The President's Attorney Responds: 'Today Comey Admitted' to Being a Leaker of 'Privileged' and 'Classified' Information

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The big story out of today's testimony had nothing to do with Trump collusion or obstruction of justice, but the revelation that Comey had, in fact, willingly leaked both privileged and classified information to a friend of his, who is suspected to be Professor Daniel Richman, the details of his communications with the President, to the media, in order to prompt a special counsel.

These retaliatory actions can only be viewed through one prism: he was out to get the President.

During today's hearings, Comey said he took notes of every single meeting with the President, something he had never done with Bush or Obama, because he had a 'gut feeling' he'd need them, afraid that the President would lie. If this doesn't give insight into the bias Comey harbored against Trump, nothing will.

Back on the topic of leaks, President Trump's presidency has been beguiled by them since the day he was sworn in. The fact that Comey just admitted to being willing and able to become a source to a low-life degenerate NY Times or Washpo hack brings forth a very important question.

What else has Comey leaked? Moreover, was it legal for him to leak this information to the media, considering the conversations with the President were both privileged and classified?

Rubio pressed Comey on the fact that just about everything had been leaked from the White House, with exception to the fact that he was NOT under investigation -- inferring that forces within deep state had withheld leaking info that might be viewed as a positive for the President.

The President's attorney, Marc Kasowitz, laid into the former FBI director today -- highlighting the fact that Comey had leaked to his friends and the media both privileged and classified information to the media. More to that point, Comey had stated that he leaked the info AFTER Trump made a tweet regarding having tapes of their conversation. However, and as Kasowitz points out, the NY Times ran a story, based upon the contents of these leaks, the day before Trump tweeted, which means Comey had lied under oath.

The President also never told Mr. Comey, “I need loyalty, I expect loyalty” in form or substance. Of course, the Office of the President is entitled to expect loyalty from those who are serving in an administration, and, from before this President took office to this day, it is overwhelmingly clear that there have been and continue to be those in government who are actively attempting to undermine this administration with selective and illegal leaks of classified information and privileged communications. Mr. Comey has now admitted that he is one of these leakers.
Today, Mr. Comey admitted that he unilaterally and surreptitiously made unauthorized disclosures to the press of privileged communications with the President. The leaks of this privileged information began no later than March 2017 when friends of Mr. Comey have stated he disclosed to them the conversations he had with the President during their January 27, 2017 dinner and February 14, 2017 White House meeting. Today, Mr. Comey admitted that he leaked to friends his purported memos of these privileged conversations, one of which he testified was classified. He also testified that immediately after he was terminated he authorized his friends to leak the contents of these memos to the press in order to “prompt the appointment of a special counsel.” Although Mr. Comey testified he only leaked the memos in response to a tweet, the public record reveals that the New York Times was quoting from these memos the day before the referenced tweet, which belies Mr. Comey’s excuse for this unauthorized disclosure of privileged information and appears to entirely retaliatory. We will leave it the appropriate authorities to determine whether this leaks should be investigated along with all those others being investigated.
In sum, it is now established that the President was not being investigated for colluding with the Russians or attempting to obstruct that investigation. As the Committee pointed out today, these important facts for the country to know are virtually the only facts that have not leaked during the long course of these events.

Here is his full statement.

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lakecity55's picture

Perry Mason: "James Comey. The Defense rests, your Honor."



Raymond may have been Gay but the Law was the Law, baby.
"My PI, Bill Hopper has the inside notes on Commie, err, a, Comey your Honor."
"These are quite damaging, Counselor."
"LT Trask, take Commie into custody"


RichardP's picture

@PitBullsRule:  Trump is under investigation

From the original post above:  In sum, it is now established that the President was not being investigated for colluding with the Russians or attempting to obstruct that investigation.

gregga777's picture

Prosecute Comey for leaking classified and privileged information. Sic the special prosecutor on him. Anything less will prove that the special prosecutor is in the bag with the Demo-Marixists and Repussicans to get Trump.

PitBullsRule's picture

You dipshits still don't get it, Comey is not under investigation, Comey is done, he's not in a postion to endanger the US.  Trump is under investigation, thats why Comey couldn't answer many of those questions, because Trump's relationship with the Russians in being investigated.  

If you have a guy thats been sued a thousand times, and has settled out of court to keep it silenced, and you have a guy that people who work for him did not get paid and they sued him just to get paid for their labor, and you have a guy that has connections to the Mafia, and you have a guy who associates with known criminals, and a guy that quibbles with Rosie Odonnel in a presidential debate, and who rips off people that donate to his charities, and who won't publish his tax returns even when everybody asks him to,  then only a dipshit would not know that hes probably on the wrong side of whatever deal the Russians made with him.  Its just common sense, if he was a sleaze ball in the past, he probably still is a sleaze ball.  You elected a sleaze ball.  Thats why you are the dipshits, because only dipshits would fall for such an obvious scam.

Wahooo's picture

So, logically, your entire argument distills to this: The president has been a sleazeball in the past, therefore he is guilty.

Sorry, but your feelings have nothing to do with any of this. Please learn to control them.

shutterbug's picture

Troll, go back under the rock you came from. You don't have the brain cells to understand a simple fact;

Comey leaked a classified document as director of the FBI. That - needs - to be prosecuted if USA want to stay a "country of law" ....

but morons like you understand nothing, so ... Trump is not under investigation... another fact you walking dead can't understand.

In the next revolution they should kick everybody outside the country when you don't pass a mandatory test for monkeys level IQ and let zombies like you take it... you would fail every time.


PitBullsRule's picture

Did I mention you're a dipshit for voting for Trump?  If I didn't, then you are, you are a dipshit... for voting for Trump.

bardot63's picture

The old saying must be true:  it's lonely at the bottom.  A diseased piece of shit such as  yourself should enjoy your nightmare. 

OCnStiggs's picture

You mean unlike all the "brilliant" people who voted twice for Saint Obama?

Screw you and the horse you rode in on pal. Your bitch lost. Tell Soros and get a real job.

All you Kathy Griffin Liberals disgust me.


Warthog777's picture

How hard is it to build a case of sedition?

silverer's picture

Comey can give Hillary pedicures in prison?

SantaClaws's picture

What about Rosenstein, who fell for Comie's leak of the fake memo about the Russians and appointed the special counsel?  An absence of loyalty on Rosenstein's part, in addition to his impulsiveness and complete lack of common sense.

Non-Corporate Entity's picture

Comey will counter will a legal opinion, they will counter will a legal claim, then Comey will counter...all the way up the federal echelon of courts...for months...arguing opinions and feelings.

Reaper's picture

Nixon wasn't above the law. Neither is Comey.

silverer's picture

Looks like the Trumpster has got himself a decent attorney.

Attitude_Check's picture

Here is blatant proof that the memo was leaked prior to Trumps tweet on 12May.  Below is a link to the 11 May NYT article that describes the meeting.   Seems like proof that Comey leaked the memos,  just as Trumps lawyer claims.

Thom Paine's picture

So Comey has admitted to a crime?

That means there is no option but to prosecute him.

PitBullsRule's picture

Maybe, but nobody wants to prosecute Comey.  Thats the difference, Comey isn't despised like your con man president.  Comey can go away quietly, whereas Trump will go out kicking and screaming and he'll drag the US down with him.

shutterbug's picture

Your kind thinks about people breaking law as entitled to do so because of the person...

UPDATE for trolls, morons, zombies and braindead;

The system with laws does not work that way ... everybody who breaks the law should be investigated and prosecuted.

dexter_morgan's picture

Hey Fly, How did Tapper know about this loyalty shit back on May 10th? Lucky guess?

aloha_snakbar's picture

Russian roulette for James Commie...with a fully loaded Glock .40...

lakecity55's picture

Russian Roulette with Hitlary's Foster PPK.


peippe's picture

hey wait that's not a game you can play with a sem...

oh awright

Cockoo's picture

If the republicans decide to tighten the screws on Comey, he may have to turn over state's evidence.

He destroyed the rule of law, and tried to take out Trump as well. Good thing Trump fired him just in time another leaker is gone!

mc888's picture

Good point about him possibly turning states. Can't imagine how many skeletons in the closet.

lakecity55's picture

"The FBI under my watch discovered hundreds of cases of Hitlary eating young Haitians."


SummerSausage's picture

Since Mueller is as dirty as his 25 year best friend Comey, don't expect anything to happen to Comey as a result of his lying under oath, sedition or dereliction of duty.

Trump was absolutely correct to fire this sleaze.  He's the top investigative officer in the country, served under 3 presidents and didn't have the courage to ask President Trump to clarify what he was asking?  BS.

The person who interfered in the election and obstructed justice was Lynch but Comey saw no need to write memos to self nor did he resign.  But the words "I hope" made alarm bells go off.

Comey revealed himself to be a cowardly, showboating, 7' hiding in the drapes nutjob

lakecity55's picture

And he blew his nose on Melania's panties in the clothes hamper!


PitBullsRule's picture

It wasn't classified information that Comey leaked to the professor at Columbia.  

You missed the point entirely.  As usual for you Trump voters, you are blinded by your hatred of Hillary so you can't see the problems with Trump.

At this point though, what difference does it really make?  

Trump is guilty as hell on the Russian collusion, the Russians obviously wanted to influence our elections, and the BOTH GOT AWAY WITH IT!  and there isn't Jack Shit we can do about it.  

And that is the problem with letting a sleezeball become your president.  But we are past the point where anything can be done about it, so now the best course of action is to sit back and watch you guys burn that fucker to the ground.

Chuck Walla's picture

Another OFA shitposter weighs in for no real reason or gain.

tunetopper's picture

It's mighty hypocritical to blame Russians on election trickery when most of these Libs live in states that don't require voter IDs. They're basically opened up to fraud of all kind. And what about the way the Dems fked over Bernie Sanders, and gave the debate questions to Hillary? Is that entirely lost on them? Comey served up a Hot Air Wish Sandwich - 2 Pieces of bread with a piece of crow meat in between.

PitBullsRule's picture

Hey dipshit, its not hypocritical at all.  The problem of voter ID's is a state problem, and the problem of the communists selecting who runs our country is a question of national security.  

Goldennutz's picture

He handed them A Bullshit Sandwich on Jewish Rye with seeds.

Secret Weapon's picture

The point is that Putin wanted to avoid WWIII.  Thank God Trump won or your psychopathic goddess of destruction would have killed more innocent people than she already has.

PitBullsRule's picture

If she could kill off assholes like you, then she has my vote.

nmewn's picture

What Comey did was illegal dumbass, besides violating the Nondisclosure Agreement Comey voluntarily signed, its a violation 18 USC wit...

...because you're too stupid to look it up thinking this is all about politics.

As I said over a month ago when no one would listen...he used government material and devices, while he was in the EMPLOY of a government agency to create "his memo". Meaning (because you are a dumbass) it was government property he sent to former prosecutor and Columbia "law professor" Daniel Richman ;-)

PitBullsRule's picture

So you wanna arrest him for stealing office supplies?  Thats more important than our arch enemy, the communists, influencing who runs our country?  You Trump voters have your heads so far up your asses there is no one that could ever extract them.  

Hey asshole, Comey said several times that Trump fired him because of the Russian investigation.  If you don't believe him, so be it.  Put your faith in a guy thats been sued in a class action lawsuit by people that fell for his Trump University scam, and lost, and paid 25 Million dollars.  Put your faith in a guy that said on national tv that he can get away with grabbing women by the pussy.  Your judgement is obviously stellar dipshit, I'm sure you'll go far.

ebworthen's picture

Hillary, please tell Slick Willie (I mean Bill "Swisher Sweet" Clinton) I say hello.

Vince Foster, Ron Brown, and the rest send their regards.

SummerSausage's picture

Once again you leftojihadis show that you live through the looking glass.  What your step, you don't want to fall up!

logicalman's picture

The elites of the planet are all in it together.

They all collude with each other to keep their corrupt system going.

Countries and laws are for the little guy.

jdow's picture

It never ceases to amaze me, how the Elite are immune to justice, and yet plebians (serfs) like the rest of us get nailed to a wall, tarred and feathered at the slightest infraction of the Law.

There is no justice in this Life. We can always hope that these miscreants get what's coming to them in the next Life.


knotjammin2's picture

There is justice for the elites.  History has shown it was the plebes that served it up.  We just haven't gotten to that point yet but I'm confident that we're close.

Duc888's picture



Didn't Tapper or Crapper or Clapper WTF was his name too lie under oath and perjure himself too?  Or was that Brennen the closet Muzz.  So many lying shitbags it's hard to keep track now.

SummerSausage's picture

It was Clapper when he said he didn't collect massive data on US citizens.  A month later he had to come back and apologize.

Then there's Holder who also lied under oath and was held in contempt of Congress but neither the dimocrites nor the media cared.

logicalman's picture

I'm guessing all the players at this level have enough damaging info on each other that none of them dare to actually do anything.

It's called theatre.