The Pivot? Qatar Foreign Minister To Visit Moscow On Saturday

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With Gulf tensions still rising, and culminating with last night's report on Arabia CNN that Qatar has put its armed forces on the highest military preparedness level, the small nation may be preparing to unveil its "Eastern pivot": moments ago Russia's RIA news agency reported that the Qatari foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani will Visit Moscow on Saturday where he will hold talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"Negotiations will be held on Saturday," a Russian foreign ministry official said. However, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin does not yet plan to meet with al-Thani.

Meanwhile according to a Nomura research reports, Russia and the U.S. may become the biggest beneficiaries among LNG producers from the dispute between Qatar and its Gulf neighbors. Nomura's Gordon Kwan writes that a big part of Qatar’s finances come from international investors, indicating the spat in Mideast may negatively affect sentiment of new projects or expansions based in Qatar.

That may put some Qatar LNG projects on hold as foreign investors may opt to put their finance on hold, as reported by Bloomberg.

At the extreme, Egypt can shut off the Suez Canal and allow only some ships to pass through, impacting Qatar vessels loaded with gas on route to Europe, at a time when consumption is picking up for gas in the region.

As demand rises in Europe, the region will likely need to buy more gas from other nations, with Russia and U.S. likely to become biggest beneficiaries as the two nations are more reliable suppliers of gas.

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Dubaibanker's picture

Dubai and Saudi think they have all the cards! I'm not sympathizing with Qatar (just for the record).

So far they have pushed Qatar into a corner but Qatar has not yet responded back even once which alone indicates Qatar's strength!

But I hope all the Dubai people have enough candles? :)

Because when Qatar switches the gas off, it will be a very long and hot summer! Nov is too far away! :)

And Qatar will have had enough in another few days and might actually snap at some point once it actually decides to react to all the tough siege like conditions! 

Iran has sent the first food plane today to Qatar while Turkey has approved sending thousands of more troops to Qatar in an emergency Parliament session last night!

The U.A.E. Needs Qatar’s Gas to Keep Dubai’s Lights On

Russia is not a new angle actually, Russia Qatar military cooperation agreement was signed last year. This will probably be expedited and expanded and Russians may get "invited" like they were along with Iran into Syria.

Sept 2016: Russia and Qatar sign military cooperation agreement


BitchezGonnaBitch's picture

They won't touch the Dolphin, not when Oman is dependent on it as well as UAE. Oman has been very moderate in their response (as usual; they're the nicest guys in the Gulf by a margin. They're the only ones who actually work for a living too) so it would make no sense to impact them too.

This is only one side of the coin, though. Shutting down the Dolphin would be going all in, in my view. There are many, many more ducks to line up before that kind of seismic response. Maybe that's what Saturday's meeting in Moscow is all about.

One thing's for sure, though - Saudi is living on borrowed time right now. Deck is stacked heavily against them long-term and yet they insist on wasting the winning hand they were dealt initially.

BorisTheBlade's picture

Ditto on Omanis, even a short trip there after residing some time in UAE (let alone Kuwait, Saudi or Qatar) will leave a much better impression of the Gulf. They aren't arrogant, work for a living, genuinely nice and down-to-earth, open and friendly people. Bad apples everywhere, but that's a general impression. They will be a moderating force and a voice of reason in this whole quagmire and I don't think they are at all interested in GCC to fall apart. God knows if it's enough, but I'm really surprised UAE had to come out so strongly being so co-dependent with Qatar, I think they are shooting themselves in a foot in more than one way.

squid's picture

And.... About Oman, you both left one thing out....

They are armed to the teeth and know it.



New_Meat's picture

when the Brits taught them, unlike most others, they took the lessons to heart.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Dubai,

Excellent analysis. All of the chess pieces are being put into place perhaps for the preverbal WWIII ending?


The Sampson Option which lurks in the background.

Are you not Entertained?

dogismycopilot's picture

Ras Laffan is run by EXPATS. The EXPATS know if they turn off the gas to Ras Laffan Saudi takes over Qatar in less than 12 hours. The EXPATS HAVE FAMILIES IN DOHA and they will not be able to leave because the AIRSPACE WILL BE CLOSED BY BAHRAIN.

So, sure, IF Doha went full retard and turned off the gas, it would be for about 24 hours because then the Saudi SANG will roll in, take over the city, take over Ras Laffan and the EXPATS WILL BE HIRED BY ARAMCO AND GIVEN VERY NICE BONUSES for keeping the juice flowing.

The Qataris have brought all of this down on themselves by fucking around in Iraq and Syria with the liver eaters. I have no fucking sympathy for them.

So I for one fully expect them to either yield or get a new ruling tribal family. There are other tribes in Qatar besides the Al Thanis...some of whom haven't gotten over the fact that the Al Thanis took the title of "Emir" all for themselves. 

emersonreturn's picture

thanks again, DB, great links.  the agreement indicates both russia & qatar were anticipating recent events.

peterk's picture

US's middle East strategy blowing up in their face.

.............assuming they had one  in the first place.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

For the sake of intrigue, saga and suspense, please Qatar throw yourself at the feet of Russia and ask for help. At the same time, offer them a military base in exchange for protection and 2.5% of future revenues guaranteed. That would throw the cat among the pigeons. Come on Lavrov.

Boomberg's picture

Kick CENTCOM out with one week notice to clear out, because the Russians have been invited to take over the base. Seriously, Russia might get over extended here if they should ally with Qatar and war breaks out. Unlike the US, the Russians live within their means and the realpoltick of this situation might not be in Russia's interest.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

One can only dream, can't he? I just want to see the USSA, humiliated and get a bloody nose. Washington simply does not get how much it is hated. The USSA is not the recipient of genuine respect, and nations are only kept in line by fear. The USSA has outlived its usefulness and has now become a scourge. fuck the USSA and its Jewish handlers.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Jewmerica and our Sayanim-in chief made their bed by aligning with the Main terrorist states (beside herself)-Saudi Barbaria,Israhell,Britain

sinbad2's picture

Kick the US out, as if they would leave. Once the US gets in, there is no getting rid of them, just look at Gitmo.

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

"Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani"

Just call me Abby.  Abby Normal. 

CNONC's picture

"Ooh wee.  You got enough name fer two fellers."  Jed Clampett

Peterman333's picture

Jed's got more oil money than these clowns ever had.

Arrest Hillary's picture

It would be a shame .... to see Qatar .... look like Aleppo, Mosul, Raqqa, Yemen and Gaza .... the Arab Spring grinds on .... reform Islam now .... or we will reform it for you .... Mossad and Friends ?

litemine's picture

Qatar, was rated as a World safe Zone.....The Warmongers don't like that.

International Investigations should be looking in to Profitering and make them known.

Sanctions against the Bastards ........Trump was elected to do this in the USA, the Dark leadership

that controls the puppet strings need to be brought in to account for their deeds.

Maybe heads will roll but losses will be from both sides, some paid minions will turn.

The Army, Navy and Airforce.........Training was brainwashing so the troops full of steroids ,

Who knows?

AG17's picture

About time! ME Chess-mess moving forward. 

sudzee's picture

Iran delivers food and water while SA soon to send bombs.All Gulf States will all pivot east before SA invades and slaughters their women and children with the help of the US. 

smacker's picture

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrah-rah-rah-man bin Jassim Al-Thani: "Mr Lavrov, can you help us please? Those evil Wahhabis next door are threatening to invade us."

Sergei Lavrov: "Yes we can. But first you must abandon all financial and military aid and support to terrorists in Syria. And pay Syria USD 100 billion for the damage caused by terrorists funded by Qatar."

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrah-rah-rah-man bin Jassim Al-Thani: "Yes sir. We will do all of those things immediately, if not sooner."

aliens is here's picture

Ha ha ha, don't forget protection fee for the Russians which is $200 billion.

IronForge's picture

Add CHN and IND to the mix,then you have a secured Pivot.

Joe A's picture

Qatar gas = competitor to Russia's gas so he should not expect anything from Russia. It is in Russia's interest that Qatar gas is not exploited by whomever. Qatar is screwed. He can only 'threaten' to hand over Qatar gas to SA and gas companies in return for some Russian support.

AG17's picture

Qatar already took care of that by investing billions in Russia's Rosneft. 

sister tika's picture

The wheels are coming off the ME shit wagon. The globalist have made peace impossible. Doha has magnificent skyscrapers. I hope they are still there a year from now.

DEMIZEN's picture

that if his dudeness will still be alive on saturday. is it safe to assume now that moscow now has the detailed blueprint of the isis financing scheme? how about wikileaks?

shovelhead's picture

This is like watching a basketball game with 5 teams on the floor.

Ghordius's picture

17 major teams... locally. and 7 major teams... from the rest of the planet

VK's picture

Saudi taking over Qatar is a big win for Saudi. World's largest oil fields followed by world's largest gas field. Whether Qatar will fall by the wayside easily is the question? They can escalate by aligning with Iran, Turkey and Russia but what do Iran and Russia really gain by aligning with a bad actor who has worked against their interests in the past? Turkey might be hoping to get the pipeline passed through their territory in return for cheaper gas and gas transit fees BUT then that's directly against Russian gas interests in Europe.

sinbad2's picture

It's becoming obvious that the American pipeline from Qatar to Europe, is as dead as the American pipeline from Turkmenistan to India pipeline.

But the US hates to admit defeat, and so continues to fight for the pipeline through Afghanistan, that it will never get.

I imagine Qatar thinks the US will be defeated in Syria, so they have done a deal with Iran, to share the wealth by cooperating on a pipeline to Europe.

The US won't willingly allow that to happen, so has arranged for the Saudis to take out Qatar.

aliens is here's picture

Maybe pivot to Moscow isn't a bad idea. USSA is a fair weather friend which can turn on you in a heartbeat.

Herdee's picture

Pivot to Moscow will require the funding and the arming of terrorists groups on behalf of Washington to stop.

williambanzai7's picture

This is fucking hilarious. No wonder Putin is always grinning.

Justin Case's picture

Qatar had to be put back in line by Saudi's. The Saudis want to dictate foreign policy for the alliance and keeping Iran as a threat in the region. Qatar wants to be independent and have a better relationship with Iran, but that is annoying the Saudis.

Saudi's are the hegemoney empire of the east here and are acting like the merican empire protecting their hegemony.

sinbad2's picture

Saudi's are the American empire of the east here and are acting like the merican empire protecting their hegemony.

The US and Saudi Arabia have been brothers in crime for nearly 50 years. Bush snr called the head Saudi terrorist(Prince Bandar Bush) son.

Truthseeker20's picture

So this is how they are going to kill the petrodollar? Countries who supported the petrodollar leaving.

I think all this is being planned. Wall street, rockerfellers, etc were behind the ussr. They funded them and provided military equipment to them. See here.

Why would they fund the ussr? Having an enemy helps gov spends more money on defense and thus they borrow more money from federal reserve and they become richer. See vido on youtube called all wars are bankers wars.

Putin is doing what he is doing under their direction. Once they kill the petrodollar, they can move ahead with their nwo. Russia and china will be our new masters under the UN--rockerfellers, rothchild, etc.

veritas semper vinces's picture

No,my dear. In case you did not notice,Putin is not Yeltsin,also the West and Jewmerica would like him to be

Raul44's picture

In the end, all roads lead to Russia where they end up begging for mercy LOL :).

Lets call it "Turkey effect" :).

Reaper's picture

Already, removed Qatar troops from Yemen. Next, buy food through Iran, instead of SA; stop funding ISIS in Syria; support Houthis in Yemen to deny SA victory.

Senduko's picture

Wonder if he will make the trip. airplanes get lost ad all. 

Downtoolong's picture


Qatar is the new Syria. Fake terrorist attacks and proxy war intervention for humanitarian purposes now scheduled for early July.


BitchesBetterRecognize's picture

Actually Qatar called Lavrov a few hours later after the Saudis "ultimatum" 


Lavrov said:  Bitch be Cool - I'm on the motherfucker! 

Sand_King's picture

I'm stacked up on popcorn, let's get it on like donkeykong.