Tesla Is Now Bigger Than Ford, GM, And BMW...

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With today's near 1% rise to a new record high, Tesla just became the 4th largest (by market cap) automaker in the world - surpassing BMW at over $61 billion.

Tesla passed GM and Ford by market cap in April, and now ranks 4th in the world behind Toyota, Daimler, Volkswagen.


If you look at the different auto companies on paper, it does seem a bit proposterous, where Tesla is at this moment, versus some of the more established auto companies," Jessica Caldwell, director of industry analysis with automotive research firm Edmunds, said in an interview with CBC's On The Money on Monday.

Tesla sold 76,285 cars last year. That compares to over 10 million for GM worldwide, 6.65 million for Ford, and 2.36 million for BMW.

"I think Tesla has had a very high market cap for a long time, so I don't think this comes necessarily as a surprise, but when you compare it to someone like Ford [or GM] who has a wealth of resources, it does seem a little out of whack," Caldwell said.

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bardot63's picture

My money's on the EMP.  Solar flare, enemy attack or rogue sat accident.  Add some aging infrastructure breakdown, terror attack on utilities or just an overloaded brownout fuse, and digital grinds to zero.  

tuetenueggel's picture

When scandinavia won´t supply any printing paper for $ but only take PM for payment.

adr's picture

Funny how the market cap for the other automakers is close to gross profit per vehicle. A little high on BMW's end, but it doesn't cost $55k to make a 5 Series, so $22k gross on a car like that is possible. GM does make a butload of cash on $50k pickup trucks but makes very little on cars like the Cruze.

Tesla doesn't make any gross profit on their car, but I guess in new Wall Streeet math it is possible to make $800k gross profit on a $100k car.

bardot63's picture

Same applies to PBS, raking in 1.4 billion annually from taxpayers.  PBS's new tagline:  Public Broadcasting thanks viewers like you, taxpayers like you, and suckers like you.

jimmy12345's picture

"Tesla doesn't make any gross profit on their car"  Absolutely wrong.   the make a 25% gross profit margin on their cars.  Why do you lie?

not dead yet's picture

Gross profit is really a meaningless term. Net profit is what counts and Tesla makes zero ,zip, nada. Gross profit does not take into account the other expenses of the company that come under the heading SGA. Selling, general, and administrative. You Telsa clowns trot out this meaningless number and also meaningless comparisons to other cherry picked companies. Your posts are chock full of lies or misleading crap so why not take off your Tesla jammies after you get out of your Chinese made Tesla bed and brush with your Chinese made Tesla toothbrush and toothpaste while on your way get a cup of Tesla coffee in a Tesla mug. Instead of posting meaningless Tesla propaganda you should do some real research instead. You have real problem and the shrink Elon recommended isn't doing you any favors.

aldol11's picture

remember enron?

Bear's picture

The only thing to determine price is the the number of buyers vs. the number of sellers .... today more people want TSLA .... someday they will all want to sell

Xando's picture

Investors know that Tesla won't be allowed to fail, or to not keep expanding. Governments will see to that. It's a cynical play based 100% on political currents. And that's disgusting.

sirsmokum's picture

Looking like some kind of wealth redistribution scheme now.

animalspirit's picture

Maybe this isn't about the cars, but instead the batteries.

adr's picture

We have a lot more oil than Lithium. I read somewhere that we can make around 20 million electric cars using Tesla type batteries with our current known Lithium supply.

Anopheles's picture

It's not about batteries.   Tesla in fact uses the CHEAPEST, most COMMON, most WIDELY produced lithium battery on earth.  

It's the SAME battery that's in EVERY cordless power tool, a lot of laptop, every one of those USB power packs, and thousands of other things. 

The model S uses 7000 of those little batteries. 

The other car companies actually use innovative batteries designed for the purpose. 

And the "gigafactory"  producing "new" batteries?  They are only a slightly larger version of the 18650 battery, so the model S will only use 4,000 of them instead of 7,000...  They are produced on the SAME machines that produce the slightly smaller batteries.  So the hundred other factories producing the 18650 batteries can also produce them. 

jimmy12345's picture

You are absolutely wrong.  Tesla batteries have different diminesions and a different chemistry than lap top batteries.  Telsa's manufacturing ability is quite differentiated and better than manufacturing companies and it has the second largest factory in the Western Hemisphere.

Buster Cherry's picture

When Tesla's pickup trucks can tow my boat to and from Galveston-Houston, I might take a look.........not.

not dead yet's picture

Wrong again Jimmy. Anopheles said some laptops use these batteries but the type Tesla uses is about the size of a C or D cell and is used in lots of applications. Take apart your power drill battery and you'll find a bunch of them stacked and wired together. They may, or may not depending on the propaganda, have a slighty different chemical makeup but they still need lithium. He is also right that Tesla packs thousands of them in a case that comprises the "battery". Tesla may have a name on a battery factory but it's not theirs. It Panasonic's as is the technology that Tesla gets credit for. The state of New York built a free factory for Solar City but that loser outfit is in no condition to build solar panels there, currently they buy their panels and if they were to manufacture theirs the Chinese would undercut them and run them out of business like they did to hundreds of other companies around the world, so Elon announced Tesla and Panasonic would make battery cells there. Most of the credit for Tesla technology is propaganda as that technology is supplied by other companies. Their "autopilot" was courtesy of Mobileye which dumped Tesla complaining Tesla was misusing the tech and not in a good way. Your whole post is just ignorant bullshit.

When the Muskinator announced the battery factory a few years ago he cut contracts for below market cost lithium with companies that did not have a mine to supply it. One company was a Mexican newbie to the mining business. Nevada has lots of lithium as far as lithium goes and they mine it by pumping out groundwater into evaporation ponds and seperating it from there. Dry, water deprived Nevada throwing away precious groundwater so they can make batteries for the likes of Musk. Ain't gonna happen. Citizens and enviros won't allow it on a large scale. Although lithium is common concentrations are very low requiring lots of ore for a small pile of lithium. Ignorant people claim lithium due to it's prevelence will be dirt cheap once the mines get going. Reality says different. Gold is common too and it costs over a thousand bucks to get an ounce out of the ground and into your hand.

Kevin Trader's picture

Well good for him...TBTF  TBTJ

I guess thats one way to keep the gravy train flowing

Last of the Middle Class's picture

The story is the stock manipulation by a group of investors and it's completely overlooked. They're using TESLA as a bank, buy the stock, pump it up and everyone makes money. That's why the Senate's thinly veiled impeachment proceedings with head dick Comey right now. These guys know the green shit revolution could end soon with a massive dose of monopoly investigations and government cash flow restrictions on unproven technology at the government's expense. These guys are fighting a war and it is about to get interesting.

all-priced-in's picture

Hook a Tesla battery up to Elon's nutsack -  

Anopheles's picture

Ford has a bigger PROFIT than Tesla has SALES. 

Deplorable's picture

TSLA stock is doing well today....NOT!

Market cap losing 2 billion today...so far.

FringeImaginigs's picture

WTF !!! "It does seem a little out of whack."  Well maybe just a teeny weeny tiny ittty bitty out of whack. 

jimmy12345's picture

All other automakers get EV subsides too and buyers of Tesla cars will run out after 2018(the federal tax credit runs out after 200,000 cars sold by an automaker.  So after 2018, will ZH stop printing anti elon musk articles?  No, because the fossil fuel industry is paying a lot of money to publish negatives articles about Elon Musk. 

not dead yet's picture

Typical idiocy Jimmy. Show us the proof the fossil industry is paying ZH or any other publication or blog. A strawman argument you can't prove because it's BS. What's the matter, truth hurt?

Unless it gets extended the full credit gets whacked after 200,000. But, it gradually gets fazed out over the next year. There is plenty of direct competition coming online from the likes of Mercedes and others in the "driveway jewelry" status department. Take out the speculators and most of the sales of the 3 were to rich people, some "bought" more than one, who already own a Tesla. One guy "bought" 12. So much for the crapola that Joe Sixpack is lining up to buy his own 3. I'll bet you're one of idiots who thought a refundable grand down for the 3 was a firm order. When Tesla buyers run out of credits and their cars are no longer status symbols the rich buyers will go to the other manufacturers especially when Tesla's crappy quality is taken into account.

One of the big deals was Tesla was going to destroy the dealerships by selling direct. So why is it they are attemping to establish dealerships. In one state, Virginia or thereabouts, shitcanned Elon's request for setting up dealerships because they do not allow them to be owned by the manufacturer. At last count, which has been awhile, they had 2 dealerships and a bunch of sales offices. They also have quite a few repair shops and Elon in one recent pronouncement claimed they were going to open a lot more. According to the true believers Telsa's don't need repairs so why repair shops with more on the way. Could it be Tesla's well known crap quality?

Rich people can write a check for their status symbol but Joe Sixpack needs financing, has a trade in, wants a selection on hand, and immediate delivery. Musk realizes this so he's getting into the dealership business which will require more huge outlays of cash. Plus Joe wants a reliable car and if it needs fixing he wants his car fixed now not have it sit for months waiting for parts. Yep, a whole new ball game. His pickup is another new ballgame too. The Japanese supposedly make high quality pickups but the American pickup buyers mostly buy American which are high quality too. No matter how hard the Japanese try they can't make much of a dent in the US. It will be the same with Tesla if they can stay in business that long.

LightBulb18's picture

Investing in tesla more than the other 5 is like investing in abstract art.

tuetenueggel's picture

abstract art at least has a chance to become an interesting investment.

Tesla only serves as a image pusher of Musk. World loves to be screwed.

bluskyes's picture

... and the USG prevents all companies from making the cars that most people want. ...

VWAndy's picture

 He aint sucking hind tit thats for sure.

tuetenueggel's picture

Is there anyone to remember 2000 new market bubble ?

Seems that no. Good luck.