The Pivot? Qatar Foreign Minister To Visit Moscow On Saturday

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With Gulf tensions still rising, and culminating with last night's report on Arabia CNN that Qatar has put its armed forces on the highest military preparedness level, the small nation may be preparing to unveil its "Eastern pivot": moments ago Russia's RIA news agency reported that the Qatari foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani will Visit Moscow on Saturday where he will hold talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"Negotiations will be held on Saturday," a Russian foreign ministry official said. However, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin does not yet plan to meet with al-Thani.

Meanwhile according to a Nomura research reports, Russia and the U.S. may become the biggest beneficiaries among LNG producers from the dispute between Qatar and its Gulf neighbors. Nomura's Gordon Kwan writes that a big part of Qatar’s finances come from international investors, indicating the spat in Mideast may negatively affect sentiment of new projects or expansions based in Qatar.

That may put some Qatar LNG projects on hold as foreign investors may opt to put their finance on hold, as reported by Bloomberg.

At the extreme, Egypt can shut off the Suez Canal and allow only some ships to pass through, impacting Qatar vessels loaded with gas on route to Europe, at a time when consumption is picking up for gas in the region.

As demand rises in Europe, the region will likely need to buy more gas from other nations, with Russia and U.S. likely to become biggest beneficiaries as the two nations are more reliable suppliers of gas.

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40MikeMike's picture

Battle royale shaping up nicely. 12 different combatants in one ring. The fight will happen any day. Twitchy trigger fingers all over the place. Bet $$$ this thing catches fire by June 30. Ramadan be damned. Heck Ramadan is hunting season...what was I thinking? One dead Qatari and price of bbl/oil jumps 30% in a nanosecond. Heard it here first....

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queen to bishop 6

... your move, motherfucker

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All very interesting but I doubt if a single shot will be fired over Qatar.  The evil Saudi's made their blunderous move and Qatar more than trumped that move by lining up Turkey, Iran and Russia to help them out.  Taking two steps back and looking at the big picture it is clear that American prestige and influence in the region is ebbing. While at the same time Russian influence is gaining. Iran is growing more powerful by the day, Syria is stabilizing and many in northern Iraq are leaning toward Iran as the team that is on the move.  And the optics of big, fat, ugly inbred Saudi Arabia picking on a country smaller in acreage than that of my last oil concession only makes them look like the bully.  They (SA) might as well have taken a hammer and hit themselves right in the face with it.  So where are we now?  Looking more and more like Turkey will opt to go with the winning team and abandon NATO outright.  That is a plus for the growing Coalition of Courage in the region.  All eyes should now be on China - if they tip to the side of the Coalition of Courage (Iran-Russia-Syria) then the other coalition - the Coalition of Clowns (America-Saudi Arabia-Jordan, etc) will be doomed.  Israel is playing it smart, staying out of the fray and the other player with potential in the region - Egypt can quite frankly be bought off to change sides as they only tacitly support the Clowns.   Probably the best we can hope for is a revolution in Saudi Arabia, but if not there will probably come a day when Team Courage takes the fight right to the inbreds in their guilded castles.  Too bad in a way there would be no Americans invited to that battle as you know and I know the battle cry would be 'Remember 9/11'.

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"I doubt if a single shot will be fired over Qatar"

plenty of shots been fired already, bro

veritas semper vinces's picture

Great comment.

And as a bonus,the whole world now knows who are the real terrorists,the ones aligned with Jewmerica

Horse Pizzle's picture

Dear Qatar, 

The pipedream through Islamic State was a great idea. The CIA did everything we could to help, but elections have consequences.  Trump won. Thank you for your financial support.  We have a new boss.