In "Personal Blow" Theresa May's Two Closest Advisors Quit After Election Debacle

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In the aftermath of the stunning loss by Theresa May's Conservative party in the UK General Elections, bookmakers quickly made Labour's Jeremy Corbin the odds-on favorite to become the UK's next Prime Minister, implying May would resign shortly. That contingency, however, got a last minute reprieve when May announced on Friday she would seek to form a minority government with the help of a small Northern Irish party, the far-right Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), extending her political career if only for the immediate future. However, the turmoil within the Conservative Party re-emerged on Saturday when Theresa May was forced to part ways with her two closest advisors, after the PM was warned she faced a leadership challenge unless she sacked Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill.

While senior Tory party figures cautioned earlier against any immediate leadership challenge, saying it would only cause further disruption as Britain prepares to start Brexit negotiations as early as June 19, someone had to take the blame for the crushing electoral setback and according to both AFP and BBC they demanded the heads of May's joint chiefs of staff, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, as the price for allowing the 60-year-old to stay in office.

May had relied on Timothy and Hill for advice and support since her previous job at the interior ministry, and their resignations will be a "personal blow."

Announcing his resignation on the Conservative Home website, Timothy urged Tory MPs to "get behind" Mrs May but said nothing should be allowed to get in the way of the process of forming a government and beginning Brexit talks. He said the Conservatives' failure to win was not due to a lack of support for Theresa May and the Conservatives but due to an "unexpected surge" of support for Labour.

He conceded his party had failed to communicate a sufficiently "positive" message to voters and address their concerns over years of austerity and inter-generational divisions, including over Brexit.


"We were not talking to the people who decided to vote for Labour," he said.

Meanwhile, Hill said it had been a pleasure to serve in government and she believed Mrs May would continue as prime minister.

* * *

The resignation of Hill - a combative character who one ex-colleague said had helped create a "toxic" atmosphere at the heart of government. - was confirmed on Saturday by a party spokesman. The news came as May prepared to name the rest of her cabinet, after revealing Friday that her five most senior ministers would remain in their posts.

Timothy said he took responsibility for the Conservative manifesto, including a plan for elderly social care that caused a backlash among many core voters. As AFP adds, prior to the election, she had been widely expected to sack finance minister Philip Hammond following a reported clash over her Brexit strategy.

The Labour party quickly responded with Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson saying that the PM's advisers had "taken the fall" for her but tweeted the PM was "responsible for her own defeat".

According to the BBC the pair's departure bought the PM some "breathing space" following 24 hours of recriminations after the Conservatives lost their overall majority. It noted that the two were so close to the PM that critical MPs believed that, unless they made way, she would not be able to change her leadership style to adopt a more "outgoing, inclusive, responsive, empathetic approach". BBC adds that senior Conservatives had warned the PM they would instigate a leadership contest at a meeting of backbenchers early next week if the pair did not leave, and were confident they could get the required 48 signatures to trigger a contest.

One former minister, Anna Soubry, welcomed the clearout, saying it was the "right thing to do" and saying the PM must "build a consensus" on Brexit and other issues. But Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson said the PM's advisers had "taken the fall" for her but tweeted the PM was "responsible for her own defeat".

Who were the PM's special advisers?

Fiona Hill: Fiercely loyal and seen as a formidable operator, Fiona Hill was at Mrs May's side for four years at the Home Office, becoming a close confidante of the then home secretary. A former Sky News and Scotsman journalist in her 40s, she led work on the Modern Slavery Act and published her own report on the subject.


She was forced to resign as Mrs May's special adviser in a 2014 dispute with Michael Gove over who was to blame for briefing newspapers about an increase in extremism in schools. But she was brought back into the fold when Mrs May became PM.


Nick Timothy: The bearded Brummie is the son of a steelworker, who went to grammar school and joined the Conservative Party at the age of 17. He is credited with influencing the PM's views on social mobility and the need to put the Conservatives "at the service of working people".


His ambition to be a Conservative MP was reportedly thwarted by David Cameron, following a row over special advisers being asked to canvass in a by-election.

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man of Wool's picture

Well it was partly her fault. She was responsible for the security serices and she cut the numbers of police. She was warned about the consequences of cutting police numbers especially for intelligence work but ignored these warnings.

She's a neocon neo liberal bitch with the sensebilities and charisma of Killary.  Her mantra was "strong and stable". Her response to the London bombing was "enough is enough". She claimed the opposition were a "coalition of chaos".

The dumb bitch has lost the election and has been forced to go into a "coalisiton of chaos" with a bunch of irish christian nut jobs (DUP) who would make some of your crazy Christian cults seem mainstream.  The DUP are the political wing of a Northern Ireland terrorist group the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) So she has gone into coalition with Chrisitan terrorists. 

Funny old world. 



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"So she has gone into coalition with Chrisitan terrorists."

That is perfectly consistent. The Tories enabled the rise of ISIS in Libya and then Syria. They have supported the neo-Nazis in Ukraine. They have armed Saudi for its ethnic cleansing of Yemen. Heck, they even supported placing a Saudi representative as head of the UN Human Rights Commission. They are totally venal.

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One assumes you mean 'funny - peculiar' rather than 'funny - HaHa'


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May as Home Secretary was then and is as Prime Minister, just another Islamist wet.

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Is that a picture of them ?

They should be fired, one is not whearing a tie the other no bra (figure it out).



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Shut up, these fuckers are Zionists, 

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Theresa May is yet another foolish puppet of the Jew World Order. Her government ran a false flag HOAX in Manchester and then another on London Bridge, and then May spoke about how putting more restrictions on the Internet would make everybody safe.

Good riddance. 

nevertheless's picture

You will note, while such comments about JWO sometimes get voted down, rarely do they comment to support their down vote...


To be sure, it is the greatest illusion ever, it is obvious to all that Jewish Zionist are behind the warmongering, financial vulturism, and the evils of "multiculturalism".


It is always telling that while Jewish organizations are proud to tell you how important open borders and "diversity" is to them in the west, such inclusiveness is hard to find in Israel.  They value Jew culture while work to destroy the west. 


I have no animosity for Muslims, to me they are brothers who are fighting a common enemy to humanity. And I do not think that is an exaggeration. 

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yep.. all part of the UK swamp..

ask not what your country can borrow, ask when it will ever pay it back..

so many piglets, so few teats...

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Never send a pussy to do a man's work.

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The British are a weak people.. I've been there, those guys are pussies.. They'll let a jihadist cut their own mother's throat and then tweet the virtues of multiculturalism. 

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Your a racist moron, if the Brits are pussies it is because they are slaves to the zionist filth that rules London. 


MAYBE the Brits will stop engaging int Middle East wars that drive Muslims to migrate. 


There is no greater deception than the utterance of concerns about migration while omitting the wars delivered on the Middle East which are it's cause, OR the Zionist media/special interests who insure open borders, Muslims hate, and division. 


Anyone who questions open borders in England, France, Germany or America, they are instantly branded a "nationalist racist" by Zionist war mongers who work tirelessly to have Christians and Muslims fights, to be sure Zionists are hate Christians every bit as much as they do Muslims. 

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The Tories are something to behold. Since the time of Margaret Thatcher, they have been openly hostile to working people and have systematically looted the UK economy to the benefit of the wealthiest segments of British society, just as US politicians have been doing since Reagan.

More recently, we had David Cameron’s call for a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU. Next we had Theresa May say she would drive a “hard” bargain on Brexit negotiations, when in reality, the UK is in a VERY WEAK position. May called for a “snap” election which resulted in a debacle for her party. As 007 would say, give the Tories the BOOT!

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Theresa May is an empty suit.  What the Brits need, what the world needs, is Bo Jo - Boris Johnson.  A young Winston Churchill.

logicalman's picture

Boris is a fucking buffoon.

That's the nicest thing I have to say about him.



willy up the creek's picture

We shall have to agree to disagree on this one. BoJo has all the color, brashness, and over-the-top personality of Trump, but with an Oxford education, culture and class.

logicalman's picture


did you forget the sarc tag?

He makes these guys look classy

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Does their combined IQ reach into double figures?

The evidence suggests not.

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Nick Timothy: He is credited with influencing the PM's views on social mobility and the need to put the Conservatives "at the service of working people"


Oh really? The Conservatives now favor the working class?


I an reminded of Ghandi's quote when asked about Western Civilization, to which he replied "That would be a good idea."

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Typical woman.  Blame others for your troubles.  Though, she is an equal opportunity blame-placer (if there is such a word).