The American Architects Of The South-African Catastrophe

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Authored by Ilana Mercer via The Mises Institute,

Yes, it has happened. A mere 23 years after the 1994 transition, in South Africa, to raw ripe democracy, six years following the publication of a wide-ranging analysis of that catastrophe, Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa, a Beltway libertarian think tank has convened to address the problem that is South Africa.

The reference is to an upcoming CATO “Policy Forum,” euphemized as “South Africa at a Crossroad.” One of the individuals to headline the “Forum” is Princeton Lyman, described in a CATO email tease as having “served as the U.S. Ambassador to South Africa at the time of the transfer of power from white minority to black majority.” At the “Forum,” former ambassador Lyman will be discussing “America’s original hopes for a new South Africa and the extent to which America’s expectations have been left unfulfilled.” (Italics added.)

The chutzpah!

The CATO Institute’s disappointment in the South Africa the United States helped bring about is nothing compared to the depredations suffered by South Africans, due to America’s insistence that their country pass into the hands of a voracious majority. Unwise South African leaders acquiesced. Federalism was discounted. Minority rights for the Afrikaner, Anglo and Zulu were dismissed.

Aborted Attempts at South African Decentralization

This audacity of empire is covered in a self-explanatory chapter of Into the Cannibal’s Pot, titled “The Anglo-American Axis of Evil,” in which Lyman makes a cameo. (It’s not flattering.) From the comfort of the CATO headquarters, in 2017, the former ambassador will also be pondering whether “growing opposition will remove the African National Congress [ANC] from power.” The mindset of the DC establishment, CATO libertarians included, has it that changing the guard  —replacing one strongman with another — will fix South Africa, or any other of the sites of American foreign-policy interventions. 

So, what exactly did Princeton Nathan Lyman do on behalf of America in South Africa? Or, more precisely, who did he sideline? 

Ronald Reagan, who favored “constructive engagement” with South Africa, foresaw the chaos and carnage of an abrupt transition of power. So did the South Africans Fredrick van Zyl Slabbert, RIP (he died in May 2010), and Dr. Mangosuthu Buthelezi. The first was leader of the opposition Progressive Federal Party, who, alongside the late, intrepid Helen Suzman became the PFP’s chief critic of Nationalist policy (namely Apartheid). The second was Chief Minister of the KwaZulu homeland and leader of the Zulu people and their Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP). At the time, Buthelezi was the only black leader with any mass following who could act as a counter to the ANC. These men were not “lunch-pail liberals” from the West, but indigenous, classical liberal Africans — one white, one black — who understood and loved the county of their ancestors and wished to safeguard it for their posterity.

Both Buthelezi and Slabbert had applied their astringent minds to power-sharing constitutional dispensations. Both leaders were bright enough to recognize democracy for the disaster it would bring to a country as divided as theirs; they understood that “a mass-based black party that received enough votes could avoid having to enter into a coalition and could sweep aside the minority vote.” Thus, Buthelezi espoused a multi-racial, decentralized federation, in which “elites of the various groups” would “agree to share executive power and abide by a system of mutual vetoes and spheres of communal autonomy.” Paramount to Buthelezi was “the preservation of the rights of cultural groups and the protection of minorities.” Slabbert studied a “new system that entrenched individual rights, encouraged power-sharing through a grand coalition of black and white parties, and gave a veto right to minorities in crucial issues.”

Although he eventually threw his intellectual heft behind simple majority rule, in better days, Slabbert had spoken with circumspection about “unrestrained majoritarianism,” expressing the eminently educated opinion that, were majority rule to be made an inevitable corollary of South Africa’s political system, the outcomes would be severely undemocratic. It’s worth considering that even Zimbabwe for its first seven, fat years of independence, allowed “white members of parliament [to be] elected on a special roll to represent white interests.”

Washington Destroyed South African Federalism Before It Began

In his tome, Partner to History: The US Role in South Africa’s Transition to Democracy (2002), Princeton Lyman, the American Ambassador to South Africa from 1992 to 1995, records the active role Americans performed in the transition to democracy, especially in “dissuading spoilers” — the author’s pejorative, it would appear, for perfectly legitimate partners to the negotiations. One such partner, introduced above, was Buthelezi; another was military hero and former chief of the Defense Force, Constand Viljoen.

Avoid “wrecking the process”: This ultimatum was the message transmitted to the Afrikaner general and the African gentleman, loud and clear. The United States, with Lyman in the lead, failed to lean on the African National Congress (Nelson Mandela’s goons) to accommodate a federal structure. It promised merely to hold a future South African government to its “pre-election commitments, including shared power and the protection of minorities.” Until then, the skeptical Buthelezi was instructed to trust the ANC to relinquish the requisite power. Enraged, Buthelezi threatened to take his case to the American people and “spotlight” the knavish confederacy between their government and the ANC. (Then, Republicans were generally with Buthelezi, Democrats with the ANC. These days, both parties are with the ANC.) Being the man Prime Minister, F. W. de Klerk was not, Buthelezi rejected the pressure and overtures from the West. “I am utterly sick of being told how wrong I am by a world out there,” he wrote to Lyman. The dispensation being hatched was “an instrument for the annihilation of KwaZulu.”

Viljoen, who represented the hardliner Afrikaners and the security forces, believed de Klerk had abdicated his responsibilities to this electorate. He planned on leading a coalition that would have deposed the freelancing de Klerk and negotiated for an Afrikaner ethnic state. Likewise, Buthelezi, whose championship of self-determination had been denied, was fed up to the back teeth with being sidelined. He and his Zulu impis were every bit as fractious as Viljoen; every bit as willing to fight for their rightful corner of the African Eden. For setting his sights on sovereignty, the Zulu royal and his following (close on twenty percent of the population) were condemned as reactionaries by the West (and by CATO’s point person).

Hardly a dog of an American commentator missed the opportunity to lift his leg in protest against Buthelezi, for making common cause with Afrikaner decentralists and against the ANC. “Wreckers” is how the gray eminence of American newspapers — The New York Times, also known as “Pravda on the Hudson” — dubbed the two leaders and the millions whom they represented. The two, alleged the Times in a 1994 editorial, were locked in an “unscrupulous alliance to disrupt the first elections in South Africa in which all races will have a vote.” Following the might-makes-right maxim — and committing a non sequitur in the process — Times editorialists demanded that the leaders of these African and Afrikaner ethnic minorities relinquish demands for sovereign status because their political power was at best “anemic.” Meanwhile the Times dismissed Buthelezi as a puppet in Pretoria’s blackface minstrelsy.

This was drivel. Buthelezi, a crafty leader who had rejected “the ignoble independence accorded to other homelands” within apartheid’s framework, was never a collaborator. Understand: For two centuries Africans and Afrikaners had been clashing and alternately collaborating on the continent. Shaka (1787–1828), Dingane (1795–1840), Mpande (1798–1872), Cetshwayo (1826–1884) — Buthelezi was heir to these Zulu kings who had been wheeling, dealing, and warring with Boers well before the inception of The New York Times.

Masters of mass mobilization, the ANC used the political tinderbox ignited in the ramp-up to the first democratic elections to great effect in discrediting the security forces, and claiming that the apartheid government was fomenting the intra-ethnic violence between Inkatha (Zulu) and the ANC (Xhosa). But while the ANC accused the security forces of arming Inkatha, the latter faction blamed the security forces for allying themselves with the ANC, especially when Zulu hostels and squatter camps were raided in response to ANC pressure. For the National Party government, the ongoing ethnic conflict was a lose-lose proposition.

But not for the savvy ANC.

Nelson Mandela harnessed the situation by accusing Prime Minister de Klerk of “either complicity or of not caring enough about black deaths” to stop black-on-black violence. The foreign press helped fuse fact with fancy by transmitting this claim, later to be dismissed by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. (That body eventually determined that there was “little evidence of a centrally directed, coherent and formally instituted third force.”) Nevertheless, a constellation of unfavorable circumstances was aligned against Buthelezi, who capitulated in the end.

Buthelezi was the intellectual bête noire of the communist ANC — and one of the few leaders in South Africa to mine the Western canon widely and wisely for what it teaches about liberty and the dangers of centralizing political power. He cited with characteristic passion and poignancy, in July 2009, a poem (“The Second Coming”) that W. B. Yeats wrote in January 1919:

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned …

In contrast to what South Africa became, the United States is a country where the constitution was supposed to thwart the tyranny of the majority. This averting was meant to occur by means of a federal structure, in which powers are divided and dispersed between — and within — a central government and the constituent states. Yet the Americans sided with the ANC — the consequence of which has been the raw, ripe rule of the mob and its dominant, anointed party. 


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Ahhh, thanks for the recommendation, but we have enough cross cultural problems with out adding the Ottomans.
Thank you very much.

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Idiot that was international political pressure. WE DID NOT LOSE THE BUSH WAR.

The Brits were freaked because we did so well and were trying to figure out how to invade us along with China, USSR and ALL the rest. Read more.

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Any stupid fuck that tells me to look it up myself is a stupid fuck.

I have done the research that you fail to present.

Hope you are making more than sub minimum wage and your Soros Industries Subsidiary is filing 1099 s on your behalf.

Your butt buddy in federal prison will likely be named Bruno.

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Nothing I say or write supports satan Soros.

You can take a breath, chill and choose to follow any info you like. Just start with understanding jewish bolshevism, it gives great context then maybe The Barnes Review, they address a lot of false history inculding southern africa, also if you prefer listening vs reading there is

it have a lot of interesting topics.

Or, you can just be very rude and crude for no discernible reason. BTW my pink and grey parrot was called Arnold, he lived a very long time and was very sweet but not that bright.

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It only takes a couple generations of the boot on the neck and all the horrors that brings, to bring a people to near animal status.  It can happen here too.

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Really- it already kinda is. It's just not quite so blatant, although the last couple of years is getting there

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No. The white people hold it together. Whites without homes in South Arica do not riot and stomp and rape....their lives are terrible but even they have to watch blacks destroy their stuff. The rainbow nation was designed to degenerate. This is not that natural state of whites. We turn dust into crops, we turn desert into fruitful land, we make houses and sanitary systems.... we do not whine like the author to destroy all that then run away to israel. We are not dual citizens, we were not traitors; today many are traitors, more than ever in fact.

Rhodesian Unafraid

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Yeah, The Jews fucked it up, they always do, they have kaffir jews also.

I have family there, we come from Scotland, but my Dad to us to this hell to grow up, I left there quite a while ago, and after not being happy in Scotland, moved to Austria. But these are minor details.

You all have NO IDEA how bad a fucked off Kaffir is! Serious, did history not teach you anything? I WAS trying to to convince my son to leave, I said to him: Do not get a SA girlfriend, when you are old enough leave, no matter how hard it will be!

He has fucking stayed, and we fought to get his UK Passport. He made a bond a woman already.....fuck.

My parents, who do not want to go back to Scotland have bought a hose in Spain, they still paid their NIN in S.A. for 40+years, and just went back to Scotland to make sure all was set.


I hate this fucking life. It all sucks.

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That's why people drink.  I stopped trying to bend the world to my preferences.  I am just going to enjoy myself and study this morbid curiosity until it blows.  Kids will have to make their own decisions and their own way.

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You fucked it up.
99% of the Jews had nothing to do with your Misery.

And this is coming from a likely valve turner family history.

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Bullshit, I had some links to their inception on SA. Lists and lists, fucking long. I gave up trying to read it, it is out there on the internet for those who research enough. So go fuck yourself.

You a special type of paid troll Kunt Arnold. Always here defending the jew rat.

Don't let your little office get you down.

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I do not defend anybody but my family.
I am calling you out as a stupid lout.

Typing and calling every one to look for their arguments for them is tough for louts

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Who is your fucking family? Go fuck yourself you dim witted gadjei sheite.

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Ah, well, that settles it doesn't it?


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Just go play with your black cube, you satanic kabbalist scum.

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Prepare yourself
is the only nice guy warning you will get.

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Are you going to cry out in pain as the victim while you strike somebody, like a typical jew A r n o l d !

Does truth hurt, does truth require laws, do I need to be muzzled? Fuck you!

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Trust me in this only.
There are less Jewish genes in me than there are in you.

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But you are a slave to defend them. Every comment or article, you are there, hahaha. I have none of those genes in me, you can count on it. How do I know this? Well first off, I do not enjoy lying or lie as a cultural thing, it is freaky. That makes me dangerous in your eyes. Also, I see what goes on around me, and will not keep quiet, that also makes me dangerous, this could go on.

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Your tainted gene pool and faults are your own.
Man up, poor provider.

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Oh yes, the Kikes played their part in the demise of  South Africa. The author of the book cited in the article “In to the Cannibals Pot” is a Jewess whose father is a Rabbi who counseled the Judaeophile government to surrender to the Communist and Negros – and then fled to Israel once the SHTF. One of the fatal weaknesses of  South Africa was that they sucked up to the Jews, like White Americans – and got their reward. Apartheid is a right that White’s have to insure a stable society for their people. The Israeli’s agree – strict Apartheid there – and I don’t blame them – who wants to put up with stinking, shouting, bellowing, violent,  low IQ Arabs – same with the sub race of  the Negro.

UselessEater's picture

Well you will enjoy listening to this:

Rhodesia Unafraid - the first 8 minutes is enough to understand what we black and white Rhodesians' were fighting against....think of the worst of the jewish bolshevik blood lust called a revolution (millions died)...blacks saw this in our own nation and ran to help fight against it- maybe that explains why 70% of our volunteer army was BLACK not not nasty instigators who ran away to isreal like the jewess author cited.

Then even better how whites are infiltrated with fear and idiocy (oh, all his youtube channels are now banned...guess a few jews got their knickers in a knot?):


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We've read the Talmud. We know your crimes. You will all be slaughtered for them and the world will rejoice at the death of your evil.

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Do you know how old the Talmud is?
Are you SERIOUSLY going to hold that twaddle over their heads for all the length of human life on Earth?
Come now ... really?

Then what about YOUR ancient ancestral crimes? ... Ever read the Old Testament?
I mean ... properly read it? ...Right from "In the beginning" all the way to "smite the earth with a curse"?

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The issue is not whether Judaism is worse than Christianity or Islam or Jehovah's witness.

The issue is that your God is guilty of Deicide. You killed God's wife Ashera. The plan was to subsume all Her power into the MALE God.

The result was your God lost consciousness and has become an Idol.

He has no more consciousness than a rock and is unworthy of our attention.

Monotheism as a concept is evil.

Gods, to qualify as Deities, must embody aspects of our shared consciousness. Male, female, dolphin, ox and everything that is host to consciousness.


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You will be miserable wherever you are - ain't S/Africa's fault, it ain't no Jew's fault and ain't no black brother's fault.
Just yours. You wouldn't be happy if you weren't miserable.
So - here's hoping it all ends for you sooner rather than later.

PS. Whining moaning and being miserable is a bad habit. You can change it - IF you want to.
But you have to want to.

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Greetings All.  Back on ZH.  My alter-ego, Truth-hammer, apparently was designated persona non grata, thus I buried him and re-emerged as Drop-Hammer.  Not that anyone gives a hoot.  To business.  Of course, a jew, Lyman, and others like him, was behind the f*ckery that allowed South Africa, a First-World nation, to be turned over to the apes, thus descending to Third-World status in less than a generation.  Like (((H. Kissinger))) said, "To be America's enemy is dangerous.  To be her friend is fatal".  Murica!

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Why don't you go phuck yourself, Drop-Hammer or whatever you call yourself?
You've no call or reason to refer to MY countrymen as apes.
As you have zero in the line of decency or manners, I'm not in the least bit surprised you were designated persona non grata - perhaps ZH will be thoughtful enough to do it again? Such unadulterated viciousness is beyond the pale.

Whatever our future holds for us it will be what WE make of it so cheers, you have a nice day GAFYWAC'ing yourself now - I need to go wash my hands.

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I was referring to the negroes, not the evil YT Afrikaners.

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You automatically discredit everything you have to say when you call other humans "apes".  The truth is - we are all great apes, of course, but that's a sophistication for someone who believes in evolution to fully understand.  Sad to be you.

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Nordik, are you a real Nordic or one the transplanted African or Muslim Nordics?

Shahna's picture

Good God!
I had no NO IDEA I was so bad off! How terrible!

That said, it WAS certain organs of state, some military and recce types and the Broederbond that were behind the faction fighting that ran KwaZulu Natal red with black blood. It WAS Mandela who forced the NP gubmint to put a stop to it - he threatened to put Mkonto eSizwe on the streets if they didn't :-) Worked like a charm.

It WAS thanks to Mandela! that white blood didn't fill our streets - we whites like to forget that we were the luckiest bunch of oppressers that ever lived and didn't die. (Not sure I'da been as nice about things had it been the other way round - jus' saying - Apartheid was prettyshitty.)

Yup de doo.
If we allowed the Americans to screw us that was our fault - we shoulda told the lying scheming bastards to ... make a sexual exit. (And we REALLY ought to have as little as possible to do with the Bomb-Droppers ever in the future.)

And ... I'm glad Apartheid has gone.
Things aren't perfect - perhaps they will never be - but Apartheid was ... evil/wrong/immoral/disgusting/inhuman/unjust and just plainly downright unfair.
Cheers - it's not so bad here - really.

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Idiot, you  must be english.

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South African.

Born and bred. Only and always.

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I ahve no doubt of that.  

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... Does that comment have anything to offer - other than an inability to hit the keys in the right order?

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Well, the Limey finally makes a point.

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People be nice to Shahna.... it doesn't understand why Zambia is a shit hole (actually he might explain why after "black" rule came into being 2 million Zambians were brought to the brink of starvation?????). Anyway decades later (((black))) rule has brought prosperity and longevity to southern africa.

Shahna understands white vs jew and stupid vs smart....that is why running water is no longer available at hospitals in Zimabwe my family visit - dear God, running water was normal 50 years ago. Think! It is a (((fake))) white playing us and ruining us.

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Then you're an ass. The only way South Africa gets fixed is if it unifies and installs an accountable and ethical government. So keep spreading divisive thoughts and complaining about the outcome to justify your racism. smh

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You understand, don't you, rooinek, that the aBantu despise you..

You live as long as he lets  you.

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When some "aBantu" TELLS me he despises me he'll either have good reason or I'll tell him to get a life.

You should too.

And... is "rooinek" supposed to be an insult?
Can't you manage anything more recent than that? I mean - Sheesh - that's OLD!
Seriously - you sound retarded.

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I convey more with less words.

And I got to the heart of the matter, didn't I?

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Being old ain't being retarded - it means having experience and knowing shit

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Who downvotes this?  Some schmuck who thinks Aprtheid was great?

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It was imperfect but still it was turning tribal lands into nation states where a weaker black tribes could not be slaughtered and enslaved like Shaka and his mates loved to do. (You nordiks are so commie it's excruciating listening to you, enjoy the Kalergi Plan)

In southern africa, Whites did not wipe out 1.5 million blacks,,,,Shaka and his mates did. Rethink the mission against apartheid, maybe it was to destroy soveriengty and get starving masses and forget about the mining rights that the jews took control of once "white" rule was destroyed. Since then the country has turned into a picnic for ????guess who????

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You'll be taking the gap soon, no doubt.

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Will you be so sure when you get your tire necklace ?

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Worthwhile remembering the public comments of Ian Smith when he stepped down as the last president of Rhodesia -- and what he predicted would happen after. Which it has done, in spades.

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What the globalists did to South Africa (and to Yugoslavia) they shall do to the US, eventually.

The US and its military are just expedient tools. When the globalists conclude that neither are useful any longer, they will be cut down into small and more easily controlled pieces, and neutralized.