Clashes Erupt As Leftists Crash Nationwide "March Against Sharia"

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Clashes have broken out between members of purportedly "anti-fascist" leftist groups and conservatives gathering to protest genital mutilation, honor killings and other practices associated with Sharia law, as part of the a nationwide “March Against Sharia.”

Seattle police were forced to use pepper spray on leftists gathering to protest the march after a group of protesters confronted the marchers. The intermittent scuffles eventually forced officers to use bikes to push people back in an effort to keep the two groups separated, the Seattle Times reported.

In North Carolina, police could be seen pushing a mob of leftists back as they moved closer to the marchers, the American Mirror reported.

Tensions escalated in New York City when the anti-MAS crowd crossed Foley Square to throw jugs of rotten milk at the marchers, according to the Daily News. Later, the two sides clashed violently in City Hall Park.


Police departments across America are bracing for another wave of leftist-inspired violence as protesters gather in 28 cities in 19 states on Saturday for the national "March Against Sharia," the Associated Press reported.

Counter-protesters in virtually every city where marches are taking place have promised to disrupt them, catching the attention of local police who have been wary of groups like Antifa and others that identify with far-left politics. These groups have demonstrated a tendency to provoke violent clashes with otherwise-peaceful conservative demonstrators, like those seen on Sunday in Portland, Ore. The MAS was organized by ACT for America, a conservative lobbying group that believes Sharia is “incompatible with Western democracy and the freedoms it affords." Marchers will gather in both smaller communities and large cities like New York, Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta.

The Washington Post reports that “The marches set up the potential for more public clashes between far-right activists and their far-left opposition, similar to recent violent encounters between the political extremes in Berkeley, Calif., and Portland, Ore. While demonstrators argue they are protecting free speech and defending traditional American values, counter protesters say the marchers underscore a larger trend of intolerance that is increasingly evident across a politically divided country.”

In New York City, the rally kicked off downtown nearly an hour late with a crowd of around three dozen people, some of them in camouflage and waving American flags. A few wore shirts identifying themselves as members of far-right groups Oathkeepers and the III Percenters, according to WaPo. Fox News published some footage of the march, which can be seen below.

Across the street, separated by police barricades and a few dozen police, a few hundred mostly young people, including labor activists and Jewish and Muslim activists, and anarchists, blasted airhorns and whistles and held banners that read “Fascists out of NYC.”

Fox News reported that there have been "some clashes" between the marchers and leftist demonstrators around the country, though it didn't specify where.



Frank Morganthaler, the vice president of the New York State Oath Keepers, told WaPo that the smaller turnout at his rally may have been the result of some people being “intimidated” by the threat of violence from opposition protesters.

“These people go wild,” he said, glancing across the street. “They're crazy. We've seen what they've done in other cities, breaking windows and other stuff.”

The counter-protesters say the March Against Sharia and its organizers are anti-Muslim. Some weekend shoppers are already worried things will escalate into violence.

Of course, some of the counter-protesters interviewed by WaPo were quick to wrongly associate their opposition with a man who stabbed three men, killing two, on a Portland commuter train last month.

Across the street and two sets of police barricades, Marjorie Stamberg, a New York City teacher, held up a sign that read "drive fascists out of NYC."

“Two people were murdered in Portland a few weeks ago by their people," she said. "If they tell you it's about free speech, they're liars. They're killers. They're haters.”

Here’s a live feed from the New York march:

And another from Lansing, Michigan:

And a feed from Chicago:

Twitter user @bbusa617 tweeted a map showing all the planned protests:


In Roseville, Calif. more than 100 counter-protesters were planning to show up, according to the local Fox affiliate. However, the Roseville Police Department is prepared and has called in extra officers and additional agencies to step in if things get out of hand.

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order66's picture

Who the fuck in the U.S. is marching in favor of Sharia law?

Croesus's picture

The Antifa(gs), with any luck, will get their heads cracked by the police.

They're another group of clueless retards who should be lined-up and shot.

847328_3527's picture

It's a sad day now when MSM always labels hard working, Peace-loving middle class Americans as "far right" every time depsite the fact they always march peacefully.


Fuck MSM

Troy Ounce's picture


Live feeds are all from Facecrook.

Fuck off.


jeff montanye's picture

you all are right but aren't we missing the zionist, israel first, dual citizen/aipac control of the government dimension?

if nothing else, note that this exactly explains the legacy media presentation of present and immediately past reality.

no one in the u.s. is likely to be ruled by sharia law unless s/he emigrates.  israel wants the u.s. to sympathize with it, at least some of that based on u.s. citizenry seeing that life in the u.s. is similar in some ways to life in israel.

that's why they did 9-11.  it seems the zionist, deep state has captured the democratic party less some of the bernie sanders' supporters.  and they are coming after trump, make no mistake.  that's why this is so important:

his name was seth rich.  and no reason to forget about the awan brothers and sisters.

go get them general rosenstein.

curbjob's picture

Hey hayseeds, the  best way to prevent Sharia Law from trampling the Constitution into the dirt is to take on more debt and fund another wall in the chosen 51st state.


jeff montanye's picture

that's incoherent enough to be trollian.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Actually this is good, the Right should align with the Left against anything which threatens West European based cultural and ethical values, and especially against Sharia and Islam radical elements, Islam needs a lot of core, deep clean-up if it wants to cohabitate in the middle of Western World.

Twee Surgeon's picture

The Right are Protesting Sharia Law across the country. The Left are Counterprotesting "Hate Speech" (and therefore approving of Sharia Law and terrorism.)

The Left are therefore supporting Everything they have been claiming to be against for Decades.

The fact that they do not recognize this indicates that they are nothing but Bat-Shit Crazy and a Mental Health Issue, rather than a Political point of view.

open calender's picture

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Art Van_Delay's picture

The cankles and democRATS need some time to regroup after the Comey flop.

More winning for Trump Team

With Comey Testimony Everything Went Wrong for Trump’s Political Opponents

AVmaster's picture

Oh look: The map shows mostly democrat ruled states are having fuckin protests...

The_Juggernaut's picture

Too funny to see the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-everything-Islam-hates crowd coming out in favor of Sharia.  All it took was a small handfull of protesters in a handful of locations to get these leftist fucktards to show what incoherent idiots they are.

Manthong's picture


This violence is abhorrent.

What we need is public lashing and female genital mutilation to illustrate that we are not Nazis and accept Sharia..

I can set up the macro-cameras and billboard displays to show how cool clipped clits are.


Socratic Dog's picture

Don't laugh. It's but a small step from cuntrings to cunt clipping. And they'd do it voluntarily.

Me, I'm in favor of Sharia, White Sharia, it's the only way we're going to get women in the west under control, short of Armageddon.

NiggaPleeze's picture


I'm all for protesting Sharia law - but, what the heck, "genital mutilation" and honor killings are not Sharia law.  They are cultural practices that survived Islam (much like Christmas is a pagan holiday that survived Christianity, but unlike the Catholic Church, Islam never adopted either practice).  Indeed, if you look at the two "front" states which supposedly live under Sharia law - Saudia Arabia for Sunnis and Iran for Shia - neither has either practice.

Protest against those cultural traditions all you want, but frankly, to paint them as "Islamic" is, indeed, Islamophobic.  There's plenty of actual Sharia law which is worth protesting, why make something up?

Socratic Dog's picture

Umm, I'm not protesting Sharia. I'm encouraging it. Those dudes know how to control their women. Us, not so much. We were so quick to take the Jew advice and turn ours into whores.

Agree about the clit clipping, it's not from the Koran, it's a cultural thing pre-dating Islam so far as I can see, but boys get clipped universally in Islam.

Killdo's picture

we already have dick-mutulation in the US (in every other country it's only jews and muslims who chop their baby sons' foreskin off). 

Sudden Debt's picture

I'm in Amsterdam right now and last night 50 meters away from us, a car drove into a crowd hitting 8 people!!!


fx's picture

Each and every man and woman who objected to the Anti-Sharia march should instantly be treated under sharia law. In each and every aspect. One of the first consequences would be that all the women would no longer be allowed to take to the streets. Sorry, girls, no more vagina costumes and all that crap at "womens' march". A second consequence would be that all the homosexual retarded "antifa" clowns would immediately face death penalty the very moment they fuck each other's asshole or stroke each other's short little prick.

Thinking of THAT, I have to rethink my opposition to sharia law, actually. maybe one should introduce it for a while - at least to "some folks".


greenskeeper carl's picture

Funny to see a bunch of jewish groups out protesting an anti sharia march too. So, in America, they are pro sharia. Funny how that sentiment only applies here, and not in Israel. Appalling how so many here are too stupid to notice or call out the glaring hypocrasy.

Mr 9x19's picture

but...considering muzzies only do ass fuck and are fagots and zoophils, i don't think it is totally leftist incompatible after all...

Bigly's picture


knukles's picture

The lefties protesting the protesting anti Sharia law folks seem to have forgotten that they, largely being atheists are referred to a apostate under Islamic code.
They as apostates cannot convert, but shall be punished, as in beheaded.
May God in His infinite mercy, grant them what they want. 

chiswickcat's picture

I think we need a protesting group against the group that is protesting against the group that is protesting against Sharia law.

SybilDefense's picture

I'm not sure I have this figured out.  Does a double negative cancel each negative out or does it make it twice as bad, like a super negative .  Hmm?  The left opposing hate and free speech by hating and stopping a free speech protest.  I'm going to go with super idiots.

Since HRC was such a flawed candidate her machine had the clout to create these secret PR forces like the Brookings institute and the system of trolls.  Now that she's gone (?) the trolls live on and prey on the weak minded youth who have not the courage to think and simply want to ruckus about on Daddy's dime.  It would be nice if the Dems cared about the country and not their party for party's sake and Hillary / Bro Barack would call off their scum hounds for the 4 years the people voted they/we wanted.  But it's like welfare, once you are given, you have no incentive to earn... What's to gain?  You've already accepted social failure and the guilt associated with welfare is more like a club for the smart niggas (black or white... not determined by color).  Once you live like a trolling anti establishment libtard and get away with such behavior, where is the incentive to become a human?

Let Go Pens

Tejano's picture

Nothing wrong with "hate speech". Own it. Hate is a valid response to hateful behavior.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Nailed it. Call me an "omniphobe" and be done with it. Now, what are they going to do about it?

OverTheHedge's picture

I think it is more that some angry young men are being manipulated (and/or paid) to cause chaos. Without the money to organise these marches, nothing would happen on either aside. There is nothing spontaneous about any of this - it is being forced, rather clumsily in my view, to create the summer of discontent.

Proper demonstrations are the people against authority - Venezuela is a good current example. This is just weirdos from either extreme trying to make a noise. It is not a real "movement", and in my opinion is being done for effect.

As always, follow the money.

Jubal Early's picture

Its called mind control, and the US propaganda bubble is the worst.  From Ariana Grande to Kathy Gibbons to Conan to Colbert.  It truly is like the movie "they live" only there are no sunglasses you can put on useful idiots.

Mr Hankey's picture

Problem is ya'll agin "threatening west europeon based cultural & ethical values"whatever those are, ( one of em shore aint survival)  an' not agin threatening west europeon based people.

Sir Edge's picture


Dear Marchers Against Sharia Law... 

So... You are just fine with The Private Federal Reserve Banking Corporation destroying the USA directly... Overtly and covertly... and being the IPO underwriter for most of the unnecessary illegal war crimes dropped right on top of the rest of the world... ??

The FED and alll its tenacles and illegal actions and criminal manipulations is just peachy with you... ??

Hmm... Mmkay... Sure... Right... 



TheFederalistPapers's picture

Edgey, it's time for your genital mutilation surgery.

CultiVader's picture

Less writing, more silence.

Mr Hankey's picture

M'kuy...guess that was poorly written.You seem to care about YTs stuff&ideas than YT.

Mr Hankey's picture

Hoist that bale 4 izzy & izzy will keep u safe from all those mean poopy- pants muzzies.Even tarded Mr. Hankey got that.Howdey Ho!

curbjob's picture


"that's incoherent enough to be trollian."


Not to worry, when a 51st star (albeit 6 pointed) gets added to the red, white and joo,  it will become coherent to even  the hayseeds.

bluez's picture

There is a gigantic fraud happening; the "paleoleft" and "paleoright" have vastly more in common than they have with the new, bought-and-paid-for "neoleft" and "neoright".

These "neo/left/rightists" have no clue whatsoever that they are both the product of a Soros MKUltra mind fuck. Very few real "leftists" or "rightists" are the least bit concerned about Sharia law (I don't know what it is, for the most part). Except for lawyers, we all know that our western law has become mostly a sad corrupt joke anyway.

At the bottom, you will find that the common denominator here is weaponized ignorance.

You will not see me in any of these idiotic demonstrations.

Mr Hankey's picture

+1 bro/ sis.I took both red & blue pills& vomited them out.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

A better way is to keep spending $113 billion/year on welfare / taxfare for illegal immigrants, with the added bonus of the illegals sending $24 billion out of our country each year in remittances. And, of course, anyone could enter via the wide-open southern border, not just economically motivated illegals.

Mr.BlingBling's picture

JM, I had to DV you because of the assertion that "no one in the u.s. is likely to be ruled by sharia law unless s/he emigrates."

You turn the issue on its head because even those who emigrate to the USA are subject to sharia law (because, you know, diversity is our strength).  The practice of female genital mutilation ("FGM") is sufficiently prevalent in Minnesota that Minneapolis's premier Level I trauma teaching hospital has published a presentation regarding treatment and care of FGM victims (

Here's a recent example of the problem illustrating that this barbarity is also now occuring in Michigan:

Is FGM required by sharia law? Yes.  “Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) (by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the bazr ‘clitoris’ [this is called khufaadh ‘female circumcision’]).” — ‘Umdat al-Salik e4.3.

The ignorant savages who would allow their own little girls to be mutilated like this will certainly not shield them from all aspects of sharia law.  Not to think so is naive.

EDITED TO ADD:  Regarding your point about sympathizing with the Zionists, I couldn't agree more with you and agree that we can't lose sight of our puppet masters despite not being allowed to criticize them.  Or perhaps because we aren't allowed to criticize them because, to paraphrase a famous quote, "To learn who rules over you, find out whom you cannot criticize."

Endgame Napoleon's picture

I do not think all the Zionists are for this. There are many nationalistic Jewish conservatives who think Israel has a right to be an independent state, but who are strongly pro-USA and anti Sharia Law. There are Christians who support them.

If people want to be ruled by Sharia, there are many countries where it prevails. Westerners do not want it, period, not the consevatives and not the liberals and progressives of the past. Today's libprogs, unmm....scary.

How did liberals and progressives change so much from the Eighties and Nineties, when it was liberals who used to say they would fight to the death for their enemy's right to free speech. The ACLU used to defend organizations that it detested, saying it was the ultimate test of the First Amendment.

Old School hippie/yippie type liberals, like Abbie Hoffman, must be turning over in their graves to see these liberals openly seeking to shut down speech they disagree with, especially over something like the effort to oppose a set of oppressive rules, leading to mutilation of women and restricting their movement, etc.

These are fundamental rights. It could not be farther from a devotion to the U.S. Constitution. What we have here is seeing everyone as a member of a group, not as an individual. The reason for the shift is decades of nutty multiculturalism, coming from the Establishment Uniparty.

That said, the murders in Portland were horrible. That should not have happened, but neither should the speech-suppressing Berkeley street fights.

the_narrator's picture

What about Albert Pike and fellow travelers planned Third World War between the Christians and Muslims to bring about the dominance of Satanism by demoralizing the world''s religions?  The Jews get the blame for it all though.  They've always been the scapegoats.

Mr Hankey's picture

Planned or observed? Just cuz some bad guys are speshull, dont mean theres no non- speshull bad guys.BTW Frylocks pretty speshull.Oh& how can you have read     zh 4 10 yrs?

el buitre's picture

What about Albert Pike and fellow travelers planned Third World War between the Christians and Muslims to bring about the dominance of Satanism by demoralizing the world''s religions?  


Agree that this is accurate.

The Jews get the blame for it all though. 

The Zionist are the primary faction promoting this.

They've always been the scapegoats.

All of the stuff the Zionist are blamed for and much of the stuff the Jews are blamed for are well deserved.

Victory_Garden's picture

Many masks hide the truth that satanisim/luciferianisim is degrading and decompositional energy.

Only two masters.

A right hand path of Love(God)...or a left of evil(satanisim/luciferianism).

Easy peazy. Only fools are deceived by all the ling-ling lowlifes inbetween playing all sides of the coin. Stupid is...pretending there is no evil.

Which does one serve is the question all souls eventually there.

Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect.

All souls answer to All Universal Laws...there is no escape no matter how much the ego might convince one to believe so.

YOUR words, deeds, and actions in the world are what makes you the soul you are.

ALL ARE JUDGED ACCORDING TO THESE things done while incarnate on the 3-d plane.

It feels better to embrace truth...than to run from it.

Walk like an Egyptian.:


Extra Credit: How about that UV?







Blankone's picture

"that's why they did 9-11. it seems the zionist, deep state has captured the democratic party"

It's been some time but I thought a boy named Bush jr was in the White House when 9-11 occurred. I also thought his close relative had recently been given the security contract for those buildings thus giving him night time cover for prep work.

I thought it was the repubs who supported and pushed the first amnesty given to illegals.

ReZn8r's picture

Well dickmunch I'm going to tell you how it is. Political party doesn't mean a thing. 99% of the repubs are exactly like the demonicRats. Add to this a bunch of dicklickers from the FBI, CIA and NSA. All of them want to destroy the citizenry, the constitutional rights we used to have and the United States of America by any means necessary. So don't try to play the blame game on anyone especially 'duh repubs'.