The Pivot? Qatar Foreign Minister To Visit Moscow On Saturday

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With Gulf tensions still rising, and culminating with last night's report on Arabia CNN that Qatar has put its armed forces on the highest military preparedness level, the small nation may be preparing to unveil its "Eastern pivot": moments ago Russia's RIA news agency reported that the Qatari foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani will Visit Moscow on Saturday where he will hold talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"Negotiations will be held on Saturday," a Russian foreign ministry official said. However, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin does not yet plan to meet with al-Thani.

Meanwhile according to a Nomura research reports, Russia and the U.S. may become the biggest beneficiaries among LNG producers from the dispute between Qatar and its Gulf neighbors. Nomura's Gordon Kwan writes that a big part of Qatar’s finances come from international investors, indicating the spat in Mideast may negatively affect sentiment of new projects or expansions based in Qatar.

That may put some Qatar LNG projects on hold as foreign investors may opt to put their finance on hold, as reported by Bloomberg.

At the extreme, Egypt can shut off the Suez Canal and allow only some ships to pass through, impacting Qatar vessels loaded with gas on route to Europe, at a time when consumption is picking up for gas in the region.

As demand rises in Europe, the region will likely need to buy more gas from other nations, with Russia and U.S. likely to become biggest beneficiaries as the two nations are more reliable suppliers of gas.

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NewNeo's picture

Wow, didnt see that coming.....not!

Art Van_Delay's picture

The camel fucking wahhabis didn't think of this.

After the Great Chinese Wall is about time to have a great Persian Glass Parkinglot you can see from outer space.

That would actually reflect the sunlight back into space and be good for figting climate change.

So #NukeTheSaudis !

Why Saudi Arabia ‘Punishes’ Qatar and the Possible Outcome

Stuck on Zero's picture

I hope Russia doesn't get sucked in to another MidEast fight - for their sake.

Pandelis's picture

the Qatari will probably not threaten Putin with terrorism like the last Saudi foreign minister did few years back

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Of course it is pivot move, what else can do a small country when threatened by an alliance having tens of times more military force?! Not that the Al Thani are innocent virtuous saints - they are same kind of evil scourge & scumbags like their Saud cousins, but hey, even the scourge scumbag doesn't give up on its life & privileges easy.

BarkingCat's picture

Preferable sequence of events

A) Saudi Arabia attacks Qatar.

B) Turkey attacks Saudi Arabia.

C) Israel attacks Turkey.

D) Bad guys get sent to the stone age or at least back to the 10th century.



I will leave it up to you who the bad guys are ;-!

Luc X. Ifer's picture

I don't think you got it, Middle East wise, Russia is iron strong aligned with Iran & China, all the signs are that Turkey and Qatar now are on the same side so practically NATO would have to face the strongest ever military force they had or imagined to have, this is theater for real nuclear fallout causing actions :), I hope the few surviving by bad luck raghead sandniggers are going to love their nuclear fallout flavored coffee in the morning

BarkingCat's picture

Fucking Daily West Spammer shit again.

CuttingEdge's picture

Here's one play I haven't heard anyone mention with respect to Qatar being thrown under a bus by the Saudis (who are sure as fuck equally and then some to blame for ISIS, and even the local village idiot knows it).

First think Rex Tillerson.

Ex-CEO of Exxon-Mobil (and we all know what they specialise in).

Now ask yourself who is presently the world's largest LNG shipper?


Ask yourself which country benefits most if Qatar is "dealt with," - maybe the good old Saddam/Gadaffi/Assad methodology. The oldies are always the best (its like a broken fucking record). Take some time on this one.

Now which country had ambitions back in 2012 that by 2017 it would assume the mantle of the world's largest LNG maritime exporter?

Here's an article dated 2012 to give you a wee clue. To save a click:

 By 2017 the U.S. could be the largest exporter of liquefied natural gas in the world, surpassing leading LNG exporters Qatar and Australia.

Does everything suddenly make sense?

The only unclear thing is what Trump threatened Saudi with to turn on their Salafist Sunni brethren.

Maybe turning Mecca and Medina to glass? (Not a bad idea if it was).

One slight fly in this shafting operational ointment. I cannot see the imams at Friday prayers in Saudi taking lightly their aforementioned brethren getting a royal butt-fucking over the border.  Which may lead to establish where the true power resides in SA - with the Sauds and their muscle or the imams with their flocks.


Sound plausible?

tmosley's picture

I doubt Trump threatened the Saudis.

I think they came to the table and found they were able to get a lot of benefit from doing so. I further think Qatar failed to do so, and that this is an attempt to FORCE them to the table.

When theymake their phone call to the Kremlin, I suspect Lavrov will give them the phone number for the White House.

Doom and Dust's picture

Both USrael and KSA are opposed to political Islam. Qatar was always an outlier in the GCC.

Non-political Islam strengthens the monarchies (or in Egypt's case the junta) at the cost of breeding external extremism.

Since USrael promotes and supports this external extremism (terrorism by non-state actors) for its own reasons, the choice between Al Qaeda and ISIS on the one hand and the Muslim Brotherhood on the other is an easy one even for the Lockwork Orange.

Russia on the other hand has always had more problems with external extremism esp. in the Caucasian republics.

NumNutt's picture

You nailed it. Qatar is foolish to think the Russains are going to bail them out. If the Russians do nothing they don't spend any money on deploying military assets, possibly save thousands of Russian military lives, do not become entangled within another mideast conflict, and to top it all off they will make lots of money on the LNG market. If they come to Qatars aid all that goes out the window. Not much of a hard choice....

HenryHall's picture

On the other hand the Russians will sell them all the weapons systems they might want. On prepayment terms of course.

And there is probably a case for gas swaps.  Gas in European ports swapped for gas in Asian ports.

yvhmer's picture

And/ or,.... 

Did not the whole Syrian adventure start with a wish for a pipeline,  a qatary pipeline? It is quite clear, such a pipeline with US blessing is a passed station. And the Qataries are down billions and no pipeline.

Still, there is an economic need for such a pipeline.  What if this pipeline with Iranian and Russian, Syrian and Turk blessing will come to pass? O the Qataries may earn a little less.....but can save their skin for now. 

Suppose SKA indeed does invade Qatar....would the KSA still remain in its current form? Or would it be balkanized?  And what about the Kurds......


emersonreturn's picture

so far russia hasn't played a short sighted game, but like china prefer to play for long term gain.  russia has been living with low oil prices which usrael (ty DD) thought would break them, & russia responds, it simply made us stronger, we had to branch out more.  it's to russia, china, & iran & iraq's advantage to back qatar, not from a warm & cosy but from the pragmatic view that by backing qatar their united aim of a pipeline & domination of market & the silk road move forward, as well as kicking the petrodollar in the shin.  so, no, i do not think putin is going to settle for a bigger short term market share.

veritas semper vinces's picture

You're wrong.Qatar is financing Muslim Brotherhood ,which is opposed to wahabi ideology of Saudi Barbaria,is financing the Palestinian Resistance  ,signed a deal with Iran to share the pipeline toward Europe,bought 19% share of Russian Rosneft ,and when our Sayanim-in-chief visited Saudi Barbaria and did the "wahabi orb' freak show,Qatar did not sign  the declaration mentioning Iran as the terrorist state as Jewmerica ordered.

No,Lavrov will not give him the Whore House no.

In 2010 ,Qaddafi told the Qatari emir that the day will come when he will regret aligning with the US,Britain and French,but it will be too late.

NewNeo's picture

Sounds great! Where did we sign? Would love to know the sweat little nothings Trumpinator whishpered into the good old princes ear! Could very well have been a thorough renovation of the arab peninsula. One thing is for sure, those imams are going to make their thoughts known and it may just be more funding of ISIS.

SmallerGovNow2's picture

Plausible yes.  But the fly in the ointment there is the US airbase and CENTCOM forward headquaters in Qatar.  Don't think that is something the US is prepared to give up...

Dubaibanker's picture

My friend cuttingedge, sorry to break your heart does not sound plausbile. US does not have the capacity as of now. They are barely at 70m and Qatar is at 82m.

The vision of America has been pushed back only by 20 odd years provided some electric energy, solar energy or cold fusion does not change the paths of everything like cars did to bullock carts back in 1900.

Also, no one knew in 2012 how powerful Russia would become (because it has almost zero foreign debt and hence no blackmailing by US bull shit through WB and IMF etc like they do to Venezuela or Argentina or Greece etc) nor does Philippines or Iran or China.....low debt to others is like reaching the nirvana stage that all countries aspire to, though most cannot get there!

Exxon is no longer the top company. It has dropped to No 6 last year and probably will drop further due to continued low price of oil. Just hope that Bushes do not come back else it could rise again! :)

This terror play thanks to non state actors created by CIA/Mossad being ISIS, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra and God knows who, will come home to bite USA once again like Bin Laden wreaked havoc once America cut him loose. 

Today Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Myanmar, Turkey, Philippines and so many decent sized countries are onding together under one currency (yuan), one trade (with China), one policy aganst terror (anti ISIS) and one policy towards America (screw America) that USA and West is in terminal declineand they are simply exacerbating their own decline instead of joining one large happy family.

Being No 1 is not as great as it is touted to be unless you have several good friends. America has isolated itself so much that it will be hard to count many friends than the fingers on one hand.

America May Be the World's Biggest LNG Supplier in Two Decades
VK's picture

One small fly in the ointment. The US is still a net importer of Gas. The two biggest global exporters are Russia and Qatar. With Qatar accounting for 90% of the UK's imports.

New_Meat's picture

add Japan to UK, so CuttingEdge's numbers don't add up even as much as shown.

peddling-fiction's picture

How about some circumstancial evidence:

First US Liquefied Natural Gas Shipment Arrives in Central Europe

sinbad2's picture

Yes but it's a political decision, that goes against economic good sense.

American LNG is 50% more expensive than Russian piped gas. So Polish electricity, will be 50% more expensive than German electricity.

That means that Germany and other countries who use Russian gas will be able to out compete countries that use US LNG.

Money talks, bullshit walks.

julian_n's picture

But Exxon is already involved in Qatar.  Look at who owns RasGas - one of the (current) two LNG producers in Qatar.

The central planners's picture

Trunp simply has no brain for that, maybe some deep state stooge.

sinbad2's picture

Trouble is Russia and Iran can pump regular natural gas to most of Europe and Asia. LNG is much more expensive, and the only way the US could sell the gas long term is to control the Governments of buyers, and bombing the Russian Iranian pipelines.

Part of the silk road project is about keeping trade routes out of the range of US bombers.

The Chinese and Russians have already mapped out all the moves the US can make, and are prepared with counter measures.

Americans are simply not smart enough to outwit the Chinese, or modern Russia.

BennyBoy's picture


Q gonna send their gas thru the Ruskie Iran pipeline fucking over Saud's and the US.

Then all the killing in Syria was for nothing. 

Thanks NSA/CIA/USG for all the murders.

TePikoElPozo's picture

"we came, we saw, he died. ha ha ha"



veritas semper vinces's picture

The resistance against the evil American-Anglo-Zionist Empire is getting bigger,coopting ex-enemies.

WallHoo's picture

Who said in a previous article that Qatar must be on the phone wtih russia fast??

NewNeo's picture

They have Vlad's number on spead dial

CPL's picture

He's not going to make it judging by his arrangement of partnerships.  Stepped on too many toes...and there is also the undiscussed cancer he's been hiding fro the news.  Hopefully the cancer takes him before his enemies.

Blankone's picture

You mean the cancer he was given. Remember the strange cancer deaths of political leaders in places such as South America? One of them even publicly stated that he believed the US had a new tool for assassination. Combine that with all the killed russian diplomats and others.

And STILL Putin does not have the balls to act.

CPL's picture

Karma is a bitch.  Someone gave the orders to kill those journalists -cough-.  An eye for eye is perfectly fair in every way possible.  They make their own beds here and he didn't get rich with clean hands did he?  He made many, many, many poor choices to gain very little for a short time that over the course of time changes absolutely nothing.

The irony is all these people in the news you see are also in way over their heads.  All of them walking about completely unaware of the targets on their foreheads.  Each one of them has a story of poetic justice that is being applied.  It's for the best.  BTW 'Texas' was dumped out the airlock last night.  The reminant of 'Texas' can be seen being ejected on the SOHO camera.  They didn't pay and their offer wasn't accepted.

"California" are next.  Pay...or out the airlock.  Here's the BTC address below you can place your rent into is below to simply stay where you are.  20 BTC per month on the first day of the month.  Be sapient, play ball or lose it all.  NYC, you shit heels as well.  70 BTC per month on the first day of the month.  You are both in arrears now.  One week, or you dumb commie bastards are going out the airlock with all your friends to enjoy the entropy of space in a hard vaccumm.


Be wise business leaders, or enjoy the last death.  I honestly don't care.  Lower head count is always a good thing in my books.  All you people were getting is an inch more time to enjoy your time.  Pay up is a strong suggestion.

sinbad2's picture

If the US has killed Putin, after he is buried, the Russians will kill every single American on the planet, and make sure nobody can live on what was American territory for 1 million years.

So you and everybody you know, will die shortly after Putin.

Rajputana's picture

A good time as ever to break away from the failing US (Wall St) lead coalition. God speed to Qatar.

back to basics's picture

Head fake. Qatar is geographically too isolated to be able pivot without grave consequences to its money spout. They will soon find a compromise and the Qataris are enhancing their negotiating power by head faking to the East. It ain't happening  

NoWayJose's picture

Agree. I don't see Russia offering much back here - to what is basically a Natty Gas export competitor. But money talks, so we might see a Russian warning to not attack Qatar in exchange for Qatar investing in Russia. Qatar might be better if it jumped into bed with Iran.

dogismycopilot's picture

Double agree. If you look at the air space route - Bahrain has given Qatar a sliver of a 2-lane route through Bahrain airspace. If the Bahrainis wanted to, they could shut that down today, send up some of their new Typhoons, and the Qatars can go pound sand (literally).

Even if the Russians wanted to help Qatar, and I don't think they do because the Qataris caused a shit load of problems in Chechnya as well as Kosovo, but let's suppose Russia did want to help, what are they going to do?

No, the Russians have enough problems of their own. This is for theater.

The Qataris are going to need a national suicide line before this is over.


HenryHall's picture

>>> but let's suppose Russia did want to help, what are they going to do?

Sell advanced weapons systems for cold hard cash. Missiles.

TheReplacement's picture

One theory:

Qatar is the sacrificial lamb.  Qatar is tied to ISIS/AQ.  Qatar is being driven into the arms of Iran and Russia.  MSM will tie Iran and Russia to ISIS thru Qatar (narrative, not factual).  This will give justification for hostility against Russia and Iran.  KSA can absorb Qatar.

sinbad2's picture

The only thing protecting Saudi Arabia is the USA, and the US is fighting many wars simultaneously.

Cassandra.Hermes's picture

so should we expect now gas producers vs oil producers

Doom and Dust's picture

More than two thirds of Qatar energy exports go to Asia. European demand is marginal.

Nor will LNG exports be replaced easily considering regional bottlenecks except maybe by Iran (which has only recently reached Qatari extraction rates)

AvoidingTaxation's picture

Russia... a reliable supplier of gas.

So refreshing to hear just facts.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

safer in moscow- gutter's ruling family.. is the victim dejur.  cry for a sand nigger..not hardly