's picture

Serious question - ?

what is the difference between the all white towel head versus the tablecloth towel head?

Here's the Wikipedia article on it:

It serves that same purpose of cowboy hats in Texas and the cone hats in Vietnam - keep the sun off in the days before sunscreen, sunglasses, and air conditioning.

I didn't see an explanation for the red/white other than it being a traditional color.

FatTony7915726's picture

The Saudi royals use the name Salman, but it is really other words the Saudi Royal family are jews, cryptojews.

CNONC's picture

S-L-M is a common semitic root, from which many words and names and names are derived in all semitic languages. As-salamu alaykum shalom baykum, Islam, muslim, Soloman, Schulman, Schleiman, Salman, Schlomo, etc.  The root exists in Arabic, Hebrew, Maltese, Swahili, Aramaic, and every other Semitic language. Just because they're Semitic doesn't mean they're Jews. 

TheFederalistPapers's picture

Red vs. White sauce. Serious answer.

DrData02's picture

Tablecloth towel is heading to the beach. Smaller white towel is heading to the gym.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

The white keffiyeh is more formal whereas the red and white one is more casual/ informal.

Often the latter on is tied around the head like a turban, particularly by the younger locals and on weekends, rather than draped over the head with the black agal sat on top. Different gulf states have their variations on this e.g. Omanis often use earthen-colours woven wool keffiyeh. 

I was told by a local once that the agal was traditionally used to tether a camel at camp by looping two hooves with it so the beast can only make small steps. 

While the gulf Arabs believe in the fate and the will of Allah with the common statement in-sha'Allah (God willing)... amusing they also have a saying: don't test Allah... tether your camel. 


CNONC's picture

A'ghal went over a camel"s knee when it sat down, so it couldn't stand up. 

SixIsNinE's picture

the tablecloth wearers are fond of picnics.

not a big deal? one might assume so, however, the white towel heads are fiercely anti-picnic people. can't stand 'em. That and the fact that the WT (white towelheads) have actually banned wearing gingham completely, so there is a much larger divide between the two factions.

at least that's what the word on the street is


Tarjan's picture

Based on my ten years in the KSA, my best guess is that the choice of which table cloth to wear of a given day - plain white or the red and white checkered - comes down to what happens to be clean and personal choice on a given day. But then again... 


null's picture

All that means is no official bargaining, the 24 hours.
They will compile demands based on what they expect will give them excuse to do whatever they already decided to do.

New_Meat's picture

Looney, immediate compliance with 10 demands to be named later.

It is an old game called "Get Another Rock."

Never One Roach's picture

Qatar soldiers were ordered to dig their rifles out of their tents and clean them and be on High Alert....all 58 of them!

Ahmeexnal's picture

Takes only one to push the nuke button.

Dubaibanker's picture

Am hearing Emir of Qatar will anounce to break away from the GCC union today Jun 8 2017!


First country to leave GCC after 40 years!! As I have said many a times, GCC will disintegrate! Major first step will be taken by Qatar today! Qatar will most likely leave the GCC union today! 

End of visa free travel, end of trade with GCC states, end of GCC rail, end of VAT, end of Qatar unity at UN! Qatar will break free! 

Thanks to pushing away by Saudi and UAE, Qatar will break free and do trade with Iran and Turkey and continue to boom for itself! Saudi and UAE will have successfully removed one of their own Arab countries from their own group! 

Even Saudis and Emiratis wouldn't have thought in their wildest dreams that this could ever happen!???? 

Trump and America would be laughing at successfully creating a major rift among the Arab nations! Sad if this comes through today!

dogismycopilot's picture

If Qatar tries to leave the GCC, they just slit their own throat.

Right now, Bahrain has very graciously allowed a two lane road through its airspace

Qatar tries to leave the GCC, that road gets shut down and Qatar Airlines is bye bye.

Martin Armstrong nails it in his recent blog post

Qatar imports more than 50% of food and fuel through Saudi (about 70% and 90% respectively).

This is check mate and neither Russia or Iran can help them. The Turks are about ready to put their hand into a threashing machine.



fattail's picture

Turkey vs Saudi Arabia.  Yeah....I'll take Turkey.  The saudis haven't fought their own war since they found oil there.  Now all of those princlings are going to go out and pick up a rifle or drive a tank and get shot at.  Maybe they will send their dancing boys on an amphibious invasion D-Day style.  I hope they all go in hot with their Go Pro cameras, Wi-fi, and FaceBook live rolling.  IT will be like a Saving Private Ryan remake.

Dubaibanker's picture

This Armstrong is a doomsday idiot. Hasnt been right in anything. I would suggest to stop reading him.

There are these pesky things called international agreements due to which both UAE and Bahrain cannot stop Qatar Airways from flying. IATA has already made announcements in that respect today.

I understand you may not be an expert on Middle East or aviation and neither am I but I do know a lot.

Al Jazeera and Qatar Airways are the pride of Qatar and Qatar has USD 335bn with it. Saudi is now just 100bn above that number. Qatar Airways and Al Jazeera wont collapse nor will be shut as they project Qatar's soft power.

Russia will send troops. Turkey already has and will send more this week. Iran sent food today. All Qatar Airways flights going over Iran (which is a direct loss to passengers and revenue of UAE and Bahrain and Saudi etc). All the friends of Qatar have turned up (Iran, Turkey both heavyweights) but no friends of Saudi or UAE have shown up yet (Mauritania and Yemen have come though but forgot their goodies at home) LOL.

So please.....Qatar knows what it is doing and to their defence, they have not even responded to all the fracas as of yet which alone proves their resilience and strength. If they shut the gas to UAE, it will be all fair and square!

No one tells here that UAE was the largest trading partner of Iran (Dubai) for over 2-3 decades and now suddenly these folks in Saudi and UAE dont like Qatar doing trade with Iran....aww....c'mon...cry babies!