Comey Testifies AG Lynch 'Pressured' Him On Clinton Probe: "It Gave Me A Queasy Feeling"

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In perhaps the most stunning section of former FBI Director Comey's testimony today, he detailed his interaction with then Attorney General Loretta Lynch about his specific language about the Clinton Email "investigation."

For the first time, former FBI Director James Comey, who is testifying today before the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that President Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked him to downplay the Hillary Clinton's email scandal...

As DailyCaller notes, Comey said Lynch instructed Comey not to call the criminal investigation into the Clinton server a criminal investigation. Instead, Lynch told Comey to call it a “matter,” Comey said, “which confused me.” Comey cited that pressure from Lynch to downplay the investigation as one of the reasons he held a press conference to recommend the Department of Justice not seek to indict Clinton.

Full Transcript...

LANKFORD: Then you made a comment earlier a the attorney general, the previous attorney general asking you about the investigation on the Clinton e-mails saying you were asked to not call it an investigation anymore. But call it a matter. You said that confused you. You can give us additional details on that?


COMEY: Well, it concerned me because we were at the point where we refused to confirm the existence as we typically do of an investigation for months. And was getting to a place where that looked silly because the campaigns we're talking about interacting with the FBI in the course of our work. The Clinton campaign at the time was using all kinds of euphemisms, security matters, things like that for what was going on.


We were getting to a place where the attorney general and I were both going to testify and talk publicly about it I wanted to know was she going to authorize us to confirm we have an investigation. She said yes, don't call it that, call it a matter. I said why would I do that? She said, just call it a matter. You look back in hindsight, if I looked back and said this isn't a hill worth dying on so I just said the press is going to completely ignore it. That's what happened when I said we opened a matter.


They all reported the FBI has an investigation open. So that concerned me because that language tracked the way the campaign was talking about the FBI's work and that's concerning.


LANKFORD: You gave impression that the campaign was somehow using the language as the FBI because you were handed the campaign language?


COMEY: I don't know whether it was intentional or not but it gave the impression that the attorney general was looking to align the way we talked about our work with the way it was describing that. It was inaccurate. We had an investigation open for the federal bureau of investigation, we had an investigation open at the time. That gave me a queasy feeling.

So who was obstructing or trying to interfere there?

Comey said that this troubled him greatly and convinced him, “I have to step away from the department if we’re too close this case credibly.”

Still, we note that despite his admission that the conversation "gave me a queasy feeling," Comey went ahead and followed her orders because "that was not a hill i wanted to die on..."

Under questioning by panel chairman Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), Comey said that he was uncomfortable with the unexpected meeting Lynch had with former President Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac last year. Comey said that meeting convinced him that the independence of the investigation was tainted with regard to the Justice Department and led him to go public with the bureau's findings on Clinton.

Then Comey added in later testimony that "Loretta Lynch had appearance of conflict of interest."

As a reminder, Circa notes that when Comey testified on May 3 before the Senate Judiciary Committee, he was asked about the Lynch meeting.  He told lawmakers "a number of things had gone on which I can’t talk about yet, that made me worry that the department leadership could not credibly complete the investigation and decline prosecution without grievous damage to the American people’s confidence in the justice system.” Bill Clinton met with Lynch in June 2016 at an airport in Phoenix, Arizona. Lynch said at the time that "our conversation was a great deal about grandchildren, it was primarily social about our travels and he mentioned golf he played in Phoenix.”  On March 15, Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, sued the Justice Department for all relevant material related to the Lynch and Clinton Phoenix meeting.

Five things spring to mind:

1) The utter politicization of the Justice Department (from the top-down) under Obama, has now been exposed as "fact" if Comey is to be believed.


2) Why did Comey think that a Clinton "Hill" was not worth dying on, but a Trump "Hill" was?


3) Why didn't Comey "memorialize" this conversation in one of his memos at the time... as he said he did immediately after his Trump conversation?


4) So the only official to "pressure" Comey during his tenure was Loretta Lynch?


5) What would happen if AG Sessions colluded with the FBI Director to alter their statements about a Trump investigation for political reasons?

But hey, let's spend the day ignoring that focusing on speculation about Trump and his "Russian hookers" obsession. We leave you with this...

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Loretta Lynch must have been a delight to work for, not to mention Eric Holder.

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America and whitey hating niggers

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"Running With Guns", the new Nike movie.

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Imagine for one moment the state this nation would be in if the drunken maniac, and her deranged leftist lieutenants, were in control.

It'd make the bolshevik jews of a hundred years ago blush from their own ineptitude.

The entire world owes Donald John Trump their eternal gratitude.

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Yes surely, let's talk about something else - anything else than Trump.

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COMEY BE TOAST!!  Lock him up in the same cell as Hillabeast and let him spend a couple of decades with her bitching and whining in there.

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They all know they have the equivalent of Sovereign Immunity. They are all top level executives and they always protect executives and supervisors in Federal Govt.

Status Quo is what we get. Endless Wars, Endless Politics, Endless games in front of TV Cameras that have noting to do with what they are doing... which is Status Quo... a line of continuity.

"sovereign immunity" is not the name for it, but that is what they end up getting.

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"Comey cited that pressure from Lynch to downplay the investigation as one of the reasons he held a press conference to recommend the Department of Justice not seek to indict Clinton."

Surely that is indictable, is it not??

SummerSausage's picture

Where did Comey get that power to make that decision about indicting?  The FBI investigates. That's all.  It doesn't prosecute or recommend prosecution.

smacker's picture

"It doesn't prosecute or recommend prosecution."

Comey recommended the AG ((not)) to prosecute by claiming the evidence was inadequate and there was no intent on the Klingonista's part.

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Is this guy just stupid? He should shut his yapper.

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HOLY CRAP! Lynch is toast. I'm betting that there is a double robbery gone wrong happening tonight and Lynch and Comey wake up dead.

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Scott Adams? @ScottAdamsSays 7h7 hours ago

Pro tip: When you are innocent of wrongdoing, you want the FBI to act with "honest loyalty." The alternative is to frame you for a crime.

ClickNLook's picture

Does Scott Adams still think that Comey is an American hero?

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Comey is a pussy. He may be tall but he is a tall pussy.Get a life dickhead. You are a disgrace to 'Merca. I bet he has never handled a pistol - even his own 'gun'. PUSSY.

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Comey is one smart SOB, he released his LIST(and then nailed Trump with more crap.)As I suspected, HE would.Although this now removes the Russian crap the MSM has been harping on 24/7 for 6mos, it has opened a new Pandoras box.Trump basically, UNLESS he and the GOP can manage to pull off the rest of his agenda(ifnot  90%) before August,is screwed for the House seats in  2018.COMEY set him up for an Independent counsel, and Trump may not escape the plea to back off Flynn,Murrel is a tough SOB, and IF he decides it was a Demand/order to stop going after Flynn,trump will be found guilty of OBSTRUCTION.Depends on his definition(Murrel) is on the comment Trump said to Comey.

Words mean things, and so does position, Comey did NOT report it as such knowing that AG Sessions would RECUSE himself.Why Comey and Lynch are not guilty of as bad,or worse in collusion to make a criminal investigation into a Matter is  bullshit,BOTH should have been fired,and Mr. Clean did not hold back doing JUST as ordered by her.(I guess this is like it's a Penalty no, it's a Tax),said John Roberts to PASS Obamacare.

Trump should have fired him asap after the inauguration.NOw his ass is almost assured to be killed  the 2018 elections,and if the Dems get the House,he's history.

Comey WINS.(unless the GOP) can get their chit together and get that Trump agenda PASSED and in place.

SummerSausage's picture

You must be dizzy from spinning so hard.  The democrat and Comey lies all blew up.  There's no there there.

Voters were again validated in sending an outsider like Trump to clean up the Washington swamp and there will be even more Trump voters for the mid-term elections demanding Trump's agenda be implemented.

Dems just put another nail in their own coffin.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Stefan Molyneux? @StefanMolyneux 4h4 hours ago

This is the New York Times article that James Comey said was FAKE NEWS.

WASHINGTON — Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election, according to four current and former American officials.

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Former-Feral Bureau of Wesaels Director James "Hillary's Bitch" Comey is a multi-millionaire thanks to the Klinton Krime Klan.  That is why he colluded with former Attorney Gerbil Lorenta Lynch to deliberately fumble the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's deliberate exposure of National Security information on her home server.  Bear in mind that all of those emails traveled over the PUBLICLY accessible Internet to get to and from her server.  Everyone of those emails were definitely accessed, between the US State Department and the server sitting in her bathroom closet, by someone and read and forwarded to who knows how many foreign governments.  The server itself was also unprotected against hacking by the US government's firewall.  



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Almost all the world’s economic and political problems revolve around the hegemony of a global corporate cartel, which is headquartered in the US because this is where their dominant military force resides. The US Constitution is therefore the “kingpin” of an all-inclusive global financial empire. These fictitious entities now own the USA and command its military infrastructure by virtue of the Federal Reserve Corporation, regulatory capture, MSM propaganda, and congressional lobbying.


The Founders had to fight a bloody Revolutionary War to win our right to incorporate as a nation – the USA. But then, for whatever reason, our Founders granted the greediest businessmen among them unrestricted corporate charters with enough potential capital & power to compete with the individual states, smaller sovereign nations, and eventually to buy out the USA itself. The only way The People can regain our sovereignty as a constitutional republic now is to severely curtail the privileges of any corporation doing business here. To remain sovereign we have to stop granting corporate charters to just any “suit” that comes along without fulfilling a defined social value in return. The "Divine Right Of Kings” should not apply to fictitious entities just because they are “Too Big To Fail”. We can't afford to privatize our Treasury to transnational banks anymore. Government must be held responsible only to the electorate, not fictitious entities; and banks must be held responsible to the government if we are ever to restore sanity, much less prosperity, to the world.


It was a loophole in our Constitution that allowed corporate charters to be so easily obtained that a swamp of corruption inevitably flooded our entire economic system. It is a swamp that can't be drained at this point because the Constitution doesn’t provide a drain. This 28th amendment is intended to install that drain so Congress can pull the plug ASAP. As a matter of political practicality we must rely on the Article 5 option to do this, for which the electorate will need overwhelming consensus beforehand. Seriously; an Article 5 Constitutional Convention is rapidly becoming our only sensible option.


This is what I think it will take to save the world; and nobody gets hurt: 28th Amendment


Corporations are not persons in any sense of the word and shall be granted only those rights and privileges that Congress deems necessary for the well-being of the People. Congress shall provide legislation defining the terms and conditions of corporate charters according to their purpose; which shall include, but are not limited to:


1, prohibitions against any corporation;


a, owning another corporation,


b, becoming economically indispensable or monopolistic, or


c, otherwise distorting the general economy;


2, prohibitions against any form of interference in the affairs of;


a, government,


b, education,


c, news media, or


d, healthcare, and


3, provisions for;


a, the auditing of standardized, current, and transparent account books, and


b, the establishment of a state and municipal-owned banking system


c, civil and criminal penalties to be suffered by corporate executives for violation of the terms of a corporate charter.


falak pema's picture

There is a troublesome interlude when Sen McCain asks Comey about "doube standards"... 

For a guy like McCain to play dumb and try and confuse the issue of legal matters, on issues of "separation of powers"--what Comey ostensibly pretends to defend for Republic and nation,  with political matters of incestuous power combines destroying the US internally,  is beautiful double talk.

From a total militarist neo-con hawk who alludes :  Hillary "clear" and Duck "murky", spells Comey is forked tongued.      It now rings a bell about how "double standarded" is the MIIC chief spokeman of the Senate's committee on Armed forces himself ! ... Comey argued that Hillary was victim of Russian scam whereas the Duck was potentially an accomplice-- via Flynn-- of Putin scamming.

Whereas McCain has only one bee in his bonnet : Make Putin the arch Satan to whom Hillary fell victim as a stupid incompetent and "loser" following the Obama mantra; and make the Duck the loser as gullible fellow traveller of Putin shenanigans to get elected to the WH ready to sell Syria to Putin subsequently.

McCain wants both to pay for letting Putin win against neo-con USA.

This acquires a new twist now that Comey remembers that he was speaking Dem Parlese to absolve Hillary about email negligence all the while he incriminates the Duck for the same motives, as it is potentially explosive in terms of aiding a foreign power.

McCain is right on one issue : he is the guy who is closest to Dr Strangelove!! 

When the DEm-GOP internal civil war corrupts the US legal system... its a sign of the times.

Both are playing against the interests of the people. And Comey is their USEFUL idiot from the MIIC complex.

He doesn't have the ethics or the savvy of an Edward Snowden, a true heretical reformer of a corrupt system.

Comey : too little too late...But will it blow up the Duck's play as Nerotic tinpot despot? 

Play on  MIIC dumbassery.

SummerSausage's picture

I don't think 84 year old McCain was playing at anything. I think he's displaying dementia.  Probably has for a long time but they've covered it up.  Can't do that any longer.

Shift For Brains's picture

When the ex-FBI director has to remind a senator he (the director) was not the president--as Comey did with McCain today--it is time for said senator to quietly saddle up and ride off in whatever direction that doesn't arrive anywhere.

ClickNLook's picture

This is what happens when one forgets to take medications.

And McCain wanted to be our latex salesman...

BustainMovealota's picture

Lets not miss the other things that are happening that the lamestream media is not reporting because of this shit show.

Mineshaft Gap's picture

Comey went ahead and followed her orders because "that was not a hill I wanted to die on..."

If language is a window on the soul, what's visible through this stiltwalking creep's clichés?

Melodrama. Do-or-die twaddle. Last Man Standing etc.

I'll bet Comey's shelves have more than a few bad Tom Clancy novels and lots of WWII movies.

Then there's the mushy, vulnerable side -- the one supplying all the emoting of the "I felt queasy" and "don't leave me alone with him!" varieties.

That'll be out of chick flicks and quite possibly erotic potboilers.

So: guns-'n'-glory and morning-after pills with a stalker on the loose on a dark and stormy night...

Bet he puts on a nice sheer négligée before settling down with the popcorn.

Collectivism Killz's picture

Hmmm, Maybe Trump is playing 4-d chess afterall. Suddenly, Saudi Arabia seems about to gang themselves with the expense piece of rope sold by Trump, Gold and Silver stable, Cryptos roaring and the low level swamp creatures are all drunk, crying at DC bars. Meanwhile, Trump seems to be lining up the type of indivoduals he always wanted in his cabinet.

Northern Flicker's picture

Pass the buck strategy to see which "limited hang-out" wins.

Riquin's picture


We are so tired of all these “he said”, “such and such said”, leaks here and there, The Russians did this and that, etc.  STOP IT STOP IT . 


We elected Trump to do the important things like create JOBS, fix and update all the infrastructure, give us a good healthcare, improve relations with the Russians, Get rid of terrorists Islamic killers, build a wall (IF Obama can have a wall around his property then we demand a WALL with Mexico),  etc. 


I am a democrat but I will never vote for a democrat again NEVER ….  UNDERSTAND? NEVER NEVER. What a bunch of incompetents, We do not want to see KILLARY face. She lost the election she needs a to accept it and go away !!!!


south40_dreams's picture

Washington is now a self contained ecosystem that no longer needs the rest of us

TeethVillage88s's picture

If you got unlimited FIAT, THEN you go the way of Rome and Byzantium.

Never a basis for investigation, yet over 6 months of wasted time and energy = Failed GOP Health Care = Failed GOP Tax Reform = Failed Mexico Wall = Failed Foreign Policy = Failed Outing of USA State of the Union/Data Call from Treasury, BLS, Census, BAE, And Federal Reserve.

Failed New Admin Selections. Failed Firing of Democratic Operatives.

Failed Admin Investigations of Leaks.

Pulled out of Paris Accord, but failed to put the New Economic Narrative into MSM.

ClickNLook's picture

For some reason they need to pretend that they need us.

Probably some obscure Kabbalah rule...

SummerSausage's picture

The law does not permit subpoenas or grand juries for "matters" and Comey knew this.  Clearly it was an obstruction of justice but Comey didn't write a memor or resign.

thebigunit's picture

There's something creepy about Comey.

I'm wondering if wears women's underwear like J. Edgar Hoover.

Maybe he found a trunk full of Hoover hand-me-downs in the FBI attic.

Wahooo's picture

Comey looks like President Charles Logan from 24. A real corrupted bastard.


Wilcox1's picture

The queasy feeling cummy is feeling comes from the jizz facials you get when you are a political whore.

FoggyWorld's picture

So he is able to take on a 5' woman by by asking her Why he should use another word but big 6'8" Comey, couldn't ask Trump to elaborate on anything he may have said that troubled Comey.     Way, way beyond belief.



mendigo's picture

This whole thing is rediculus bureaucratic cluster fuck.

On the one hand comey is slimly double talking self absorbed sneaky bureacrat.

On other trump is pretty much an idiot who cant shut his mouth though it does him nothing but harm.

Get back to work you worthless lard-asses.

I think there is actual reality occurring while we analyze this crap.

onwisconsinbadger's picture

Remember Puke hero Oliver North ? if my boss tells me to stand on my head I will do it. Lynch was Comeys boss. why is this a story. Drumpf was not Comeys boss, Sessions was. I think zero is run by russian bloggers. Losers ! Sad !!!!

blindfaith's picture



Thank you for letting us know you are a certified jerk that is a confirmed CNN viewer.


Good luck in California pal.

MagicCooler's picture

You have violated the First Rule of Zero Hedge: Don't be stupid. 





ClickNLook's picture

Some people can't help it.

custard's picture

The Democrats are sending out emails to all their supporters asking them to put their name on a petition to DEMAND and Independent investigation into Trumps Ties with Russia. I for one am SICK, SICK of the Democrats pushing this Russian Conspiracy day after day. Pity they couldn't ALL BE FIRED. Russia and the World is laughing at the USA. Get rid of the Deep State and round up all the corrupt Dems that continue to push this to cover up their criminal activities. Trump needs to focus on the things he was elected to do and not get bogged down in this rubbish

blindfaith's picture



Lets see, that mus be about $2.00 total postage due for the mailings.

Democrats will eat their own, that should be clear as a bell.  Say, where is Obama's two cents for all this...mighty quiet mr.

Youri Carma's picture




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