In "Clear Escalation", Arab Countries Release List Of Terrorists Supported By Qatar

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In what commentators have dubbed a "clear escalation", moments ago Arab states including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain, have released a list that designates 59 individuals and 12 entities in Qatar as terrorist. The complete list of those named includes Qataris, Jordanians, Egyptians, Kuwaitis, Libyans.

The four countries released the names in “light of their commitment to fighting terrorism, drying up their sources of funding, combating extremist ideology and its dissemination and working together to eradicate it and immunize communities,” according to a statement made available to Al Arabiya.

“As a result of the continued violation by the authorities in Doha of the obligations and agreements signed by them, including the pledge not to support or harbor elements or organizations that threaten the security of states and to ignore the repeated contacts that they called upon to fulfill what they had signed in the Riyadh Agreement of 2013, its implementing mechanism and the supplementary agreement in 2014; The four States have agreed to classify 59 individuals and 12 entities on their prohibited lists of terrorists, which will be updated in succession and announced,” the statement added.

Which is ironic because as some have point out, we now live in a world in which terrorist are ratting out other terrorists, and all because of Trump's recent trip to the middle east.

The list of designated individuals:

1. Khalifa Mohammed Turki al-Subaie - Qatari
2. Abdelmalek Mohammed Yousef Abdel Salam - Jordanian
3. Ashraf Mohammed Yusuf Othman Abdel Salam - Jordanian
4. Ibrahim Eissa Al-Hajji Mohammed Al-Baker - Qatari
5. Abdulaziz bin Khalifa al-Attiyah - Qatari
6. Salem Hassan Khalifa Rashid al-Kuwari - Qatari
7. Abdullah Ghanem Muslim al-Khawar - Qatari
8. Saad bin Saad Mohammed al-Kaabi - Qatari
9. Abdullatif bin Abdullah al-Kuwari - Qatari
10. Mohammed Saeed Bin Helwan al-Sakhtari - Qatari
11. Abdul Rahman bin Omair al-Nuaimi - Qatari
12. Abdul Wahab Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Hmeikani - Yemeni
13. Khalifa bin Mohammed al-Rabban - Qatari
14. Abdullah Bin Khalid al-Thani - Qatari
15. Abdul Rahim Ahmad al-Haram - Qatari
16. Hajjaj bin Fahad Hajjaj Mohammed al-Ajmi - Kuwaiti
17. Mubarak Mohammed al-Ajji - Qatari
18. Jaber bin Nasser al-Marri - Qatari
19. Yousef Abdullah al-Qaradawi - Egyptian
20. Mohammed Jassim al-Sulaiti - Qatari
21. Ali bin Abdullah al-Suwaidi - Qatari
22. Hashem Saleh Abdullah al-Awadhi - Qatari
23. Ali Mohammed Mohammed al-Salabi - Libyan
24. Abdelhakim Belhadj - Libyay
25. Mahdi Harati - Libyan
26. Ismail Muhammad Mohammed al-Salabi - Libyan
27. Al-Sadiq Abdulrahman Ali al-Ghuraini - Libyan
28. Hamad Abdullah Al-Futtais al-Marri - Qatar
29. Mohamed Ahmed Shawky Islambouli - Egyptian
30. Tariq Abdelmagoud Ibrahim al-Zomor - Egyptian
31. Mohamed Abdelmaksoud Mohamed Afifi - Egyptian
32. Mohamed el-Saghir Abdel Rahim Mohamed - Egyptian
33. Wajdi Abdelhamid Mohamed Ghoneim - Egyptian
34. Hassan Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Al Dokki Al Houti - UAE
35. Governor of Abysan al-Humaidi al-Mutairi - Saudi / Kuwaiti
36. Abdullah Mohammed Sulaiman al-Moheiseni - Saudi
37. Hamed Abdullah Ahmed al-Ali - Kuwaiti
38. Ayman Ahmed Abdel Ghani Hassanein - Egyptian
39. Assem Abdel-Maged Mohamed Madi - Egyptian
40. Yahya Aqil Salman Aqeel - Egyptian
41. Mohamed Hamada el-Sayed Ibrahim - Egyptian
42. Abdel Rahman Mohamed Shokry Abdel Rahman - Egyptian
43. Hussein Mohamed Reza Ibrahim Youssef - Egyptian
44. Ahmed Abdelhafif Mahmoud Abdelhady - Egyptian
45. Muslim Fouad Tafran - Egyptian
46. Ayman Mahmoud Sadeq Rifat - Egyptian
47. Mohamed Saad Abdel-Naim Ahmed - Egyptian
48. Mohamed Saad Abdel Muttalib Abdo Al-Razaki - Egyptian
49. Ahmed Fouad Ahmed Gad Beltagy - Egyptian
50. Ahmed Ragab Ragab Soliman - Egyptian
51. Karim Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Aziz - Egyptian
52. Ali Zaki Mohammed Ali - Egyptian
53. Naji Ibrahim Ezzouli - Egyptian
54. Shehata Fathi Hafez Mohammed Suleiman - Egyptian
55. Muhammad Muharram Fahmi Abu Zeid - Egyptian
56. Amr Abdel Nasser Abdelhak Abdel-Barry - Egyptian
57. Ali Hassan Ibrahim Abdel-Zaher - Egyptian
58. Murtada Majeed al-Sindi - Bahraini
59. Ahmed Al-Hassan al-Daski - Bahraini

List of entities:

1. Qatar Volunteer Center - Qatar
2. Doha Apple Company (Internet and Technology Support Company) - Qatar
3. Qatar Charity - Qatar
4. Sheikh Eid al-Thani Charity Foundation (Eid Charity) - Qatar
5. Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services - Qatar
6. Saraya Defend Benghazi - Libya
7. Saraya al-Ashtar - Bahrain
8. February 14 Coalition - Bahrain
9. The Resistance Brigades - Bahrain
10. Hezbollah Bahrain - Bahrain
11. Saraya al-Mukhtar - Bahrain
12. Harakat Ahrar Bahrain - Bahrain Movement

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nmewn's picture

Hey! I recognize one of those names! ;-)

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You mean Hassan Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Al Dokki Al Houti?  I knew him too!  We called him Larry, for short.

Croesus's picture

Funny, I see no Mossad names, or KSA names mentioned...

Edit: 1 Saudi...

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Ken Kaniff


Of course Kaniff has a special meaning in these parts.



Stackers's picture

How the fuck does anyone know who someone is talking about when they all have 1 of 3 names ?

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Peanuts. The UK has admitted it has 23,000 names on its list.

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I propose all these arab countires make peace.  I will supply the pork sausage & proscuito cold cuts.  Let's make peace in the name of Mo-HAM-ad.  Fuck all these greedy sandniggers!

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... 60. John Abdel-Isis Al-Nustra McCain - Aridzona


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Clinton's name and Rumsfeld's name are on the next page....

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Hey, why don't I see any Iranians on here? 

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That's a lot of Irishmen!

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Fuckers withheld the most dangerous terrorist,

Qruked Hillah Riyodh Amm al-Kalinton

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Most clever of the bunch. Have an upvote!

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From the list, we can clearly see that the Iranians are the terrorists.

Also, the Russians.

Do I need a /sarc tag?

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I didn't see Barak Hussien Obama on the list.

What gives?

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According to al-Arabiya the 12 organizations are:

List of entities:

1. Qatar Volunteer Center - Qatar
2. Doha Apple Company (Internet and Technology Support Company) - Qatar
3. Qatar Charity - Qatar
4. Sheikh Eid al-Thani Charity Foundation (Eid Charity) - Qatar
5. Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services - Qatar
6. Saraya Defend Benghazi - Libya
7. Saraya al-Ashtar - Bahrain
8. February 14 Coalition - Bahrain
9. The Resistance Brigades - Bahrain
10. Hezbollah Bahrain - Bahrain
11. Saraya al-Mukhtar - Bahrain
12. Harakat Ahrar Bahrain - Bahrain Movement

As is to be expected, anyone opposing hereditary dictatorial sectarian rule in Bahrain is a "terrorist".

froze25's picture

Same would be said about anyone who opposes the British so called royalty 

null's picture

Sovereignty is a bitch.

NiggaPleeze's picture


Except none of the countries trying to infringe on Qatar's sovereignty respects anyone else's.  Particularly Saudi Arabia, what with its war on Yemen and arming/funding actual terrorists in Syria.

null's picture

Literally, it's a bitch to let bad actors have it but one starts becoming one when they take it away from others, whether well-intentioned or not.
Bitch of a concept. A necessary evil?

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Ooops ...  should mean war with the saudis, I believe. 

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Croesus,

+1000. See post below.

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You mean you see no German names that have been rare in Germany since WWII. Which by inference are considered ... eh, Mossadish.
You want every list to have everything, just to be fair?

(Not arguing with the substance of your point, only delivery.)

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Yeah, the guy named Mohammed! ;-)

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Mohammed? I heard about that guy. Real bad dude. He kind of looks like a monkey and he loves to fuck goats and/or children. There's a book about him, and anyone that reads it becomes a rapist/murderer. Real powerful stuff man..

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True story: I when I went undergrad we had 2 guys from Kuwait in our year. We called them nothing but Sammy and Charlie.

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Your dad?


Its 1am in Baghdad, why would they release the list so late?  Obviously it's meant to catch the news flow in the western time zone.


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My dad would have stuffed them in hog carcass and forced them to like it ;-)

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And SA white washing continues. Qatar and Iran are to be thrown under the bus.

Hey, it's better sand boys take care of each other than get involved.

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Haven't they suffered enough?

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Oh goody. Maybe now we'll get the list of terrorists supported by the House of Saud and their Wahabist brethren.

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zero fucks given by saudi soccer team to minutes silence for terror victims.


Ace006's picture

Could be a long wait for that.

Note the absence from these revelations of names of Qatari groups funded in Syria. Betcha SA funds the same scum. Our incurious US and European media will avoid this line of inquiry like skunk soup.

It's the Qataris! Qatari bastards!

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Don't let those fellows anywhere near camels or goats. 

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you know why arabs wear dresses instead of jeans ?


it is about the zip, the noize make the goats to flee....

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In the geopolitical game of musical chairs, a chair just got pulled away and all the cryptokikes are scrambling.

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Only 1 Saudi on that list??

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I hear that arab computers have a habit of dropping off trailing zeros ;-)

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Saudi Arabia sponsors their own terrorists.

They don't need Qatar for that.

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Wow, that's almost enough Hajis to create a boy band or two. The Hack Street Boyz, New Jibs on the Block, etc.

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On the Ed Sullivan show......presenting..........."The Towelheads"

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Release their home addresses in the west with pics including leadership

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Ya. too many for a deck of Cards. even with the Two Jokers.

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If you haven't figured out yet: TPTB want a large war. Right NOW.

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They're turning on one of their own. This could go either way. My bet is that this will backfire and bring even more attention onto Saudi Arabia and the CIA, which are the elephants in the room.

These people are complete fools.

Qatar is seen as the weakest link in the anti-Shia sectarian thug squad.

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What is the bounty?

Gotta post the bounties

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All of the US " Special Forces " names , that are training the anti Assad " moderate " murderers should be added .